David Miscavige Declared Suppressive again - 2010

David Miscavige Declared Suppressive again - 2010

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Helmut Flasch is a Scientologist who over the last 20 years put about 40,000 people on some kind of first service of LRH, got dozens of press releases for LRH, got some of those brand new selectees to OT – even to OT VIII, made several of his selectees top Field Staff Members, and who is married to a OT VIII (Hellen Chen) who is a even better Field Staff member. (Helmut audited his wife on New Era Dianetics 20 years ago)

But mainly he is someone who says, “This is my Scientology too, and you, Mr. Miscavige, don’t mess with it.” He applied to Mr. Miscavige's reasoning with many write-ups and letters, but apparently he didn’t have any ethics change – so Helmut has given it here one more time:

"YOU ARE DECLARED Mr. David Miscavige, former mis-leader of the CoS. Myself, my wife, and 50-100 Scientologists — some of which are brand new Scientologists and some of which are trained auditors, Clears, OTs, even OT VII — all active FSMs — will stay Scientologists, but will not be part of the existing suppressive church structure."

February 16th, 2010
Suppressive Person Declare Order
David Miscavige, (hereby declared, former) COB of RTC;
Also known as the leader of the Church of Scientology

Over the last many years I have written several Knowledge Reports as well as letters to you telling you about outpoints plotted against policies and HCOB ‘s.

I always hoped (wanted it to be) that those glaring out-tech and off-policy matters are simply a matter of individual staff members or Sea Org members. Of course I soon knew that that is not so, as outpoints so often and so badly, coming from WISE, SMI, local orgs, Flag and OSA INT, would have to be originated from you in order to be able to sustain themselves.

Those outpoints are not any more slips, misunderstandings, or an individual incompetence.

Those outpoints range from Scientologists (I am always including my personal experiences as well as observations from what happened to other Scientologists, whether they speak out or not ) being bullied into out-tech ethics handling, and denied auditing on capriciousness and verbal rumors and irrelevant points, if they are compared to LRH’s teachings and purpose of the teachings.

Basically, LRH teachings are not in use in orgs around the country, and surely not at Flag.

Do not attempt to announce this Declare as generalities without any actual events. Actual events have been written up and would fill one terra bite of hard drive if attempted. People reading this (hundreds of thousands) will know as they are experiencing those outpoints every time they come in talking range of an org.

You seem for sure to have been lying when you announced the “oil change in the middle of the bridge” due to too many security checks etc. somewhere around 1996, on what I believe was a “maiden voyage ship event”.

Scientologists, including me, have then let the guard down and believed that the arbitraries, as they are called by Mr. Hubbard and by you, on that day are finally over. I remember a massive sigh of relief being heard on the video from the 100’s of OT attendees on the ship.

But that was not so. YOU made sure that you increased the unnecessary and capricious ethics handling which are ordered by completely unqualified staff, in terms of training and case level, and just as important, having familiarity with the scene. Ethics officers are usually not even Clear, never mind OT, and have usually very little experience outside their job in the organization, which often is and was their only job. They are, like most SO members, abusing power, which according to LRH is a super common phenomenon with just about any person lower on the bridge.

The bad thing is not that they do it — they are after all low case level and should not be in such a position at all — the bad thing is that YOU put them on the job, and instructed them to act that way. It is not possible for you not to see that outpoint-the constant inspection before the fact occurring at the ethics officers and even with the auditors in session, thus you obviously order it.

The above is reason enough to declare you on the spot – no hearing needed, the way you seem to do it with staff and parishioners. And you are hereby declared.

After your “stop the oil change in the middle of the bridge,” you hired 4 X more ethics officers and, well, they need a job and need stats and thus “all public became out-ethics”. What a racket you have pulled off!

Scientologists are walking around the orgs in a hunted and fearful manner. You have told them to be on Basics, PTS course, ethics course, or the fourth time on solo NOTS, and the second or third time on CCRD – but you do not let them on the service, which they want, and on what they should be on.

You took away any and all self-determinism, the very thing we study Scientology for.

You are running a mass out-listing without a meter, and a mass out-cramming-one fits all handlings.

Your mass “advanced program for OT’s” is such a super suppressive thing as well.

You are hereby declared again. Just in case you did not get it the first time I said so.

Scientologists have become the most suppressed group in the world, and as I have traveled the world and worked in four continents and 10 countries, and have lived life with hundreds of groups of people from all walks of life, I am an “authority” on that.

I have never seen such a bunch of sorrowful people that is the average Scientologist, however only due to your suppressive interference.

The Scientologist of today – not yester year – is super suppressed by the very thing which is supposed to help him be himself. This very thing happens to be the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.

Most Scientologists are failing in life and are in complete apathy about the achievements envisioned by them when they first joined Scientology.

Scientologists are somewhat responsible for their misery, because they are not telling the ethics officers, the IAS registrars, the super power registrars, the auditors, course supervisors, and of course you, to go to hell with their arbitraries. But on the other hand, Ron did not say to trick them into this situation to see what they are made of, by slowly and badly altering the tech from the top down.

So, the culprit is you, and you are hereby declared with no power whatsoever over any Scientologists or staff member!

New scientologists are getting wins as they read the first few LRH, where they realize that life is in them today and that yesterday is gone and not holding them back. They realize that they can and should be pursuing their dreams, regardless what that might be. They love the fact that there are no “supposed to do’s” — at least not as many as they had previously thought.

You, Mr. Miscavige, take all that away, bit by bit, from the happy Scientologist, and he becomes confused as he remembers all the wins. He cannot perceive that the top is corrupt — he cannot put his finger on the outpoints.

He sacrifices his personal integrity just a bit, and then a bit more, by being polite to the suppressive staff members who scold him for not going to an event, for not having money for the IAS — the very, very suppressive “ideal org program”-and for being told by the ethics officers (lately even the Registrar and any other staff member) that he must have some other out-ethics in his life.

“Hey, what is happening with your training – how is auditing going – did you listen to the tapes you bought the other month and did you get some wins?” All that is NOT any more occurring.

There is NO caring about anyone progressing up the bridge – be it study or auditing. Selling truck loads of materials for the third and fifth time under the pretence of “new, never-released tapes we found,” or, “new, great sounding quality which without you could not possibly understand the data,” or lately even worse, “the writings have been all wrong.” Those are the only caring that is going on.

The Scientologist now is suppressed enough to get no case gain in session, and in fact gets a decline as anyone going into session being suppressed will get, written by LRH and observed by me and hundreds of Scientologists.

Literally, most Scientologists fall in the above category, as is easy demonstrated by looking at their below-average life in general — low happiness, bad health, and no reality on being an immortal being or concepts on dying unexpectedly and prematurely.

Anyone looking, not listening, will observe the above to be true. And I guarantee you that the hundreds of thousands of Scientologists and non-Scientologists I will get this declare order to will start looking instead of listening to you.

Other outpoints of high crime, as are the above, are:

Building “ideal orgs” — is a "must have before you can do," and directly violating LRH.

Not informing the public of the switch in plan and the abandonment of Saint Hill Orgs is directly violating Policy “An Essay on Management,” where LRH advocated open communication lines and where he talks about the demise of any organization or individual which cuts communication lines, and which works on enforcing things – making rules and regulations the driving force to keep an organization together.

Mr. Miscavige, you have done nothing but cut communication lines by withholding the why’s of just about any project (your off-policy orders) and by enforcing every one of your arbitrary orders, such as re-training, re-auditing, donation projects, and not to forget the completely arbitrary and suppressive ethics condition, where you make your ethics officers enforce on parishioners, especially the public at higher levels of the bridge.

[All you people on OT VII-look at HCOB C/S Series 73 HCOB Confessionals and The Non Interference Zone and see how super out-tech the "six month checks" are. No wonder most of you (OT VII’s) do not feel "all that OT" while and after the level.

And no, you are NOT the only one who does not see the "Emperor’s New clothes". You are NOT the only one failing.

Mr. Miscavige IS trying to mess all of us up in a major way. He does NOT want OT’s, as they would be so much more powerful than he, and thus he could NOT control them. That means taking their money for illegal projects, such as Ideal Orgs, and projects he never plans to finish, such as Super Power, and other projects, such as putting you back on lower training and auditing levels for the second, third and even fourth time.]

Making donations not only became more important than putting public up the bridge in training and auditing, but you, Mr. Miscavige, managed to make it an outpoint for people not to donate every time they got asked, which happens to be all the time for any staff member whether they are donation registrars or not .

Having all staff members on regging (selling) posts for Ideal Orgs or IAS is of course another crime – a high crime, because you are ripping off org staff members their regular post and thus orgs cannot survive, as is evidenced by their demise across the world.

Please, any Scientologist not believing this, look, don’t listen. Be brave and open your eyes, walk through several Orgs, even the Ideal Orgs, and observe for yourself. There are no people in them, and especially no auditors on training to speak of.

My FSM, an OT 8 and Class 8, has actually abandoned me as a selectee about 4 years ago when I told him that I will never donate to the Ideal org program as it is against LRH – he of course does not audit anymore BECAUSE HE IS NOT GOLDEN AGE TRAINED – and does ONLY IDEAL ORG REGGING to forward this all important project– wow, how screwed up can one get??

But he pleases you I bet (the poor fellow!) Then again, with your arrogance, you probably do not even know who he is despite the fact that he “serves you well”. And apparently that is all HE is concerned with; this poor fellow really is more like a robot and not a poor fellow.

He, by the way, is an excellent auditor and his wife is even better, as they have brought me up the grades with excellent results.

There is also the basic book library project: LRH wants books there – yes – but he wants them with the business card of an local FSM – not some mass shit which is probably not even getting the books displayed. The fact is that many libraries do NOT accept unsolicited books – after all, they are not themselves thinking of quantities of books, but quality, and they have a Librarian who wants to be important too.

Then there is Golden Age – I have done level 0 – 2 Certainty Course on Golden Age of Tech (as I am a class V trained auditor from the “blind leading the blind” era!!) I have never seen so many robots being trained anywhere and I have had my share of training in and out Scientology. I am also OEC trained and done a truckload of other stuff, such as machine engineering and speak four languages. If those Golden Age auditors have not been trained before, then those chaps can’t audit when they are done, even if they know what auditing is there for. And that is what I observed.

Just look at the quantity. I mean the low, low quantity of auditing happening, and also look at the low, low quantity of auditors made.

So, if the Golden Age of Tech is such a great solution, (totally invalidating how LRH trained) then why are stats not increasing? After all, the right way will take stats into a new range IMMEDIATELY, according to Ron.

After way over a decade of Golden Age of Tech, our stats in auditors made is not up as it is supposed to be, but down. Just look at the empty ghost orgs!! Especially if INT management is involved in running them, such as LA DAY and LA Foundation.

One does not even need a stat board to look at. The down stats in orgs around the world is depressing.

And at Flag, just look at the unhappy public getting Flag auditing. They are at best unhappy, if not downright pushed into oblivion.

A bad local football coach can bring people up the tone scale better than your auditors around the world could. Your people go into session majorly suppressed already, and thus no wins are possible based on LRH.

And orgs are getting emptier and emptier, regardless of what you say in the events.

You are playing right into the hands of the suppressive – sorry that is wrong – so wrong !

You ARE the suppressive.

After all, Ron was right when he said that it is not the high priests and the other suppressive elements which will bring us down, but ourselves.

This really brings me to the last point. Every IAS registrar opens communication to church parishioners saying something like, “Do you know that the ONLY security for scientology is the IAS – right?”

And I have seen over and over people saying ‘yes’. After all, don’t disagree with a Sea org member. Your propaganda on the (illegal & full of lies) events might even make them believe that the IAS is the only security for scientology! Your painting of non-existing enemies really works on most.

What balderdash that the IAS is the only thing which keeps Scientology going!

Your Scientology perhaps, the one where parishioners do not buy services as they do not work anymore due to your alterations, and thus you need to keep the “ship” going with donations, – and that can only be done by having enemies. Non-existing enemies that is – or people who rightly sue us, because they have been duped by your robots which call themselves registrars.

What keeps Scientology going?

Having the tech, knowing it is correct, learning it, applying it, teaching it to others, hammering incorrect technology out of existence, knocking out incorrect applications, closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology, and closing the door on incorrect application.

Somehow Mr. Miscavige, (by slowly and surely altering tech and introducing arbitraries, such as establishing an iron hand in enforcing your rules and regulations) you have made Scientologists of effect only. They are too afraid, too little thinking, and for whatever other reason, do not make the last four points of Keep Scientology Working happening.

I have watched way too long myself. I have never participated in your escapades, and have shunned them, even loudly, as I have written KRs, told Scientology friends that I would not be caught doing the arbitrary steps demanded by ethics officers, and only a few months ago, I called the Vice president of the church a “merchant of chaos” in front of the 20 people he gave a seminar to.

But it was not enough. This declare order is the remedy for my reasonableness with your suppressive escapades.

To make sure that everyone knows, the worst point about all your outpoints is not the waste of money, wrong regging for donations etc, but the fact that Scientologists are afraid of the very thing which is supposed to help them. Scientologists are made to not to communicate about what is true for them or they will have their Bridge taken away from them by super unnecessary sec checking, enforced reality adjustment of seeing the “right view point”, or just the plain old ‘Declare’, which will cut them off from friends and family members forever.

As I said before, the very thing which is supposed (and does if done correctly) to bring betterment in their life is used against them TO MAKE THEM WEAK AND SUGGESTABLE –ingenious but disgusting.

It is the inhibiting of peoples’ case gain, and even the deterioration of case gain, which comes with invalidating and suppressing a person’s reality – what is true for him.

Betrayal after trust, and help becomes betrayal, is what you have been practicing for too long because we let you. I let you – but no more.

Scientologists should never have fallen for this- I have not – I have a record of telling SO members to go to hell as far up as OSA International – even though I should have done much more. I should have let more public know of what is going on instead of covering up for the inexcusable ineptness and suppressive behavior of you and your robots, also called staff members or sea org members.

I kept quiet for way way too long, and I hope that all Scientologists, even the ones who are not yet in Scientology but want to improve their lives (which is just about everyone – but which have been kept away from availing themselves of some sort of LRH teaching because of the bad PR you, Mr. Miscavige, with your robotic SO team, created) will not be too harsh with me on this outpoint of being quiet too long!

But this is it – you are done – that I guarantee. You are hereby declared.

Declare Authorized by:

Helmut Flasch

First decalraration at 1984 here viewtopic.php?f=18&t=366
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