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Rare Footage of Ron Hubbard In Africa - Scientology

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South African Anatomy Congress 1961 january 21 download torrent https://yadi.sk/d/O58bz2BNqfRaU
2265 6101C21 ACSA-1 Opening Lecture
2266 6101C21 ACSA-2 The Parts of the Mind
2267 6101C21 AL A-3 Aberration and the Handling of
2268 6101C22 ACSA-4 Evolution of Early Research - Prehav Scale
2269 6101C22 ACSA-5 Cycle of Action, Time Track, Terminals, Stable Datum, Reactive Thought
2270 6101C22 ACSA-6 Johannesburg Staff Intros, Lecture: Clearing Certs for Auditors

http://webauditing.org/_THE_OFFICIAL_LI ... ERIALS.RTF