Secret Societies

Secret Societies

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The Name of the Game is CONTROL

In the previous article I outlined how the “unaware” disempowers himself by stating “it wasn’t me”, so that he’s no longer in control of anything. Plus, there’s another lie contained: Watch the Grammar! – “it WAS not me” – Past tense! – So whatever it is, he claims not to be responsible for, he even shifts it along a time-line into the past, and by doing so, creates an earLIEr beginning.

That’s how beings create their time-tracks, btw. Along the time-span between the aleged beginning and the Now, persistence is created.

Worst of all, he renders himself totally dependent on all those NOT-ME-guys, who he would have to turn to, in order to get them to fix the stuff he’s not responsible for. He has given away his power and control to someone else, some one who is NOT-HIM.

Now if there is a group of beings, who WANT power and control and want to preserve it, so that they appear as being the one’s you need to turn to, for only they can “fix it”, theses tell similar lies. They simply make use of the “insert-a Lie-Prinicple”.

There you have all your favourite secret societies/covens/lodges, mystery schools, ancient brotherhoods, satanic and occult circles, major and minor religions, sects, cults and churches.

What do they have in common?

Hierarchical Structure, Pyramids within pyramids.
like a Sierpinsky-Pyramid (a fractal btw)
Hidden (occult = hidden) agenda
No one can ever reach the top (missing capstone)
An invisible entity who’s responsible for everything
and must be worshipped and obeyed to.

In a picture:
If you were to join the next best secret society and over many years of initiations, rituals and worshipping rose through the ranks to the topmost master-rank in order to learn the final secret, you would find yourself entering a room with a round table, thirteen seats placed around it, eleven taken by your fellow wise-brothers, the twelfth is for you, the thirteenth one is empty.

You will notice each one of the twelve is considered an equal amonst equals any you may ask anything freely. You want to know, who the thirteenth seat is for. They’ll answer: Oh, this one is reserved for our master. You inquire further: So you are not the masters yourself? – Oh, no-no-no, we are merely the master’s humble servants! – [You:] But where is the master? – And they all collectively put on an impish smile and silently point to a spot in the nowhere above.

Now you know the big secret, the final and ultimate secret:
There is no Master! The Master is a LIE!

The “Master” is some invisible entity, who goes by many names, depending on which secret circle you’re looking at. Whether it be a benevolent or evil Allmighty, God, Lucifer, Buddha, Ra, some Ascended Masters, a dead guru from the beyond, the tooth-fairy, Santa Clause or Vida the woodnymph – you name it – it is always someone else! Someone who is always “there” but never “here”.
It’s the one, who takes the blame, when something goes wrong for example – while all decisions are made at the round table by “real” people, who claim: It is not me/us!

The average citizen is usually unaware of those secret decision-makers, because part of the game is to present an apparent “head of the hierarchy” – top of the power-pyramid sotosay: president of a state, monarch of a kingdom, chancellor of a republic, pope of a church-imperium…

The ins and outs of how “they” (let’s just call ‘em “they” and “them” [note: the utter-most-stupidest thing to call "them" is "The Powers That Be" - TPTB/PTB) as does Project Scamalot for example]) have organized their power-structures/hierarchies and how they control each other and their members to keep every body in line, is well researched, documented and can be read online. Just google for Illuminati, Shadow Government etc…

So, it is the “who” they are hiding in order to present no target. Instead they present a visible “useful idiot”, who can easily be taken out of sight (or life) when things take a turn to an useless direction. Political leaders come and go, the staff of advisors – those “humble servants” – remain in office and continue their hidden agenda.

This is how it goes in case of the political branches of secret societies. Their hidden agendas aren’t quite so hidden, when you know how to detect undetectable lies…

Religious secret societies – mystery-schools – seek to hide “sacred knowledge” from the eyes of the “unworthy” (that’s us – people like you and I ;-). This knowledge is stuff of legends and myths for it is said to be kept in inaccessible places; like the secret library of the vatican or in the halls of Amenti – or it is inaccessible for the simple reason, that it is too expensive to obtain – like in the case of the Church of $cientology.

Yap! – $cientology is just another “mystery-school”, run by a secret circle at the top, making decisions according to their own hidden(?) agenda. It is a quasi-masonic lodge – just not “men only” – but open to men, women and children. It has become a subsidiary of and been subordinated under higher masonic/satanic lodges. Or at least it has become that, since hubbard (was) disappeared from his throne – i.e. died.

These two books:…
Scientology A Masked Branch of Masonic Judaism
Jewish Messiah Messianic Age Scientology
…document the research into who may be behind the charade now, what their motives might be and how masonic symbolism was slipped in – visible for all to see on the CO$’s promo pieces: the OT-symbol, the winged disc, triangles (pyramids) galore, the (evil of course;-) Serpent’s S, the two pillars “Boaz and Jachin” (not mentioned in the books IIRC)… even whole phrases like “Golden Era”, “Golden Age”, “Golden Dawn”, golden gold, golden everything…

Let us give old hubbard the benefit of the doubt and assume, his original plan with his “Church” was to create a counter-force, to recruit and train an army of psychics to defeat the “forces of darkness and evil” – after he was member of a satanic cult himself.

But still there is his not so “excellent strategy” of him making himself into a target by proclaiming himself to be the sole maker and source of all there is and the saviour of mankind and the universes. While behind closed doors he positioned himself quite lowly in the spiritual hierarchies:
- God
- League of Higher Beings
- Vida the Woodnymph, the goddess he prayed to
- Ron

Vida – means “Life” (not very creative, a poorly chosen name, if you ask me) is none other than the Satanists’ “Scarlet Woman / Babalon”, which they address through their ritualistic “sex magick” [google those terms, to get the ugly details].

In those two books the authors trace back the power-lines up through the hierarchies (here on earth) and land – guess where – at “The Jews”. Hurray! Isn’t life simple?! If anything goes wrong anywhere anywhen, blame it on “the jews”! – Same old same old – Name&Blame! More frowning upon another, more hatred and more inviting of violence… As if that ever solved anything.

But the story goes further. Since folks like David Icke, we know (don’t we?;-) the “real secret”, that the Judaic religion has only been set up as a hiding place for the real culprits. Shape-Shifting Reptilians from outer space – wherever they may come from; Sirius, Orion, Zeta Reticuli, Pegasi Alpha, Draconis Major or any other fancy location *inside* space and time. – Even more beings to frown upon and hate and be violent against … if you so choose – which I do not recommend.

Since the surfacing of the reptilian theory people moved on to look further, even beyond space and time – and more holistic ways of approaching “them” evolved.

My current favourite pet-theory is, that “they” are stranded here, stuck between dimensions and quite pissed off of being unable to leave this planet and it’s dimensions as you and I might be – with one difference: we can – they cannot!

One other difference is their viewing of creation as being chaotic. Therefor their motto: Ordo ab Chao / Order out of Chaos! – same meaning as the new/old “Bring Order!” btw.

As if they zoomed in too closely into a picture and can see only incoherent and meaningless pixels, while someone who zooms out can see the whole picture, it’s beauty and meaning.

So, they’re stuck here – on Prison-Planet Earth – and can’t leave.
Hurray! Good news, isn’t it?!

If they cannot leave, their energies go into making this place suitable and comfy for themselves. Yeah – why not? It’s understandable.

In a way they seem less devolved or less decended and yet unable to ascend back upwards again, less forgetful of their galactic ancestry and more aware of their spiritual nature than the majority of Earth’s population, which they regard as being a sort of cattle, whom they feel entitled of herding, controlling and exploiting as they wish.

The story goes they knwo how to avoid memory-loss over a re-incarnation, so that they’re able to move along their long-term schemes – spanning centuries and millennia – and with each re-incarnation be able to continue without starting all over again. A “normal” Earthers planning span only encompasses the average 70-90 years – even shorter if you discount 20-25 years for childhood and studies, i.e “starting all over again”.

What kinds of secret knowledge is it, they keep to themselves? – Knowledge that enables them to drive the unsuspecting masses through emotions, symbols, fabricated opinions, trickery into any direction they want and get “our” agreement to plans “we” normaly would not agree to…(?)

Key-concepts: Devide and conquer. Problem Reaction Solution.

Side-note: “They” seem to be able to perform the sort of “miracles” $cientology promised, but to date hasn’t delivered – with a few rare exceptions, that only very old (they may forgive me for calling them “old”;-) Ex!Scientologists know of. [see PS]

The story continues and seems to be rooted in legends spun around King Solomon – important figure for both Hebrews and Muslims – the latter calling him Süleyman – one of their prophets – and the secrets he kept, which made him immesurably rich.

Legend says he was given the means to summon demons, who helped build his temple and all sorts of other secrets, that would enable anyone, who knew them, to become sole ruler of this world. Like the One Ring in Tolkien’s saga.

Süleyman/Salomon decided no one should have that much power and kept the secrets hidden. Alas – surprise, surprise (not!;-) – the secrets were stolen!

10 minutes video on the matter

Some of those secrets returned in form of the Kabballah, being twisted to almost incomprehensibleness, so that it takes ages to study loads of rituals, which are useless at best…

… while the other “real secret” is that of how to drive men and women apart, so that henceforth they (men and women) would be rivals not partners and never work together in team as two of a kind… but instead neutralize their energies in struggling and fighting against each other. <= divide and conquer!

It must have been around those ages, when the three “holy books” of the three major religions were lied-into-existence (written), that women were erazed out of the cultural equasion, be being declared deficient, inferior, flawed, impure and the root of all evil…

A great liar – *oups* – a great philosopher once said:
“If it isn’t written, it isn’t true!”
Argumentum e contrario: “Everything written is a truth!”

You only need to rake up a bunch of common sense, insert some carefully chosen lies, make a book of it, call it a “holy” book – the words of god, so that everybody wants to see it, let “holy” men make copies of that book, send out missionairies and spread the news: “Men are superior to women”
Wow! THAT is good news, isn’t it?! – and “god” said so – a male god of course.

But let’s not forget: God doesn’t write books – humans do – in this case men.

The written word is a material representation of what someone has in mind – the mind being a matter of the spirit. In books you find the stuff that someone wants many people to have in mind, so that their combined minds form solidity persisting in the spirit realm.

The problem is; people act upon what they have in mind – no matter who put it there.

Spirit and the spirit’s matters (mind-stuff) is always in the NOW. Spirit is timeless – it is always in the present. Therefor it doesn’t matter when someone put a (destructive) concept into someone else’s mind or the combined minds of many.

The “combined minds of many” holding all sorts of imagery and concepts, is, what’s being called the akashic record – it is timeless – in the NOW.

It may not be possible to physically eraze all lies from written and printed media, but is possible to purge (clear) the akashic record from idiotic concepts – in the NOW!

The effect of this clearing is, that whenever someone in the now finds one of those idiocies in the media, they will know it was a LIE.

In case of the example above – the man/woman-issue – which was created to utterly destabilize the very foundation of culture and society; it is not really necessary to seek all the steps that happened in between. Here I skipped a load of steps, and the “beginning” I presented here is not necessarily the beginning of the story. Concetps are timeless and therefor affect ALL TIMES, that lie below this concept in the material world…

In current times the latest coup to “right the wrong” is the concept of “Gender Mainstreaming”. It “heals” nothing! It only adds more confusion and diverts even further away from the truth, as it is designed to promote the idea, that men and women are SAME – which is of course equally false.

Learn how to clear the akashic record…
- from anywhere in the omniverses…

… if they cannot leave this place but we can – it might be time for Plan-B…

This article already has become a little too long for my taste, and there’s still some questions unanswered…

What about the man/woman-thingee?
Is there another “real secret”?
What about the “powers-that-be”?
What about their global politics?
What about their “super-powers”?


PS: If you’re able to read German, you might find this book of interest. Some of their “super-powers” are hinted at. How to create a golem (for training purposes). How to take-over another person’s body – preferably those of politicians and other visible decision-makers /useful idiots. Their total fixation on astrology – a strong indicator, that they’re really stuck in this corner of the universe.
Link: 334 Promille Lüge [334 %o Lies - The rest is 666]
[on that page click on "" - the other link is broken] ... societies/

Web auditing at any place of the planet
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