What is International Project TIMECOPS

What is International Project TIMECOPS

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Web auditing in any place on the planet http://webauditing.org

Hi all! Greetings from Moscow!

What we need – is to spend money for our organizations, prepare professional auditors. For example, I start to create my org at 2005 – buy printer, e-meters, booklets, books, websites…. Now we have 10 auditors and more than 80 people on our lines and 17 projects.

Im not spend time for fight, I expand free scientology only. :-)

The most important product of the FZ – clears, OTs and their projects.
Within the limits of the International Project Timecops are increasing statistics on achievement of conditions of Clears and OTs + statisticans of annually created new projects (in a direction of the New Civilization).

The part of projects and achievement of conditions is sounded in conference Galac Patra rus.
Here some working projects:
- Creation of the organizations on granting of the Bridge since 2007 (all it is created three)
- Granting of the full Bridge – Original ОТ4-7, New ОТ4-8 + top levels by Captain Bill Robertson ОТ8-48, at present granting to ОТ16 since 2005 http://webauditing.org/Grade_Chart_1978_timecops.pdf
- The international library of FZ at the Internet since 2005 – http://www.galac-patra.org/freezone.html
- Creation of Biggest Library LRH (300 Gb – in 5-6 languages) since 2004 online http://www.matrixfiles.com/Scientology%20Materials/
download all audiolections by LRH over torrent-file http://galac-patra.ru/_LRH_audio_lectio ... tology.zip http://yadi.sk/d/2QFamiL7AMDNB
download all texts by LRH over torrent-file http://galac-patra.ru/library-english.zip
non-english library http://galac-patra.ru/library-non-eglish.zip
new Spanish Library over torrent ! https://yadi.sk/d/5y8eZQ1sdsoTF
video of CofS events +Free Zone Scientology archives torrent https://yadi.sk/d/U-w5zVhwAavSkQ (repack 2019) https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5w6K/exGhBaP87
- Bill Robertson’s library, a site of Galactic Patrol since 2007 http://www.galac-patra.org/ all materials over torrent http://galac-patra.ru/CBR_complete_library.zip
- Directory FZ the CIS from the end of 2003 http://galac-patra.ru/freezone-handbook.zip
- Creation and distribution of video data FZ (lectures, films) since 2005
In 2005-2006 г a series of lectures of Natalia Pribylsky about a family (2nd dynamic) and a film about detox has been released.

In 2009 was interview LRH – Introduction in Scientology is duplicated in russian by me, videolecture Introduction in scientology and FZ, lecture Car Driving in Exterior condition is written down. Contacts to extraterrestrial civilizations. Contact to Galactic Patrol.

Are accessible here http://galac-patra.org/freezone-rus/russian.html
- Support of scientology in system eMule (burro) and Torrents – since 2007
- Search and rehabilitation reincarnated clears and OTs since 2005
- Advancement FZ of the CIS since 2003 http://timecops.org / http://timecops.ru
- The project of international alliance FZ since 2006 – http://www.0-48.ru
- The project on maintenance auditing in an every spot on the globe (web-oditing) was created since 2006 and in 2010 working off qualitative auditing and granting of the Bridge to New ОТ8 + L rundawns- http://webauditing.org/ has been finished http://oditing.tora.ru
- The international consultations by phone and Skype on any questions of Scientology since 2006
- Conferences Yahoo since 2005
- Videoconferences of scientologists on Skype since 2010 – 2 times a year on the first Sunday of December and June at 12-00 MOSCOW TIME audio records here viewforum.php? f=5
- Coordination videoconferences (through a nickname timecops)

Sincerely yours, Maxim Lebedev, auditor class X, OT8 from Moscow

1950 - Dainetics Lectures And Demonstrations(Oakland Public Lecture Series)
50xcx Emotion
50xcx Straight Memory Techniques Side 2
50xxcxx Language Adjustment
50xxcxx Standard Procedure Step 3 - Holders, Bouncers, Deniers - Taking in Psychotics
5008c30 Preventive Dianetics
5009C23A Intro to Dianetics
5009C23B What Dianetics Can Do
5009c28 Running a Secondary
5009C28A How To Resolve Stalled Cases
5009C28B Running an Engram
5009c29 Coitus Engram
5009c29 Running an Engram
5009C29A GUK And Freewheeling
5009C29B Demo-Running A Secondary Part 1 & 2
5011c22 Auditors Code & Accessibility
5011c22A Auditors Code
5011c24AB Case Entrance Part A & B
5011c25 ARC & the Four Dynamics Reels 1 & 2
5011c25 ARC & The Four Dynamics Reels 3 & 4
5011c27 Unknown Reel
5011c27AB Standard Procedure Reels 1 & 2
5011c27B Standard Procedure Reel 3 & 4
5011c29AB Standard Procedure - Circuits & Valences Reels 1 & 2
5011c30 Groups

1951 - The Science of Survival Lectures
5105C21 Theta MEST Theory Part 1
5105C21 Theta MEST Theory Part 2
5106C26A Chart of Human Evaluation Part 1
5106C26A Chart of Human Evaluation Part 2

1951 - The Special Course In Human Evaluation Lectures
5108c13A The Purpose of Human Evaluation
5108c13B The Dynamics of Existence
5108c14A Conquest of The Physical Universe
5108c14B Personality
5108c15A Self Analysis
5108c15B The Tone Scale
5108c16A Motion And Emotion
5108c16B Motion And Emotion Continued
5108c17A Motion And The Tone Scale
5108c17B The ARC Triangle

1951 - HEV Supplimental Lectures(Professional Course) '51
5106C21 Human Evaluation
5108C18A Human Evaluation
5108C13B Human Evaluation
5108C14A Human Evaluation
5108C14B Human Evaluation
5108C15A Human Evaluation - Tone Scale

1951 - misc
5110c01 Self-Determiniism - Effort Processing
5110c24 - Introduction to the Service Facsimile
5112C30A - Effort Processing - Notes on Childrens Illnesses

1951 - Thought, Emotion, and Effort
Part 1 - The Logics and Axioms
5110c08A - Axioms and Effort Processing
5110c08B - The Logics
5110c09A - Statics and Motions and Axioms 1-14
5110c09B - Effort Processing Summary
5110c10A - Axioms 14-32
5110c10B - Theory of Epicenters
5110c11A - Axioms 33-49
5110c11B - Epicenters and Self-Determinism
5110c12A - Randomity and Emotion
5110c12B - Effort In Engrams
Part 2
5111c12A - Basic Postulates
5111c12B - Prime Thought
5111c19 - Cause and Effect
5111c26A - An Analysis of Memory and Human Aberation and Psycosomatic Illness - Part 1
5111c26B - An Analysis of Memory and Human Aberation and Psycosomatic Illness - Part 2
5112c03A - Advanced Procedure
5112c03B - Cause and Effect - Full Responsibility
5112c10 - Dead Mens Goals - Part 1
5112c17A - Seriousness and Approval
5112c18 - Counter-Effort Counter-Emotion and Counter-Thought

1951 - Foundation Auditors Congress
5110C15A FAC-01A Effort Processing ARC
5110C15B FAC-02 ARC Postulate Processing
511024 FAC-05 Foundation Auditors Lecture Part 2
511025 FAC-06 Chronic Somatic & Service Facsimile
511026 FAC-07 Evoulution Of Man According To The Facsimile
511026 FAC-08 Evoulution Of Man According To The Facsimile

1951 - The Life Continuum Lectures(The 2nd HDA Conference)
5112c27A Miracles In Dianetics
5112c27B Counter-Emotion
5112c28A The Chart of Attitudes
5112c28B The Life Continuum Theory
5112c29A The Emotional Curve
5112c29B The Goal of Processing-The Ideal State of Man
5112c29D Handbook For Preclears
5112c30A Effort Processing And The Life Continuum
5112c30B Yes, No And Maybe

1951e - The December Conference Lectures
5112c27 DCL-01A First December Conference Part I
5112c27 DCL-01B First December Conference Part II
5112c28 DCL-02A Chart of Attitudes
5112c28 DCL-02B Life Continuum
5112c29 DCL-03A The Goal of Processing
5112c29 DCL-03B The Goal of Processing
5112c29 DCL-04B Self Analysis Handbook
5112c30 DCL-05A Effort Processing Notes Childrens Illness
5112c30 DCL-05B Effort Processing Yes No Maybe Remarks

1952 - The Summary Course Lectures(HCL Or The Dawn of Immortality Or Milestone One)
5203C03 Scientology: Milestone One
5203C03 Outline of Therapy
5203C03 Demonstration of E-Meter
5203C04A The Axioms and How They Apply to Auditing
5203C04B Thought, Emotion and Effort
5203C04C Discovery of Facsimile One
5203C05A Thought and Preclears
5203C05B Emotion
5203C05? Whole Track Facsimiles
5203C06 Effort and Counter-Effort
5203C06 Attack on the Preclear
5203C07A Facsimiles: How to Handle Recordings
5203C08 Effort and Counter-Effort: Overt Acts
5203C08A Indoctrination in the Use of the E-Meter Part 1
5203C08A Indoctrination in the Use of the E-Meter Part 2
5203C09A Thought, Emotion, Effort and the Overt Act
5203C09B Demonstration: Metered Straightwire and Overt Act
5203c10 Training Auditors
5203C10A Organization of Data
5203C10A Theta Lines
5203C10B History of the Theta Line
5203C10B Principal Incidents on the Theta Line

1952 - The Time Track of Theta(More On The History of Man Lectures)
5203C10A Organization of Data
5203C10A Theta Lines
5203C10B History of the Theta Line
5203C10B Principal Incidents on the Theta Line

1952 - HCL Confidential-Unreleased Upper Level Lectures
5203cXX HCL-21 Anatomy of The Theta Body
5203cXX HCL-22 How to Audit a Theta Line Part 1-2
5203cXX HCL-23 Theta Bodies
5203cXX HCL-25 An Analysis of Memory Part1
5203cXX HCL-26 An Analysis of Memory part2
5203cXXA HCL-27 How Search For Incidents On The Track

1952 - The Technique 80 Lectures(The Route To Infinity)
5205C19A Beingness
5205C19B Outline of Technique 80
5205C19D Wavelengths of ARC
5205C20A Decision
5205C20B Decision - Cause and Effect
5205C21A Therapy Section of Technique 80 PartI
5205C21B Therapy Section of Technique 80 PartII

1952 - The Technique 88 Lectures
5206c23A Course Outline
5206c23B Matter Solid Thought
5206c23C Mechanics of Aberration
5206c24A Motions And Maybes
5206c24B Tone Scale of Attention Unit Behavior
5206c24C Concept Running DEDs Aloneness Obsession And Motion
5206c24D Validation And Invalidation
5206c24E Overt Acts Motivators DEDs
5206c24F Overt Acts Motivators DEDS Continued
5206c25A Invalidation-Simplicity of Data
5206c25B Tech. 88 And The Whole Track
5206c25C Tech. 88 And The Whole Track Continued
5206c26A The Anatomy of Dramatization-The Actions of Energy
5206c26B Acquisition of Bodies
5206c26 Theta And Genetic Lines
5206c27A Confusion-Action of Track As Result of Energy Behavior
5206c27B Symbological Processing
5206c28A Individualism
5207C24A Behavior of Energy as it Applies to Thought Flows
5207C24B E-Meter Behavior Vs Flow Lines & Patterns
5209c21A Basic of Scn. And Dian. Lecture1
5209c21B Basic of Scn. And Dian. Lecture2
5209c23A The Resolution of The Second Dynamic
5209c23A Scn. Blanketing Exteriorization
5207c08C Standard Process of 88 Black & White Lecture1
5207c08D Standard Process of 88 Black & White Lecture2
5207c24A Behavior of Energy As It Applies To Thought Flows Lecture1
5207c24B Behavior of Energy As It Applies To Thought Flows Lecture2
5208c07A Straightwire 88
5208c07B Standard Process of 88

1952 - 1966 The Marcabian Connection Lectures
5212c04B Spacation-Locating Space Time
6001C03B Create And Confront
6106c12 E-Meter Actions Errors In Auditing
6108c24 Rudiments
6109c05 Principles of Auditing
6109c27 Q And A Period - States of Beingness
6110c26 Security Checking - Auditing Errors
6203c21 Prepchecking, Zero Question
6204c17 Auditing
6205c01 Arc Breaks And Missed Withholds
6210c25 3GA Criss Cross Data
6303c28 The GPM
6305c21 The Helatrobus Implants
6308c06 Auditing Comm Cycles
6308c07 R2H Fundamentals
6308c21 The Itsa-Line Continued
6308c22 Project 80
6308c27 Rightness And Wrongness
6608c04 Dianetics Scientology And Society

1952 - The Standard Procedure For Theta Clearing Lectures
5210C01 Summary of Technique 8-80 Basic Mechanisms
5210C02 Present Time, Use of Energy Manifestations
5210C03 Theory of Flows - Counter Elasticity
5210C04 Flows
5210C05 Basics of Scientology
5210C06 Basic Summary on S.O.P. of Technique 8-80
5210C07 Phenomena of the Thetan
5210C08 Service Facsimile Chain
5210C09 Illusion Processing Plus Therapy

1952 - The Role of Earth
5210C30A The Role of Earth

1952 - The Perception of Truth
5211C10A Introduction - The Q List and Beginning of Logics
5211C10B Logics 1-7
5211C12A Precision Knowledge - Necessity to Know Terminology and Law
5211C12B Logics 7-9 and 10-23

1952 - Secrets of the MEST Universe
5211C06A Methods of Research-The Thetan As An Energy Unit
5211C07 Force As Homo Sapiens And As Thetan-Responsibility
5211C14D Be, Have And Do, Pt.I
5211C14E Be, Have And Do, Pt.II
5211C16 Self-Determinism And Creation of Universes

1952 - Lecture Series of November 1952
5211C06 Creating Time and Space Responsibility
5211C06 Methods of Research, the Thetan as an Energy Unit
5211C07 Have as Homo Sapiens and as Thetans Clearing by Communication, Have (Part1)
5211C14 Be, Do, Have
5211C14 Be, Do, Have Continued
5211C20 Creative Processing Directed towards breaking PC's agreement with Natural Laws of the Mest Universe

1952 - The Source of Life Energy
5211C06A LS-01 Methods of Research - The Thetan as an Energy Unit Part 1
5211C06A LS-01 Methods of Research - The Thetan as an Energy Unit Part 2
5211C06B LS-02 Force as Homo Sapiens and as Thetan - Responsibility Part 1
5211C06B LS-02 Force as Homo Sapiens and as Thetan - Responsibility Part 2
5211C10A L&A-01&02 Introduction - The Q List and Beginning of Logics
5211C10B L&A-03&04 Logics 1-7
5211C12A L&A-05&06 Precision Knowledge - Necessity to Know Terminology and Law
5211C12B L&A-07&08 Logics 7-9 and 10-23
5211C14D LS-04A Be, Have and Do - Part 1
5211C14E LS-04B Be, Have and Do - Part 2
5211C17A LPC-09 ARC, Motion, Emotion, Ton Scale, Flows, Ridges
5211C17C LPC-11 Ridges, Self-Determinism - Tone Scales
5211C19A LPC-12 Attention - Part 1
5211C19B LPC-13 Attention - Part 2
5211C20A LPC-16 Creative Processing, Validation of Mest
5211C20C LPC-18 Creative Processing - Breaking PCs Agreement with Natural Laws

1952 - The Command of Theta (The London Professional Auditors Conference)
5211c10 CT01 - Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology, Other Philosophies
5211c12 CT02 - 8-8008 Continued, Time and Space
5211c14 CT03 - Standard Operating Procedure Issue 2, Part I
5211c14 CT03 - Standard Operating Procedure Issue 2, Part II
5211c17 CT05 - Self-Determinism and Creation of Universes
5211c17 CT06 - Creative Processing
5211c19 CT07 - The Control of the Individual by an Unknown — Sound
5211c19 CT08 - Responsibility
5211c20 CT09 - Creative Processing — Handling Illusions
5211c20 CT10 - Assessment of Pc — The Dynamics Be, Do, Have

1953 - 2nd American ACC
5311c17A 2ACC-1A Opening Lecture- Emotional Tone Scale
5311c17B 2ACC-1B SOP-8C First Lecture
5311c17C 2ACC-2A Getting Up Speed - Part I
5311c17D 2ACC-2B Getting Up Speed - Part II
5311C18A 2ACC-3A Step I of 8-C,Orientation
5311C18C 2ACC-4A Step II, Automaticities
5311C18D 2ACC-4B Waste a Machine
5311C19A 2ACC-5A Effects, Reaching End of Cycle
5311C19A 2ACC-5A2 Footnote to Effects, End of Cycle
5311C19B 2ACC-5B More on Machines
5311C20A 2ACC-6A Resistance to Effect
5311C20B 2ACC-6B Plan of Auditing
5311C23A 2ACC-7A Formula Phi, Creation of MEST
5311C23B 2ACC-7B Summary of Steps I, II, III of SOP-8C
5311C24A 2ACC-8A Anchor Points, Knowingness of Location
5311C24B 2ACC-8B Steps 5, 6, 7; Duplication, Unconsciousness (aka the Death Wish)
5311C25A 2ACC-9A Steps 5, 6, 7; Time
5311C25B 2ACC-9B SOP-8C, Summary of
5311C26A 2ACC-10A Electronic Theory, Anchor Points
5311C26C 2ACC-10BX Additional Remarks; Electronic Theory, Anchor Points
5311C26B 2ACC-10B Exteriorization
5311C27A 2ACC-11A Anchor Points, Justice
5311C27B 2ACC-11B Symbols
5311C28B 2ACC-12 Demonstration Group Processsing
5311C28C 2ACC-12 Special Session - Experimental Group Process
5312C03B 2ACC-15B Time, Cause and Effect
5312C04A 2ACC-16A Plan of SOP-8C
5312C04B 2ACC-16B LRH Questions the Class on Exteriorization
5312C07A 2ACC-17A Barriers, Occlusion
5312C07B 2ACC-17B Outline of SOP-8C
5312C08A 2ACC-18A Essence of SOP-8C
5312C08B 2ACC-18B Problems of Auditing
5312C09A 2ACC-19A Summary; Failures on Exteriorization
5312C09? 2ACC-19? Examples of SOP-8C Patter
5312C10A 2ACC-20A Knowingness
5312C10B 2ACC-20B SOP-8C; General Discussion
5312C11A 2ACC-21A SOP-8C Patter
5312C13A 2ACC-21B Force - Part I
5312C13B 2ACC-22A Force - Part II
5312C14A 2ACC-22B SOP-8C Step 8, Definitions
5312C14B 2ACC-23A Cause and Effect, Assignment of Cause, G.E.
5312C15A 2ACC-23B SOP-8C Step 5
5312C15B 2ACC-24A Energy Problems
5312C15B 2ACC-24A2 Additional Remarks; Energy Problems
5312C16A 2ACC-24B Technique, Which Do or Do Not Assign CauseTechnique to Assign Cause
5312C16B 2ACC-25A Comm-Line Overt Act-Motivator Sequence
5312C17A 2ACC-25B SOP-8C Formulas
5312C17B 2ACC-26A Space Opera
5312C18A 2ACC-26B The Only One
5312C18B 2ACC-27A Beingness
5312C19C 2ACC-27B SOP-8C General
5312C19 2ACC-28A Mass
5312C20A 2ACC-28B Communication
5312C20B 2ACC-29A Auditing by SOP-8C, Formula H
5312C20C 2ACC-29B Reach/Withdraw
5312C21A 2ACC-30A Ability to Accept Direction
5312C21B 2ACC-30B Knowingness and Certainty
5312C22A 2ACC-31A Remedy of Havingness
5312C22B 2ACC-31B Postulates

1952 - The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
5212C01A Opening-What Is To Be Done On Course
5212C01B E-Meter Demo
5212C01C Creative Processing Demo of E-Meter Auditing
5212C02A Locks Secondaries Engrams How To Handle Them
5212C02B Gradient Scales of Handling Space, Energy And Objects
5212C02C The Q-Highest Level of Knowledge
5212C02D A Thetan Creates (MEST) By Postulates - Q2
5212C03A The Track of Thetan-G.E. Space-Time
5212C03B Anatomy of Processing - Energy Phenomena-Sensation
5212C03C Specific Parts of Self-Determinism Spacation
5212C04A Spacation-Energy Particles & time
5212C04B Spacation-Locating Space Time
5212C04C Spacation-Anchor Points Origin
5212C04D The Logics-Methods of Thinking
5212C04E The Logics-Infinity-Valued Logic
5212C05A Cycles of Action
5212C05B The Tone Scale-Moving The PC Up The Scale
5212C05C The Conditions of Space-Time-Energy
5212C06A Axioms And Logics - Further Data
5212C06B Formative State of Scientology-Definition of Logic
5212C08A ARC Cycles-Theory and Automaticity
5212C08B More On Automaticity
5212C08C ARC Force Be-Do-Have
5212C09A What's Wrong With This Universe-A Working Package For The Auditor
5212C09B Flows-Reverse Vector of Physical Universe
5212C09C Flows-Characteristics of
5212C09D Flows-The Part Force Bears In Clearing Lecture1
5212C09E Flows-The Part Force Bears In Clearing Lecture2
5212C10A Flows-Patterns of Interaction
5212C10B Flows-Rate of Change Relative Size Anchor Points
5212C10C Flows-Basic Agreement And Prove It!
5212C10D Flows-Dispersals And Ridges
5212C10E Anatomy of Genetic Entity
5212C11A 8-8008-Understanding The Phenomena
5212C11B The D.E.I. Scale
5212C11C Structure-Function-Selective Variations of
5212C11D Chart of Attitudes-Rising Scales Processing
5212C11E Rising Scale Processing
5212C12A Game Processing
5212C12B Games-Goals
5212C12C SOP Issue 3-Postulate Creative Process
5212C13A Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)
5212C13B On Auditing - How To Succeed-Fail-Assess
5212C13C SOP-Assessment Continued
5212C13D Development of Scientology-Characteristics of Living Science
5212C13E Goal-Rehabilitation of Thetan Case Step1
5212C15A SOP Issue5
5212C15B SOP Spacation
5212C15C SOP Spacation Continued
5212C16A SOP Spacation Step3 Flow Processing
5212C16B SOP Issue5
5212C16C Memory(Not Human Memory)
5212C16D Memory And Automaticity
5212C17A Summary To Date-Handling Step 1 And Demo
5212C17B Demo On Step One Continued
5212C17C Discussion of Demo
5212C17D Continued Demo Step4
5212C18A About The Press Tone Level-Psychometry
5212C18B Chart of Havingness
5212C18C How To Talk About Scientology
5212C18D How To Talk To Friends About Scientology
5212C18E Your Own Case-To You The Student
5301C12A Agree and Disagree - Have Not Have(Sup-01A)
5301C12B Agree and Disagree - Have Not Have Continued(Sup-01B)
5301C12C Anchor Points - Driving Them In And Out(Sup-01C)
5301C14A SOP 5 Long Form Step1(Sup-02)
5301C16A SOP 5 Long Form Step2(Sup-03)
5301C16B SOP 5 Long Form Step2 Demo(Sup-04)
5301C19A SOP 5 Long Form Step3 Differentiation On Theta Clearing(Sup-05)
5301C19B SOP 5 Long Form Step3 Spacation(Sup-06)
5301C21A SOP 5 Long Form Step4 GITA(Sup-07)
5301C21B SOP 5 Long Form Step4 GITA Continued(Sup-08)
5301C23A SOP 5 Long Form Step5 Additional Techniques(Sup-09)
5301C23B SOP 5 Long Form Step6(Sup-10)
5301C23C Concluding Long Form of Step5 - Admiration Processing(Sup-11)

1953 - The London Spring Lectures(Admiration And The Renaissance of Beingness Or The Factors)
5303c23A Review of Dianetics, Scientology and Para-Dianetics/Scientology
5303c23B What's Wrong with the Pc and How You Can Do Something About It
5303c24A SOP Issue 5: Steps 1 to 7
5303c24B SOP Issue 5: (cont.)
5303c25A The Elements with Stress on How to Run Matched Terminals
5303c25B The Elements with Stress on how to Run Matched Terminals (cont)
5303c26A How and When to Audit
5303c26B Present Time
5303c27A SOP Utility
5303c27B SOP Utility (cont.)
5303c27C Beingness, Agreement, Hidden Influence, Processes
5303c27D Types of Processes
5303c27E Data on Case Level 5, Step for Case 5
5304c07A Data on Case Level 5 (cont.)
5304c07C Demonstration
5304c07B Exteriorization-Demonstration and Explanation
5204c24A The Factors
5204c24B SOP 8

1953 - The First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists
5309c30 1 History and Development
5309c30 2 The Problem to be Solved
5310c01 1 Processing and It's Goals
5310c01 2 The Most Favorable Processes
5310c01 3 SOP 8 - Step 7 and 6
5310c01 4 SOP 8 - Step 5 and 4
5310c02 3 SOP 8 - Steps 1, 2, and 3
5310c02 4 SOP 8 - Short 8
5310c03 1 Six Steps to Better Beingness
5310c03 2 Cause and Responsibility (Processes for Rough Cases)
5310c03 3 Uses and Future of Scientology
5310c04 1 Question and Answer Period Part1

1953 - 1st American ACC(Exteriorization And The Phenomena of Space)
5310C06A 1AACC-01 ICL-01A Looking, Definition of a Static
5310C07AA 1AACC-02 ICL-01B Question And Answer, Step V
5310C08AA 1AACC-03 ICL-2A Exteriorization
5310C08BA 1AACC-04 ICL-2B Thetan Control, Part I - Handling Occlusion
5310C08CA 1AACC-05 ICL-2B Thetan Control, Part II - Handling Occlusion
5310C08CA 1AACC-06 ICL-3A Occlusion, Resolve of
5310C09AA 1AACC-07 ICL-3B Psychosis, Classification of Cases
5310C09BA 1AACC-08 ICL-4A Occluded Case
5310C12AA 1AACC-09 ICL-4B Exteriorization, Difficult Cases
5310C12BA 1AACC-10 ICL-5A SOP Step II
5310C12CA 1AACC-11 ICL-5B SOP Step II cont
5310C13AA 1AACC-12 ICL-6A Anesthesia in Bodies part 1-2
5310C13BA 1AACC-13 ICL-6B Anesthesia in Bodies Part3
5310C14AA 1AACC-14 ICL-7A Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part I
5310C14BA 1AACC-15 ICL-7B Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part II
5310C14CA 1AACC-16 ICL-8A Inverted Dynamics
5310C14CA 1AACC-17 ICL-8A Inverted Dynamics Continued
5310C15 1AACC-18 ICL-8B Thinking Action, Machines
5310C16AA 1AACC-19 ICL-9A Subjective Processes - Perimeter Processing
5310C16BA 1AACC-20 ICL-9B Subjective Processes Continued
5310C16CA 1AACC-21 ICL-10A Subjective Processes - Why a Thetan is stuck in a Body, AR 54 Ping Meter, Demo cont
5310C16CA 1AACC-22 ICL-9A Why A Thetan Is Stuck In A Body Part2
5310C16CA 1AACC-23 ICL-10A Why A Thetan Is Stuck In A Body Part3
5310C17AA 1AACC-24 ICL-10B Thinking Processes[INCOMPLETE]
5310C17AA 1AACC-25 ICL-10B Thinking Processes Continued
5310C17AA 1AACC-26 ICL-11A Forget And Rember Good Evi
5310C19BA 1AACC-27 ICL-11B Forget And Rember Good Evil Continued
5310C19BA 1AACC-28 ICL-12A Change process Action
5310C20 1AACC-29 AICL-13A Certainty of Anchor Points Processing
5310C20 1AACC-30 AICL-13A Certainty of Anchor Points Continued
5310C21 1AACC-31 AICL-13B Liabilities of Being Processed
5310C26AA 1AACC-32 ICL-17A Restim of Engrams Experiences
5310C26BA 1AACC-33 ICL-17B An Assumption, Lines, Chords, Havingness
5310C26CA 1AACC-34 ICL-18A Time, Assumption, Facsimiles, Overt Acts, DEDs
5310C27AA 1AACC-35 ICL-18B Fixed Attention, Duplication, How to Audit Children
5310C27BA 1AACC-36 ICL-19A Assessment, Memories, Ridges Demo: Acceptance Level Processing
5310C27CA 1AACC-37 ICL-19B Assessment, Memories, Ridges Demo continued
5310C28AA 1AACC-38 ICL-20A Case Reports SOP 8C-8L
5310C28BA 1AACC-39 ICL-20B Case Reports SOP 8C-8L Continued
5310C28CA 1AACC-40 ICL-21A Anchor Points Space, Gains, Indicated Gains of Processes
5310C29AA 1AACC-41 ICL-21B Spacation, Anchor Points And Attention
5310C29BA 1AACC-42 ICL-22A Study of The Particle
5310C29CA 1AACC-43 ICL-22B Study of The Particle Contiued
5310C30A 1AACC-44 ICL-23A The Particle With Regard To Time
5310C30CA 1AACC-45 ICL-24A How To Run Change Processing
5311C02AA 1AACC-46 ICL-24B Cause And Effect, Automaticity Ridges Processing
5311C02AB 1AACC-47 ICL-24B Cause And Effect, Automaticity Ridges Processing Continued
5311C02BA 1AACC-48 ICL-25A Occluded Case Reports, Black And White
5311C03AA 1AACC-49 ICL-25B The Logics - Their Relation to Aberration and Space
5311C03BA 1AACC-50 ICL-26A Anchor Points And Space
5311C03CA 1AACC-51 ICL-26B The Logics Part 2
5311C03CA 1AACC-52 ICL-26B The Logics Part 2 Continued
5311C04AA 1AACC-53 ICL-27A Randomity And Automaticity, Process to Resolve
5311C04AB 1AACC-54 ICL-27A Randomity And Automaticity Continued
5311C04BA 1AACC-55 ICL-27B Process To Resolve Randomity And Automaticity
5311C04CA 1AACC-56 ICL-28A Process To Resolve Randomity And Automaticity Continued
5311C05AA 1AACC-57 ICL-28B Certainty
5311C05BA 1AACC-58 ICL-29A Communication ARC Demo
5311C05CA 1AACC-59 ICL-29B Communication ARC Demo Continued
5311C06AA 1AACC-60 ICL-30A Inverted Dynamics, Inflow-Outflow, Material, Time
5311C06BA 1AACC-61 ICL-30AA Inverted Dynamics Inflow Outflow Continued
5311C06CA 1AACC-62 ICL-30B Space Demo, Havingess Energy Etc Part 1
5311C06DA 1AACC-63 ICL-30BB Space Demo, Havingess Energy Etc Part 2
5311C06EA 1AACC-64 ICL-30BBB Space Demo, Havingess Energy Etc Part 3
5311C09AA 1AACC-65 ICL-31A Randomity Anchor Points
5311C09BA 1AACC-66 ICL-31B Randomity Anchor Points Continued
5311C09CA 1AACC-67 ICL-31BB Exteriorization By Feeling
5311C09DA 1AACC-68 ICL-32A Exteriorization By Feeling Continued
5311C10AA 1AACC-69 ICL-32B Types of Processes Space, Create Destroy
5311C10BA 1AACC-70 ICL-33A SOP 8C Steps
5311C10CA 1AACC-71 ICL-33B SOP 8C Steps Continued
5311C11AA 1AACC-72 ICL-34A Group Processing, Future Processing Part 2
5311C11BA 1AACC-73 ICL-34B Group Processing, Future Processing Part 2 continued
5311C11A 1AACC-74 ICL-35A Questions: SOP-8C, 3 Universes, SOP-8, Significanses, Exteriorization
5311C12AA 1AACC-75 ICL-35B Process To Use On Cases, Graident Scales Part 1
5311C12BA 1AACC-76 ICL-36A Process To Use On Cases, Graident Scales Part 2
5311C12CA 1AACC-77 ICL-36AA Self Determinism In Relation To A Thetan
5311C12DA 1AACC-78 ICL-36B Gradient Scale Straightwire
5311C12EA 1AACC-79 ICL-37A Gradient Scale Demo
5311C12FA 1AACC-80 ICL-37B Gradient Scale Demo Continued
5311C13AA 1AACC-81 ICL-38A Final Talk On First Course
5311C13BA 1AACC-82 ICL-38B Final Talk On First Course Continued
5311C13CA 1AACC-83 ICL-38C Group Processing After Afternoon Lecture Part 1
5311C13DA 1AACC-84 ICL-38D Group Processing After Afternoon Lecture Part 2

1954 - 5th American ACC (Universes and the War Between Theta and MEST)
5403c29 5ACC-01R Evolution of Self Analysis 1
5403c29 5ACC-01R Evolution of Self Analysis 2
5403C30A 5ACC-01 UNI-02 Universes
5403C30B 5ACC-01 UNI-02b Universes
5403c31 5ACC-03 Simple Processes 1
5403c31 5ACC-03 Simple Processes 2
5404C01 5ACC-03 UNI-04 Basic Simple Processes
5404C01 5ACC-03 UNI-04b Basic Simple Processes continued
5404C02 5ACC-04 UNI-05 Presence of an Auditor
5404C02 5ACC-04 UNI-05b Presence of an Auditor continued
5404C05 5ACC-05 UNI-06 Group Processing Safe Place for Things
5404C06 5ACC-06 UNI-07 Lecture: Universes
5404C06 5ACC-06 UNI-07b Lecture: Universes continued
5404C07 5ACC-07 UNI-08 Universe Basic Definitions
5404C07 5ACC-07 UNI-08b Universe Basic Definitions continued
5404C08 5ACC-08 UNI-09 Universe Processes Experience
5404C08 5ACC-08 UNI-09b Universe Processes Experience continued
5404C09 5ACC-09 UNI-10 Universe Conditions of the Mind & Remedies
5404C09 5ACC-09 UNI-10b Universe Conditions of the Mind & Remedies continued
5404C12 5ACC-10 UNI-11 Universe Change & Rehabilitation
5404C12 5ACC-10 UNI-11b Universe Change & Rehabilitation continued
5404C13 5ACC-11 UNI-12 Universe Manifestation
5404C13 5ACC-11 UNI-12b Universe Manifestation continued
5404c14 5ACC-13 SOP 8D 1
5404c14 5ACC-13 SOP 8D 2
5404C15 5ACC-13B UNI-14 SOP-8D Certainty Assesment
5404c15 5ACC-14&15 Group Process, EXT and Stabilization
5404C16 5ACC-14 UNI-15b SOP 8-D Lecture
5404c16 5ACC-16 Sop 8d Lecture
5404c19 5ACC-17 Group Processing, Universe Assesment
5404c19 5ACC-18 Group Processing, area assesment
5404c20 5ACC-19 Group Processing, remeding havingness
5404c21 5ACC-20 Elements of processing 1
5404c21 5ACC-20 Elements of processing 2
5404c21 5ACC-21 Group Process Reach for Present Time-Comprsd
5404c22 5ACC-22 SOP 8DA 1
5404c22 5ACC-22 SOP 8DA 2
5404c23 5ACC-23 SOP 8DB 1
5404c23 5ACC-23 SOP 8DB 2
5404c26 5ACC-24 General handling of a pc 1
5404c26 5ACC-24 General handling of a pc 2
5404c27 5ACC-25 Anchor points and space 1
5404c27 5ACC-25 Anchor points and space 2
5404c28 5ACC-26 Space and havingness 1
5404c28 5ACC-26 Space and havingness 2
5404c29 5ACC-27 Space 1
5404c29 5ACC-27 Space 2
5404c30 5ACC-28 SOP 8DA to SOP8DH 1
5404c30 5ACC-28 SOP 8DA to SOP8DH 2
5405C03 5ACC-25 UNI-28 Viewpoint Straightwire
5405C03 5ACC-25 UNI-28b Viewpoint Straightwire continued
5405c04 5ACC-30 Be do have straightwire 1
5405c04 5ACC-30 Be do have straightwire 2
5405c05 5ACC-31 Efficacy of processing 1
5405c05 5ACC-31 Efficacy of processing 2
5405c06 5ACC-32 Anamoty of universes1
5405c06 5ACC-32 Anamoty of universes 2
5405c07 5ACC-33 Energy, exteriorization

1954 - Phoenix Lectures
5407C13 7ACC-19A Auditors Code in Practice
5407C16 7ACC-22A Training of Auditors
5407C19 PRO-01 7ACC-25A Scientology - Its General Background - Part 1
5407C19 PRO-02 7ACC-24 Scientology - Its General Background - Part 2
5407C19 PRO-03 7ACC-25B Scientology - Its General Background - Part 3
5407C20 7ACC-26 Bridge Between Scientology and Civilization
5407C20 PRO-04 7ACC-27A Consideration Mechanics and the Theory Behind Instruction
5407C20 PRO-05 7ACC-27B Consideration and Issues
5407C23 PRO-06 7ACC-28A Isness
5407C23 PRO-07 7ACC-28B The Four Conditions of Existence - Part 1
5407C23 PRO-08 7ACC-29A The Four Conditions of Existence - Part 2
5407C23 PRO-09 7ACC-29B The Four Conditions of Existence - Part 3
5407C23 PRO-10 7ACC-30 The Four Conditions of Existence - Part 4
5407C23 PRO-11 7ACC-30 The Four Conditions of Existence - Part 5
5407C26 PRO-17 7ACC-31A Two-way Communication and Present Time Problem
5407C26 PRO-18 7ACC-31B Opening Procedure of 8-C
5407C27 7ACC-32 After Lecture Remarks - Especially on Telepathy and ESP
5407C27D 7ACC-31C Handling of Theta Bodies
5407C27E 7ACC-31D Things an Auditor Should Know
5407C28 ARC, As-Isness
5407C28 PRO-24 7ACC-35A Description Processing
5407C28 PRO-25 7ACC-35B Group Processing
5407C28 Relation to Dynamics-Operating Thetan
5407C30 7ACC-38 Control
5407Cxx PRO-12 7ACC-37 Time
5407Cxx PRO-18 7ACC-37B Types of Processes
5408C20 PRO-13 AX-01 Axioms - Part 1
5408C20 PRO-14 AX-02 Axioms - Part 2
5408C20 PRO-15 AX-03 Axioms - Part 3
5408C20 PRO-16 AX-04 Axioms - Part 4
5410C08 PIP-01 Route 1 - Step 4
5410C08 PIP-02 Route 1 - Step 5
5410C10 PIP-03 Route 1 - Step 6
5410C10 PIP-04 Route 1 - Step 7
5410C10 PIP-05 Route 1 - Step 8
5410C10 PIP-06 Route 1 - Step 9
5410C10 PIP-07 Route 1 - Step 10
5410C10 PIP-08 Route 1 - Step 11
5410C18A PIP-09 Route 1 - Step 12
5410C18B PIP-10 Route 1 - Step 13
5410C18C PIP-11 Route 1 - Step 14
5410C18D PIP-12 Route 1 - Step 15

1954 - 8th American ACC
541026 SURVIVE

1954 - The Printed Intensive Picture Lectures
5410C08 Route 1, Step 4
5410C08 Route 1, Step 5
5410C10 Route 1, Step 6
5410C10 Route 1, Step 7
5410C10 Route 1, Step 8
5410C10 Route 1, Step 9
5410C10 Route 1, Step 10
5410C10 Route 1, Step 11
5410TC18A Route 1, Step 12
5410TC18B Route 1, Step 13
5410TC18C Route 1, Step 14
5410TC18D Route 1, Step 15

1954 - 9th ACC (The Solution to Entrapment or Communication the STE)
5412C06 9ACC-1 Introduction to 9th ACC - Havingness
5412C07 9ACC-2 Essence of Auditing, Know to Mystery Scale
5412C08 9ACC-3 Rundown on Six Basics
5412C09 9ACC-4 Communication Formula
5412C10 9ACC-5 Practice of Dianetics and Scientology
5412C13 9ACC-6 Conduct of the Auditor
5412C14 9ACC-7 Mechanics of Communication
5412C15 9ACC-8 Havingness
5412C16 9ACC-9 Pan-Determinism and One-way Flows
5412C17 9ACC-9A History and Development of Processes - Games and the Limitations in Games
5412C17B 9ACC-9B History and Development of Processes - Q & A Period
5412C20 9ACC-10 Games (Fighting)
5412C21 9ACC-11 Anatomy of Games, Part A
5412C21B 9ACC-11A Anatomy of Games, Part B
5412C22 9ACC-12 One-way Flows (In Processing)
5412C22B 9ACC-12A One-way Flows (In Processing) Q & A Period
5412C23 9ACC-13 Havingness and Communication Formula
5412C24A 9ACC-14 Pan-Determinism
5412C24B 9ACC-14A Pan-Determinism - Q & A Period
5412C27A 9ACC-15 Training New People
5501C03 9ACC-16 Auditing Requirements, Differences
5501C04 9ACC-16A Time
5501C05 9ACC-17 Auditing at Optimum
5501C06 9ACC-18 Exteriorization
5501C07 10ACC-19 Elementary Material - Know to Mystery Scale
5501C10 10ACC-20 Education Goals in Society - Adult Education
5501C11 9ACC-21 Fundamentals of Auditing
5501C12A 9ACC-22 Definition Aberration, Vias, G.E.
5501C13 9ACC-23 Definitions Glossary of Terms
5501C14 9ACC-24 Definitions, Perfect Duplication, Life Continuum
5501C17A 9ACC-25 Auditing Demo - Six Basics in Action
5501C18A 9ACC-26 Auditing Demo Spotting Spots
5501C19 9ACC-27 Auditing Demo Exteriorization
5501C20 9ACC-28 Background Music to Living
5501C21 9ACC-29 Axioms - Laws of Consideration, What An Axiom Is

1954 - The Unification Congress Lectures(Communication! Freedom & Ability)
5412C28A Introduction
5412C28B Group Processing
5412C28C History of Dianetics
5412C29A Dianetics 55!
5412C29B Communication and ARC
5412C29C Games
5412C29D Group Processing part 1
5412C29E Group Processing part 2
5412C30A Terminals and communication
5412C30B The aims and goals of Dianetics and Scientology
5412C30C Communication and Problems
5412C30D Group Processing
5412C30E Group Processing
5412C31A Problems and Games
5412C31B Group Processing
5412C31C Pan-Determinism

1954 - The Universe Processes Congress Lectures('06 CD)
5406c05A UPC-01 Opening Lecture - History of Dianetics & Scientology
5406c05B UPC-02 Procedure 30 - Duplication
5406c05C UPC-03 Theta-Mest Theory Tone Scale Freedom Space Etc
5406c06A UPC-04 Group Processes Procedure 30 Step I Opening Procedure By Duplication
5406c06B UPC-05 Lecture & Processing
5406c06C UPC-06 Group Processing - Look At That Object
5406c07A UPC-07 Scientology Workbook
5406c07B UPC-08 Group Processing - Granting of Beingness Session I
5406c07C UPC-09 Group Processing - Granting of Beingness Session II
5406c07D UPC-10 Group Processing - What Do-Didn't Have
5406c07E UPC-11 Theta-MEST Theory Being A Problem Aspect
5406c08A UPC-12 Group Processing - Solution To Something
5406c08B UPC-13 Processes of Exteriorization
5406c08C UPC-14 Group Processing - Straight Exteriorization Process

1955 - Personal Achievement Series
5501C19 PLS-3 The Afinity Reality Communication Triangle
5502C23 PLPS-1 Scientology and Ability
5503C09 PLPS-4 Health and Certainty
5503C02 PLPS-3 Increasing Effienceny
5504C13 PLPS-14 The Dynamin Principles of Existence
5505C11 PLPS-23 Operation Manual for the Mind
5510C15 LPLS-4 The Dynamics
5510C22 The Road to Perfection
5510C29 LPLS-8 Power of Choice and Self-Determinism
6006C23 LOE-1 The Difference Between Scientology and Other Studies

1955 - 1960 Creating The Second Dynamic Lectures
5504c13 The Eight Dynamics
5707c07 Child Scientology
6001c02 Marriage
5504c06 On The Second Dynamic

1955 - The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress(Washington)
5506C03 The Hope of Man
5506C03 Practicalities of a Practical Religion
5506C03 History of Research and Investigation.
5506C04 Direction of Truth in Processing
5506C04 The Tone Scale - Three Primary Buttons of Exteriorization
5506C04 Group Processing - Meaningness
5506C04 Composition of Beingness - Postulates, Exteriorization, Beingness
5506C04 Group Processing - Time and Location
5506C05 The Descent of Man
5506C05 How to Chart the Preclear - Knowingness and Unknowingness
5506C06 Six Basic Steps - Some Fundamentals of Auditing
5506C06 The Mechanisms of Ownership in Living
5506C06 Group Processing- Additional Processing on Meaningness
5506C06 The Game Called Man
5506C06 What Scientology is Doing

1955 - The Academy Series Lectures(The Conquest of Chaos Or The Four Postulates)
5508c23A The Auditor's Public
5508c23B Axiom 53 The Axiom of The Stable Datum
5508c30A Rugged Individualism
5508c30B Union Station R2-46
5509c14A Postulates In Processing New Understanding of Axiom 36
5509c14B The Unknown Datum - A MEST Shaking Lecture

1955 - The London Auditors Meeting Lectures (The Game of OT)
5601c31 LAML-12 Basic Lecture on Havingness

1956 - The Hubbard Professional Course Lectures(The Game of Life)
5608Cxx The Auditor's Code
5608Cxx Code of a Scientologist
5608Cxx Auditing Positions
5608C03 Axioms 1-5
5608Cxx Axioms 6-10
5608Cxx Facsimiles
5608Cxx 8-C: Opening Procedure
5608Cxx Start, Change and Stop
5608Cxx Games Theory
5608Cxx Problems and Consequences
5608Cxx Valences
5608Cxx Knowingness
5608Cxx Creative Processes - Motion, Stops, Perception
5608Cxx Exteriorization Procedures
5608Cxx Scales, Motion
5608Cxx Scales, Curiosity and Not-know
5608C17 Confusion and Stable Data
5608Cxx Chronic Somatics
5608Cxx Not-knowing
5608C20 Auditing as a Profession

1956 - Games Congress
560831 Spiritual and material requirements of man
560831 Group Processing- Crave to Know
560831 The Anatomy of Human Problems
560901 Games conditions versus no-games conditions
560901 Third Dynamic Application of Games Principles
560901 Group processing-Keep it from Going Away
560901 Auditing Procedure 1956
560901 Universe
560902 Havingness
560902 Group processing-Hold it Still, Mama and Papa
560902 Group processing-Hold it Still, Mama and Papa (cont.)
560902 Effectiveness of Brainwashing
560902 Demonstration of SCS

1956 - The London Congress On Human Problems Lectures(Tape)
5610C05 Man's Relentless Search
5610C05 Portions of You
5610C05 Group Processing-Putting the MEST Universe There
5610C06 Youth-Today's Displaced Person
5610C06 Group Processing-"Keep It From Going Away"(with Dummies) & "Granting Life"
5610C06 Uses of Scientology
5610C07 Salvation 1956
5610C07 Personal Efficiency
5610C07 Group Processing-Keeping Objects from Going Away
5610C08 Group Processing
5610C08 March of the Atom
5610C08 Today's Battle of Britain

1956 - 1966 The Money Tapes(Money & Success-How To Achieve Them)
5610C08 Todays Battle of Britian
5611C08 Definition and Construction of Organization, Part I
5612C06 Money
6407C07 Dissemination
6504C06 Org Board and Livingness
6505C25 The Five Conditions
6608C23 Organization

1956 - 1966 - Student Hat Course
6406c18 ST01 Studying - Introduction
6407c09 ST02 Data Assimilation
6408c04 ST03 A Summary of Study
6408c06 ST04 Gradients and Nomenclature
6408c11 ST05 Study - Evaluation of Information
6408c13 ST06 Study and Education
6409c22 ST07 A Review of Study
6608c18 ST08 Study and Intention
6201c24 ST09 Training Duplication
5610c25 ST10 Education

1956 - 15th American ACC
561015 15ACC-01 Opening Lecture
561016 15ACC-02 Mimicry
561017 15ACC-03 Complexity
561018 15ACC-04 More on Mimicry
561019 15ACC-05 Mechanics
561022 15ACC-06 Scale of Reality
561023 15ACC-07 'CRA' Triangle
561024 15ACC-08 Cut Comm Lines (in and out)
561025 15ACC-09 Games vs No-games
561026 15ACC-10 Learning Rates
561029 15ACC-11 The Mind
561030 15ACC-12 Education - Point of Agreement
561031 15ACC-13 Rest Points and Confusion
561101 15ACC-14 Coordination of Classes of Processes
561102 15ACC-15 Wind-up on Stable Datum and Rest Points
561105 15ACC-16 Radiation
561106 15ACC-17 Time Track
561107 15ACC-18 Creation
561108 15ACC-19 Simplicity
561109 15ACC-20 Skull Gazing
561112 15ACC-21 Simplicity vs Alter-isness
561113 15ACC-22 Aberration and the Sixth Dynamic
561114 15ACC-23 Training Methods
561115 15ACC-24 Diagnosis - How To
561116 15ACC-25 Summary Lecture

1956 - 1962 Creating A New Civilization Lectures(The Role of Scn Organizations)
5612c06 A Postulate Out of A Golden Age
6012c31 The Genus of Dianetics And Scientology
6101c01 Scientology Organizations
6209c03 Scientology Orgs And What They Do For You
5611c22 The Consequences of Organizations
5911c25 Individuation
6210c09 Future Org Trends

1956 - The Washington Congress On Anti-Radiation And Confront Lectures
5612C29 Opening Lecture
5612C29 Scn View On Radiation
5612C29 Proofing Up A Body
5612C29 Group Processing - Put It There
5612C29 Group Processing - Confrontingness
5612C30 Solution To Psychosis
5612C30 Project Third Dynamic
5612C30 Insanity - Scarcity And Importances
5612C30 Group Processing - Mocking Up Bodies
5612C30 Group Processing - Making Problems And Confusions
5612C31 Background On Scale Of Havingness
5612C31 Subzero Scales - Relation To Scale Of Awareness
5612C31 Confrontingness

1957 - The London Congress On Nuclear Radiation Control & Health(Radiation And Your Survival)
5610C08 March of the Atom
5704C12 Control Communication and Havingness, Part 1
5704C12 Control Communication and Havingness, Part 2
5704C12 Control Processes
5704C13 Radiation and the Scientologist
5704C13 Radiation In War
5704C13 Radiation and Scientology
5704C14 The Reality Scale and the Effect Scale
5704C14 Scientology and Children
5704C15 The Control of Hysteria

1957 - The Freedom Congress Lectures
5707C04 How we have Addressed the Problem of the Mind
5707C04 Man's Search And Scientology's Answer
5707C04 Definition of Control
5707C05 Basic Theory of CCHs
5707C05 Group Processing - Acceptable Pressures
5707C05 Group Processing - Hold It On Earth
5707C05 Purpose & Need of Training Drills
5707C05 Training Drills Demonstrated
5707C06 3rd Dynamic & Communication - High School Indoc Demo
5707C06 Demo of High School Indoctrination
5707C06 Tone 40 On An Object
5707C06 Levels of Skills
5707C06 Tone 40 On A Person
5707C07 Child Scientology
5707C07 CCH Steps 1 through 4: Demonstration (LRH MTS-1)
5707C07 CCH Steps 5 through 7: plus Solids

1957 - Child Scientology
5707C07 Child Scientology

1957 - The Ability Congress Lectures(1991 Tape)
5712C29B Experience - Randomity and Change of Pace
5712C29B The Clear Defined
5712C29C Clear Procedure
5712C30A Cause and Effect
5712C30B Creating a Third Dynamic - United Survival Action Clubs
5712C30C Upper Route to Operating Thetan
5712C31A Responsibility - How to Create a Third Dynamic
5712C31B The National Academy of American Psychology
5712C31C Creative Processing Steps

1958 - Clearing Congress
5807C04 The Fact of Clearing
5807C04 The Factors of Clearing
5807C04 The Freedoms of Clear
5807C05 Evaluation of Importances, Things to Know in Clearing, Prerequisites to Auditing
5807C05 Clear Procedure, Part I (CCH 0, Help)
5807C05 Clear Procedure, Part II (Creativeness)
5807C06 The Magic Button
5807C06 The Goal of Auditing
5807C06 Violence

1958 - 20th ACC (The First Postulate)
5807c14A 20ACC-01 Opening Lecture.mp3
5807c14B 20ACC-02 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c15A 20ACC-03 ACC Procedure Outlined, E-Meter TRs.mp3
5807c15B 20ACC-04 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c16A 20ACC-05 Course Procedure Outlined.mp3
5807c16B 20ACC-06 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c17A 20ACC-07 Beginning & Ending Session-Gaining PC's Contrib. To The Sess.mp3
5807c17B 20ACC-08 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c18A 20ACC-09 ACC Training Procedure.mp3
5807c18B 20ACC-10 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c21A 20ACC-11 The Key Words(Buttons) of Scn Clearing.mp3
5807c21B 20ACC-12 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c22A 20ACC-13 The Rock.mp3
5807c22B 20ACC-14 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c23A 20ACC-15 Special Effect Cases-Anatomy of.mp3
5807c23B 20ACC-16 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c24A 20ACC-17 Anatomy of Needles-Diagnostic Procedure.mp3
5807c24B 20ACC-18 Q&A Period.mp3
5807c25A 20ACC-19 The Rock-Putting PC At Cause.mp3
5807c25B 20ACC-20 Q&A Period-Clearing The Command.mp3
5807c28 20ACC-21 ACC Command Sheet-Goals of Auditing.mp3
5807c29 20ACC-22 ACC Command Sheet Cont.mp3
5807c30 20ACC-23 ACC Command Sheet Cont.-Additional Data.mp3
5807c31 20ACC-24 Running The Case & The Rock.mp3
5808c01A 20ACC-25 Case Analysis-Rock Hunting.mp3
5808c01B 20ACC-26 Case Analysis-Rock Hunting Cont.mp3
5808c04A 20ACC-27 Case Analysis-Rock Hunting Cont.mp3
5808c04B 20ACC-28 Q&A Period.mp3
5808c05 20ACC-29 ARC.mp3
5808c06 20ACC-30 The Rock Its Anatomy.mp3
5808c07A 20ACC-31 The Most Basic Rock of All.mp3
5808c07B 20ACC-32 Q&A Period.mp3
5808c08A 20ACC-33 Auditor Interest.mp3
5808c08B 20ACC-34 Requisites & Fundamentals of A Session.mp3
5808c15 20ACC-35 Summary of Twentieth ACC.mp3

1958 - The London Clearing Congress Lectures (The Origin of Aberration)
5810C18 LCC-01 The Story of Dianetics and Scientology
5810C18 LCC-02 The Skills of Clearing
5810C18 LCC-03 Confronting
5810C20 LCC-04 The Rock
5810C20 LCC-05 Confusion and Order
5810C20 LCC-07 The Future of Scientology and The Western Civilization

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