Between Lives

Between Lives

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In sessions I found scenery, that sheds a completely different light on the between lives area…

In SCN lore the between lives area usually is considered something “bad”, something one must fear and seek to avoid at all cost, because the only thing that will ever happen there/then, is that one gets re-implanted.

could be – could be not

I don’t think this is the only possible explanation/interpretation.

What I found is, yes – some beings do report back to some place “out there”, and yes, there are some buddies waiting, and yes, there is a body “up there”, which one identifies with – and this body does not age – but this does not mean it is an artificial body or a “doll-body”.
Further, when one has gotten “up there” and some exchange (of information, communication or whatever) has taken place – one goes back to “down here”.

Quite the usual procedure for GP members. As long as a mission is running, they come back – well, as long as they want to. It is a volunteer job after all.

There are probably groups, whose members don’t have a choice, who are kept strictly under control by their rulers by means of spirit’s conditioning (implanting). If you suspect, such a group is, what you have to report back to – it is improbable, that you belong to the GP – or ever did. The question arises, whose game are you playing?

If you played the game of the controllers, it is probably good advice, to not report back to “them” and to avoid going back there…

But when this advice is taken to heart indiscriminately by everyone, so that no one ever checks back with their ships, not only the controllers are drained of forces – the free guys as well are drained.

This is the current situation :(
Many vacancies on the ship.

Checking back with the ship is not exclusive for “between lives” – not only after physical death of a human body and before picking up another human body.

You can as well check back between human wake periods – while your human body sleeps.

On the ship the situation is pretty much the same – the body there sleeps, while a member is active on an assignment “down here”. Seen from outside, those bodies look very similar to human bodies, but they’re not of the same solidity as human bodies are. When looking from “down here” they appear as very light and airy. With human eyes one wouldn’t be able to see them at all. They’re made of mind-stuff – mock-ups – like the entire ship is. – well, like everything in all universes basically is ;-)

The bodies, that were forgotten by members, who never came back and never reclaimed their place, went from “sleep” to a state of hibernation. Kept in glass tubes, or half-pipes, so they are protected.

Claiming or reclaiming a body on the ship is only possible for beings, who have their ethics cleared. This ensures the ship doesn’t get hijacked by players with unclear intentions. The ship herself – living being that she is – poses a kind of frequency barrier. No entity of a low frequency (tone-level) can enter the areas, where decisions are made.

But there is in fact an area, which is accessible for anyone. That is the the ship’s library (for lack of a better word). Individuals, who managed to get there (not difficult;-), perceived it as an “academy”.

How to get there? Use your imagination!

Imagination is how to travel between mock-ups, how to shape and reshape them, how to shape and reshape reality…

Is it real? – Who knows…

Perhaps the real question is: Is it useful?

If you manage to download useful information from the “night-academy”, information, which you can apply to change conditions of life and cause tangible effects – then those effects are real. ... een-lives/
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