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Elizabeth Hamre -Theres is LIFE after dropping the body

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Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Theres is LIFE after dropping the body.
January 26, 2016
OCCLUSION as on item has countless related meanings and each of them represent on different incident and to become free off occlusion of these items they have to be confronted separately till that is not done, well… those will continue to block- are the walls- clogging- shutting off different realities-views of the Universe the person has been aware, has experienced.
Few days back I was confronting ‘’occlusion’’ again and I found on very interesting incident in which we were[ group] taking some sustenance in order to block out the “””””incoming broadcast”= thoughts!!!
Wow… I never seen anything like this incident before and this picture-incident holds great importance to me because over the years I often wondered from where the thoughts which is ‘’inside the so called head space’’ is coming from, where that has originated. I know that their source was implant, but I never experienced before clear broadcast of flowing thought.
And finally here I was experiencing on incident in which we were receiving unwanted considerations and we knew, we were aware that these broadcasted material were harmful so we wanted to block this out by taking something.
This ‘’something’’ we were taking was like what medicine, glass of wine, or whisky would be doing these days to alter our personal feelings-sensations which we experiencing but don’t like: and these elements have their own vibration which can overpower other delicate –slight vibrations. Example: beef’s vibration over powers-covers the energy-vibration of vegetables.
But what we did not realised than that we could not eliminate the effects of the sustenance which caused the ‘’occlusion’’ and top of that we still were affected by that broadcasted material: which made us belief that we were thinking, that those beliefs become permanent to us.
Heavy stuff.
By now I don’t have continual flowing thought.. they were slowly eliminated over the years and when now when I have a though, a consideration-on idea these I take into sessions because I know from experience that they are left over material from the bank: therefore worthless.
Now, this morning I was looking for ‘’thoughts’’ to have thoughts… I don’t want them but the idea that I miss them is on ITEM because missing something-not having something is part of the implanted beliefs.
Than I had this idea to look for ‘’missing thoughts-not having thought’’ in other than human form…hehehe.. Instantly I was inside a gorilla’s form and experiencing this valance I knew, sensed that I missed something but I did not know what because I as on gorilla did not have thought. I as on Entity had enough awareness even inside this Valance that I knew something was not there, but not aware enough to know what it was. [ in my reality on the T.Scale the animal kingdom is much higher, in fact is above the T.Scale.]
Than went earlier similar and found self-become ‘’aware’’ of being chimpanzee, than big snake, and a very large bird- huge body and wingspan: and in each incident I was aware of missing something: but just had that nagging sensation and nothing more.
Being jammed ‘’inside’’ these bodies I did not have thought so I now I know that: birds- mammals, animals don’t ‘’think’’.
Than a realization hit me: while being in a human form the most valuable…most precious item we have is what we know, our education, more learned-educated-intellectual- scholarly one becomes: h/s is deemed –judged –referred- talked about as above others, admired, looked up as exemplary-on model to be fallowed. Evaluation by considerations: what is good or bad. J
Education is used as a tool on instrument to influences- impacts – sway – to affects others and that could mean POWER—big time!
Just think-recall any great orator in our history: whatever they were saying was recorded, remembered: Power of the words—power in the words.
MY POINT HERE IS: when on ENTITY dropping the body-gets separated from the body: at that moment all the realities –beliefs do expire-vanish for that Entity, that assumed valance no longer exist, gone, vanished and the Entity returns to the original state: becomes true-self again IFINITE.
But what now is missing for this Entity is the power… missing the ability to communicate and that means missing life itself. THAT REALITY WAS SO STRONGLY_HEAVILY IMPRESSED THAT THE ENTITY BELIEVED IT WAS REAL!
What I accomplish with sessions: I rehabilitate my abilities as on Entity=not in the body state in order to have a life when not in the body and that means not being controlled-effected.
So far I have done very well since I have as-ised all considerations which contain the realities of human Valance and I have regained abilities to which I was not aware of having and gained insight to what life is like when not experiencing the body plus what it comes with it: set of already established considerations.

Miracle??? yes…
January 19, 2016
Recovery from brain damage, what I really wanted to say with this post that auditing works and can handle any situation.
I have been in a head an collision in 94, woman has driven into my lane I was going 34 miles an hour she has going about the same speed
After the collision for nine day I was totally blown out of the MEST, exterior, I felt fantastic nothing bad, had no pain what so ever the collisions impact pushed me out of the MEST and all the connections were severed and because of that I was totally happy, sang all day long, danced inside my skin so to speak and had incredible amount of energy and only had few hours of sleep that period of 9 days, the world was a beautiful place to be in since everything was perfect.
The tent day when I have reconnected=no longer being exterior to the body it has collapsed and as I passed-went unconscious, taken to the hospital when I have come too, I found my self in Hell=bank=heavy restimulation buried in strong-heavy pain and I could not understand what people were talking about because I have lost all capabilities of understanding, I have heard the sounds the voices but there were no meanings to the spoken words and because of the brain damage I suffered my speech become almost incoherent from that day on and I passed out regularly, I would find my self-laying on the ground saliva was flowing out of my mouth and I could not focus on anything I had no attention span, no memory but continual screaming pain I was experiencing.
The x-rays showed that left side of the brains become lose, sort of slushy and the connections were severed whatever that meant, I did not understood.
I could hardly move the body, I only could shuffle dragged my feet and I sobbed, screamed great deal and I have fallen into very deep depression.
The pain I felt was unbearable and of course I had continual mind boggling headaches, yet I refused drugs to ease the pain.
I received weekly: 2 acupuncture, 3 chiropractic and 2 massage therapies and about 6 months’ time there was enough improvement and I connected enough to what I have known in the past and I was able to recall some of the questions from the Rudiments and I started to have sessions but I had problem because I could not keep the attention on the items but I persisted till I finished that session: item and it has taken another year till those auditing conditions have improved and I could run a continual session.
So there were daily sessions but I still had problems with functioning of the body -moving and I could only shuffle my feet dragging them and the incredible tiredness and depression did not ease up, the suffering was too much, unbearable.
At that time my husband packed up left for another woman and left me penniless, with two dogs, he sold the house and I had to move out into apartment and before I moved I had to put the dogs to sleep which was very painful experience.
I still had difficulty functioning, the headaches and muscle pains were constant but I had to make a living and support myself, I had to find work. But what can one do when one hardly understand what people say, and cant remember from one minute to the next what was happening?
I have asked our former cleaning lady to show me how to clean houses professionally and I learned from her and after that I hired myself out to clean houses since that did not required thinking which helped a lot because I haven’t regained the memory of what I have known before and of course I could not learn anything new, but I could do cleaning work which did not required knowledge and slowly I could take my time with the work, it worked but the tiredness and depression was so overwhelming that I every day all I wanted to do is to end the misery and die.. Suicide…that thought was ever present… all I thought I want is to go.. wanted to get out of this condition, the death of the body would be the answer because I could not bear to be in HELL any loner.
But I was hanging in there on a thin tread because I did not want to leave the body-mind in that state as a loser taking all that with me unhandled.
I did solo every day but that impact of the car accident-loss of memory, constant heavy pain plus losing my home, the divorce brought an extra amount of heavy stimulation and because of these the sessions did not bring fast enough relief from the overwhelm. Of course had had cognitions, but there was just too much there to handle.
When 1 ½ year passed after the accident I felt enough life in me and I realized that I missed reading and I started to teach myself to read again, it was not easy because I could read but there was no meaning to the words which I read, I could not comprehend what I was reading but I still made myself to do it as a daily exercise: word by word one or two sentence a day I read and with great effort I made myself to explain the meaning of each word how I understood it, I am speed reader now yet I don’t have the left side brain working, the right side has taken over.
But now I can compute with the speed of light: at glance.
Taken me years to confront all what has happened in that accident, divorce and with that the total loss of how I was before that accident;That life was gone.
I have had over 10 thousand hours in session just to as-is that mass and the most difficult condition was to as-is the constant headaches and the deep depression. :)
The depression persisted because I missed my earlier life style but the continual solo sessions slowly were erasing all the loses, item by item and finally taken me out of those conditions, and I did not go into agreement with the Doctors: that“””””” I will not be able to move my neck ever again and the spine will collapse in few years and I will be in wheelchair and in total helpless state”””””hehehe.. the good Doc meant : vegetable. :)
Nothing wrong with my neck or the spine and no depression in my universe on the opposite I am a very happy content spiritual being and the 76 years old body is in total health.
In sessions I have found my postulate to cause that accident, yet it was other person who ‘’’’caused the accident’’’ and that was established by the police and after all it was she who driven head on into my car: I have found all the postulates for the cause of the accident and for the agony, the pain etc.
I have immense case gain because out of that accident; I have pulled all that in the order of to confront the worsts part of my existing reality-life and that was Hell itself and I was able to come out as a winner, yes and I know how to confront and as-is MEST and what on incredible adventure I have had so far in this life and I have no regrets.
THE MAIN COGNITION WAS: I wanted the logical mind, the bank erased [ I made that postulate when I got into scientology]and yes that what has happened but then I have not realized if the bank is erased with one blow what we have learned this life and that includes speaking, thinking, reading, adding 2+2, and body movement , understanding what is going in one’s life and to be able to make the decisions all that will blow will be erased too, I was not ready for such on adventure but I was in it..
After that I had to build a new life, I had to learn how to function and audit -as-is those loses which were gone because certain thing I never could do again. Example: I can’t repeat-recall what I read in a earlier sentence,. I don’t have a memory. I only have NOW.. this experience., in this moment..
But on the other hand I gained abilities I never had before… interestingly my IQ is so high it can’t be measured… hehehe.. that alone made my universe unique because I started to “”see”” things around which I never seen before. The IQ test was done, 8hours worth in Seattle, University of Washington
What I have now is Knowledge which has come from sessions, they are the cognitions and cognitions hold pure form of knowledge since the lies were erased.
Because the accident has erased immense amount of learned knowledge and what was left behind was ”void” I started to refill this void: by anything I wanted to know I had session on that item and the new understanding: realizations have become mine.
I never stopped the sessions…And I don’t miss the MEST universe because after all, those considerations which made it existing made me believe it was real and those considerations were only a very small part of the Universal considerations.
That accident was in 94. Since then the ability to confront and handle any MEST related considerations has increased have become immeasurable in comparisons what it was before, the as-ising is instantaneous now when spotting the lie and cog. is there.
I do believe that auditing works, anything can be handled in session regardless what is that concept, even the excuses can be audited out why one is not continuing with auditing…
I also learned from the accident that no matter what ever happens to one.. we can’t blame others, and not much point in that any way. But by taking responsibility what ever happened one can come out as a big time winner.
PS: since I could not learn-retain read material after the accident and because I needed to earn living I have stayed with cleaning business, I have built it up and it given me an excellent revenue and I cleaned houses for 14 years, worked beside the girls till I have retired age 71 [the body].
The first 5-6 years were hell because the extreme fatigue I suffered from and the depression I was fighting the suicide thoughts but the daily sessions continued so were the therapy with acupuncture, massage therapy+ chiropractor once a week.
But I was winning and slowly I built a different life for myself and there was a passion which has become my main daily activity. I dedicated all my free time to continue with Solo sessions..
The cognitions poured in, and problems the ARCB’s vanished.
If anyone looking for the easy way out… well, they might find it.. But that way they will never confront those hidden energy masses-considerations which only a heavy impact could bring back to life to re-stimulate.. and trust me we all had those in the track..
Miracle??? yes… auditing tech works, but has to be used in order to have results.
new view on not being dead but departed,
January 8, 2016
When going into session with a concept, I never know where, whith what new reality I will end up with.
I have had sessions on ‘’weights’’ what is and why we consider there is weight to matter on many occasions over the past 42 years because I was very interested, wanted to know the reasons what held me down, kept me=as body to the ground, what gravity was about ; both negative and positive, how it worked and how those energy-vibrations have affected me as a spirit, and separately effected the body itself.
Of course I had to explore how of atmospheric conditions effects the bodies and because that too has weight and in sessions I have found the consequences and these effects are not insignificant. Cognitions poured in.
I had sessions on hundreds of related items and as I become more aware there were newly surfaced incidents-beliefs in connection to weight and of course weightlessness and these incidents too had to be confronted: more cogs.
By now we all know weight, having weight has been very important to us: we identified with weight-items as self, they have become our anchor, our body; that constant sensation-vibration we feel we consider that it is weight, has weight.
Today again something prompted me to look to return to this subject, and now I seen it from a totally different viewpoint, from spiritual viewpoint.
Soon as we drop the body=die, [ better explanation — we ‘’pass-away—- we depart, move off ”!] the WEIGHT-SENSATIONs=VIBRATION which till than we have considered-believed that is us that weight- bulk we no longer feel, therefore we are no longer ‘’anchored” by that bulk of energy and that is one of the reason we believe we don’t exist anymore, that we are no longer alive that we are dead!
It seem, because suddenly the bulk-weight is absent- despaired which was believed was our body- our important having-ness, to us was LIFE ITSELF, and now without this weight-bulk-vibration there is no existence!!
Hehehe… and this belief is our huge ARCB, our problem of course because without this bulk we feel-believe we lost our existence, our purpose, and our HIGHEST-Main BELIEF is: THAT WE LAST OUT IDENTITY, that we are nothing now!
Nothing can be more erroneous -incorrect – than the belief –conviction that we are dead same as the machine.
The death doesn’t mean we are dead but it is on implication that the machine has stopped functioning.
WE, as Awareness, we simply depart; we move on since we are no longer weighted down.
I had many sessions on conditions which do not include the body and I assure you: after death of the machine only after that real life-awareness is present!
WHEN WEIGTLESS-NESS can be experienced by us while we are connected to the body is: more or less that depends on the cognition, how much mass was as-ised and that causes the KEYED OUT CONDITION FROM WEIGHT-MASS: we float: hardly feel-senses the body or anything else till we key back into that personal mass-weight.
No matter what I have found, what the effects were and are, that all boils down to one fact: everything exist because we consider that they do.
Because of the cognition today, I shaded weight and I am just floating about :)

HUGE WIN!!!!!!
January 5, 2016
For the past 11 months on – off I have been actively working on the items; WINNING_LOSING and of course any other believes-realities-considerations-agreements I have in connection with them; examples: gambling, betting, race, outcome of any sittuation etc.
This all started out by watching the video on “SECRET” and that has opened up a huge can of worms because that time I decided I will win the LOTTO.
HEHEHE, so far I haven’t but what I have gained is hundreds wins in the form of cognitions and each cog. have brought new level in awareness-understanding that how affectively we have buried our self under the MEST and of course the reality till these obstacles are in place no way anyone can wish something into existence: into tangible form.
I have written up few posts on this winning-losing bit already, they can be read in this blog.
Yesterday again the subject in session touched winning, and that was ‘’winning was dangerous” !!!! hehehe, that is all I needed to have session on that concept… WOW… what I have seen was truly mind blowing because I found myself sitting in incident where we were given gifts or gotten gifts through ‘’winning’’ them in games but these incredible gifts were had been infused-filled with vibrating heavy energy: invisible of course and these vibration unknown to us had dramatic affected us: changed our minds-thinking- behaviour, same as medication-drugs-alcohol or food changes any person who put these stuff into their own space=through the body of course.
This was done to us by so called “friends” who in fact were our secret enemy and we did not realised this till we as Nation-Planet were enslaved by them: our realities were eliminated, were overcome-overpowered and replaced by theirs: the gifts.
Their ‘’gifts’’ contained heavy vibration= hypnotic suggestions.
By seeing this past life incident and having as-ised a major belief that gifts-winning hold dangers I felt freer, and I knew that with this heavy incident confronted I am closer to my goal.
No I still haven’t won the lotto! But I am not giving up either!
Today I went to the store and only needed one item: stainless steel scouring pads which were $ 5.95 + tax Canadian.
I was standing in the line to cash out and an older lady was standing front of me, we talked and when she was next in line to cash out her items she has asked if I only have what I was holding, I said yes
To my great surprise she said if I would allow her to buy this and give it to me as a ‘’present!!!!!!”.
I was stunned for a second and I realized what was happening: because the belief was as-ised lifted the door was open and the universe now offered something free!
I have accepted the gift from the Lady and thanked her for her incredible generosity and I told her I will think of her every time I use them.
But these scrubbing pads are not representing what they seem to be, but on opening door to a Universe which I have forgotten that existed.
YOU SEE: I rarely have been given ‘’free gifts, or win anything’’’ this life. The gifts I was given I always had problem accepting, they made me feel ‘’uneasy-troubled-obligsted’’ because I always wondered what were the reasons behind their generosity. In other words: gift to me was being captured into slavery, enslaved into their reality, they owned me now.
PS: of course there is countless number of people who win, but the number of losers is greater.
Those who win, don’t have heavy duty incidents in their track which stops them from winning.
BY the way, I have found many earlier incidents in previous sessions when ”having” things were the sign of aberration, mental degradation and those who had possessions were considered as outsider, not ”normal” and they were shunned by the general population.
This was believed because they were lived amid dense objects, they have become effected by the vibration of these object therefore their mind-thinking was twisted.
Yes.. we are effected -continually stimulated by the MEST universe, but because we have no choice on this matter we accept objects as havingness, a must and more the merrier is the new way of thinking-believing because by now the belief is that we are solid, therefore more of the same is power…hehehe ..but that is not the fact.

Love you for ever…hehehe..
December 29, 2015
I never seen before the meaning of LOVE—LOVING as now, in this realization-cognition: Love: loving something-someone that act=energy-vibration creates a PROTECTIVE SHIELD- ARMOUR – SHELL – BOBBLE, around that item-person and that is done to preserve, to keep it in place, to solidify!!!!
Hehehe…we all been there, we all have experienced both side of being loved to death or loved someone too much: we all know stories when someone wanted to escape from a very loving relationship which they felt was imprisoning.
But what we love, we VALUE- BECOMEs IMPORTANT TO US and with that in place we establish FEAR: heavy duty fear sets in because we dont want to lose that precious item or person: we fret -worry that makes us create more traps to ensure that person or item remain in that solid state!
Not only that, but when we doing something to others with that act we hold ”self”, we become stuck to that person-item permanently! We have kept everything what we ever adored-loved-admired, hehehe, yes, we still have them all!
Just because something is out of sight and mind that do not mean we dont have them anymore, we do: that is the Bank.
Motherly love is so strong and that love covers-protects the child so completely, is done to keep the child alive and that ensures the continuum of the implant.
Oh well, just another trap of the MEST which we love so much!
PS: these are the title of other posts on love which I written earlier years and they were cognitions also;
” love..adoration..affinity….etc..etc..””
” love or hate??? hehehe fun stuff…”
” What love and hate is…”
” love-affinity equal in power as fear…. if you dont believe this ….well, fine by me..”

PS: HATE do the same, hating others that energy holds that thing-or person connected to us…

December 27, 2015
Here is viewpoint on God, having the power of God or being the God yourself!
If we believe that everything in this Universe was created by some incredible powerful, all knowing invisible Entity, than we are just total effects, we are powerless, we are just drifting.
“””””””””Good one, but not my reality because if that would be true than I could not see-experience someone else’s reality in this case ”Gods” and I could not have as-ised experiences- incident I had so far in session,”””””” !!!!! We can only confront, as-is our own experiences.
Some of you had a ‘’realization’’ that you were gods and you have created everything…
Hehehe that is wonderful and that is the fact!
But that is only one end of the Tone Scale!
The other end of that Tone Scale is you are the total effect of your creation and that too is the fact!
Cannot be any other way and this was discovered by us who have solo audited all our life: Maurice and I.[ I am positive there are others out there too who realised the same!]
To realise something that you have created the Universe is a mind boggling –fantastic understanding and that realization no matter how enlightening is it will not free you from the burden of collected considerations and that realization is not the end but the very first step, on opening door to discovery how that Universe was created by you.
While confronting, being audited: one can discover why we have created everything and I mean everything we ever believed in and why we have become total effect of our creation and why we must confront all that shit in order to be free!
I just throw belief –consideration at you: when you have created everything in that everything includes OTHERS too!
????? Surprised?
‘’Others” is a concept and concepts are created, Yes?
EXAMPLE: I only exist to you as reading material….. you have not seen this body I am connected to… whatever you know of me is what you consider there it Elizabeth and because you have the belief that I have a body: therefor I have one!
The fact is: you are reading and what you understand while you read is your own belief what those words-sentences means to you and there is no more. Elizabeth does not exist to you in reality and that too is a fact!
Same goes when meeting a person and fall in love with that person hehehe, till that day that person did not existed for you and from that moment on whatever you believe who person is what you have put there!
That person only is what you believe is and later on in the relationship you change your mind and start to add other beliefs to that created reality, well those can be bad or good by your considerations BUT THEY STILL ARE YOUR CONSIDERATIONS: WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED and that EXIST and THERE IS NO MORE TO THAT PERSON. !!!!!
Being a creator and creating: that includes all what is believed to be bad or good, not just the good and blaming the bad experiences on others! That does not work.
Example: if you postulated to have that car and when it is in on accident than that accident can’t be some other persons fault, it may seem like, but that is not the fact!
Being a God, creator of everything goes hand in hand with responsibility, taking responsibility for whatever shit you are in.
Someone can tell you to look at that flower or bicycle and they can describe these for you but what you will see is totally your, your creation-experience and there is no more, there is no other way,
You are the only one who know what you see, what you feel, what you know.

heavy-unconfronted incident
December 10, 2015
to this I haven’t gotten on answer ..
This realization possibly will sound to you really way out, not real, well, the same goes for me I too and I too have difficulty understanding how this is yet what I know-understand is logical.
So far I haven’t found much on what is ‘’sleep’’ and I have looked for the reasons why this incredible affective item is in place and of course it is believed agreed upon every person on this planet that it is required, a must, and as human species can’t live without can’t survive if not sleeping daily!
Yet this too has been proved otherwise and these rare incidents has been recorded in Medical Journals.
There were People, man have lived existed functioned incredible well without having to sleep.
One was a young Italian farmer who has received a head injury in a bar brawl and he never needed to sleep again. This man when lost the enforced need to sleep after the head injury he become incredibly energetic, with that he become totally healthy and he used his spare time which he had plenty of to read and study.
Another man had a bullet injury to his head-brain he received that injury in the second WW.
There was a incident in Toronto when I lived there and the newspapers well writing up what happened to this man.

But all this is beside a point what I realised yesterday that SLEEP…BEING UNCOUNCIOUS, or Unconsciousness induced by medication that state is the same… Sleep is unconsciousness and that is a fact…OK, I know we dream and the SLEEP HAS DIFFERENT LEVEL=depth and we all know this also.
Drug induced sleep=unconsciousness causes very deep sleep and in this state the body can be cut up, hit, injured and the being=Entity don’t feel a thing.
Now, when we ‘’wake’’ in the morning if you are aware than you have noticed that things=what we have lefts behind before we have fallen asleep last night=our life, things to do seep back into our awareness as we are waking, or floods back and hits the person with the boom of sonic: this demands on what we are keyed in.
Same thing happens when a person comes back from state of unconsciousness with that that person reconnects to ‘’life’’ and all what that life contains for that person.
I too have experienced being completely out of the body: not having body stimulations-sensations: and this has happened when in the major car accident which was a head on collision, I was out of the body for 9 days and while disconnected from the body I did not felt a thing, I did not realized that the body suffered from major damages: the left side of the brain become lose and was badly damaged and disconnected+ heavy neck and other muscle injuries.
In this OUT-STATE I was totally happy, hardly slept and was incredible energetic walked on air, hardly felt that I had a body.
When I KEYED BACK into the injured body the pain was so overwhelming I passed out. [ I have written here in this blog how I recovered from this injury, brain damage]
and to this I haven’t gotten on answer yet..
Now the question is to which I want to have on answer and I will find that answer-understanding why the Human FORCED involuntarily to go unconscious and this happens regular interval like clock-work!
We, by now so accustomed comfortable with this outrages enforced crime against us that by now we accepted sleep a ‘’pleasure activity’: we made a soft warm nest for the body in a cozy nice ‘’safe room’’.
If we would really understand what is behind this activity, why we go unconscious ..OH….. This I need to find out.
Realization that the state of sleep and any form of unconsciousness is on identical incident well… this I find most intriguing and of course I am one step ahead because I know this now.

We exchanged our abilities and with that we short changed ouself: we sold out!
December 1, 2015
Bad deal we made.
I to have believed same as all of you have that we can make things appear, than we can postulate and whatever we have postulated and it will materialise.
Well, I been working on-exploring all the do’s and don’ts on this subjects on and off ever since I been solo auditing because when one solo audits we are free to choose our own issues to confront in sessions.
I have spent countless session hours to understand how this could work and in order of course to be able to make things appear, for my wishes to come realities.
HEHEHEHE …dream on Elizabeth, just dream on girl!
Of course in the process to unravel this enigma –mystery I had immensely fascinating realizations which have changed my realities how things worked in this Universe but I still could not move one little bloody item by intentions and nothing but nothing materialized out of what I visualised and strongly-totally- completely believed that it will appear!
I don’t accept failure, I don’t give in just because it is agreed by billions on this planet that that can be done, because that is an agreement by humans and to agree to something like that don’t make it a fact.. a truth!
In fact whatever humans believe in hehehe the very opposite is the truth!
So this year I dedicated more sessions time on this topic because I still happen to believe and don’t have any doubt – uncertainty – misgiving that we can make things happen by intention: not using the body in the process.
And today’s session brought on incredible realization WHY we can’t make things appear as we wish.
HEHEHE.. and waking in the morning knowing that our car is where we left it, so is our shoes, partner, bank account and our bank is still on the same place on the same planet and that we still have the same body hehehe.. well that is very reassuring reality knowing that no one’s wish-reality can change the safe environment we live in.
This to achieve-to have it accomplished have taken immense amount of different inventions: to stabilise the environments vibration-energy and immense amount of agreements promises treaties between groups -nations and Planets and those who have broken the agreement were brutally punished by annihilation !!!!
These happened to me more than once… this heavy-duty punishments which finally erased all my natural abilities-desires to do some magical conjuration of my wishes-needs.
Our co-operation on this matter worked so well that by now our simple ordinary ability if could come about would be called Supernatural Ability!
We have given up our abilities for to have safe-solid environment in which everything is in order, well we can’t have both not on this planet!
PS: I had hundreds of different recalls in which I have seen how we made everything around us stable-solid and I bet I will still find more of the same.. our Universe is infinite that means we had infinite experiences and one life time worth of sessions can not unearth all the knowledge and bring realizations why we are in a condition we are in.
To really see-understand how we accomplished solidity… all the person has to do is look around and understand what we have here on this planet is here because of agreements! Nothing more is allowed to exist because anything out of ordinary is considered stupid, not real, not right, cannot be, etc.. in other words unacceptable by the majority.
waiting for Death to come!
November 26, 2015
Waiting… to come….Death… hehehe ????
Personally I don’t like waiting because waiting is not an normal activity for a Spiritual Entity.
On the other hand waiting patiently for something to happen that state is truly on invented- developed condition which contains all the elements of the MEST U: time, space, movements of particles=which is continuum it itself and the concept of Time again segregated into parts which is named ‘’past’’ ‘’present time’’ and the yet to be experienced ‘’future’’.
Waiting for something to happen this condition is a truly ‘’suppressive’’ condition which stops the being – holds the person in that permanent –solid condition and of course beside this there are many other reasons ‘’waiting’’ this concept was developed. LRH has mentioned what ”waiting” is more than one occasion.
Yesterday I was waiting for the delivery man and I thought while I am waiting why not I get into session and dig a bit more see if I can unearth other realities beside the others I already have discovered on this subject.
And soon I had a heart stopping huge blowdown cog-understanding that soon as we have the body, we are in the body [we have a life…..we live this life] : BUT WE UNCONCIOUSLY WAITING FOR DEATH TO HAPPEN! and there is a good reason we have why we so desperately waiting.
Usually when the body in the condition being moved about, being active: occupied with a chain of activities what is called ‘’living the life’’, the occupant of the body seldom thinks of the inescapable condition yet to come; the ending of the body’s natural cycle: its death which in fact nothing more than the expiration the cessation of the matter and in this situation it is the meat body the being identifies with as self.
In my vast experience in solo sessions I haven’t found other ideas –beliefs which would be equal in this Universe or more SUPRESIVE than this idea=beliefs what “death” means here on this planet.
This idea-belief is totally suppressing overpowering …defeating …. and destroying the very awareness of the Entity.. OT.
The very idea- the beliefs this mistaken understanding that we are dead= lifeless after leaving the body , that we are no more, that nothing exists outside and the only thing is important, has meaning, vital is the existence=reality while we are being inside the body!
This belief itself cuts off, separates the Being from living-experiencing the true reality the real life, the real Universe which is lived when the Entity –OT not in prisoned in the body.
To know have that belief that we are Spiritual entity, that knowledge alone do not free the being but only the elimination through as-ising+ through realizations on all beliefs which brought and kept the us here on this Planet will do that.
As the session continued I have seen-experienced numerous incidents in which I desperately struggled -wanted to be liberated from the burden from the beliefs that I only existed because MEST body existed. In these incidents I yearned for the body to die so I could be free, and when I was released after the death of the body I felt immeasurable joy!
Death to the body is not death to the Entity but the attainment of freedom from the enslaving realities which goes hand in hand by having a body.

Silence! heavy stuff.
November 18, 2015
Silence=stillness, hush, calm, quiet this means: noiseless.
Living on this planet this condition is just about unattainable commodity yet daily millions practise MADITATION in order to attain some degree of quietness to silence that ever present memory – that forever rambling implanted flow of thoughts.
By now I have had immense number in sessions on communication and discovered different levels of communication but these forms of communication at the present time are known to humans on conscious level: so I know lot about what communication is.
But not till this day I realised what is Silence and what incredible affects has on the being.
Silence is part of communication, without the existence of Silence communication could not have been invented.
While taking courses as I went up on the Bridge I can’t recall reading anything about this item, since it is on item yet LRH and his group of researchers haven’t mentioned anything nevertheless it is a huge complicated item which effects the beings the same way as verbal communication do.
We all know Silence exists: Example: these are well known-used sayings: the silence was shattered by loud noise, the silence was deafening, the silence was broken: how do you break the silence? We all know the answer to that.
Also there is value in Silence…. We can hide in it, it offers safety, we can key out: when in a quiet place from the overwhelm of daily incoming tide: noise: we can re-new self!
Also Silence is used as punishment; in prison solitary confinement dished out as severe punishment… and in relationships couples use this weapon very effectively!
But there is FEAR of silence…..it has huge impact on the being when experienced, tremendous!
But there is illusion what silence can be and this grand deception is achieved by those who practise meditation. These persons do not attain freedom from MEST but slowly through diligent practicing of meditation push away the MEST =get keyed out = get pushed out of their regular mind-noise that chatter they hear and slowly move into different space: which is emptiness-silence-nothing moving hehehe: bingo with that they fall into a different Trap: you see THE BEING CANT LIVE WITHIN VACUUME in NOTHINGNESS- as in SILENCE BECAUSE HE MUST HAVE on ANCHOR POINTS at all times-in all locations so HE PUTS in- fills this newly attained silence THIS EMPTY STILLNESS –QUIETNESS with ALL SORT OF SYMBOLS, example :Buddhism is represented by immense amount symbols and mode of behaviour which are now his new anchor points in this MEST universe and hehehehe and he call this achievement SIPITUALITY! NIRVANA -ENLIGHTAMENT, oooooh joy, what on incredible illusion –lie that is.
Why I am heavy, down on meditation- Buddhism? Because it is nothing more than a lie, misconception, misrepresentation what spirituality is, you see if it would be the truth than it would not-could not exist and practised.
ONLY ALTERED REALITY CAN EXIST and when anything being altered that becomes a lie, truth don’t have mass, don’t have vibration, to attain the truth the person don’t need practicing. Truth can’t be thought, can’t be learned.
By the way spirituality cannot be gained attained through practises because Spirituality is not a thing not on activity like playing football, or being a carpenter: more they practise better they become!
To attain silence in this MEST U. we have much chance as attainment of total freedom while being here.
The only thing, the best thing we can do is and understand what surrounds us[ back on my usual horse] have sessions- few million cognitions… hehehe this amount just provides a bit of reality what we have experienced through eons.
Most delicious subject!
November 12, 2015
A cognition!
This subject is fantastic…. has to do with “HAVING-ness” and within this frame which contain everything which holds the person in place, yet provide constant relentless stimulation which keeps the person-entity occupied – busy yet unmoving.
Here are some of the components –items which are experienced in any given moment: worry, anxiety, tenseness, tension, desire, wishing, longing, craving, wanting, struggling, harassed, supressed, feeling being crushed, totally hopeless, desperate, struggling to make it go right, wanting to change, problem solving.
The list can be endless and all these is havingness and big- big super havingness and top of it the ever-present FEAR is holding the person solidly in within this subject.
POVERTY …. Hehehe…. to be in this condition is huge enormous massive havingness= which brings constants experiences- stimulation and to have these stimulations at any moment is important now as was in the past and is the first and only motivator for the Entity to be in the MEST Universe.
The prof what I am writing is the fact, in auditing always the heaviest most stimulating item is confronted and by the way wealth is less stimulating because the meanings of owing solid objects do wear off with that those objects sort of vanish-no longer stimulating: that is the reason of those with means collect more and more ….. hehehe
That wealth is less stimulating is of course to the beliefs of those who prefer having poverty and sitting in it. :)
Buying -owing having that object only gives very sort lived sensation but losing a job, not knowing how to pay that rent … well.. sure provides stimulation enough to give ulcer. what fun we are having! :)
It seem in that concept what is poverty do supply all the components which makes the Entity believe that they are TRULY LIVING-HAVING A LIFE!!!! ugh…
what one word can do, has the power, can causes miracles.
November 9, 2015
By now I have become on expert about energy masses, I can ‘’see’’ them separately in holograph: their size, color and I know their vibration, I know how they move, what they do to the Entity+ body how they stop, block, flatten, hold down, spin you in, pull or push your body, how they cause unconsciousness, yes I should know all these because this is what we confront in sessions and the thoughts-considerations the wording we describe how we feel are just a labels we hang on these masses of energies and words without mass they would be just empty phrases nothing more.
I have experienced imaginable amount of this stuff and their labels could fill a dictionary and have because that is how I learned English, BUT NOT ONCE IN 42 YEARS IS SESSION I FOUND SOMETHING SO REMARCABLE AS IN TODAYS SESSION!!!!!!!!.
The concepts we hang on our experiences these concepts are just there they don’t do anything special. Example: apple is sweet—– big deal, we know, OK… glass is clear—-ok we got that, cat got run over… etc… you might feel temporarily good or bad when having this thoughts but you won’t be staying on that level to long.
But there is one word and what that represent can change your whole life and permanently.
The word “HOPE” that concept whatever that means is not connected to an ordinary mass but it is …ugh..hard to explain…
When we have a HOPE with that awareness-belief in place we move into a higher level of reality where negative don’t exist!!!
Hope moves us out of our negative beliefs, the walls, barriers of our old negative beliefs fall away,[we key out] and having hope permit—allows the space to become open, and this is when miracles happen, because on the positive level things do happen- become reality and having hope catapult the person to that level of reality.
When we hope struggles fall away, you see: hope doesn’t leave room for adverse beliefs.
But that hope can elevates, make you want to live, and keep you on positive path which will get you what you have hoped for.
You already know all this I am not saying anything new about hope because we have all read stories what was achieved by people because they simply had hope, never have given in.
But I am the first one on this planet who have compared in sessions in order to understand how they work their meanings and their movements how these masses of energies effect the person: when having postulate, daydreams, fantasy, visualisations, prayers and wishing, and brothers you can do any of these till blue in the face, or your balls fall off but nothing will happen, You can visualise till your eyes balls pop, or chant that postulate till end of the time…nothing.
These concepts do not elevate to permanent positive level but having that Hope will revitalise your days and your life, when having hope the universe will look different because you will perceive the universe from different angle: in total confidence.
I have read and heard hope put wings on your heals and song in your heart: that is keyed-out state!
With this I don’t say ‘’what you hope for will just blow in” bingo you will have it, because if you have a hidden counter intention that will not let it happen and of course Having Hope will not replace confrontation =cognitions, but if you truly believe than it will take place.
Oh I feel good!
PS: for the Hungarian =Magyar readers of this blog I put up a video of my dear friend Kati who sings: Ott ahol zúg az a négy folyó. and you people can write to me in Hungarian! I would love to hear from you!

HEHEHE…. just read and shed a few tears…. go exterior????? well… hehehe… dream on.
November 3, 2015
Last night had a great cognition regarding ANCHOR POINTS how we continually re-establish …re confirm our location.
This cog. was the outcome of a unusual experience I have had about 10 days back while I was walking I observed a very long freight train passing by: 140 units I have counted and when the train was gone the immediate Terrain to the railway was moving with the house on it and of course the fence moved too and I watched this phenomenon for about 30 seconds at first I thought I was imagining this but the land with the house was just sliding away than the movement slowed down and finally the house and the fence slid back to its original location.
I am aware of that this Universe is nothing more than energy, and everything we believe in, what the eyes see exists because we believe it exists: therefore things are only solid because we believe that they are solid.
YES I KNOW…if something falls on my foot it can hurt like hell and the pain is real, hehehe but the reason for the foot being there and the thing falling on it and the pain being real so is the tears in my eye because I BELIEVE IT IS HAPPENING AND IT IS REAL! What we have on this planet, our so called life is nothing more than grand illusion and the collected agreements make it so: solid=permanent!
The funny part is that we do not know what others feel, what they believe in: how they perceive their own illusion yet we agree that it is real.
Back to the Anchor Points: I realised
….. as we walk, we move about WE CONTINUALLY RE POSITION _FIX and refix OUR POSITION IN THE LANSSCAPE.
BECAUSE THE EYES see, and “ through our knowingness we ” CONSTANTLY EVALUATE THE DISTANCES BETWEEN OBJECTS related to SELF=THE BODY and this automatic evaluation give the fixed position for self=the body …. and we good old saps we say ”’yes, I am here, and I know this because I have taken these steps to get here…now I am here arrived from that point…and am here now …and moved from that place to over here, standing here or sitting on this stool in the cafe
WE constantly wedge self- self into these make belief positions regarding: objects-buildings-landmarks with that we GAIN A SOLID POSITION and with that illusion in place we reassure self we are solid: of course we are because we have a location !! Idiots galore hehehe this includes me of course!
This cognition brings again a major shift in awareness, on understanding how we operate… and of course this stupidity we do by continuously re-anchoring self into the MEST: EXTERIORIZATION IS IMPASSIBLE: how can the Entity go exterior when believes that he is sitting in a armchair-which is by the window, inside the house, in the living room to the opposite of another armchair!
When I was in the car accident and collision was on the back end of the car the impact was huge jolt that pushed me out of the body= lost all the anchor points around me which I was constantly recreating while driving and I seen the car—the body collapsed over the wheel , the road and other cars from above I also observed whirling energy masses over the terrain at the same time.
Now I understand what we do how we STAY IN SOLID POSITION!!!
The constantly created anchor points and with that in place fixing self in position – hold us in the same place and we can’t observe more than what we allow self to see within this space and what we see is what the ‘’eyes’’ see… hehehe and that is not real.
This cog is good!
freedom ….being free?
October 29, 2015
Freedom …. being free?
This concept never entered my mind-reality all the years I been on the Path.
Oh, I known its meaning all right and I read articles about people who demand to have their freedom, who believe if they do this or that they will be attaining that precious commodity and can live happy ever after.
But I understood that long as one lives on this Planet, and have connection to the meat body becoming free is not on realistic concept to thrive for. The only thing we can achieve is change from one condition into another, and that can be easily done by moving-changing masses of energy=experiences and we know that change can be achieved easily —very easily.
Example: when hungry, by consuming a meal with that act we have changed the condition we were in with the newly added sensations we experienced, put that aspirin into the body do that will do same so is a glass of wine, hitting your toe, or listening to music, walk in the park, having a rip-roaring fight, window shopping, taking a shower, having sex, etc….etc….etc..
We, while being active we constantly change experiences and that produces torrent of different sensations- when that happens we just become free from one experience-sensation but right away we move into another.
But here is on example when we feel that ‘’time has stopped” we can become free of time and the body to: Usually happens in hot day summer days when the heat melts away the edges, the barriers and nothing moves, no sounds can be heard, the world around you is at standstill you have left the body and have become one with the terrain. “”””This phenomenon can only happen on a hot day when the heat overpowers your own sensations.””” Cool occurrence!
Of course the same happens when the body is freezing to death: the extreme cold temperature over power our own sensations regardless how strong heavy they are and we just skip out of the body and become one with the frozen air. But that definitely haven’t made us free, oh, free from the body and the new body we have is that frozen air mass hehehe and when that cold unmoving mass changes into whatever… bingo… than again we have a different body-mass of energy. Endless cycle of experiences, but we never have freedom from this universe.
So, on this Planet or in this Universe to achieve freedom is impossible, simply because we believe that we are the body or connected to the body and because this Universe contains nothing more than moving vibrating energy!
I have written recently that a major cognition brought new level of reality and that means that cognition was the key to different level of awareness.
Since than having further sessions brought understanding that I have reached a state that I am no longer depend on the body, being subjected to the body or need the body: if this body would tops working now that would not have any effect on me as an Entity, my awareness would remain the same , knowing this with certainty represent a major mark on my Path.
Also I have written that ever since I as-ised fear and for that reason I no longer considered self to be a human and from that moment on I am knowingly functioning as on Entity in the Spiritual Realm.
Yesterday’s session again was major and in this session encompassed many bits and pieces from different incidents which I have seen over the years and brought further understanding what I am, who I am, and what is my role in this universe, the session sort of cemented what I already have known. [ These pieces- pictures were like puzzle pieces and they have been part of many different incidents but I they come back in different recalls: one was: I was a wondering man, carrying my small bundle of possession on my back hanging on a stick= pure implication that I was searching.
At the same time the last ties-fragments were as-ised which has connected me to the world you know, therefore I attained freedom.
Now what this freedom is how I understand this: Whatever I have believed in still now has been as-ised and was replaced by cognitions. What has been as-ised were the altered concepts I have collected over the eons. And these concepts were the masses of energy I was stuck to, in other words I carried it as my problem.
Now I sure don’t I believe I reached accomplished everything there is to know about the universe and understand what I have been experiencing over the eons no, on the contrary hehehe because if I would believe than that would be my limitation, but I got a taste of it !
freedom, no, I am just standing at the doorway…looking in!
PS: this was sent to me by a reader of my posts and he said this music reminded him of me. I to love this and awakes memories of the steppes: the fiery battles and the lonely night wondering alone questioning the stars -yearning for home.

Destroy abolish terminate extinguish do away with is the name of the game.
October 12, 2015
It is natural imbed instinct of the “human” to destroy extinguish snuff out everything in sight and this instinct -determination is born out of a belief that ”If everything is destroyed I be free! ”
It is interesting that we are unconsciously? ?? aware of knowing that we are Infinite and that we are helpless against the MEST, that we are total effect of it, so by wanting to destroy what has seized apprehended captured us we have grown into destructive –vicious brutal in nature.
We no longer CREATE or want to, because we know very well that more, if we create more with that we further solidify this universe of which we are already on effect of.
The social nature: behaving nicely, politely, having good manners, presenting the good-nice side of self is the cover up: shield, a hiding place, armour, defence against new attacks, also showing the VALACE of: nice-nice hehehe is a wonderful cover for hiding behind that negative monster who is ever ready and always prepared and equipped to destroy.
Let me tell you my friends we are good even in state of being total effect.
Today I have given a session to a entity, she recently dropped her body and when I found her she was still in “state of unconscious-ness”. When she come out of that… become aware first thing she did which was on automatic reaction on her part, on imbedded instinct is to destroy me.. hehehe.
Now, she is happy and free, looking over my shoulder as I write this, as you can see little auditing goes a long way.
If anyone has the delusion of they are still creating, well its all right be me, but hehehe but if it is your creation is so much fun how come the facing-up to the experiences of a ”day” a short period of time leaves you so exhusted that there is a need for glass of alcoholic something, maybe, a Tylenol, 222= running a few miles-working away in the gym, relaxing-thawing out front of the fireplace-having a cold shower or a hot bat, relaxing to music= wanting to key-out than falling into bed and get unconscious for some hours in hope that when come out of that unconscious state : will be feeling ”refreshed” in order to face the new day: to be able to bear all the experiences ….ugh…
PS; I am totally fine with your realities, please I will not think of any one less because I know the reasons why those beliefs exist. But I have found that THE GREATEST OF ALL AND THE MOST DEMAING OVERT IS TO ANY PERSON IS LIEING TO SELF! Nothing can cause more harm than that,
where are our abilities?
October 7, 2015
Talents, abilities were not lost over the ages but simply basically at first hidden than with that suppressed.
The reason for suppression of some outstanding, rare, unusual talent were because ’’ wanting to be accepted wanting to belong into the group’’.
That simply means BE ALIKE … not to be different than the rest of the members.
Just think, if not one of the group members could conjure something out of thin air and you knew you can, than do you really think believe for a second that you could exercise that ability front of this group? FEARK, being a freak .. mutant…oddity…altered, quirky, mad, aberrated : these concepts were not born out of the human awareness but were established over the eons.
More likely what you would get period for exercising that ability is elimination annihilation from the society, the planet itself because by having –being different you would be shaking the establishment and its laws which held the group in solid form: its existence.
Examples: Burning the witches, Spanish inquisition, tar and feathering, stoning to death, KKK or some dictators wanting to establish supremacy of race: beliefs.
All our abilities were hidden, suppressed and slowly forgotten because each civilization we have belonged one time or other had different rules, regulations and abilities.
I recalled on incident when the “use of legs” become in vogue hehehe… that was the thing to do and gliding the body above the surface went out slowly than outlawed by the MAJORITY of the group who walked because always the majority wins, you see when the majority of the group no longer could glide the body over the surface of the terrain, have lost that ability than these members who still could gliding above the surface wrong and those who could still do this were voted out of the group [or had to behave same as others] or had to stop gliding!
You ask: why those who lost the ability has won OVER THE MORE ABLE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP: now reason is because the HEAVIER MORE SOLID MASS OF ENERGY=VIBRATION ALWAYS “”””ALWAYS””” WINS OVER: OVERWHELMS engulfs THE LIGHTER weaker-softer VIBRATION: law of the universe.
The reality the fact the truth remains if anyone want their abilities back has to as-is all the agreements made, the very reasons why the abilities were given up.
I am excited! Am I ever! happy as a pig in warm mud puddle!
October 5, 2015
and singing as a lark!
If any of you think, believe for a minute that I am full of myself well, for those of you I have news! Sometimes I believe and I am positive of this fact that I am one of the most ignorant persons who uses two legs to move about!.
This cognition today shaken up my confidence and reassured me once more just how little I know, I am aware of : in other words cut me down again to smaller size! Hehehe.. but I don’t have problem or ARCbs knowing that I know so little and because of this understanding I have: allows room for improvement.
But I want to share my new found reality and that is about VOICE –VOCAL SOUNDs!
Exploring what are vocal sounds has been my Pet Project over the years: ever since I been audited and continued with the same: solo.
I have mentioned in this blog that when I was young and in school I joined the quire and one day while we were practising the teacher stopped one part of the group of singers and listened to those of us who continued than again she shut off another section till she gotten to where I was ‘’singing’’ like a crow hehehe.. Needless to say that ended my singing carrier, I was locked out of the quire . She said but not unkindly that she never heard someone who’s voice was so out of tune, tone deaf as I was.
Than the same happened at home, one day I was singing happily to myself and my mother said “ Erzsikem, kis lanyom, te nagyon tehetsages vagy sok reszben de enekelni nem tudsz”
That means in English: Elizabeth , my little daughter, you are very talented in so many ways but singing is not one of them.
Well, that shut me up for good.
So to me to be able to have lovely singing voice was a dream, unobtainability which never could become reality.
But understanding what scientology was about and believing in what I understood I have known that singing, having beautiful voice to is possible to attain if ABERRATION IS REMOVED! You see, in of my past life recall in one of my very early sessions I had a magnificent singing voice and this session was the starting point, the motivator to find the occlusions.
After I started to solo audit and on many different occasion over the years I have taken into sessions this subject and explored every possible reality what is communication: sounds: how it happens and why it was needed.
But intrigued me the most why some humans have magnificent singing voice and some persons like me could only give out sound like a crow: which is by agreed upon consideration is not pleasant, astatic.
So in sessions of course I peeled off immense layers of considerations-reasons and as this continued my voice has improved so much so that went to Hungary few years back I was staying with my friend who is a vocalist, she sings beautifully and she is well known in countries where Hungarians live, she travels great deal and give concerts.
While there visiting with her I mentioned that I would love to have voice like Lara Fabian has, she looked at me in surprise and she said: “ yours is much better than hers! “
You see I do sing to myself same as everyone else and I was not aware that she has heard me. I have known my singing voice has improved a lot but of course I was not aware just how much.
Since than I worked more on the same subject because I knew that having female or male voice is not right-correct fact, there is no such a thing, but only exist here, and the real Voice produced has nothing to do having either gender.
The Voice might sound like the creation of the vocal cords but that is not the fact.
I know by now that the most incredible voices some persons have on this Planet , these vocal sounds are rather thin, insignificant watered down version in comparison what can be produced of the true sounds what it can be.
Today as I was pottering in the Kitchen same time having a session and the subject : singing voice.
Again I seen- become aware of different reasons why human voice most case is so little, so thin in most and I also seen that sounds are stored in the chest…. Now that stopped on my track: Stored Sounds? Sure, look around there are billions of records, DVD’s, Videos and each of these units are storage units for sounds.
Than I seen on incident in which I have seen the SOUND-VOICE WAS BOUGHT, as commodity and in this incident we could choose – select – pick what kind of voice we wanted, how we wanted to sound: to be heard by others! To see –re-experience this in recall was fantastic, enlightening experience yet made lot of sense too.
Like here on this planet we have the choice to whom we want to listen to: Hank Marvin’s guitar, Sheryl Crow, Mario Frangoulis, Etc… but we no longer have the choice how our voices should sound.
This is where the reality of my ignorance hit me over the head… I have written a post in this blog when I have seen SHOPS an the recall where personalities- valances could be bought and in these personalities included all the knowledge how to behave or and look: Be a General, King, Artist etc… and now I SEEN THAT SOUNDS_VOICES WERE BROUGHT TOO and WERE INCLUDED or added into THE PACKAGE!
Why I haven’t seen this before, become aware of this fact, why this simple detail allude me? Obviously this part was deeply suppressed covered with many layers of considerations and agreements galore!
It is true that stupidity can kill….. hehehe… because believing that we can be killed is the stupidity itself!
So my Friends, again I have attained a reality become aware- conscious of something new, but that voices- sounds were implanted, or voluntarily downloaded is only news to me now.
It is mind boggling that ‘’being a human’’ sitting in that valance cause impaired recollection, total occlusion, shutting off, shutting out the consciousness how we become what we believe we are.
As you all can see from reading this post which further proves that nothing is new on this planet: even Vocal sounds can be bought and sold… hehehe… but the one which has come with the body that is solidly imbedded.
On the other hand, the quality of the sound I can produce is improving with every sessions, Laura Fabian eat your heart out! 
Dont skeep this one !
September 28, 2015
Elizabeth, I would say the same as you are saying about personal bank.
I have written “FULLY undoing the Bank is not a job for a (one) person alone” because I feel that besides one’s personal bank there is a WHOLE bank everybody lives is, and this Bank (or Universe, or Set of beliefs) is constantly created and made real for anyone by anyone. EVERYBODY WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING BE THERE, therefore it is unstoppable as a mutual creation. Moreover, each person is “convinced” that undoing the BIG BANK would be the biggest crime, unforgivable in eternal time. What is “allowed” is trying a personal solitary escape. A cruel joke, since any door out opens into a much bigger Bank summarized in the 8 Dynamics.”
Let me give on this my newly gained reality. I am not guessing, assuming or have come to conclusions by evaluation of read material which was compiled-amassed by other from their own ALTERED REALITY.
About 15 years back I started to work on “What is, what are Agreement-agreements, Laws, Regulations, and Rules, ” because I realised by having agreements, these agreed upon realities made me the part of the Group, therefore I wanted to know how this has come about, where its origin was.
And over the next few months I drawn dragged into session every agreement, every Law, every religious Order, I ever belonged by freewill or forced into and obeyed, I looked at Secret Sects I was the part of, the Blood Oaths I have taken in order to belong to be part of the group and followed their rules-regulations.
These sessions were of course were done by the rules how to audit, have a session  on 4 Flows, went earlier similar and of course included ARCb’s O/W’s suppress b. etc..till VGI’s and cognitions.
These sessions went on daily for months and they were long- many as 10 hours a day.
As the results I had thousands of cognitions and because of them my reality have changes profoundly. What I have discovered that Laws, Agreements are the part of the contents of implants and those who are affected by these implants=sitting in it, are held there by the agreed upon laws and they are required to fallow them.
Example: the Human Race what is, is on IMPLANT: to belong into this implant the Entity agrees to have: with that “having” A body, a life= that means that package contains every reality –belief there is: conceived, born growing adult, sex, sleep, eat, beingness, tired-nes, values, Fear, death, and becoming Nothing!” ETC….ETC.
Being a human is nothing more than being stuck in on agreed upon established laws-rules-regulations.
Hehehe soon as these agreed upon realities are as-ised in session that Entity IS NO LONGER A HUMAN! Because to that ENTITY HAS AS_ISED THE VALANCE=THE BEIGNESS “WHAT IT MEANS BEING A HUMAN”!!!!!!!
Simple as that! Well, that simple thing to achieve taken over a 1000 hours in session.
When I have as-ised all the agreements-rules-regulations I ever made since I become the part of this Universal mass that moment I no longer was the ENFORCED PART OF ANY RACE ANY GROUP with that I no longer was part of the masses- the crowd and to me that concept-consideration no longer existed.
You see Diogene, To be on Italian.. or a Hungarians, Chinese with that the Entity has taken on the VALANCE = the laws, rules regulations of that implanted material.
Italian appearance, language, likes and dislikes behaviour etc, the laws are the Characteristics of the race. Of course these laws-agreements have been altered-modified over the eons these means the Entity itself has belonged to many different groups before and has altered the laws.
There is no such a thing=Entity as a Hungarian or Italian Entity!
We simply can’t as-is the reality of someone else’s because we can’t sense it and what we can’t sense, feel what we can’t confront.
The most challenging part of not belonging to any group is when we don’t belong we don’t have that Valance, we are not recognised by the group, acknowledged is a member.
I truly stand alone, BUT ….hehehe… I love Buts…. When all the reasons are as-ised which made me the part of groups-races-societies I have gained entry to a different Universe and that Universe is called by the Group of scientologists as Theta and the Human Race has named it a Spiritual Realm. I simply call it the Magical Kingdom because here belongs all, including the Fairies, the Gnomes, the Dragons and all who know that dreams are real and solidity to is only a dream.
The Dynamics they meaning exist only because it is agree upon, therefore they do, so is any other groups, beliefs, realities, sensations aches and pains.
You want miracles hehehe all you need to do is believe in something: bingo! you have it in that instant! :):) :)
superior race ?
September 25, 2015
I was reading a post in the Italian blog and one of the members have written that we are superior not like animals because we can reason, think things out!
WOW, that has fired me up hehehe…. because this person belongs to the group of scientologists who believe that they will lead others out of their misery and his group will control the universe from some platform! Shit!
Think….reason things out? What is that I ask?
Thinking- reasoning judging rationalizing evaluating is necessary because the human is sitting in such a huge confusion: ALTERED REALITIES =lies that he needs to judge rationalize in hope and that his guessing= gambling the path he chooses :whatever has been selected will turn out alright!…. wow and that is judging -thinking. Meanwhile he sits there in sweats in fear and prays in silence that all will go well!
LRH said that is: figure-figure.
This person looks at animals and many humans have the same reality that animals are inferior low -grade, less significant than humans are because they are not like humans: can’t think, can’t reason.
I haven’t seen an animal who in drunken stupor killed his wife and his children, or instigated war: with that eliminated millions of the same species, or fixed the Stock Market that when it crashed millions have lost their savings but him and his cronies gained billions at the same time!
I haven’t seen animals who needs drugs, glass or two of alcohol daily to be able to cope with daily-life or kill innocent by standers just for the fun of it.
I don’t think the animals who are the cause of global warming, pollution or the fish of the oceans have polluted the waters so badly that now many species are dead or soon to be dead. I believe you are getting my drift here.
Animals do not need to think, to reason out because they simply know.
Animals don’t need clocks to waken them, to be reminded when to do something, animals don’t need fancy clothing, cars, and jewelry, houses, to be given fancy important titles in order to feel superior to others, to stand out that they are better than others. I never seen or heard of on animal who acted superior toward humans! They are known to allow ”beingness” to humans even after they have been mistreated !
Animals are OT’s they have abilities and me by working having sessions all my life, every day and still haven’t come close to understanding where they are at what these abilities are!
In fact I haven’t comprehended their abilities of communication, their ability to see, to know.
I am not even close, but I do understand that I haven’t got it and if I could achieve their State what they are in this life than I would know that I would have a glimpse of freedom.
The human race’s awareness is so minimal, so narrow –low that they don’t realize that they are totally controlled and the same time they were made to believe that they are superior: and that is the trap itself.
That belief alone holds the human race in stale state: unmoving immobile unchanged.
PS: Do I know it all? Hell, No… I just reached that liberating state where I know I don’t!:)
to boast about superiority, well…. being a superior race well… that is not a good idea…. hehehe…that is on indication of ignorance…
have any of you ever though about why this planet is so segregated from the universe? have any of you taken up that idea and have investigated why that is? I have and what I found was not a pleasant reality. Ask if you want to know what was that.
very speacial, extraordenary day…or session?
September 10, 2015
today September 10th and I had my session but while the session was going even when having the cognition have not brought the realisation that I have reached a major milestone or can be called a huge shift, a complete flip in reality.
that I have stepped out of a level which I was in but did not know that that I can as-is it because it contained a special body of considerations.
in 42 years this kind of shifting happened only twice before: when I realized that I was a spiritual entity and the second time when I moved out of human reality by losing all valances and with them went “value” but the major shift -change was caused by losing FEAR it self.
but today, I still dont know what or where my reality is standing since all this is new.
i am celebrating with on extra cup of coffee:)
when i have moved here to this condo-apartment i have known that here, in this place over looking the forest i will reach a new level, open a door to new realities.
this small almost insignificant cognition was in fact enough to blow away the last remaining layer or wall which was made out of something harder than diamond. i been chipping away this wall about 20 years..:)
what next? session! since each cognition expands the awareness and what I become aware again and always will be confronted… :)
i thank you all for sharing space…
Time travel, levitation, moving through walls, going exterior, being outside of the body – my experience…
September 7, 2015
Time travel, levitation, moving through walls: what is- my experience?
There is no such a thing a time travel but there is the “ability” to recall when something has happened in fact that so called recalled incident is not in the past but it is a reconstructed image what has happened and when the years-locations are added that reassembled incident looks like it has happened in the past: but that is an illusion and that illusion exist because we consider, we accept as true it has happened in the past.
Example: when in session we are going over and over scanning through the same incident till we find the understanding what actually happens in that incident, what we are doing is in each scanning we add a bit more to that incident, we reconstruct a bit more but it is us who are mocking that incident up as in now, in sessions.
Exteriorizations with full perception..
Now that will never happen to human beings because humans reality awareness only extends: what is called “looking—seeing with the eyes” … using the eyes and seeing those colorful pictures of which by now we believe is the real thing!
So all those Rundowns of LRH’s when completed will not bring the desired results but will leave that person very disappointed –disillusioned – let down and have the definite belief- conclusion that the TECH is not working: this will be inevitable because this person in the first place had hidden standards: how EXTERIORIZATION SHOULD BE, and WHAT SHOULD BE SEEN: HOW THE OBJECTS OR TERRAIN or any PERSONS APPEARANCE should be like!
BUT: There is a good reason why this person believed what he believed in because: LRH HIMSELF HAVENT FOUND HAS NOT BECOME “AWARE” what EXTERIORAZATION ACTUALLY MEANS.[ not enough sessions on this topics]
There is no such a thing as popping out of the body: be in Moscow and walk around the Kremlin: looking at this or that object, listening into communications.. That can’t be done.. Impassible to achieve: to accomplish that the person need a body+ eyes+ ears in good working order.[ and more sessions than I had so far, maybe 500 thousand hours, 2 more lifetime worth?]
But the person could see something in those corridors of Kremlin: see on image so thin- flimsy… poor in quality and when paralleled – matched to those bright flat pictures the ‘’eyes’’ see these flimsy holographic images are ignored, period because the ‘’looker=person’’ is still looking for solidity and continuality of the seen pictures.
Let me explain my reality of which I have written by now.
We don’t time travel, we don’t ‘’go’’ anywhere but what we do is we put the attention on a subject and then we can ‘’’see’’’ a holographic image of that item.
But that image will only be observable for a fraction of a second: but in that tiny time span the Entity comes to full understanding what that holographic picture is about.
All these boils down to the level of AWARANESS of each Entity… we see what we believe is there, if the person only aware of what the ‘’eyes’’ can see, only have reality on ‘’looking” seeing bright flat pictures than that person only has AWARENESS on that level: OF THOSE FLAT IMIGES.
I believe that all of us can see these holographic images but they are ignored because they are not bright at all and to us by now the bright solid flat images have become the ‘’real thing’’ and holographic images are too insubstantial – flimsy- thin- and they don’t persist
Same goes for levitation…. An average person has hidden standards and they believe that the ‘’body’’ will be levitated –floated all 100 kilo of it….. hehehe that can be done but only when all I MEAN ALL CONSIDERATIONS WHY IS THE BODY WHAT IT IS,: have weigh, size, dimensions, walking on grounds, need to walk on grounds etc..+ when all other minus and plus beliefs are confronted than that can be done[ my reality of course] but to achieve such the person needs more than one lifetime worth of sessions more that 140 thousands hours’ worth for sure!
I only can levitate holographic images and these images only stay for fractions of the second!
But changes do happen and by now I really don’t care what the BODY CAN DO…. Because “levitation, walking through walls” these ideas meant to happen to the bodies and by now the body itself has become meaningless worthless insignificant article but it had a great value till these beliefs their meanings were challenged in session and replaced by cognitions: with unaltered reality: truth: what bodies really are!
Entity, Spirit is not a made object but it is “intangible “therefore it is INFINITE therefore do not have an location: because of not being something is not inside of something or outside of something: but the Entity is only AWARE of location: the object it self and can be aware=experience what it is like or considered’ believed to be the inside of something or what it is like, what is the mock up of the subjects outside and that awareness is the experience itself!
But the ”considerations: that there is such on thing as inside-outside or here or far, up or down any are in fact the added on beliefs, they are the lies. Because we can be only aware of ONE EXPERIENCE AT THE TIME. But we can call that anything what we like.. that wont change a thing :)
The ”eyes” see only flat surface but we, us add the rest what is in the picture.
THE “IN” PART what is in the picture what we know about that subject; EXAMPLE: Looking at a photo and in the photo let say 9 persons standing in a tight formation.
You know who these images are, family members and you when looking at this group you see beyond the flat paper and you add that knowingness to the picture: it was mamas birthday, Tom had a tooth ache on that day, father bough mother a string of pearls, you have given 3 day pass to a holiday resort etc… that is not in the picture!
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: you just moved into a new location: eyes see flat buildings, roads people, but you feel totally last totally disconnected or no connection has been established and that will come when you find out where is what, become familiar with the shops and when you will feel home BY THAT I MEAN IS THAT YOU AFTER EXPERIENCING THE ENERGY FLOWS OF THE PLACE YOU WILL BECOME CONNECTED AND FEEL HOME!
The eyes..looking will never give that experience but the experience of those energy masses will do it for you. FAVORITE CAFE you will like the best because that moving energy mass of the cofe matches your own energy level and here you will find people who are friendly too….hehehe… birds of the feather :)
The voice of god!! Shit, what next? Willpower and Lotto!
September 1, 2015
The voice of god!! Shit, what next? Willpower and Lotto!
I went into session with the intent of exploring the meaning of the concept “CHANGE”.
I just asked at first ‘’what is change’’ when I ask the same question over and over I can see, become aware different facets –meanings of the same word with that the awareness expands and of course if there is charge an these considerations than the pictures will come also and I will go from there.
So, I hardly started when suddenly the BOOMING VOICE OF GOD stopped me dead… I literarily freeze as this voice echoed in ‘’’’my head’’ universe!
Wow… god has spoken and clearly unquestionably known that IT WAS HIS VOICE!
Now if you think that I finally went off the track… nuts, hearing voices of god… hehehe… I want to remind you that in session anything can happen and usually not what we think it will but something we never ever dream of.[hearing commands in session from recalled items or just happens in everyday life: well, the voice is implanted crap.
So, this booming voice ringing in my HEAD and suddenly pictures started to role as in movies: I was in, seen self in ‘unconscious’ state and I was being implanted and the implant was the GOD MATERIAL which we all know so well and all the religions are trumpeting and by that holding that implant in solid state and with that stimulating millions!
I to have been implanted same as all of you… the burning bush… the thundering commands, do this and that…
But here is what all this shit from implant has done made me to accept –agree to: there is a superior being, who is most powerful, who is above all.
Now my friends, outside of changing my own diapers or toothbrush, decide to have coffee or tea, chicken or fish for dinner… well.. free to make these decisions!
But just INTEND to move that object without the use of the body, or intend to move the body from one location example where you are and move from that place into my living room and have coffee with me here!
Or by a lotto ticket and win that huge some, see if you win, I challenge you on this! I could bring up hundreds of these examples and I bet not one could be achieved by sheer willpower!
I been working on these topics since late winter when I first seen-listened to the video: SECRET…. Hehehe and I though than WOW after 41 years’ worth of sessions and by now I knew I have cleared away enough counter intentions to make things work for me, make whatever I want happen.HEHEHE !!!!
$50 million was in my bag already!
Wow, hehehe, dream on! illusions are so fragile! And hundreds of sessions later on the same and similar subjects: intention-change-have or not-winning losing—knowing that I can, well that $ 50 million is still not in that bag!
But had hundreds of Cognitions and each of these cogs have brought vital information’s and new reality – awareness that without them not having them I never would become free! So I have been gained more than what money could have bought.
AND I gained new awareness that I am as an ENTITY on the Tone Scale are lower than the bottom of the frog!: IN NONE EXISTANCE as in INTENTION-CONTROL—HAVING WILL POWER OVER MEST.
You believe you have control, willpower and what you intend happens?
I dare you, I challenge you to step out of your customary condition, your normal daily life, that routine those repetitive actions and do something different for change “example”: you believe and always have believed that you can walk through that wall, you can move that ashtray by intention, you can be at will at Niagara Falls dangling your feet over the roaring waters!
Nothing will happen!!!!!! and the grand illusion of having power over MEST that you are in control will evaporate faster than the air from the lungs when the elephant happen to step on that ribcage.
By the way that BELIEF YOU HAVE THAT YOU CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS OR ON WATER WITH THE BODY, OR MOVE ON ASHTRAY OR A MOUNTAIN by sheer will, the only reason you have those realities the awareness of those concepts because you have done that and much more!
God: that mighty monumental implant you have imbedded into the fiber of your universe will not allow your plans to become what you intended: it has total control till it will be found and confronted.
The belief: I don’t believe in god… well, that belief will not release because that belief has come later and the God implant was instated –established first!.
ONLY GOD HAS THE POWER AND HE HAS THE POWER OVER ALL LIVING CRITTERS :.hehehe…… just stop for one moment and do your best to comprehend how many Prayers are being sent daily to that Implant Factory, how many sigh leave the lips in silence or in private and asks: DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME JUST THIS ONCE, I PROMISE I BE GOOD AND I WILL REMAIN YOUR SERVENT!
Oh.. assigned power… yes we have that in place but will that wish be granted?
“They put a spell on me, baby!
August 20, 2015
from the blog: Scientologists back in comm.
“They put a spell on me, baby!”
I’d like to share a story.
I’ve told this story to a few people, to a mostly sceptical response. I’m sceptical myself, and yet these facts are true for me.
Due to my own personal disillusionment with non-optimum situations prevailing in the church, I left Corporate Scientology years ago. For personal reasons I am still under the radar, however this should not detract from the credibility of this story.
I still apply a number of aspects of Scientology to my daily life, though to be honest I regard these tools more as natural laws of life than religious dogma.
Over the last few years I noticed my work flow was slowly drying up with me occasionally doing conditions and seeing an improvement, but a steady roller-coaster emergency condition. I found all sorts of reasons and justifications for this situation but must admit at the back of my mind I wondered if all these allegations were true about “things going wrong in life”, “not doing well”, even “cancer” etc when one is no longer “connected to source”. It did enough to keep me anxious and worried to the point of making occasional overtures to the org in desperation to change my condition.
I have sniffed around various Indy practices and liked what I saw of the actual tech, but was put off by ‘conspiracy theories’ – and one in particular. I was told that at Flag they get solo NOTs auditors in session in order to perform Black Dianetics on those who’ve left the church. I really didn’t get all the data on this as I frankly didn’t believe it and saw no reason to enquire further. However, I’ve heard from people doing solo auditing outside of the church that they’ve experienced such incidents.
Earlier this year things got pretty tough. I managed to keep the wolf from the door by making extraordinary solutions. But during one memorable 10-day period my phone literally never rang and absolutely no work came in. It dawned on me – this was completely unnatural. Whenever I had applied conditions in the past it had changed – but now it wasn’t budging. What struck me the most was how much effort was required to pull in the smallest bit of work, whereas previously it just rolled in of its own accord.
I realized this couldn’t carry on and I grabbed my e-meter, got my ‘Act 1’ in, sort of got my TRs in, and sternly enquired “Is anyone fucking with my case?”
Well, I got something.
About a year and a half ago a Class 9 auditor arrived at my office with his e-meter and, despite me initially refusing to go on the cans, I believed I had nothing to apologise for, so I capitulated. It was just a meaningless DofP and I wondered why he’d gone to so much trouble. But this is what now came up in my session!
I handled the charge accordingly and within an hour I had the first work come in.
Now, I’m not one for claiming my income 10X’d itself after such and such run-down, and that hasn’t happened. But what I’ve without doubt observed since that session (and a few others I gave myself in succeeding days) is that the unnaturalness has disappeared, my flows quite definitely changed with conditions now working as expected, particularly outflow equals inflow.
Possibly there was nothing to the original incident. Possibly I imagined it all in session. I neither know nor care, really. All I do know is that it delivered the result I was looking for. Almost every day since I’ve been having work flow in, and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of outflowing. Actions taken now perform as expected, no miracles – but previously they didn’t. The heavy effort has vanished.
As a further illustration, as soon as I’d finished a first draft of this article and saved it for later review, I checked my emails and there was a request for some work from a new company that had been referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. This is how I used to get all my work in the past – yet until that moment, it hadn’t happened in 18 months.
I may be regarded by Corporate Scientology as a ‘squirrel’, but I have no doubt LRH in the same situation would have similarly grabbed his e-meter and enquired of it: “Is anyone fucking with my case?”
Dr. Mac
Eckhart Tolle hehehe
August 13, 2015
Eckhart Tolle.
I bought the copy of his book in 98 and I was eager to read it and hopped to learn something new which I haven’t known by then, but please keep it in mind by 98 I was solo auditing daily and had thousands of cognitions which has considerably changed my views.
As I was reading this book I had agreed to some of his reality and I admit just reading this book has brought some cognition too, but not too many.
But as I was reading I have taken many of the concepts into session because I wanted to know what was on my track, my believes about same subject, and of course I gained new different understanding on the matter and these cognitions were very different from the realities of the universe: how he has seen it.
But most of the subject matter of his book was attained by me before I read his books by having done the courses and from sessions-cognitions and of course this has taken place as I advanced on the ‘’Bridge’’.
My sister who also become full OT 7 at St Hill in 76 after coming back from ST Hill she dropped scientology and whatever she has learned like never has happened and after a while she started to practice meditation and Yoga and has become THE STUDENT OF ECKHART TOLLE. He is her guru now.
Ava believes, so is the rest of his fallowers that: “he has CONNECTED INTO HIGHER LEVER OF KNOWLEDGE, THE TRUE SPIRITUAL REALM, and he is being there now and teaching from that PLATROM”.
WOW.. that sounds just like Richard whoever he is…. :)
Now if we examine that sentence- beliefs itself we can see it is full of holes like a Swiss cheese and these holes are the falsity the twisted reality-lies.
First of all: if any connection exist that means 2 PIECES OF MATTER IS CONNECTED BY THE THIRD PIECE : therefore it is solid, it only exist as matter that means: has nothing to do with ‘’true spirituality’.
“He is on a Platform” …. That means he is on a surface of something, he has a body of some kind which he identifies with as we all do, have bodies which we use as on anchor and we are on a Platform which is this Planet.
Tolle has a body, has a wife, have sex, goes to bathroom etc.. same as any other person on this planet do.
If he has ATTAINED: ENLIGHTENMENT that means: he has identified with a body of knowledge…… that means the knowledge is made up from many considerations-beliefs: that is energy-mass huge amount, if that is the case that means those beliefs-considerations are solid… solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
Solid beliefs as in teaching the same concepts over and over means: they are solid and can be as-ised in sessions-by confrontation.
Because he is on a platform than he has a body if he would not have a body he would not have a location simply because on Entity do not have a location.
He teaches from this platform. Hehehe .. teaches? What?
I read the Wiki’s write up about him and many so called ‘’important’’ persons who claim to know all –about ‘’spirituality’’ read his writings and these persons say that Tolle don’t say anything new only the packaging is new.
Of course he can’t say –teach anything new because he is JUST KEYED INTO THE SO CALLED ‘’ SPIRITUAL IMPLANT’’; which contains the material all the other sages, gurus has thought — have broadcasted so far on this planet because they too were keyed into the same crap.
These gurus can’t say anything new or different because the content of the implant was not affected by the passing of time and these gurus when something happened to them : with that incident pushed them into that state: keyed in into that implant material.
Being there in spiritual realm becomes empty and “NOW” since that implant don’t contain the concepts=considerations of human reality-beliefs. Therefore time don’t exist either, nor separate occurs etc.. etc… but that implant contains the concept that we are ONE .!!
Which not only contain that knowledge but meanwhile has no connection to any other material therefore who are in it are not stimulated by human reality but sitting in the so called ‘’empty state’’’ feeling grand,[ any feeling-sensation regardless that is good or bad is part of the Bank] have the reality that they are above all- that means =separated from something [ that separation is BANK] and believing that they reached the OPTIMUM STATE: this state since it contains only one large mass of energy : which is the implant itself is the keyed in state.
Re-stimulation don’t happen often to these persons but will sooner or later will key in: heavy loss, item containing heavy pain… death of beloved-loss etc..
And of course brick falling on the head can bring change so is simply tripping over own feet or loss of erecting! Bank is a bank and all concepts have the power to shift the persons reality level and our daily experienced sensations-feelings continual thoughts are nothing more myriads of shifting energy: that is the stimulation we experience.
The only change is visible between the teachings of different gurus is: how these persons have interpreted the same implanted material and the interpretation depends how they were effected by other implants as a resulted receiving other implanted material over the eons and because of this their views gotten a bit twisted by now.
There is only one person Lao -Tzu reached a reality level which is beyond the gurus implanted stuff.
Lao-Tzu seen the energy… the movements of energy of the universe and he has observed its shifting. He has interpreted his observation about ‘’nature’’ and made the connection with human behavior.
But true understanding what is the universe about was not seen by him, he needed to become scientologist in order to understand that considerations are secondary =sitting = are the outer layer: they are the packaging for the energy-mass which we use as anchor or we have gotten stuck in and can’t get out of till that energy+concept item is confronted.
If you are on this planet and I don’t care how you feel, what you know, you are here because you have the implant which placed you in the body, born-die, have sex because you believe that is pleasure, eat sleep, walk, talk using sounds-words than you are simply here because you got stuck into implants galore.
Tolle is not enlightened about spirituality, since in my reality enlightenment don’t really exist… we just gain different –changed –altered – new – viewpoint on the same subject and long as we have one viewpoint left …hehehe… hehehe.. that indicates we haven’t gotten the right answer: ONLY we got a VIEWPOINT! and that viewpoint is the wrapper for a mass of energy, so it is still a solid concept.
Tolle haven’t gained reality, haven’t experienced, become aware of the existence myriad life times we have experienced, he haven’t realized that spirituality is not a state, not on idea, therefore the real reality what is that: cannot be thought or learned-memorized but we all have to find our own reality on that subject and no one can tell to us what IS.
The Entity who has gained insight: the understanding how the Universe works, what is about can give explanation of any occurrences, on any subject.
Now if you ask: how come than and why he has so many followers?
Human awareness is not very”high” and this planet exist because of agreements, that it is, that we are humans, that we live, etc..etc.. these agreements dont mean the truth, but simply agreements and that is what makes it solid, real, has to be: because everybody say so, because millions say it is true!
PS;What I am saying in this post: what you know, the reality you have, is yours alone, cant be thought by anyone and cant be learned from others, simple as that. The only thing I can say, describe what I have experienced and for all I can do and say for anyone: pick a direction and go, and the only things you will find on your journey what you have put there, left behind. :)
PSPSPS: what makes the spiritual implant so powerful that it promises freedom and delivers that freedom whom which the true freedom cant be experienced because the person who sits in that trap cant see out of, cant realise that true freedom dont have a structure.
Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
August 1, 2015
Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
FREEBEING: if not for your question I would not have this new reality. Thank You for asking!
Just had a new revelation: how the holographic images come about: we as Entities we always have SEEN have been only AWARE of the flow of energy: vibrations which by now labeled as sensations-feelings-aches-pains-pressures etc.
What I have become aware over 25 years ago that sometimes I could SEE everything about on item but this happenings only occurred if I did not pay much attention to that subject: I was not using the eyes: looking.
Example: [ I have mentioned this incident in on earlier post] : sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting, not doing much and suddenly a woman who walked front of me I could see through her and seen the baby inside her womb: EX-RAY vision.. this lasted only for a second and because I wanted to SEE more and with that I was concentrating on the EYES and of course they only could see the flat picture of a very pregnant woman in moving mode.
I was in total awe… while I was in this blown out state and not looking suddenly a skeleton walked by and that picture seeing only the moving bones brought me back to looking with the eyes mode and I only could see a young man n fully clothed of course walking away.
To me this incident in the lobby of the hotel: seeing inside two different human form has become memorable experience of formidable magnitude and this kind of incidents prompted me to continue with solo sessions: I WANTED MORE!
Over the years I become aware that these incidents of me seeing ex-ray images have become frequent and I could see into anything I put my attention on, but these images lasted only for fraction of the second yet I had total understanding what they represented, what considerations they were made up from.
But not until this day I have connected, understood the difference between these ex-ray images with holographic images, there are no differences, they are the same! It was only I who has put different labels on them because I did not realise their sameness.
We can observe these holographic images there are under or –covered-hidden by those flat projected solid pictures we are stuck to: believing that is what we see, and that is the only thing existing.
The thing is that we never ever lost any of our abilities, we only been ignoring them by only concentrating on ‘’seeing with the eyes’’ bit thing and when as-ising the occlusions which has blocked out the awareness, the abilities are just there, we become aware of them again! https://elizabethhamre.wordpress.com/