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Rev. 5.7.78
HCO PL 7 Aug 79 Product Debug Series 8 Esto Series 36 FALSE DATA STRIPPING

TRs have been under study and pilot for the past year as, just about this time last year it became all too obvious, through review of the video-taped TRs of special corps of auditors as well as those from piloted TRs Courses, that students seemed to have become incapable of mastering the TRs.
This presented a mystery, as I have always been able to teach TRs effectively in about a week’s time, give or take a few days. Once the student has his basics in it’s done by simply getting the student to DO it, as TRs are not a “think” action nor a subjective action. They’re practical drills on the comm cycle. There’s nothing subjective about them. TRs are a doingness.
But we suddenly had entire corps of student auditors unable to master these drills.
What had happened to the teaching of TRs?
A good many months were spent in isolating exactly what had gone wrong, and it has now all been boiled down to a very few factors:
1. Hard TRs had been dropped out.
2. Doing the communication formula in clay had been omitted.
Those were the two major points of change and when these two were omitted, that was it. That was the end of anybody being able to do TRs. One can’t master TRs without familiarity with the comm cycle. One can’t master TRs with permissive, pat-a-cake drilling. TRs are gotten in by drilling them HARD.
It is one thing to try to teach Hard TRs to raw public and it is quite another to make an auditor. People studying to become auditors have to be made into auditors.
It’s all right to teach a mild TRs Course in Division 6 and one should, but when it comes to making auditors, there is no substitute for Hard TRs.
Somewhere along the line doing the communication formula in clay as the beginning part of the TRs Course was dropped out. This left the student with no slightest concept of why he was doing TRs. The communication formula is a Scientology discovery and when you omit teaching it, the student suffers from out-basics. So the omission of doing the communication formula in clay on a TRs Course was fatal.
There were also three additional factors found to be further influencing the scene:
3. Student auditors had no real understanding of the ARC triangle. Thus, their Communication was stuck because their Affinity and Reality and, therefore, their Understanding, were deficient.
4. The lack of a bona fide TRs checksheet had opened the way for all kinds of false data to be entered into the subject.
5. Ignorance of the end phenomena of a TRs Course or why they were doing TRs.
The result of this past year’s study and piloting and the isolation of these factors has now culminated in a full and final TRs Course which will be issued very soon in unalterable book form.
Meantime, this bulletin is being issued as a holding action to make these errors and omissions in the teaching and drilling of TRs broadly known so that they can be remedied at once wherever auditor TRs are being taught.


Since the cancellation of HCO PL 24 May 71 THE PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE, there has been no real TRs checksheet, complete with the basics of communication and the theory of communication which underlie the TRs. That was a huge out-basic right there. TRs as drills appeared on various checksheets, sometimes with several accompanying bulletins, but omitted was any thorough preliminary in-sequence study of the theory upon which the TRs are based.
Here we had a course without a checksheet, which made it possible for false data to spring in from various quarters. And so it did. It wasn’t that people were willfully entering false data into the subject. It was simply that there was no standard checksheet which took the student through the true data, and only the true data, on the simple basics (the ARC triangle and the communication formula) underlying the TRs and then the TRs drills themselves. With that situation you can get all kinds of false data coming into an area. And that is exactly what was found. Almost one for one the students coming onto the special piloted courses conducted this past year were ridden with false data, various types of “think” and figure-figure and alter-is of the tech of the TRs.
A number of BTBs and BPLs on the subject contributed to this scene and actually perpetrated out-tech in the area, and these have now been canceled, by specific title, by HCOB 23 Sep 79, CANCELLATION OF DESTRUCTIVE BTBs AND BPLs ON TRs, which lists and corrects the outnesses these issues introduced.
A further handling is to give the student the true data on communication and TRs, as covered in the chapters on ARC in Problems of Work and Fundamentals of Thought. the chapters on communication in Dianetics 55!, and HCOB 16 Aug 71R, TRs REMODERNIZED. As he studies this, one then digs up and strips off the false data accumulated on the subject or drill, using HCO PL 7 Aug 79, FALSE DATA STRIPPING.
Where false data on a subject exists it hits immediately and directly up against the true data, and until this conflict is blown by False Data Stripping the person can be untrainable on the subject.
Thus this brand new tech tool, False Data Stripping, is and has been tremendously useful in correcting TR outnesses and ensuring correct training on the TRs.
It might be noted in passing that the most false subject on the planet at this time is psychology because the mission of a psychologist is a government one—to make the population into controllable zombies—the subject is being taught earlier and earlier in schools and a lot of your students and even Supervisors have been subjected to this propaganda and false data about Man and the mind. I recall that the people it took longest to get through TRs Courses were professional psychologists. The basis of this is false data—they are loaded with it. It is not that psychology teaches anything about communication (they never heard of the subject until we came along) but that they simply have so many false data about life that they actually can’t study or drill in a life subject such as Scientology. And you may find it necessary to clean this up. This prevents horrible slows on TRs Courses. It’s not an action that would be done in the course, of course, but would be done in Review.


The TRs are drills on the various parts of the communication formula.
This basic datum seems to have become obscured in recent years. It appeared that, to many, TRs were considered to be drills that were done for the sake of doing drills, with only some vague accompanying idea of their actual use or application or how they related to auditing and an auditing session.
The truth of the matter is that TRs are simply the drills that enable a person to polish and perfect his comm cycle.
But if one doesn’t know what the cycle of communication is to begin with, if one isn’t totally familiar with the various parts of the communication formula, the TRs as drills are not going to make much sense to him. Drilling becomes a struggle because he doesn’t even know what it is he’s trying to handle.
So one of the first things a TRs student needs is a sound understanding of the communication formula.
The way to learn the communication formula is to do it in clay. That defines it, puts it there in the physical universe for him. By demonstrating the communication formula, all of its parts, in clay, he will actually see how it works. It becomes real to him. Now he knows what it is he’s drilling.
Unfortunately, with the cancellation of the 24 May 71 TRs Checksheet the basic action of demonstrating the communication formula in clay was dropped out and with that a real understanding of the use of TRs was obscured for many.
Representing the comm formula in clay is now reinstated firmly as a vital preliminary step to drilling TRs.


Even below an understanding of the communication formula comes an understanding of the ARC triangle. Now we are getting more basic.
This turned up as a very interesting technical factor in reviewing countless TR video tapes this past year. It was actually a very interesting technical bug. I studied and studied these flunked video TR sessions to find the common denominator of all of them, and I finally nailed it. What I found was that they were specializing in “C,” communication, on the ARC triangle. They were specializing in “C” but what was out was their “A” (affinity) and “R” (reality) and their “C” was being pegged—it would go up just so far—because they weren’t anywhere up the line on their “A” and “ R. “
As a result they couldn’t understand anything the other guy was saying. Most of the flubs were on this basis. They didn’t have any pc there, they weren’t listening to what the pc said, the ARC was out the bottom.
The person gets stuck without full use of the ARC triangle. You can raise the communication level but then you have to raise the reality and then you have to raise the affinity and then you get some understanding. Only then can you continue to improve each point of the triangle.
On most of those videos they were stuck with the communication being raised just a bit, and that was that, because they weren’t raising the affinity and reality levels along with it. So they did not advance or improve.
A handling is to make sure the student gets a very sound understanding of the ARC triangle and its use before he tackles the TRs.
This can be accomplished by having him represent it in clay, using the chapters on ARC in Fundamentals of Thought and Problems of Work and Chapter VII of Dianetics 55!.
When he knows how A and R and C interrelate and how they’re used to bring about Understanding, he’s then prepared to really grasp the communication formula. And when he has a good familiarity with the communication formula he can drill the TRs and polish up his own communication cycle and improve with comparative ease.


When TRs the Hard Way slipped out of use and permissive TRs entered the picture. the results were less competent auditors and less case gain for pcs.
Auditor TRs must be taught rough, tough and hard. This does not mean invalidative drilling or coaching or supervision. It does mean you get the student to DO the TRs. He’s got to drill the TRs, not figure-figure on them or dive into his case to avoid them.
TRs the Hard Way means stringent, spot-on coaching and supervision on the proper gradient. Each button found on the student is flattened before it is left. Flunks are given when the student flunks. And when he flunks he goes right back in again and he drills it until he’s got it.
The TRs are taught and drilled per the 16 Aug 71R bulletin, TRAINING DRILLS REMODERNIZED, and per the advices in HCOB 23 Sep 79, CANCELLATION OF DESTRUCTIVE BTBs AND BPLs ON TRs. The student is coached to wins, not losses. You make sure he understands the drill and after that it’s a matter of his DOING it. It’s a matter of keeping him at it, getting him through it, regardless of what buttons crop up to be flattened, until he’s mastered each TR and can handle any comm cycle with ease.
Permissive, namby-pamby, pat-a-cake TRs have no place in the training of an auditor or on a bona fide TRs Course. A student who hasn’t mastered his TRs won’t master any of the training that follows them. The way to master TRs is to drill them the hard way.
It is Hard TRs that make an auditor. (A more gradient approach to TRs would be taken on the HAS Course where the new Scientologist is getting his first taste of how to handle communication in his everyday life and livingness.)
Given sound training on the basics, ARCU and the formula of communication with any false data stripped off, and the student then drilled on TRs the Hard Way, to perfection, you’ll find he comes through with flying colors to a smooth, flubless comm cycle. And it doesn’t take a year or even months to accomplish it.


As the students really had no idea of the communication formula as such due to the omission of the requirement that they do it in clay and learn it, they of course didn’t know where they were going. A surprising number of students were heard making stupid remarks like, “I would never use the TRs in auditing” which is about the same as saying “I would never use food when I eat.”
Practically no students on TRs Courses had any idea why they were doing TRs or what had to be achieved in order to be a finished product on a TRs Course. This unfortunately included the Supervisors and of course the coaches. So one got all sorts of silly, invalidative, evaluative teaching and coaching.
If they didn’t know where they were going and what the end phenomenon of a TRs Course was, of course they couldn’t train a student toward it and so TRs Courses which would only involve a week or two turned into months and months of floundering around due to mis-coaching and mainly destructive criticism which had no purpose.
Instruction and coaching are not based on opinion. They should be based on producing the end phenomenon.
A professional auditor who with comm handling alone can keep a pc interested in his own case and willing to talk to the auditor.
A person with the session and social presence of a professional auditor and that presence can be summed up as a being who can handle anyone with communication alone and whose communication can stand up faultlessly to any session or social situation no matter how rough.
A being who knows he can achieve both of the above flawlessly and from here on out.
That’s the EP and that’s the direction all instruction and coaching must take. Each TR must be in against the standard above.
As we know the communication formula and as the TRs are parts of it, the end phenomenon can be achieved relatively rapidly. It is that we know, for the first time in man’s history, the communication formula that makes it possible to drill people on it and produce the above end phenomenon. This was a major point that was being missed—that one was trying to produce something. If you don’t know what you’re trying to produce it can take forever, can’t it?


There is one factor that would effectively block a smooth run through this training, basics or no basics. You’re not going to get a person who has been loaded up with drugs to grasp this data and come out the other end as any kind of product until he’s had his drugs handled.
You now have the Purification Rundown to handle that, along with Objectives and the Drug Rundown. With this fantastic new rundown, which is an undercut to all training and processing, we have the means to make even the seemingly untrainable trainable.


I wanted to let you know what has been happening in regard to TRs study and training over the past year, and what bugs have now been uncovered. Each of the points taken up in this bulletin have now been solved. You will have a very complete professional TRs Course released in book form in the near future.
Meantime, the materials exist and are available on which to train students in TRs and do so very effectively.
Therefore, this issue is your license to include on any current checksheet which calls for auditor TRs the materials and actions covered herein.
The data is being given you for your immediate use.
So I’ll expect to see you turning out crops of auditors with flawless TRs!
It can be accomplished by getting in the five points covered in this bulletin alone.