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Grade 4 completion - web auditing by skype

Добавлено: 31 мар 2017, 17:35
Grades Completion Yes, I can say proudly: I have completed Grades! I’m happy and these discovers and abilities which were rehabilitated (and some of them were acquired during Grades) have opened new reality for me. After achievement of success I begun to realize how much Tech is necessary for Mankind! How desirable and workable auditing is! I got successes and cognitions and still get it! My causality has grown! My beingness is not something esoteric; it is some I could experience myself because of auditor and LRH Tech. Because of ability to get experience without (don’t use) MEST (space, energy, matter) I have acquired my own beingness and self-determinism. I can get perceptions without usage of body! I gained ability to clearly distinguish between universes: own university, MEST-university, and other’s universe with his set of universes! Improving myself by auditing I got improvement in MEST-universe too; of course – before I have got in that trap, I was at the bottom of my own universe; and if cause is not good that effect, according Axioms, Scales and Scientology data, what I got is “MESTy“. Now I have understanding who I’m and what I’m. I’m about 2 mouths out of body quite stably. My time (postulates), my space, energy is quite real – they can be perceived, felt; my illusions become REAL! I THANK MY AUDITOR - Maxim Lebedev! I THANK LRH AND CAPTAIN WBR FOR TECHNOLOGY! WITH ARC, Jain