Krsanna Duran - 4th and 5th dynamic situations

Krsanna Duran - 4th and 5th dynamic situations

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Since the beginning of his research LRH's concerns were 4th and 5th dynamic situations. In 1952 he was looking for an incident that could directly benefit the entire planet. He mentioned this objective in "The Time Track Of Theta" lectures. Brainwashing and nuclear radiation were key concerns for LRH. These problems have escalated into disastrous proportions since 1950, and organizations – CO$ as well as much freezone – have become obstacles to getting information and technology delivered.

LRH called the shots the way he saw them, and he didn't Q&A when he knew he was dealing with an important issue. The failure of orgs at all levels to address and deal with the situations LRH first identified as vital was the subject of a doubt formula I did this week. Some things have started happening with me personally that brought this to a head.

LRH wrote: "I tried to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so know that, not to do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future I see that we are handling here material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tools of the few to the danger and disaster of the many. And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optimistic. But I would never for a moment step back from a role of being conceited just to be approved of. Or just to be wrong in a prediction.

"And I believe that prediction is right. And I believe that the freedom of the materials which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things we will win. But if we can't do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few. "

(L. Ron Hubbard - ASMC Lecture 15 held on 6th June 1955)

Although I had not read this quote before August 2011, something had started happening that got very strong in the previous year and was of vital concern. I'll explain.

In December 2010 I forecast that earthquakes would peak in the Pacific area in March (the specific date was March 12) and I saw black rain. The black rain was a complete surprise, because I use a completely analytical tool for forecasts, based on the geometry of the Mayan calendar and an ancient model of earthian energy that the Maya inherited from way back. I have never had a goal or purpose to be a prophet or seer in this lifetime and started doing analytical forecasts to develop proofs for the "science" of the method.

When doing the analytical forecast, I was greatly surprised to realize I was looking at a scene from the future. It was black rain. I didn't know what it meant, but the view of it was so intense that I added it to the forecast that I regularly do using only analytical tools. I published the forecast on December 24, 2010, and noted I didn't know what the black rain meant but I saw it when looking at the date in March.

A 9.0 megaquake in Japan on March 11 was accompanied with the largest nuclear accident in the modern history of this planet. Black rain has now become a focus in Japan. The black rain is the result of nuclear contamination and spreads pollution. The totality of events was a surprise because I had not understood the black rain was associated with the nuclear accident. I already had a very good track record on forecasts using only the analytical method.

Looking into the future has started happening more frequently and powerfully. Some of the things I've "seen" when looking into the area are that the Japanese are not only hiding but are also ignorant of the problems caused by the the meltdown of three nuclear reactors at Fukushima in March. The sequence of events with the reactor caused the earthquake to be enormous. The European Space Agency has determined that the north end of Japan is sinking.

In August 2011 the National Regulatory Commission (NRC) confirmed that things that were never supposed to happen, were considered impossible, happened with the Fukushima meltdown. The containment structures failed. That was considered impossible. After they were shut down the reactors turned back on, or went into uncontrolled criticality. This news came five months after the initial accident/disaster and only a week after cracks opened in the earth and black smoke began rising from them at Fukushima in August.

The magnitude of the nuclear disaster is unprecedented and looms forbiddingly over the fate of this planet. This sounds dramatic, but, trust me, I am careful with data. I would not say this if I did not have hard facts to back up the statements.

Last night after looking at Fukushima again, I saw another situation in the future that menaces the survival of the human species on this planet. Again, I did not intend to slip into a view of the future, it happened as it had in December. I saw badly disfigured faces of three infants. It took a moment to realize what I was looking at, then I realized they looked like Asian babies. A generation of children born in Japan after Fukushima are going to have severe disabilities and disfigurements as are future generations they bring into the world. I got out of bed and began looking into the Chernobyl orphanages. The badly damaged children born after the Chernobyl nuclear accident are a sad human tragedy.

We are looking into a critical 4th and 5th dynamic crisis. What to do about this new ability of looking into the future that's getting stronger is a conundrum. But the information coming out of it is vital.
What LRH described in the above quote is a very real ability. The serious effects of nuclear radiation on the human species was one of LRH's major concerns in his early research. He wasn't exaggerating.

LRH started out looking for solutions for the human crisis on this planet. Brainwashing and nuclear radiation were important issues for him, and he was vocal about them.

I am writing about this to inform you that big events are afoot in the environment as well as the necessity of addressing them as the tech was developed to do. Pierre Ethier's son has autism that has required extensive handling. Autism is among the more minor physical problems caused by increasingly bad environmental conditions that impacts survival of the species. Pierre has worked long and hard to get his son to normal physical capacities for communication. Pat Krenik's granddaughter also has autism and required extensive handling. Along with physical handling, the tech has been part of bringing both of these children to reasonably normal capacities for communication. With physical capacities in place can do the bridge with growing maturity.

It is time to clear away the infighting, confusion and conflict within the orgs at all levels and take some real action on the important concerns the tech addressed in its beginning. I know this sounds dramatic, but the situation that's really happening right here and now is dramatic. It's so dramatic that it gets shunted to the back of the line because good confront is needed to address it. As a species we are commiting overts on our own children that reduces their ability to function as true humans.

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran


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