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The most laughable error commonly being made in Release Rehabilitation is one in which the auditor discounts the value of his own auditing, keys out a lock in a pre-Scientology period and tells the pc he was a Release sometime before he was audited.
Auditors have declared pcs released when 9 days old or in 1942 or almost any earlier time. All through non-comprehension of the phenomenon of Release. It leaves some pretty puzzled pcs too!
“When you fell on your head when you were five you were a former Release because I now have a floating needle.” This auditor statement betrays a lack of comprehension of the phenomenon of Release.
Of course if you key out a major lock you may today get a Release State.
Because the needle floats today does not mean it was floating just before the pc fell on his head at the age of 5.
The pc today, with better understanding through auditing, can attain Release by keying out an incident which made him worse than normal.
His needle was not floating before he gagged on his bottle at the age of two. Blowing the lock of gagging on his bottle may now, added to his new study, the auditor’s interest and the very powerful technology of just basic auditing, make him go Release.
An auditor doing this is downgrading his own presence, skill and comm cycle. These, added to blowing a lock, make a Release today – it does not make a Release years before the pc was ever audited.
I’ve never seen a “natural floating needle” in the absence of auditing. I never expect to.
People are normal, worried, neurotic or psychotic. Hobby therapy, a change of sur-roundings, taking up tapestry can move a person upscale toward normal. They never moved anyone up to Release. Becoming happier doesn’t key out bank. It causes a person to occlude keyed-in bank – to “forget it”.
Only auditing keys out bank.
And an auditor doing rehabilitation, using a meter, using a comm cycle, using his knowledge of the mind is doing something that was not done before. And he makes Releases. He makes them today by keying out yesterday. He does not make them years ago. He is not auditing years ago. He is auditing today’s pc today and making today’s Release today.
Life keys out no locks. Trillions of years of living never undid a moment of it. Come off the mystic mystic kick that one can if he lives long enough experience himself to Release or Clear. That’s trap.
Do not unduly complicate your actions in Release Rehabilitation by misassigning the pc’s period of Release. If you do he’ll be confused as the datum given him is false.
If you find in asking for a period of Release that you get pre-Scientology times, realize the pc has found something which if released would cause him to go Release today. You’d get the same response if you asked “What period would I have to contact to get you Released?” or “Give me a major time of key-in.” Or “Give me a major time of change.” Or do a Problems In-tensive Assessment. Or do an ARC Break of former times assessment. You’ll come up with the same date for it. Treat that period with rehab processes (or any of many other processes) and you’ll get the phenomenon of Release right before your eyes.
So don’t be telling pcs “You were a Release before you were ever audited. I see here you were a Release just before you fell in the garbage can at two.” Both statements are false.
Lasting results are based on Truth alone.
Do what you’re doing in rehabs. Just don’t make a false assertion about it. Your audit-ing is pretty powerful. Don’t discount it.


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