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Date: 1 Jul 1999 04:00:18
From: (The Pilot)
Organization: The Pilot's hidden place



The big announcement of my identity. All posted to both
ARS and ACT.



subj : Super Scio - CAN THEY DEAD AGENT ME
subj : Super Scio - PILOT BIO
subj : Super Scio - NAME DROPPING
subj : Super Scio Humor - HUMOROUS TIDBITS




Well its happened. My identity has finally been given to
the org.

So you might as well know it too.

My name is Ken Ogger. I live in North Hollywood. And I have
been in Dianetics and Scientology since 1965.

I am posting my bio separately.

As of this writing, I am still a Scientologist in good standing,
we'll see how long they leave it that way now that my identity
is known.

The person who turned me in is my wife Ann Tordai.

Ann remains a loyalist and has been unwilling to hear about
or look at what I've been writing on the net, but she was
keeping quiet about me up until now.

We have been estranged and planning to separate for quite
awhile now, but practicalities have prevented that and we
have been sharing the house in a sort of truce.

Unfortunately I yelled at her Tuesday night about something
her cats had done and she called the org on Wednesday while
I was at work.

Note that the reason she hadn't moved out yet is that she has
quite a few cats (think about Stacy Young). She actually got
another house last year and then had to move back in with me
because coyotees were eating the cats. Of course I didn't

I hope that OSA waits on launching any raids or whatever until
she has a chance to find a place and relocate safely with
her dogs and cats (I love the dogs, I love a couple of the
cats too but enough is enough). The place is a mess and I
would prefer not to have any visitors in here until she
has moved and I have a chance to bring in a cleaning crew.

It is possible that in a few days I will be screaming for
help in a big way, but I suspect that they will avoid any
action because I am so visible on the net.

As matters stand right now, although I scream about policy,
I am extremely pro-tech.

They might choose to put up with me rather than launching
a foot nuke.

We'll see.

Happy Independence Day,

The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - CAN THEY DEAD AGENT ME


Not likely.

No drug history. No criminal record. No nasty things in my
pc folder. Perhaps a bit loose sexually when I was younger.
I still like a nice drink occasionally (usually mixed drinks
with vodka, or occasionally a properly aged scotch).

I did throw up in the Reg office once at a staff only New Years
party back at the New York org. I guess I have a button on
Registrars, and the drinks had Gin in them which upsets my

They might point to Ann's cats, but they are Ann's and that
would really make them look bad, especially as she is on their
side. So I don't think that they will.

They can publish my school grades. I did flunk French.
But I got As in Math and Physics, so I think that they will
avoid that area.

So what's left?

They will research my background and find out that my great
great grandfather was a bank president in Germany.

They will poke at my family tree and find Count Witte (prime
minister of Russia just before the revolution) is a many times
removed grand uncle on my great grandmother's side.

They will find that I was the software architect on Citicorp's
online ATM software.

In fact they will even find that I designed the online system at
the KKB bank in Germany.

From this and other silly things they will conclude that I
am part of the WORLD CONSPIRACY!!!

Rolling on the floor with laughter.


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - PILOT BIO


Since my identity is out, here is my bio.


My name is Ken Ogger.

I was born in Manhattan on Jan 24, 1949 at 4:38 PM Eastern
Standard Time (74 degrees West longitude, 40 degrees 43 minutes
North latitude).

As you can probably guess from the above astrological details,
my family was heavily into metaphysics.

I had much early exposure to things like Science of Mind and
so forth. At the same time, my own inclination was towards
math and science and I was considered something of a math
genius. My weak areas in school were foreign languages and
spelling - you probably are aware of the spelling already.

For kindergarten and first grade I went to a Catholic School
because it was within a block of our apartment.

The remainder of grade school was spent at a Prespetarian
grade school known as Alexander Robinson. My family was
theoretically Lutheran but would be better described as
Christian Metaphysics.

For junior high and the first half of high school, I went
to McBurney Prep (Salinger had gone there and mentions it
in "Catcher"). Jason Robards III was in my class. I never
met The Fonz personally (he was an upperclassman), but I
watched our music teacher rehersing him for the lead in
"Of The I Sing". My grades rollercoastered as I went through
lazy fits and argued with teachers, but always As in math
of course. My one claim to fame there was founding the
chess club, winning the initial tournament, and becoming
its first president, which is good for a high school freshman.
But I'm not a chess master, barely an A level player because
I didn't go any further with the game.

My father died and we slipped into tighter financial conditions
and so I changed to a less expensive school, Our Savior Lutheran
for the rest of high school. I was on the student council,
won some sort of national mathamatics award, won a music award
that got me free tickets to Lincoln Center (I played the piano),
barely missed on the National Merit tests (just too lazy), and
won a scholorship to NYU.

I entered NYU on a pre-med concentration with a music major.
A really goofy mixture, but I'd had earlier plans to study
psychiatry because I wanted to understand the mind, and the
pre-med setup had been in the works even though I was already
in Scientology (more on that later). The pre-med put me
in organic chemistry with the Juniors. The music major
put me in a music theory class. Since I played piano, they
forced me into the glee club to learn to participate in
orchestrated music, and I hid in the chorus when we did
the Verdi Requiem at Lincoln Center (yes, I have performed
at Lincoln Center - ha!). The math and a near perfect
score on the SAT for math (798 out of a possible 800)
got me into the honors calculus taught by the director
of the Courant Institute. And of course they put me into
the dumb freshman English class.

I suppose they considered me a genius because they sent an
unlimited leave of absence after me when I dropped out to
do Scientology full time. This despite the fact that my
grades were in trouble because I was also on full time
staff at the New York Scientology org. and doing my academy
levels after midnight each evening.

Back in 1965 I had found "Dianetics, the Evolution of a
Science" in a second hand issue of Astounding (May 1950).
I was reading Freud's "Psychopathology of Everyday Life"
at the same time and I'd already read Commander Thomson's
book (yes, the famous Snake Thomson). I was busy working
towards trying to understand the mind, and for me,
Freud's examples proved Dianetics better than they proved

In fall of 1966, I joined staff at the New York Org,
initially coming on to run the mimeo machine and printing
press. This was while I was still in high school.
Initially I was only part time staff, working on weekends.
Later I went on full time foundation staff.

The org was tiny when I joined and went through a huge
boom beginning late in 1967. A contributing factor was
that we started an after hours academy an got the staff
to begin training on their academy levels, which was
how I ended up on course after midnight.

By the end of 1967, I was Director of Tech Services with
7 juniors under me, training after hours, and also trying
to handle a heavy university course load.

At the beginning of 1968, I dropped out of school, trained
full time during the day (while still being full time
foundation staff) and when I finished class IV I got on
both shifts.

I also got run on grades 5 (power) and 5A (my auditor was
Valerie Weiss, now Valerie Stansfield) and turned on
wild OT phenomena (only lasted for a few months, I've
talked about that before).

It was musical chairs days and I went through numerous
posts, mostly in tech and qual.

Then the Class 8s hit in the fall, and everything began
going to hell.

In the dark days of 1969, I was on and off staff like
a yoyo, blowing at each new atrocity and then letting
myself be talked back on, because I did believe very
deeply in the subject.

My biggest win was one time when I walked out of the
org (I was Director of Exams at the time) and immediately
got a job as a figures clerk and junior cost accountant
for a Monsanto subsidiary. First time I ever had real
money in my pocket. I went right out and bought a
second hand piano. But of course I let Wayne Marple
talk me into getting back on staff eventually.

I continued bouncing on and off of staff, eventually
finishing off my contract and leaving for good in 1972.
I was all over the org board, even including being an
Ethics Officer, but the position I held the longest
was as Cramming (and Dir Product Validity covering
cramming when the Qual org board was rearranged).

Although I was only a class IV, I'd audited in review,
done Cl VIII actions, ext/int, repairs, and specialist
rundowns, was a std dianetics auditor (before it was
moved up to cl V) and had listened to most of the BC
tapes and every old 1950s tape in the NY org's library
(including the PDC, 16th ACC, etc.). And I'd pretty
much read the entire mimeo files while I was on post

By 1972 I was 23 years old and burnt out.

I had rollercoastered between incredible heights and
deep dispair. I had worked 80 hour weeks. I had managed
large departments, I had audited and supervised, and I
had studied day and night. When blown from staff, I had
done all sorts of oddball work. At one point I'd taught
myself accounting. At another, I'd read a ton of
business management books and actually sent my resume
around as a business consultant (no luck without
references). I'd even done things like starting to
learn piano tuning and working a supermarket cash register.

But by this point I was exhausted mentally and spiritually.

I settled down and began a 3 year stint as an accounts
payable adjuster for a department store chain (E.J. Korvetts).
And I married my first wife Jenny (Jenny Novae, now Janice
Silberstein - married to Dave Silberstein - they were in
the Sea Org at ASHO for awhile).

But eventually I retreaded class 0 to get my tech up to
date and I did a student co-audit which got me through
grade II expanded.

And at the end of grade II I hit clear OT and with that the
keyed out OT state that I'd had briefly in 68 came back.

I decided to postulate a new carrier. Computers seemed
like the best bet. A friend called me up that week
out of the blue and offered to teach me programming.

By 1978 I was on my third programming job and I had
risen to be a Technical Group Leader at Chase Manhattan

That's when I relocated to LA and became a consultant
working on things like designing Sou Cal Edison's power
plant maintenance system (I'm not a nuclear physicist,
but I did spend a month at San Onofre reading everything
in sight on nuclear plant maintenance).

With big bucks flowing in, I did my upper levels at AO,
going through old OT 7 and then getting NOTS.

During the eighties, I was an employee again, this
time as a software architect for Citicorp, and
concurrently going to Flag for Solo Nots. I've talked
about that before. I attested around the time when they
launched the Freewinds because it suddenly became easier
to get through lines.

I still work in software.

And of course I've been researching on my own for over
a decade now, and have been preaching reform here on the
net for almost two and a half years.

Pretty boring, hunh?


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio - NAME DROPPING


When I first joined New York staff, the org was tiny, a handfull
of people. By early 68 it was St. Hill size.

In those days the org was run by the Assistant Guardian (AG).
When I came on, it was Eunice Ford (who has been mentioned in
this newsgroup). A wonderful lady, excellent to work for. In
1967 she was replaced by Bob Thomas who is legendary for being
both a masterful executive and kind and caring about his staff.
Then in 1968 he was replaced by Dave Ecker who was not bad
until Scientology got in trouble due to the insanities coming
down from on high.

Then things got ruff. Milt Gordon lead a staff mutiny against
Dave, ending up getting declared along with dozens of others
including the ethics officer. I would say that there were
good guys on both sides, set at each others throats, not by
a local third party but by the madness that was sweeping down
on us - stupid orders, destructive Sea Org missions, and
execs who'd gotten quickie grades and then done a quickie OT III.

By 1969 things were so bad that entire exec councils were
being declared at the drop of a hat (and I was in and out
blowing continually), that I can hardly name the various
execs. But of course nobody who was there would forget
Charlotte Pasch's reign of terror (the sweetest little girl
the year before).

There were some good execs too, people like Wayne Marple and
Mike Rubio, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

And then in 1970 Bob Harvey showed up on a Sea Org mission,
took over the org, and announced that he was there to do
a liability project on behalf of the Sea Org because every
Sea Org mission we had ever had in the past had been suppressive
to the org.

Those were the days when crush ethics and crush sell were
cancelled, all ethics penalties were suspended, and expanded
grades were put in. We actually started to recover, at least
for a few good months before the old shit began creeping back

The staff in those days included all sorts of amazing

At one point Sue Tyrell (later a movie star) was receptionist,
David Gale (founder of MCBA and Real World Software) was
treasury, Glennis Duggan (Julie Lewis's mother), Wendal Dayton
(Sky Dayton's father), and all sorts of other interesting
names were on board.

Huntington Hartford (the A&P millionaire) used to drop by.

I sat for an hour once listening to Lenny Cohen explain
to me how the government / military complex was sure to
infiltrate us and close us down. He wrote "Bird on a
Wire" late one night in the NY academy.

Amanda Ambrose was around a lot. I remember goofing around
with her on the piano once.

Of course Dave & Steve Simon were part of the in crowd.

A friend of mine had Karen Black sitting on his lap one
day in reception.

The Miraculous String Band gave a concert in the academy
once. The line to get in streatched around the block.

I went to Bob Kaufman's piano recitle at Town Hall.

In those days Bruce Raymond (yes, the GO character) was
a wonderful guy and used to rattle off ragtime on the
piano after course.

LaMont Johnson would also play freequently, being a big

Ray and Pam Kemp came by to lecture as did John Mac.

I think that I saw Alan Walters talk once.

I was introduced to Captain Bill once at an event.

Tech wise my real mentor was Renz Hoffman who had been
in since the early days. An amazing character who
unfortunately passed away in the 70s after much heartbreak
with the orgs. Later he was an exec sec in Washington DC
and worked with Filbert. Supposedly in the end he worked
together with Filbert developing some of the material in
"The Last Ditch" section of Excalibur Revisited.

Another great character was George Hatfield (tech sec) who
has, I think, made and lost a fortune a few times since
leaving staff. One of his deals was the one where they
print your face on a tee-shirt while you wait, he franchised
it all over the country.

There were also a lot of people who later rose high in
the Sea Org. My first senior was John Mustard (who later
ran Gold). Org Exec Sec was Henning Heldt. There was
Cindy Raymond and Jimmy Mulligan later of the GO. And
Peter Specker who was later high up on tech lines along
with Ron Shafron who became CS-4. And of course Artie
and Mary Marren.

Other notable staff members were Al Hollander (yes, his firm
was a topic on ARS last year), Joe Hochman who has a big
mission in the valley, Carolyn Kelly (Walt Kelly's daughter),
and Wauter Korringa (currently Tom Cruise's personal aide).

Even Franklin Jones, The Da Avatar (The Knee of Listening,
with his temples in Tahiti and so forth) was on staff then.

It was facinating, exciting, and extremely high ARC until
the crazy stuff began permeating the subject. And then
it was witch hunts and spy games and dead agenting and
finding squirrels and SPs under every rock and bolder
and people leaving in all directions.

I would give anything to get that old group back the
way it was before somebody had a cognition on the real
why being other's out-ethics, and SPs, and motivators
like implants and so forth.

But of course it was eaten and digested and only shit

I suppose I got a bit carried away.

PS. A few messages:

If anyone has a line to Hannah Eltringham, say hi for me.
We sat and rapped for hours at the AO once.

For Ken Urqhart - a relative of mine once played you a tape
of my piano playing - I think it was Beethoven's Appassionata.
I don't think that you thought much of it, but it might remind
you of some other stuff.

For Jim Dincalci, if he's lurking here - remember when you
came over to my mother's place to pickup some Rosacrucian
books for the nutrition research and I told you about those
vitamine references? Had you really been sent from Flag
or was that when you were hiding out with Ron on Long Island?
If so, you really had me fooled and its quite a laugh.

For Bob Ross, if he's listening - I appologize for badgering
you about using a demo kit once when I was DofT.

PPS. Last year somebody was politely asking about Robin
Alkins in a friendly manner. She is alive and well and
working for CCHR (my wife is a big CCHR supporter).

PPPS. When I first came to LA I moved into apartment 107
at 1570 N. Edgemont (I haven't been there for years).
Mail for the Crivellos was still comming to my address.
I asked the landlady about a forwarding address. That
is when I was told that Al had shot himself in my apartment
just before I moved in.


The Pilot




If anybody has contacts with a real publisher (not a self publishing
ripoff or anything obsure without marketing capabilities) who might
be interested in mass marketing the Self Clearing Book in the US,
please advise.

Thank You,

The Pilot




Some people may have wondered about a statement I made near the
end of the Super Scio book, where I was worried about something
that might happen at the end of February 1997.

And I never mentioned it afterwards because my name got into
the LA Times and the story mentioning me won a pultzer prize
and is up on the net, so I didn't dare call attention to it.

Throughout 1996, I had a bad feeling about Feb 97 and I
had the end of Feb, either the 27 or the 28th at 9 AM reading
heavily on the e-meter. I also worried about 6 AM because
I though that I might be getting 9 AM east coast time and
that would be 6 AM here in LA.

I had various ideas about why that was reading on the meter,
and those might or might not be correct, it is possible that
there was more to it than the observed physical reality.
But I will leave that aside because what did happen physically
was totally unexpected.

However, my concerns for that date and time, which I'd had
reading on the meter for a year in advance, did save my life.

First I rushed to get the Super Scio book out onto the net
before the end of Feb just in case.

Wondering if I was dealing with cosmic events, I suggested
that people keep an eye out and I planned to do so myself.

So I was alert and watching out for something to happen at
6 AM and 9 AM on the 27th and again on the 28th.

As a result, even though I should have started driving to work,
I was still sitting in my house at 9 AM on Friday the 28th
when the automatic weapon fire started.

If I hadn't delayed, I would have been making a left turn
right in front of BofA, three blocks away, when the crimminals
cut loose with saturation fire using armor piercing
bullets (they were blowing holes in the buildings and cars
across the street).

I wasn't even sure what the noise was at first. I went
out back and saw hellicopters circling overhead. I walked
back in and turned on the TV and saw the shootout taking

Again I went into the yard and was talking to my neighbor
on the side (who had also come out into his yard) when weapon
fire began spraying over the back fence hitting the eaves
of the roof. I grabbed the dogs and ducked into the service
porch where my washer and dryer might have enough mass to
stop a high powered bullet.

One of the robbers had made his last stand at the intersection
of Archwood and Morella and was firing over the fence in
our direction. (Morella is a T intersection, the street
doesn't go through and it would pass alongside my house if
it did).

My neighbor in the back has bullet holes going stright through
the walls of his house.

After the gun battle was over I went around to take a look and
that's when the Times reporter talked to me. Of course he
misquoted everything I said and won a Pultzer prize for doing so.

Anyway, thanks to my premonition, I avoided driving right
into the biggest shootout that has ever occured in LA's history,
with robbers in body armor walking around like implanted robots
firing heavy weapons in all directions.

It does strike me as funny though that one of them walked
three blocks right to my house (slowly, with the body armor
stopping police bullets) and fired right over my fence.

Probably just a coincidence.


The Pilot


subj : Super Scio Humor - HUMOROUS TIDBITS


Just some humerous odds and ends to lighten things up.

Some of these were off policy, just being stupid, but it shows
you how these things were often applied.

I remember the Qual Case Supervisor and the Qual Sec yelling
back and forth at each other "What does your materials state".
They had conflicting references. It started softly. "Read
this bulleting", "No, this is the correct reference". Soon
their voices were getting louder and they were each pounding
on the HCOB that they were insisting was the one that applied
to the situation. Eventually they were screaming at the top
of their lungs "What does your materials state", "No, what
does YOUR materials state" back and forth over and over. This
went on for half an hour. True Story from around 1973.

The org had a huge "comm center" which was a set of in baskets,
one for each staff member. There were over a hundred on staff
at the time and so this comm center was about a dozen baskets
high and about ten wide, being built of interlocking individual
metal wire baskets. One of the execs had a toddler who used to
ride around on a toy truck and often left the truck lying around
on public lines. Peter Vanderbeck got tired of carting the
truck back to the execs office. He put a dispatch on it
saying this is "Dev-T" (developed and unnecessary traffic) and
routed it to the exec. He then carried it to the comm system
and of course the truck would not fit into the exec's in basket.
He then proceeded to disassemble the entire comm system, and
then rebuild it around the truck so that the exec would have
to disassemble it again to get the truck out of her basket.

Later Peter decided to become an SP. Since he was doing the
maintenance, he gradually changed all the lightbulbs from
100 watts to 30 watts and everyone thought that they were
getting keyed in because the org didn't look as bright as
it used to. When he was declared SP, he said that robot
beings were going to land and take over St. Hill.

During the crush sell era, some overwhelmed public person, to
get a registrar off their back, wrote a "postulate" check on
toilet paper with lipstick. One of the execs had a fight with
treasury trying to get this counted as part of the Gross Income.

Mission International Books sent me up to Lenox Ave. in the
worst section of Spanish Harlem with a briefcase full of
books. I had hardly stepped off the subway before it was
ripped off. I wonder if the guy was ever able to sell them
up there.

Somebody thought there was a UFO hovering over the Empire
State Building two blocks from the org. This was late at
night. I went to look. It was a huge flock of birds circling
around, looking almost like a spinning disk around the spire
on top. They were attracted by the light. A little later
the buildings lights were turned off to get the birds to go

We were in the Hotel Martinique. Once somebody in a hotel
room above the HGC forgot that they'd left the bathtub
running and it began raining on a session in one of the
auditing rooms.

George Goodrich (who later owned NY George's resturant
near the complex in LA) used to keep a pot in the academy.
When he'd bullbait, he'd put the pot on his head and call
it his bullbaiting hat.

Enough for now.


The Pilot


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