anOTher body

anOTher body

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Having an other body – a spare body – in the same sphere of game, that you can come back to, pick up and continue playing, is quite convenient. Saves one a lot of time, which would otherwise be used for letting that body grow up, taking it to school and such.

Ron spoke early about the possibilities of spirits running several bodies simultaneously. As it often goes with postulates, you think a bold thought of the sort: I’d like to have another body, this might be very useful later … and inside you laugh your own boldness away and forget about the idea – while externally your intention propagates out into the universe and takes form.

So, during those years in between it wasn’t that I consciously knew there was another body. But a feeling, that someone – some body (literally) was missing in my life – someone who should have been there, but wasn’t. ... /other.jpg

From the human person’s viewpoint you run each body, as if it is your only one – and you sure don’t go around thinking you’re some “body else”. From the perspective of being a “person” (spirit+body) each person is 1 Self. From a higher perspective though, this may look differently. I recall a time earlier, when I ran two bodies together in one area. Thoth and Maat. Same spirit – two bodies – that was nice.

In restrospect it appears that the lifetimes, which one spends in one and the same sphere of game, decrease in “importance”. Not necessarily because of that ever so dreaded “dwindling spiral” – it’s just that there is less and less to add to the message you brought to the folks of earth last time around. It was never intended to stick around here forever – at least that is not my intention.

If the beings on earth had their homes in many different places, times and universes, why would anyone want to be crammed together with everyone else, when you only have very little in common?

Spirit Names

Paramejgian refers to that aspect of Astar, which was incarnated in the WBR-Body. This aspect was withdrawn and returned to the ship.

Still the player Astar has another “Hand” in the game – writing these words to you. Similar to when a painter loses his right hand – he would still continue to create his art – just with his hand that is left – the “left hand” . The creations are still by the same artist, although a left hand is not the same as a right hand. Obvious, isn’t it? ;-)

(oh, how I hate people referring to themselves in third person – LOL)

Just like an artist would never claim, he is his right hand, and his right hand would never claim to be the artist, and his left hand would never claim to be the right hand – I am not claiming any of such obvious stupidities.

I never was my shirt, I never was my paint-brush, I never was my car, I never was my motorbike, I never was my body, I never was ANY body – and I was NEVER DEAD!

So! The remaining body does not carry the paramejgian-extension. The word itself is only used so that someone using a search engine can find this blog. I use another extension now – not mentioned here, like the name of the body is not mentioned here. Neither is a secret, but since I can’t think of anything (or can you?) my body could tell you, that my words can’t, it’ll stay in private life.

Funstuff: Soundsimilarities

Paramatman: In Sanskrit the word param means “supreme” and atman means “soul”; thus Paramatman literally means “Supreme-Soul.”

Paramecium: Paramecia [plural] are widespread in freshwater environments, and are especially common in scums. Recently, some new species of Paramecia have been discovered in the oceans. [...] The question of whether paramecia exhibit learning has been the object of a great deal of experiment, yielding equivocal results. In one of the most recent experiments published, the authors, by using a voltage as a reinforcement, concluded that paramecium may indeed learn to discriminate between different brightness levels. ... ther-body/
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