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Литература. Источники.

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Communion, by Whitley Strieber. 1986? 1987 paperback.*** Transformation, Whitley Strieber, 1988.***
Majesty, Whitley Strieber, 1989.*'Alien Meetings, by Brad Stieger, 1979?***
The Abductors, by Brad Stieger, 1988?**** The Andreason Affair, Raymond Fowler, 1970's, 1980's republished.***
The Watchers, Raymond Fowler, 1990. ***** The Interrupted Journey, John Fuller, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's.**
Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods, By Bud Hopkins, 1987?. *****
Missing Time: A documented Study of UFO Abductions, Bud Hopkins, 1981.*****
The Humanoids, Charles Bowen, 1960's??, 1976?***** Abduction, Jenney Randles, 1987.**
UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery, Thomas E. Bullard, 1990.******
The Evidence for Alien Abductions, John Rimmer. The Gulf Breeze Sightings, Ed Walters, 1989. *****
UFO Contact From Reticulum, By Wendle Stevens. Photos. ****
UFO Contact From Under Sea, By Wendle Stevens. X-ray of Implant. ***

Extra-Terrestrials Among Us, George C. Andrews, 1986.**** Above Top Secret, Timothy Good, Bantam 1989, ***
Clear Intent, by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood, Prentice-Hall 1984. Many secret documents are in it. **
LIGHT YEARS, by Gary Kinder. The best documented UFO case ever, about the Pleiadians. *****
An Alien Harvest, Linda, Moulton, Howe: The Secret Of The Cattle Mutilations, Howe Productions, 1990. She worked with MJ-12 for a while.*****
The Rosewell Incident, Charles Berlitz & William Moore, UFO crash.******
Beyond Communion, John Gliedman, shows brain scan with implant. -The Scientific evidence for communion. ****
UFO Crash At Aztec, William S, Stienman, 1987 ****
Our Ancestors Come From Outer Space, Maurice Chatelain, 1980? The Ex-NASA director for communications. The Fellowship, Brad Stieger, 1987. About Dr. Fred Bell, an ex-NASA and IBM scientist who met the Pleiadians. ****
Lese-Majesty, Ed Demar [r?]. About William Cooper, the drugs and the New World Order. ******
Gods Of Aquarius, Brad Steiger.***
Somebody Else is on the Moon, David Mckay Company,Inc,****
Confrontations, Jacques Vallee, 1990. Attac from UFO's.*****
Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO sightings, Bob Pratt and Allen Hynek.****
Unusual Martian Surface Features, published by Mars Research, Monuments Of Mars, Richard Hoagland, published by Prentice-Hall, 1987.***
UFO Contact From The Pleiadies, Wendle Stevens, 1982? Over 200 colour photo's of Beam Ships etc.*****
UFO Contact From The Pleiadies, Volume II.100's of photos. *****
here might now be a volume number 3, ask. Also ask for Billy
Meier's Contact notes, also by Genesis III. Passport To Magonia, Jaques Vallee, ****
Alternative 3, Leslie Watkins, David Ambrose. Sphere 1987. *****
We Discoved Alien Bases On The Moon, Fred Steckling, GAF International, 1981. ******
Cosmic Conspiracy, Stan Deyo, 1978. ** George Adamski--The Untold Story, Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good. **

The Rockefeller File, Gary Allen, 76 Press.****
None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen.****
The Two Faces Of George Bush, Anthony C. Sutton.*****
Say "No" to The New World Order, Gary Allen.*****
Any book by Anthony C. Sutton is worth reading.
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