Bill Robertson - Dynamic 6 - Matter, Energy, Space, Time

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Bill Robertson - Dynamic 6 - Matter, Energy, Space, Time

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Dynamic 6

Matter, Energy, Space, Time

Now, I gave a lecture on this at one of the conventions, and it’s in the Teegeeack book, I believe. That’s Admin Briefing number four, at the convention here last year, if you remember that. And what we can say about this is that this is the one the scientists are always studying.

But probably they don’t know that the universe, and the MEST, is also studying them. They look down through the microscope, and the MEST looks up at them. And they look out there with the telescope, and the light’s coming in and looking at them. Now, why is this?

Because, as we saw on the Twelfth Dynamic, remember to play a game you have to make creations. So, what are we looking at? We’re looking at a big mixture of creations. And you couldn’t say that each tree, or boat, was one person’s creation, in the original sense of mocking it up. You would say it’s a combination of the deposits, and the mixtures of creations, that were in the game. Maybe on a small level, there’s maybe five billion people’s creations in one, you know, little piece of MEST. But not all of their creation either. It’s all mixed up, you understand.

Now why is this? We find this out on the OT levels. It’s because people have... in actual fact, they consider the creation’s not valuable, after a while. You know, play with them, consider them not valuable. And what do you do in your house, when you consider something’s not valuable? Well, that’s what you have trash cans for, and Abfall [waste].

So, you get these somewhere around here, they collect this, and they put it in a big pile. And some places they just throw it in the water. And some places they bury it. But if you tried to analyse a garbage dump, you notice that it doesn’t small very good, for instance. Not many scientists are out there analysing it. The environmentalists are complaining about it, but when you really look at it, it’s a combination of a lot of people’s garbage.

Now we have another field of conservation that’s coming in more and more every year, which is called recycling. And they take all the garbage of a certain kind, and they press it, and make it into something else. For example: toilet paper, they make it out of old paper, old waste paper. They make insulation and packing out of some of the plastic and other kinds of garbage, and traditionally, the farmers, out of the biological garbage, have always made fertiliser. And so it gets recycled into the game again. Well, in actual fact, they’re just picking up on the same cycle, because the whole MEST universe has actually been recycled a few times.

Now, let’s take a look... by the way, that isn’t all: there are people’s valuable creations which they take care of and they keep them there like their favourite automobile or their favourite book, or whatever. But in a long, long game like this one, a lot of things just weren't any use any more and so, toss them away. So remember, all these creations were originally the idea, and part of theta from Axiom Two. All right? Yes, the postulate and... consideration and/or agreement, matter, energy, space and time, that’s all created by theta.

So, already we know that there is by-passed charge, as I said in the other lecture, on matter, energy, space and time. From dumping – that’s a sort of an inval of, you know, you’re playing with the creation and so on and then you say: “Oh well, I’m tired of that, then.” Pfff. A little bit of inval, right? ARC break, too, you might say. Also a bit of an over-run, right? Remember, you’re supposed to as-is the creations at the end of the game. So the thrown-away things keep thinking “Hey, this is going on a bit too long, you know, it’s a bit too long! Well, he’s come and said ‘Ah, this is my creation’, or ‘This is my piece of this creation. It belongs to me.’ They haven’t done that!” So it’s like an over-run. It’s been going on too long in this sort of state.

And yet people still play around with it. You know, they take mud, and they build something. And they take pieces of trees, and they build something. And they build something else with something else, and they’re carrying on playing with it, but they’re not auditing it. And, believe me, it is appreciated by the MEST when it is admired, or when it is appreciated and used. So, if you admire the mountains, you get a nice feeling from that. Yeah. But if, you know, you sort of get a bad feeling from things you don't want to see there, and so you get the same flow back.

So there’s another thing, whenever people, or players, put their attention on MEST, the MEST thinks: ”Oh, maybe it’s time for getting auditing.” And most people don’t do that, so they get another by-passed charge, the unflat tech: you see, they put attention on it, it’s like getting the pc in session, you know, putting in your TRs, make a nice face... but then there’s no auditing. So they have by-passed charge in the MEST universe from the dumping, or the inval and ARC break of being left too long, over-run on the game without being useful, and no carry-through or follow-through with the end game technology.

Okay. Now, I talked about that in the last lecture, but a lot of people have probably improved the condition of their MEST and so on by applying some of this, indicating the by-passed charge and acknowledging the MEST.

Yeah. So, remember though, it is still possible, when you finish all the cycles with this game, it is still possible to create a valuable creation with all of your own, all of your own MEST, and be in total control of it. The reason people aren’t in control of this MEST, or they keep thinking they should be, is because it’s a combination that’s not all theirs. And they’re remembering an earlier game where they had just their MEST there, and they made a boat or something, and then they could make it disappear, or move up in the air, or do anything, because it was theirs.

But the particles in a boat today, although the boat is fashioned out of wood and a lot of effort has gone into making that, but if you get down to auditing it, you would find there’s billions of players who took part in making the particles that are in there, all the atoms, molecules and everything in the boat. So it gets a little hard to audit, you see.

Oh, if one of your particles isn’t in there, and you say, “I want the boat to disappear”, poof, you know, maybe one or two particles are yours, and they would disappear. Hahaha! Yeah. But, anyway, we’re getting interesting auditing processes on the upper bridge, where you can start auditing MEST, and actually bring it back to at least being happy to be in the game again, and being useful. Yeah. You can get rid of all this by-passed charge. All right?

And there are parts on the Bridge, of course, as you well know, where you also take care of all your own MEST that you created in the universe. And the density of the universe will decrease as more and more people go up the Bridge. And it’ll be more like the earlier games where things were a bit easier to handle, and maybe a bit thinner. Yeah. This is what people tried to recapture sometimes when they want to go, you know, instant OT. They want to get to the state where the universe is very thin, very... not too solid, and they can sort of move it and everything like that. You know? You know what I mean.

Now, there were games like that, and there’s been a lot of games like that. And there were bridges out of those games. But that is not this game. And those people are just hoping and wishing that it was one of those other games, so they could have their instant OTness. Now, we don’t promise that, but we do say it can happen, you can get to a very good relationship and understanding with the universe and the game and everything, in a very few years of study and auditing. And that is because of LRH’s developments and using those basics and what we’re talking about here on the dynamics, understanding that, C/Sing it exactly what a person needs to come to a full understanding, and KRC as well, with the universe and life and the dynamics and etcetera.

In fact, you get to the stage where you feel like: “This is very interesting, I don’t have to create anything, and all the other people have all of this dumped MEST around”, and you can play in it without even having to create anything! It’s almost like you’re borrowing it to use it, you know? And if you didn’t have some kind of responsibility for the other players and the idea of helping them – remember the help thing – helping them come out of the game, if you didn’t have that idea, it might be a bit of an overt, you know, to play with their MEST and sort of not let them... if you didn’t help them make it less solid for themselves as well.

So, let’s do a little more specific on this. Let’s take Space first (writes on board). Now the main problem with Space, little particles, is they never get acknowledged. People look right through them. So they get no acknowledgement. Okay? So, and yet, do you realise it’d be a terrible game if all of the Matter and Energy was all mashed together, like in a black hole or something. It wouldn’t be much fun. So this keeps the dimensions of the playing field so you can have motion and fun in it.

And LRH defined this as a Viewpoint of Dimension. And he said it was most equivalent in the MEST universe to the beingness of a thetan. Because it doesn’t have mass and energy of itself, and it sort of can expand, and it sort of has a lot of space to it, right? Similar to being. We actually use that in auditing, because we look at a person going up the Bridge as gaining more awareness and space and time, and finally it just becomes into an awareness of the game, and then all games. And the space and time concept falls away when you sort of go outside of the universe with the auditing.

Now, I would tell you something, when I first read LRH’s definition of Space, it took me about, maybe, ten years in Scientology to really understand it. I knew I had to understand that, you know, to really understand Scientology and what it was talking about in this game. And I kept looking at, “Is he referring to a viewpoint from which you see dimensions”, like (draws on board) here’s the viewpoint and you see out here, this far, so that is a dimension.

Or, is he talking about a viewpoint that it has dimension, you see, a viewpoint of dimension, and the whole thing is a viewpoint here, and whatever you can be aware of in there is Space?

That was my confusion for a while, and finally I realised that it can be both, depending on where you are on the Bridge. You can see it like that from a lower point on the Bridge, and you can see it like that on a higher point on the Bridge. The thetan has used it both ways in the games.

See, he’s made... say, he’s creating space, he puts an object out here, say a star, or something, and he’s made a lot of little space things here in between, so that the star is out here, and not just right here. Or, he’s made a big space, maybe even has smaller space things in it, and which he’s put one of the stars there, and he can be aware of the star sort of like from outside. So it certainly does depend on your viewpoint, and the dimensions on which you’re going to view with: like this, from one point to another; or this, sort of containing it.

Now, as far as we can determine from our own research on this, that every particle of matter and energy has its own little space going along with it. Okay? And there’s also more space – much more – to separate these things. So that apparently whatever was dumped in here there was a lot of space, and not so much mass and energy. Which fits with the old idea of people wanting it much thinner and more light, to play with – they would have a lot of space, and not so much particles.

Now, you can look at these, well, star charts, or pictures of galaxies, or whatever you want, but you notice that there’s lots of space in between here, for instance, and the moon, and here and Mars, and here and the sun. And if you averaged it out, if you took each particle of the planet, each particle of the sun, and you made around it an average amount of space, so that it was all spread out, the density of the universe would be very light.

You see, because there’s hardly any mass, there’s some energy travelling through space, but hardly any mass out there, as you know from the guys who go out in the spaceships, and they hardly run into many meteors or anything like that. And they have to go 280,000 miles, or about 400,000 kilometres just to get to the moon, and they haven’t got any further than that with their own power – remember we had that other lecture , we showed they had that flying saucer they had a little trip to Mars?

So, in actual fact, we look at something that’s another strange phenomena as we come to the next category here. Okay, let’s take the Energy, and Mass, matter. Now, LRH said that Energy was postulated particles in space (writes on board), Matter was grouped particles, and solids.

Now, let’s... it’s very funny what we found out. Let’s take this idea first, because we’re just talking about how the matter seems to be in lumps, hanging around in space, and even in these galaxies there’s a whole lot of space in between them, these are not just on one plane, they’re from here, another one back here, back here. There’s a lot of space in between these things. But all the matter seems to clump together. He’s talking... he says here, grouped particles and solids.

Well, we actually found that because of the by-passed charge, the little pieces of theta, which we commonly know as matter, decided to form their own type of little socialism: “To hell with the players, let’s all get together and try to figure this game out.” I mean, a tiny intention to do this, right, but over the years and over the centuries and over the millennia, this has produced what we now know as the gravity force. And essentially, it is the gravity – there’s about four vectors or flows of gravity, there are different forces – but the main one, the one that Newton discovered when he dropped the apple, you know, this game (Bill demonstrates), that this is sort of an attraction from matter to matter. So let’s look at this (writes on board):

Gravity =  (phi) attracted to  (phi).

Okay, that’s a symbol for matter, energy and space, but let’s call it (m). Okay? Matter phi is attracted to matter phi. You see? There’s more matter down there than there is up there... so it goes down there. And they already figured out that when you go to a smaller planet like the moon and everything, when you drop it, it goes... not so fast. Like that! (Bill demonstrates) Not so much mass there on the moon, you see. The attraction is less. The scientists know all about this, you see. But they don’t know why.

Okay. So. That is one force there. Now, this matter – let’s put all of the categories together so that you can understand it in terms of similar to be... well, matter is similar to have. All right? It equates to that because you can have it, you can hold it, you can see it, it sorts of sits together, it falls together, it persists. Now, energy particles, however, you might already understand, they are similar to do, because they’re in motion all the time. Okay? So that’s this... (writes on board).

Now, what are these energy particles doing? They’re moving and so on like that. But what do we see? Some of them appear very close to the atomic structure. We call it electron energy and so on like that. They don’t really know whether that’s a solid, or an energy field or whatever, but it is postulated particles in space, believe me. There’s something there – not just space.

Now, since it has – this is where they get all confused about the dual nature, you see: the dual nature of energy, is it a wave, or is it a particle? – it’s very close to heavy mass like in an atom like this, it is attracted to join them by this gravity... well, a much higher power of gravity formula, I should say, because it is more attracted. As you get down into the atom here, it’s like this dropping here would be much faster, it’s much stronger. Like between two stars, for instance, the thing is by the distance squared, it’s proportional to the distance squared, and in the atom it’s proportional to the distance to the fourth power (writes on board).

In other words, twice as close, if you put something one half closer, it’s four times as much attraction, but here it would be sixteen. All right. So that’s why the atoms kind of stay together. Relatively, they have a lot more exact particles – maybe each of these particles, or this whole little nucleus here was created by one player. And there’s a lot of strength. You see? So this has more than the postulate of just sticking together. It is trying to return to its creator, and it all has at least the same creator. So it’s going to stay together much closer than just it and another piece of matter. Anyway... do you have a question?

Question: Could it be that also the reason that it’s created on exactly the same rule as a specific atom? That the creators created it on these...

It seems to be that as games went along, people enjoyed certain things, and they would bring them forward into the new games. Not only automobiles, but elements. You see, gold is very nice, so everybody likes gold, so we all put gold in the game. You see? One guy didn’t create all the gold, but all the guys created gold in the same way. This is what we’re looking at. Because they liked it.

Now, we’re not by any means finished with all this. These are just interesting things you find out as you go up the Bridge. It would take scientists to go up the Bridge and start going “Oh, yeah, now we can really understand this”, and so on. These are just some things we’ve found in auditing. And we use them, too, in auditing processes and so on, and they work. All right?

Now, this energy stuff was mostly given the ability, or the... logic of movement. It could move very fast. And that makes a nice game, because you have colours, lights, and you have music and sound, and all these various wavelengths, you know, that make the game so interesting. So we find there is another... it’s trying to also show the extent of the game, or even to exteriorise from the game in its current condition, and we get a phi energy (writes on board) that seems to go, it’s trying to go, outside of the game to a static point.

Now, this almost looks like, you see, if you have by-passed charge – people have by-passed charge – or they get disgusted with something, you know, they can either get together and natter about it, like the MEST is doing, or they could try to say, “To hell with it, let’s go somewhere else and let’s get out of this one and play another one.

And scientists keep telling you the universe is expanding. All they mean is they can see energy further and further out as it’s moving out and it’s coming back to them, they can see the reflection of it, so they reckon, “Oh yeah, the stuff is all going out that way.” The only problem is of course the energy guys, they need auditing too, because they don’t know that their expansion can only be in space that is created. They can’t actually as-is themselves. They can’t actually get out of the game, they just make the game field bigger. Like a balloon: blow it up and it just gets bigger. But it’s still a balloon, and it’s still in the game. Good. But they’re trying, you’ve got to give them that.

Now. So, we’re looking at that, and we had the space sort of sitting there and not being recognised. It is kind of attracted of course, because it is just on a no-act, it is attracted to the theta. It has an attraction to theta, because you will find out that when you own space, you get a nice flow from the space. You feel its yours. You know, it doesn’t have any of this, ah... it keeps things separate. It differentiates. So it doesn’t have the feeling it’s collapsing on itself. It doesn’t have the feeling that it’s trying to get away, or anything like that. You get some space, and get in comm with it, and it’s nice.

Okay. So we have one other factor in all of this, though, you remember. And that’s what’s going to make the complexity a little more complex, and bring in Dynamic Five into this. Remember, we said we had a excess of lambda in the Game, so we have a lambda situation as well, and apparently since lambda was, as per the Dianetic Axioms, the interface, or the “through lambda, theta conquers MEST, or brings order to MEST”.

(Draws on board) You have theta here and MEST down here, and in between you have lambda. That’s what we call Life Forms. Animated MEST. Or, animating theta! Okay, so it has a job there, so the thetan can go ahead and play the game, and learn all about it, and so on, and have experience, but he doesn’t have to take care of every little MEST particle. He may, as he goes up the Bridge, audit MEST, and he may audit lambda, and he can get lambda to audit MEST. You see? And, you see, what we’re looking at here is lambda is sort of flowing MEST through and putting it back into communication with theta.

If you look at what you do when you eat, you’re putting MEST into the body, and it flows through, some of it’s used for a while, and it gets back into communication with the players. And since what goes in consists of space, and energy, and matter, you do have an attraction of all of these to lambda. All right? Of any kind, because it’s supposed to help bring order to MEST, and so it has a comm line there. Okay?

Now we’re going to go on to the Fifth Dynamic, but there’s one more of thee gravity flows I want to show you, because all of these, no matter if the scientists have not measured them yet, they are there. They may take a high degree of measuring instruments that they don’t have yet. And there’s one more, which of course is each individual particle, of matter, energy, space, is also attracted back to its own creator. So, a full unified field theory, as Einstein was trying to work out, would have to consider all of these attractions, and all of these forces.

Funnily enough, I just read, a year ago, in the scientific journal of America, that on a very sub-microscopic level, scientists were finding particles that seemed to decide for themselves which way to go. And not only that, but they appeared to be influenced by the observer. You see what’s happening? They’re getting down to the level of particle where they’re getting some of these attractions operating, and now they’re getting into this... almost saying, “Whoaa! We have to go into the spiritual field to understand this.” They’re talking about little tiny pieces in the atom, and so on like that, down at that level.

And guess what? They started naming them funny names, that had nothing to do with science, like truth, and beauty, and things like that. Yeah! So, remember the diagram – I think it was on one of these others – I talked about science being really concerned with this dynamic, and spiritual people being concerned with the Seventh Dynamic. But now, they’re getting enough measuring devices and so on to where they’re seeing that they’ve got to sort of get over into the other dynamic to really understand what’s happening. See?

So, this is a way you can get more friendly with MEST, and you can indicate these by-passed charges, and just communicate with it, and remember, though, that it has a very small reach – they’re very small particles – so let’s look at if you’re going to put a comm line to it – here you are, and here’s the particle (draws on board), or the particles, if you’re talking to a little group here – and your reach is like HELLO, you know, it could go even further, and their reach is like hello. Very small.

And therefore you must do like the man with the ear trumpet, you must put a receiving line here, with (draws on board) a way for that comm to get back to you. I give you an example. I was sitting in a restaurant the other day, and I was trying to remember – I have three or four languages I’m getting all the time, Spanish, English, German, French – and I was trying to remember the names of what I call in English knife, fork and spoon. You see? I was trying to remember those in German.

And I had the Messer and the Gabel, you know, and they had a big spoon sitting there and I was going, “What the hell do they call that here in Germany?” And then I remembered my tech, and my lecture and everything, and I thought, I’ll just ask them! I’ll ask, what do the other people round here call him? Hahaha! So I said, “Hey, what do they call you around here?” You know, talking to the spoon, and I got a sort of xxxx. I said, wait, I didn’t ... Oh! I’ve got to put this sort of comm line there for it to talk back to me on, and said, “What do they call you?”

I got a really big Lüffel. Hahaha! “Right! That’s right! I remember now. “They call me Lüffel.“ You see, because all the particles of that spoon had been given a significance by the players, and so the whole MEST was in agreement that there were sort of doing that in the Game.

And so I got the answer from all of them at once. “Call me Lüffel.“ You know, it was right there. Boom. Now, this could be a whole new language method that we could develop with OTs and the Bridge, that would beat the hell out of Berlitz. You know? You go to a foreign country, and you start asking the MEST what is it called? At least you get the nouns. But you see, it helps. That’s an application. You see, there are a lot of applications to the Bridge.
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