STEPS 37R CSS037R ADD-3 BE260671 (1st step L11 rundown)

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STEPS 37R CSS037R ADD-3 BE260671 (1st step L11 rundown)

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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
CS Series 37R
Addition 3
Steps 37R
37R is a very beefy process.

It has been combined into L9S, HCO B 17 June 71, and is best done as part of this full rundown.

37R works on anyone, regardless of TA or state of case. Neither it nor L9S are used only on bad off cases. They work on both the worst and the best.

In doing 37R the items are sometimes very heavy and it takes the pc a bit to accept them. Therefore when one gets a BD F/N item, one asks "Is _____ your item?" If he says yes, indicate it to him by saying "_____ is your item. " The meter should give a fall and the F/N will widen.

If the pc says it is not his item, ask the question again and continue to list. The pc will put the item back on the list usually for it was his item. But he has to list further to realize it. He can also fail to put it back on the list and if so and he is getting restless in listing, give him the BD F/N item again and he'll buy it.

A very big item that alters the pc's whole concept of things with big cogs and 2WC is a good place to stop a session. 37R doesn't all have to be done in one session. When you begin a new list before the last item is discharged the pc can get a bit overwhelmed. This is a "nice" point, not a vital one.

Also the big item will often cause the next assessment to be a bit hard as the pc's attention remains tied up in it for a while.

If after 37R the pc's TA later goes up or down again out of normal 2.0 to 3.0 range the action to do is an L4B in general on 37R. It usually picks up the cognitions and confirms rather than corrects. L4B reads on wrong item. Auditor says which one. Pc gives it. Quite usually it's a right item pc hasn't cogged on.

After the L4B, one can again run 37R. However, a better action is to

Fly all ruds

Continue with L9S.

When Ruds are out during 37R a pc can feel strange. Of course with a high or low TA you can't get the ruds in.

So you can do a list of 37R and as this will F/N the meter, you can get in all ruds.

The pc may have no idea of flows. So before assessing the first time one must clear "flows". The pc must understand that these words self to another mean a flow from himself to any another, etc.

If while clearing the word "flow" and "flows" you watch your meter also you will get your first blow up of the TA.

By reading a flow and waiting a moment, you give the TA time to rise.

You can assess too rapidly and find that the TA has gone up, but which of the last items did it go up on? By proceeding a little more slowly you will be sure.

There is another flow.

H. Another to another.

This should be added to your assessment sheet.

An assessment form can be printed. The flows A to H (adding the new one above) are put in on the left-hand edge of the paper held the long way. They can be repeated A-H and A-H. Lines and boxes lead out for repeated assessments.

This makes it easier for the auditor.

1. Clear the word "flow".

2. Clear the idea of flow (watch meter) for each flow A to H so you have no misunderstoods.

3. Assess the listing sheet. Take the biggest Blow Up or speeded rise (if no big Blow Up).

4. Mark it on the assessment form and W/S.

5. Fit it into the Q on a separate listing sheet, What could _____ continue to do to _____?

6. Ask the Question of the pc.

7. Get the pc to give you items.

8. Write the items down while watching the meter. Mark needle reads or BDs. Put down TA reads regularly on the list.

9. Get the first item that Blows down (or up) and F/Ns.

10. Ask pc if _____ is his item.

11. If pc says Yes, say, "_____ is your item. " Circle it on listing sheet and mark the F/N and "Ind" for Indicated to pc. If pc says No, continue to list. Pc will put item back on the list, at which time do 10 and 11 above. Pc will accept it. If he goes on and begins to protest, give him the first BD F/N item and do 11 and 12. He will accept it.

12. Mark item and TA and any 2WC on the item or cogs on the W/S.

Don't do this process without

(a) Checking out on C/S Series 37R, with Additions 1, 2 and this one, 3.

(b) Do 1 hrs confront and 1 hour reach and withdraw on your meter.

(c) Dummy running the 12 steps above with no pc but all the paper and tools until it is a faultless action.

(d) Don't call pc's attention to the meter with comments or stares or looks of horror or edginess or fumbles.

(e) Have smooth, perfect TRs.

(f) Follow the Auditor's Code.

If used in conjunction with L9S then L9S should also be drilled on dating and locating and dummy run.

These processes and rundowns are done in a streamlined session form.

The various flows of Auditor to pc can be run and indeed an assessment of many subjects or dynamics can be assessed by rise and then flow patterned as in Auditor-pc below.

This Special 37R is mentioned here but will be laid out in full for other subjects in another issue.

Pcs who have protest on auditing can be done in this way.

The flows are

Auditor to pc____________

Pc to Auditor____________

Auditors to pc____________

Pc to Auditors____________

Pc to Self____________

Auditor to Self____________

Aside from list change – Auditor-pc is done like general 37R.

[HCO B 17 June 1971, L9S, referred to on first page of this issue, is a Flag Only issue and is not in these volumes.]
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