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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 13:24:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Pierre Ethier Class XII ...


My experience as their personal waiter.

Long before my career as Flag's top auditor, I became
assigned to the post of waiter in the Lemon Tree

In those days, there were three restaurants at the
Fort Harrisson:

The Hour Glass (a bar during Jack-Tar days) was used
as a restaurant for public. The number of public
frequenting it swelled from 80 to over 300 which was
significantly above the legal capacity for that room
during the NOTs boom in 1978-1979. I met there a lot
of old timers. Some had been with LRH on the early
ACCs, one traced back his track with him all the way
to Elizabeth, New-Jersey in 1950. I heard an
incredible amount of stories, which I will eventually
commit to paper, before they are all forgotten.

The Lemon Tree with its large windows on the street
was used for Executives and Officers. Back then the
entirety of Senior Management was in Clearwater. The
only people not eating there were LRH, Mary Sue, the
Household Unit (LRH personal care staff such as cook,
maid, stewards, etc abbrev. HU) and a dozen of so of
messengers. LRH location was at a house in Dunedin,
about 5 miles North of the Fort Harrisson.

The rest of the Crew ate in the Hibiscus Room on the

I was made to replace a Mexican girl of the name of
Ines Foley, a young woman with extremely low ARC and a
short fuse.

The first thing I was told was that there were "4
special people" to whom I had to bring the food
directly to. All others were to help themselves on the
Buffet. the only exception was for Lunch where people
working late into the night could order breakfeast.

The 4 special people were: Ken Urquardt, LRH personal
Jill Carlstrom (now Gleeson), the Commodore Staff
Kerry Gleeson, Commanding officer of the Flag Bureau
Diana Hubbard, LRH daughter, Commodore staff for
Division 6.

The above people treated me with nothing but respect,
and although Diana always acted in a rather snobbish
fashion, she never spoke or acted in any mean manner
toward me.

Ken, Kerry and Jill are 3 of the only 4 people in the
entire pre-RTC history of the Sea Org to not have been
ungracefully removed from their Top Senior management
Post within two years of tenure.

(the fourth person is Bill Robertson).

In fact each of them succesfully served on their posts
for many years until the New Wave of management saw
fit to engineer their demise.

Arthur, Suzette and Quentin Hubbard were also easy to

Suzette was by far the most congenial of the three and
we repeatedly interacted. Her job was as quality
control for AVU, (the Authorization and Verification
Unit - responsible for approval of all issues ensuring
they conform to policy and tech).

Arthur was younger than I and I seldom saw him at all.
He was LRH artist. He and Andre Clavel did most of the
drawings in the Tech dictionnary and other picture
books and promo published in the 70s.

Arthur left teh Church long ago, but still works as an
artist, spending most of his time in Japan.

Quentin was very quiet and appeared to be a rather
introverted, though an extremely compassionate

I have read some misinformation on the Internet by
someone someone fixated on him, repeatedly alleging
that he had written a letter saying he only trained to
Class IX. While I do not question a similar letter was
actually written, I will nevertheless put to rest the

The bulk of the CLass X, XI and XII course packs
contain LRH C/Sed sessions. Back then the names of
both pcs and auditors were left as they were.
Quentin's sessions were among the L-10 and L-12
sessions I studied.

On the confidential tapes from 1971 that one studies
on those courses, once can clearly hear Quentin making
a statement during a lecture as LRH describes the
techniques used in L-12 and LRH even addressing
Quentin by name. Quentin is even shown as a Class XII
auditor in one of the early issues of "Source", the
magazine of the Flag land base. Finally Quentin
training can be confirmed by the original Class XIIs,
some of whom have confirmed it to me directly in
recent years about Quentin.

In 1976, Quentin certs were pulled and he was put on a
retrain. His departure from the Sea Org appears to
have been motivated not only by a desire to pursue
other interests (such as aviation), but escape from
the extremly high pressure put on top level auditors
and the continual expectation that he'd be able to
step into his father shoes.

The Class XIIs were mainly eating at two connected
booths and gave me nothing but ARC. In fact after a
year of service, when I was promoted to work in the
Hour Glass with the public, they all clammored
jokingly that they would "petition to keep me".

Now for the mean characters: the individual topping
the list and without any contest is Fred Hare.

At the time he was Deputy Controller (Mary Sue
representant at Flag).

Fred Hare wanted soft boiled eggs for lunch. They HAD
TO HAVE the white fully hardened, but the yolk
completely soft. These are the most challenging eggs
to prepare, because one cant see the egg prior to it
being served and the two cooks were doing a job that
any restaurant outside the Church would have given to
twenty people. Boiling eggs 30 seconds too long or too
little will give an unsatifactory result. Of course
the cook prepared the eggs, but Fred Hare saw it as
completely appropriate to shoot the waiter which was
nothing but a messenger, rather than direct its ire at
the source: an overwhelm cook, already doing a
fantastic job (which cook on the planet can boast to
serving 250 people complete meals in 30 minutes time
with a minimum amount of imperfections or slowness?)

In spite of observing that I had pressing needs to
serve hundreds of other people, Fred would insist that
I stay next to him while he took his time to crack the
eggs and watch him blow up in anger as the eggs were
inevitably underdone or overdone. He would then hand
them back to me, demanding their instant replacement.
This would make things only worse, because by then the
cooks were working in overdrive as they reached the
peak of the meal. They would frequently forget the new
eggs they just put in.

Meanwhile, Fed Hare would become increasingly
impatient, once climbing on top of the table and
howling:"Where are my eggs?" and another tapping
noisily on the table with his shoe, a la Kruthschev.

I never got the nerve to tell him he was
over-reacting. I now laugh when I think that I
ran out an unlikely "egg Cup" as an instrument of
Torture and Suppression. (He once threw the egg cup at
me so violently that I even had to seek medical
attention after the meal)

The Guardian Office did not go to Hare's extremes, but
were for the most part unpleasant and arrogant
individuals. The Deputy Guardian Flag for Info, even
pretended to quote an LRH Flag issue stating that the
local Guardian Office stature was to be on par with
Commodore staff, the senior most individuals in the
Scientology Network.

Most of the remaining obnoxious people were neither
executives, nor Officers. They were simply married to
someone who was. There were very few exceptions to
this rule.

Once I was called to replace the crew Waiter in the
Hibiscus when he was severely sick. While there were a
fair number of decent individuals, I have seldom in my
entire life witnessed such petty and disrespectful
behaviour by so many people.

A the other end of teh scale some people had ARC well
above almost anyone that I have ever met even since.
The two people who comes to mind as being the
individuals granting the most beingness and ARC
during my days as a waiter were Liz Gablehouse (LRH
Pers PRO) and Yvonne Jentzsch. I met the latter
in my days in the Hour Glass. By that time she was
suffering from terminal cancer and had less than
a month to live. She ate with the public, out of sight
of the rest of the crew.

I will end with the remaining of the Bad guys: "The
Commodore Messenger Org".

It seems that being a Commodore Messenger went
directly to the head of quite a few of them.

Something not overly surprising considering their
immaturity (the bulk of them were minors of 15 to 17
years of age.

The oldest of them were in their mid twenties.
Fortunately they had their own private waiter, but I
was asked occasionally to cover for her in
emergencies, so my dealing with that detestable group
was thankfully greatly limited.

They were not all bad, however. Marc Yager (now
Inspector general for Admin) was a particularly
pleasant fellow and we cultivated a friendship through
the years all the way to the 1990s.

The rest of the CMO staff were plainly petty and mean
and acted toward me as if they viewed cruelty as a
virtue, always commenting in a disparaging fashion on
any less than perfect performance, viewing anything
less than utter perfection, clairvoyance and instant
service as sub-standard. Bitty Tompkins (later
Miscavige - doesnt the name sound familiar?) lordly
contempt particularly stands out. She has reportedly
been divorced more times than Elizabeth taylor and her
maiden name is Blythe. I ahve no idea what her current
name currently is. She would definitely make a case
for the theory that people dramatize their own names
as she
treated others much in the same manner as her infamous
homonym treated his crew on the Bounty.

Quieter than Bitty, but not one bit more congenial was
a sixteen year old messenger, that I privately labeled
as possessing the "Charles Manson stare". His name was
David Miscavige.

There are a a good number of notable individuals I
have not mentioned, like Captain Bill, Alan Buchanan
and many others because my experience with them was
pleasant and we never got to talk much, if at all.
Most of them rushed in to eat while I greeted them
with a cup of coffee. By the time I checked back on
them, they were already gone or leaving.

Pierre Ethier

Web auditing at any place of the planet
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