Your Dynamics in the Nineties by captain Bill Robertson

Your Dynamics in the Nineties by captain Bill Robertson

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Capt. Bill Robertson Your Dynamics in the 90s
Your Dynamics in the Nineties
by Capt. Bill Robertson/Astar Paramejgian

This is a lecture on the dynamics and your dynamics in the nineties. We’re giving this in the north of France – somewhere. And it’s the 23rd of June 1990 or A.D. 40.
This lecture will be one of the most different dynamic lectures you’ve ever heard. First of all I better check that everybody un¬derstands or has heard or has read from LRH what the dynamics are and what they are about. Is anyone who didn’t understand about the word "dynamic" and what these are? Okay, good. Well, the dynamics certainly are the thrusts of life in the game. You might also say, areas of interest. You might also say, areas of play. And you might also say, agreements. The dynamics are not, absolutely not, an im¬plant. They are agreements about this game everybody is playing. Alright? They are one of the games’ ba¬sics for this game. They make it easier to understand and act in the game. It would be quite confusing if people did not have these areas to categorize parts of the game. And yet, you do see people in life that do confuse them. You might even find someone who does not have a second dynamic, but they love the fifth dynamic, which is "life forms". And you open the doors and go in their house, and you have many, many cats and dogs and pets and birds and everything in there, have plants, flo¬wers and growing tomatoes all over the house. But they have no se¬cond dynamic. And some people might be totally interested only in the first dynamic. And everything is theirs, and they want only no¬body to touch any of my things. And you find some¬times old retired millionaires, and they have everything around them, all the best, furniture, paintings, art, safes, a Kasse (cash-box) full of money, everything, and they let no one else in there. You see? And some people are maybe totally involved only on one dynamic like the seventh dynamic. Spiritual forms. And they are mystical. They are always sitting there and talking to the spirits. no interest in radio, television, food, nothing else, just spirits. now, you may say, some of these people there…it’s a bit crazy. no. no-no, it is that they are not completely in the game. Every dynamic has a place. Every dynamic should be part of your life. Unfortunately on this planet at this time we find many of these concentrations on one dynamic, or people only playing the game with one or two, maybe a little bit of three, because they like the football team. Coppa Italia, you know.
So, from a look at the game, you could say, all of them have some aberrations, because they’re not playing the game fully. What would happen in the world cup, if the player missed kicking the ball and he kept falling down and he didn’t make the goals and he kept kicking the ball to the other side, to the other team? They take him out of the game. Well, this is the way from an overall look at the dynamics, you see most people in the world are operating. And a lot of them are being taken out of the game. How many people feel that they can do nothing against the taxes of the government? They’re out of the game. How many people feel that they have some illness or some big problem in life and they can’t solve it? Well, they are going out of the game there. So, what is the purpose of having all of these categories to play in, unless there is some way to win? And to have fun, and to get acceptance of whatever you are doing there with others, so you can play with them? What is the hidden ingredient here, what is the thing that puts it all together? Well, I gave it a term, LRH gave it a term first, he called it "the urge to survive". And later on he said, in one of his tapes, when he did the OT series and so on, he says "of course, a thetan can’t do anything else but survive, he is an immortal being." So how is he fooling himself to believe he has to survive? Well, the answer to this comes with taking two of LRH’s subjects. One he wrote about games. You probably know the most basic statement on that which is, "Life is basically a game". And then, there is the other data he put in policy, where he says that the highest form of production or service or exchange is where that product or service or exchange is viable. now, the word viable in English means something that is able to continue, able to keep on living. But viable also means – in a positive sense, in English, because life itself is equated with survival, with positiveness, with enjoying it, with having fun, with health, with happiness etc. So viable is a much more broad word than survival. And "survival" indicates a conflict, possible conflicts. At least on this planet, where equated with people coming out of the woods and hunting and killing with stones and fighting and all that just to live. But "viable" doesn’t exclude also the possibility of enjoying and having fun and increasing the statistic you might say or the quality of life all the time. So, if we take the word viable, and life is a game, then let’s look at what is a viable game. now, from this viewpoint can we come to a new understanding of the dynamics. To make a viable game for an immortal thetan. You see it’s not he that has to survive, not the thetan, it’s the game and his fun and his enjoyment of playing. Or the game can be finished, but another one can be played, which is also fun and viable. So what is the ingredient, what is now, if we have the thetan and the viable game, what must the thetan do, what must his relationship to that be to keep it viable? He must be able to evaluate, and make the correct decisions on how to play. E.g., every game, whether small or large, is based on the correct decision at the correct time, in order to win, to have fun, to get acceptance by your audience or the crowd or the players. Just look at it, it’s right here in front of you, when you play chess, the correct move at the correct time, you do that right through the game: You win. The same with football, the same with any game, even war. To do this correct move you must have information to evaluate. You know, you don’t just run into the game and say, "Do that! Do that!", without any information. This is what happens when a dog or a spectator runs on the field in the soccer match. You know, they have to stop the game to get the guy out of there. He’s bringing in some not agreed upon datum, messing up the game. So one thing you have to watch out for in your game on the dynamics is people coming in with no data, not enough data across the whole game of all the dynamics, or coming in with false data. And in this time, this day and age, unfortunately there are many, many such examples of this. Underneath that all, the game is still going on, even if only on one dynamic or one or two or so, people still try to play. That is what they agreed to. now, unfortunately this game, based on the dynamics and other basics of games, some of which we’re using now, like the ARC triangle, affinity, reality, communication, that builds more ability in the game to play, and understanding of the game, these are basics. People try to do these. But they get hit with the interference, I call it interference. And this is not agreed upon by the players, so they tend to not see it, not-is it and sort of push it aside. So the people who are interfering have to work very hard to push the false and omitted and wrong data into the game. They have to own the media to do this. They have to own a lot of the educational facilities. E.g. To make you believe that you are only a body. There’s a lot of money spend on that, which could be used to enhance the game or to make it more viable. Instead it’s being used to confuse the players. So what is this interference based on? Well, you might call it, from a games master, who didn’t like it that everybody was playing the dynamic game. But he had a very good understanding of games. And so he engineered a whole way to defeat the game and to interfere with it so that people wouldn’t enjoy it. But even worse than that: That they would become stuck in it and couldn’t get out. And would believe that they were part of the game, not a player of the game. But a piece or a broken piece. Like in chess, you know, at the end of the game: All the players off the board into the box, close the box. You see, but the two people playing the chess game, they get up and go out and have dinner, which is another experience on another dynamic. What about these little guys that pushed off the board into the box? Well, if you can make a person believe he is only a piece on the board, then he thinks he only has a game play – instead of maybe one hour of chess, he believes he can only play for 70 years, and then they put him in a box. (Laughter) And that’s not so much fun. So the game is getting pretty down-tone and apathetic. And people are saying, "It’s dangerous to eat this, to drink that, to feel that, to do that, because it’s all very dangerous, if you go out of the game, you can’t be in it any more, they put you in a box, you know, and if you go into the box earlier, you get a shorter game." This is why I make little jokes about this, somebody asked me one time, they say, "But isn’t riding a motor-cycle very dangerous?" I said, "No, it’s very healthy!", and they said "Why?" I said, "Because when I’m riding the motor-cycle, I can’t smoke!" (Laughter) And since both are "lebensgefährlich" (dangerous to life), they went "ooh…" Another person in Los Angeles asked me one time, "You are an OT, why do you smoke?" I said, "I like to have the…what I know is in here, tobacco smoke, which contains a little bit of nicotinic acid, which is niacine, (to help radiation etc.), at least I’d rather have that in my lungs than all this smog here in L.A.!" You see, for every question that people ask about dangers of life, you can say, "I’m avoiding another one." Now, that is just a joke, but those people really believe these are dangerous things. So how much fun are they having in there life? You see, to a person who believes that everything is dangerous, they maybe should lie in a hospital bed from birth to death. With life-support apparatus and doctors standing around. Or as the psychiatrists say, maybe they should have never come out of the womb. But that’s very dangerous today with the abortion laws and all that, you know. They’ll get you out one way or another, and perhaps in many pieces. So it’s not even safe to stay in the womb these days! So, was muss man tun? What must man do? Einfach. He must learn about the game. He must learn about the dynamics of the game. He must learn what are the current movements and vectors on the dynamics, so that he can apply his logic, his game-playing logic, to make the right moves and have fun at the same time and win, many wins. And get acceptance, so that he has a feeling he is playing with others in the game. There is nothing sadder than a person who has his game, but no one to play with, like solitaire. Or one football player in the whole world, who’s standing there with his ball, holding it with his feet, and nobody to play with. Who does he kick it to? So, you see what I’m saying, that’s part of the acceptance, there must be others who accept that that is the game. And there are three ingredients to make a game, to make people involve in a game. All right? And this is interest, intelligence, interest and intelligence, you have to look at those first, because it’s like the little ARC triangle. You must be first interested in the game, it must attract the other player, and I can give you an example for that: If you take a ball and you say, the game is just to hold it in your hand and move the hand, the ball goes bom-bom-bom-bom-bom… And the next part of the game is, you pick up the ball, you hold it in your hand, and you move the hand, bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom… Thetan will be very tired of playing that very soon. But he will become interested, if you give him a little ring up there to throw the ball into. Requires more intelligence, makes it more interesting. But he would still become tired of that after a while. But than you give him five or four other players with him, and then five against, with another ring down here, and you have a game called basket-ball. And that – you see it on television every night, in some countries and in America it’s one of the three major sports. It’s been going on for years. not in Germany. But you could say the same thing about soccer, or any kind of game. It has to be of a certain complexity to make it interesting. And when you arrive at that, you have a very successful game. So it is interesting, not only interesting to the players, but they get accepted by so many others, that they even have people fill up whole stadiums to watch! Look at Italy today. now the next part; that’s to build up the interest, you see, it’s a certain level of complexity to make it more interesting. In other words there must be several decisions that can be made, right-wrong, you know, this time-that time, at right time, right place. Just dropping the ball is no decision, except to move the hand, that’s it. Okay, the next thing is intelligence, which we are moving into now. You see, you have all these things, and as the thetan may be compared to a self-programming computer, he gets to analyze the data of the team and where the other team is and where the goal, and decide who to put the ball to and how to move and when to do it, how to kick and everything. So improve the intelligence in the game, we improve the interest. And I’m using the other word: Improvement. There must always be a way of improving. Through practice, through drills, through exercise, something, to improve the game, otherwise it becomes stale, it becomes only the same. How many people have you met that say, "Oh, I don’t play that, I always lose." They can’t improve. So they don’t play. But why is the world cup so popular in Italy? Because everybody thinks their own team is going to improve and become better than the next team. Why is it like that? Why isn’t it that – if we went from the interference side, you see, we could look at it, well, the way to win the game is have a rifle’s man sitting in the stadium to shoot the opponents. And then we win! Or we slip a guy into the training room and we put poison in their lemonade! And they can’t play very well and we win! And there you have the examples of what is interference, and nobody likes that! They don’t want to win over a bunch of dead corpses or weak and sick people. And yet that’s what is happening in the game of life. So, what is this improvement thing though, where is that coming from, why do people always play the game on improvement basis, that’s the one they like, not the "knock the other team down, and then we win, because they’re weak or they’re sick." That is just another aspect of viability. Do you understand? We are talking about things that are observable, demonstrable in life. How do the people of the planet, even here, even with all the interference, how do they still define criminality, or against the law, or against the rules? It is an act of commission or omission, that goes against viability, goes against interest of people, goes against the intelligence of people and against their improvement. It’s right there, in the laws of every country. now, I realize that people have different ideas about these things, and some laws, you might find, are a bit odd, but where do these laws come from? Mostly from the interference, the people who are interfering. You see? So, what people do not agree with in the laws, is anything that prevents them from having a better game, on all their dynamics. Whether they know this or not, that is what they are protesting against. Take your Green party. now, the greens are concentrated almost totally on the fifth and the sixth dynamic, that is the life forms and the matter, energy, space and time of the playing field. They’re even almost too much concentrated on that. But it’s necessary to bring it to awareness right now, because for hundreds of years it has been totally forgotten. Or ignored. Because industries and sewage and everything waste has always just been thrown out there. And to make some money they don’t mind killing all the trees or killing all the animals. I even think that people had a better idea about this a hundred years ago than they do now. If you read some of the scientific works or even the agricultural books from fifty or hundred years ago, you see that they always recommend: "Don’t cut down all the trees on your property, because you have to have a balance there to stop the wind, and to keep the animals in balance there, or you have just dust." And rotate the crops, don’t plant the same thing in the same ground every year.
…or you have just dust. And rotate the crops, don't plant the same thing in the same ground every year, and plough under a certain plant so that he gives more nutrient value in the soil, and utilize the offal, the Scheisse from the animals and so on to make it into compost and use it for the fertilization of the fields – and people were living pretty well under that. But in the last 50 years most of this has been thrown away. You see ? There was an improvement in technology and they could do it faster and bigger and all, but now they do it with more interference, it's not the machinery that's doing it, it's what they put into the soil. They say you can bypass all of this, all you have to do is buy these chemicals here from us, we know what you're doing, you just buy it, it's very expensive, but you put it on the field every year and you can grow the same thing there all the time. And you make more money. So do we. Well, they did that for 50 years and now we pay the price. You see ? So, you have to examine every piece of technology that comes into the game. Is it going to prove or is it going to harm the game and make it less viable ? There is a balance between production and conservation. You see ? The conservation side has been omitted in most industries for many years. Only today are they starting to promote that we do recycling, we save this and we use this again and we help this, they're starting. But as I said, without a balanced outlook or evaluation or logic about the game you could go totally to the other extreme as well. OK, no one can own a car anymore because of exhaust, we tear up all the roads and bury them again because it's stopping animals from coming across and having natural environment. no one can have electricity in their house anymore, because the electric wires that come there are killing the trees. And you cannot burn any coal or anything that is polluting the atmosphere. So we all go back to having fruit-trees growing outside, no meat, no refrigerators, no TVs, no appliances, you go out and eat fruit in the morning, and just stand around, you can't go anywhere. now we are talking about the examples that I gave in the beginning of people concentrating only on one thing in the game. now, you are here because you want to play the game better. Therefore you must know all of the dynamics and what games are happening on those. And you must use your own logic after you get the data to evaluate when and where and how you play. OK. At this point, any question ? Now, because now I will go ahead and we will look at each dynamic, but this time, in contrast to the probable normal dynamic lecture you've heard, where they start, one, two, three, four, we will start from the top and come down. And that is because I want you to see it from a viewpoint of outside the game logic. And remember, this is the logic of playing the game and winning! We're not talking about the logic they teach you in school, we're talking about the logic that is the ability of the thetan who is the player, not the piece and not the guy in the box. Walter ?… Interest, intelligence, improvement. Improvement has to be in there or you can't ever get better and there's no sense of having a team if they only do the same score every time. You see ? Improvement. These three go together to make involvement. now that little secret, I found it out on a above OT 16 level that these three things were sitting there in the universe of games. If you take those three points and you make a game up, for children or for adults, it doesn't matter what kind of game. You see ? You notice that a little child's toy, if they have a little string in the back and you pull it on the doll and it goes: mama! mama! Well, you've seen children: How long do they stay interested in that ? But they certainly, it requires intelligence for a child to pull the string and he's interested in the mama! mama!, but there's no improvement. So what did the toy manufacturers have to do ? Now they have them with chips inside, so they can say several different things! Yeah. They had to improve it, so that they could keep selling. You see what I mean. These things are sitting – we're talking about games basics here. We're talking about how you can get out and make a successful product. Or if you're an investor, how to invest in a successful product. Do you understand ? Now these apply to all of life. All. All dynamics. You see ? So it helps you in politics, you can analyze the program of a political party, does it have enough interest in, does it have enough intelligence, does it have enough improvement ? You see ? And you could predict how that political party is going to do. In the election. In a normal game. And you must also add and compute with another factor. In this game. Because there was interference and is interference in it. So you have to bring that in and use that with your logic, too, to say how much interference will be put in to stop that party or to help them by the media, by the control, the education, by the press etc. Etc. You see ? Now – and you must remember that the vector or the direction of the interference is always in one direction – and that is to control you, to make you from a player down to a piece, ja? To make you conform, to make you into exactly the controlled small environment of which you can't get any further than a certain amount and you must read their newspapers and study their books and follow their requirements. You see ? Now this is mixed in into the game. And sometimes it's very difficult to separate the interference from the real game. It's quite easy to do in some areas, for instance, Steuern, income, money. In a totally free society you would be able to keep all you make. If everyone was totally sane and logical… They couldn't be fighting each other, there'd be no criminality, there'd be no wars, because those are interference games, you can see that, the war is destructive, and they always say it, people start war, they're crazy, you know, they're psychotic, there's something wrong with them. At least they say it later. Especially the winners say that against the losers. Although the winners may be just as crazy. And this can be seen down into the area, as Dr. Prinz would tell you, in diet and in medicine. They will insist that you have a lot of horrorful treatment because this is such a terrible thing that, you know, we can't heal it without a lot of force. We must cut! We must rip it out! We must radiate! All these, right. This is a frustration, perhaps, of not being able to handle it properly, as you will see in the lecture, it's also from not enough data to evaluate it correctly. Because of the education system of medical and scientific people. Because they always eliminate one enormous factor in health and survival of bodies. And that is what LRH pointed out some 40 years ago: The spiritual factor. not the praying to God factor, not the mambo-jambo, you know, moving… Of birds or stones or cards and not that factor, but the actual spiritual ingredients in our parts of the game. The seventh dynamic and the eighth dynamic. now, they omit that totally from science and they omit it totally from medicine. So how can they win ? They can't. So, now they've had high-tech medicine, high technical medicine, for 30 – 40 years, and they've been only able to increase the life expectancy of people by about 2 or 3 years. And that's because they charge them a lot of money to keep them alive laying down there like a vegetable for a couple of more years. not much fun! But that's their level of improvement. And now I see by the news from America there is even a doctor that's getting very popular because he's giving you a machine which you can turn a certain… And you can die if you want to. Oh, certainly it gives back the self-determinism and the choice of the player to whether he wants to leave that body or not. You see ? Anyway, as we discuss these dynamics from the top down, I think you will see everything in a different viewpoint. Good. So we start, so let's – I've already talked about games. now games are what the dynamics are in. So let's just call that – I mean, I'm going to give you twelve dynamics of this game. And the thirteenth let's just call "games", it's an overall idea, it's not really in the game. It is, because you can play games in the game, but it's really sort of an overall picture of what we are putting the dynamics in, as a game. It's a bridge between the potential of the player, the thetan outside of the game, his logic toward viability and the actual playing inside the game. Right ? Now coming down from that. no 12. The administration of games. In other words, how do you manage or administrate the game ? Your part in it, as a player, as a thetan coming into a game. I'm not talking here of a specific game, although we can give examples. I'm talking about any game. The key to the administration of games or the logic of how to play the game from in it is a series of issues, probably the most important ones that LRH ever wrote, called the "Data Series". This was brilliant, it was not just a policy. It's not just a technology. Although it is all of those things. It is the way to evaluate and handle a game from within the game. now I will draw you a cycle of how a player has to do a game to come through to the other end successfully. Very important. By the way, this is more, shall we say, details to what LRH has already said in one place or another, but I saw it as a pattern, it applies again to all games, because I was investigating that area myself after having gone up the bridge. OK. now let's say a game is proposed. We have in Axiom 2 – where LRH says that all matter, energy, space, time etc. is a result of postulates, considerations and/or agreements made by the thetan or by the static. We call him a static when he's outside of the game, no matter, energy, space or time around. So from that viewpoint you can do creation of the game field, the game material, the energy, all these things, or agree with the creations of others. So now we must look at one other factor here, for this I refer you back to Admin Briefing No 3, where I talked about how big the game is at this point. Remember the old triangle I gave you there with interest, improvement and intelligence, now you could see, I think with one person, that he gets pretty – you know, dropping the ball, it got a bit boring after a while, and then you get four others to play basketball in your team, and ten others to play football. And how many to play a whole nation! And how many to play a whole planet! And how many to play a whole universe! Or galaxy. And then universe. Hey, that's a lot of players! Now from this, logically, I concluded in Admin Briefing 3, that since we're dealing with immortal beings who agreed to play viable games, that the complexity of this game and the number of players in it – with or without bodies, stuck or unstuck, up the bridge or down – is a very big number. And that – logically the reason why the game is this big – is that all of the smaller ones and all of their variations must have been done already to boredom. no more fun, no more wins, no more interest, no more improvement, just like the baby – mama! mama! OK, that's enough of that game. And that this game being so large with so many players – the number is something like 10 to the 41 (ten with 41 zeros) – that's players! So, let's look at the games with 10 to the 20, 10 to the 21, 10 to the 30, that's all been done. And we must have all had a good time! And we all wanted a bigger one. OK. now the only thing wrong with this game is this interference I told you about. Since everyone is sort of stuck in it or sort of still wondering about it, we may assume that this is the largest game ever played. And since it was – we know that from the bridge and implanting and so on – was interfered with without agreement, no agreement, that must be the factor that's causing people to think they can't win it. Because to agree to play or create in this game – they must have been ready for it. Each of you and all the other players in it must have wanted it, they must have been interested, they must have felt: I have a chance, I can win, I can have fun! And now you're in it, been in it a long time, and until LRH came along, I can tell you for sure I didn't know how to win it! I only knew a few areas to have some fun in. And a lot of things I didn't like about it. Well- if you've analyzed that with games logic you will see that the game was interfered with, and people have forgotten the basics, they have forgotten the dynamics, they have forgotten what the game is because of the interference. Right ? To go back to the example of the soccer game, remember they were going to put the poison in the cool-aid or the lemonade and they were going to shoot the opposing players from the stadium, alright, and I suppose some of that was done in a big game, what would you call it ? Pollution ? Terrorism ? You see ? It lowers the game to fear, fear. It's no fun. Those are examples of interference, whether by stupidity about what the game is, but mostly by direct intention to interfere with the game. Zum Beispiel, when I was educated as an engineer, I was taught how to build things and how to take care of the waste-products from those factories or roads or water-treatment or sewage plants. We were taught this equally. How to build, how to conserve. Or how to recycle or purify. When I went into the outside world, you might say, to do jobs for people, to design things, I was only asked to build things, that were either profit-making or destructive. But never how to protect anything or to conserve it. no one asked for these designs to be made. nobody wanted that. All the American corporations were only interested in making the money or making – the government wanted big destructive devices – to play this interference game they called the "cold war". I can tell you, I designed twenty atomic missile sites, sorry, built them, I constructed them. Minuteman. Intercontinental ballistic missiles. And we designed absolutely no protection for any of the people living in the area. Absolutely none. And there was an 80 % possibility, in the case of war, which I know from the inside data, that 80 % of these missiles – and the whole company was building 200 of them, and there were already a couple of thousand of them in the country, with no protection for anyone living around. And the secret military data was that 80 % of these would either never get launched because it would be blown up by the opposition missile right there, or they would do a flame-out right back down on the people living around. That was in the early sixties, they didn't have all the high-tech they have today. You know, I mean, the last time the Challenger thing blew up, you know, the one with the people in it, well, they said, they'd only had two accidents out of a hundred launches. And those were for people in them, you know. Well, these ones, they were sticking out in the ground, to shoot against Russia thirty years ago. They only had a twenty % success rate. By test. They used to have random tests, they'd take one out and take it out to the Pacific coast, and shoot it without any bomb in it, to see if it worked. And only one out of five did it correctly. Yeah, well, and they cost the tax-payers a couple of million dollars a piece, you know. Anyway, you see the idea, that there was interference in the game, that's, when I started I didn't know what to call it, but there was interference in the game of construction, engineering, everything, and I know every science has been influenced by this – Dr. Prinz would tell you, medicine, any other person here in any other practice would probably tell you, yes, I can see it in my practice, too. Okay. So let's go back to the cycle now, how you're supposed to go through the game and see where everybody went off the rails. I should say and/or, and/or, because you can create some things for the game and agree to other things and you could create or agree and, you know, not create anything and just agree or you could create some things and not agree or you could agree and not create, you could do it in any way you want to come into the game. This is not agreement about the game, this is agreement about what is made in the game, like the playing-field, the matter, energy, space, time, all that stuff. Enter into a game. I mean, that, you had agreed to that. You had – want to do that, let's put it, not necessary agreement, you had to be a self-determined decision, to say in the beginning, you know, there is a decision. Okay, now what is the cycle you do once you've decided to be in it? This applies to football, chess, whatever game. These are basic games data. So you are going to play football for the German team, you have to agree to the rules, to use a ball this size, to wear this uniform, you know. Yes? And you can help create a different play, a different way to do it, and a different positioning of the players. Well, they might not let you do that.… Captain, but you would do it. Okay. So that's how you start. Okay. now, remember LRH's statement, "highest purpose in universe is creating an effect". Yeah, and everybody thinks that this is what they want to do now. That's what was done. We all did that. That didn't take very long. Because you're very causative when you're creating effects, you see. What comes next is this thing, it takes a long time. Experience of the effect or the game. Ja? Experiencing the effect, that's what takes a long time. You notice how many times during your lifetime you've experienced eating. Driving. Looking at nature. Doing some enjoyable game that you like in the game. 2D. Yes, many, many, many times. So, a lot of experience, huh? You look at how many lifetimes you've been doing all that. Driving fast cars, driving fast space-ships, you know. Watching others play games, you know. Experience, experience, experience. now, looking back to this twelfth dynamic, the Data Series, right, we're talking about the logical play here. What should a player be doing while he's doing this? Getting data. Yes, so, gather – so we call it gathering data. See, from every experience you should, you know, they say, "you learn by experience". Well, actually, it's not all of learning, it's gathering data about the game. In football it might be as simple as: "Hey, that No. 23 on the other team, he kicked you in the fucking leg every time he comes by, you know. Yeah, that's gathering data. Experience that effect, and he says, ah, that guy kicks you, you know. You still haven't handled it, but we're gathering the data. I would like to ask – well, when you see the next point, you'll laugh, because some people continue to do this all their life. And, you take drug addicts. Alcoholics. People that are stuck on only one thing or one dynamic, they just keep doing this experiencing effect, experiencing effect, experiencing effect. Well, they're stuck on this point of the cycle of action of playing a game. And, believe me, in a big game like this with interference in it this can take a long time. Yeah, if we showed it on a bar over here, this is the game from beginning to end, the creation part of the actual matter, energy, space and time, they only take a little time like that, and the experience part make it all the way to here. See, it's most of the game. But there's something else you should be doing while you're doing that, to be able to have fun and wins, cause, look. And you see that happening in the game as people go along. Cause what is the purpose of this? Well, that's, shall I say, filling up the immortality with interest, intelligence – well, not quite intelligence yet, but interest, but there should be some way of improving. If a guy goes to open the door and it really opens the other way, and he opens it, like boom-boom, how many times is he going to do that before he improves his performancing? That's comedy. You see that in the old Laurel & Hardy films. That's comedy, you see, everybody laughs, because, hahaha, the guy doesn't improve, hahaha! You see? The guy doesn't improve, he keeps bumping his head every time, boom. See, that's comedy. Cause everybody feels superior to that guy, because, I, I can improve, I know. So we need – what should be happening parallel with this is the analyzing of data in order to improve. Improve play. Okay? And this is of course the MEST of the playing-field, or the creation or agreement of game. Datums. Those are the game datums. The floor, the bodies, the microphones, the field, the sky, everything that's going – other game datums. Everything that you can see is a datum. Everything you can hear is a datum. Everything that you can experience is a datum. Of this game. now, that holds true until you get above OT 16, then you can start seeing things from other games and so on, but for the normal person in the game everything they're aware of is a game datum. And it exists on one or more dynamics. Okay. So we now have the creation and/or agreement of the game, the experience of effect, gathering data. And then analysis of data to improve play. now this is where the improvement comes in, and this is where the intelligence comes in. You see? You don't want to eat that kind of vegetable again, because the farm they're produced at stored it in the barn too long and it smells bad. You see what I mean? You learn – I mean, how many times on a French Autobahn are you gonna buy a bad cup of coffee before you learn: Don't buy coffee on the autobahn! You see what I mean. Those are the kind of things you learn by experience. I'll never eat in that restaurant again. You see? You see what I mean. You're learning all of these things in a game. I'll never lend money to that guy again because he don't pay back! You see? But what you're saying is: I don't want him in my game. He doesn't exchange. He doesn't accept the rule. He sort of moved to the criminal side. He probably, if you ran his case, you'd probably find, yes, he has some kind of evil intention to take money away from people so he can play better but they can't. And he has it all worked out, you know, so that, when he borrows the money, he likes the guy, but then he finds a reason not to like the guy, so he doesn't have to pay him back because in the end he's a bad guy. Yeah. And you can see in the technology, in C/Sing and all these kinds of things coming out of cases… On level II maybe, overts and withholds, justifications, service facs, a little bit of ARC-breaks in there, cut communications, and of course problems, because now this other guy sends lawyers after him to get the money. So you see, the game gets aberrated. OK. But that's with the interference computation on the case and that's the hidden part, remember, it's hidden, nobody sees that. nobody even wants to admit it. nobody playing a game would want to admit that he has some strange interference that doesn't make him a good player. Because your interference in a game by these, say, implanters or evil people who want to mess up a game – you realize they can only do this on an existing game! To tear down something you have to have something built up! You have to have this, you have to have this and this going on before you can interfere. And to avoid detection you have to do it at a very hidden level. Otherwise it would be analyzed quickly. This is why we ascribe to people who are criminals and so on lower tone-levels. Covered hostility is one of their favorites. See? And so their intention is pushing everyone down lower to fear or to grief or death. You see? Then they're on the top. Very interesting, uh? Very interesting. And of course the logic of the game-player goes down as he goes down-tone. He gets more emotion. More verrückt. More illogical. See? He can't do this any more. He can't analyze the data to improve his play. And that's why LRH – thank him – everyone – came in and said: Here's a way you can handle that. You can get auditing, you can get training, you can go back up through this and become a better player. now the game was in pretty bad shape. For thousands of years and recorded history on this planet nobody had come up with a way to handle the interference. In fact they're worshipping it and used it in the education. Yeah. And in all fields of science. Although they tried to get away from it, but they couldn't.
That's probably why science threw out the seventh and eighth dynamic, they just knew they couldn't handle that, it's interference. You see, it's a big not-is. When you talk to scientists, they're mostly atheists. now we're talking about there is belief in no higher power, there is an atheist, not necessarily belief in God, but belief in no higher power. In other words, they can't improve. They can't get any better. But they try to do this anyway by learning more data, experiencing more data in the laboratory. But they never take any data out of the seventh and eighth dynamic. So they're shut off from that, so they can't play the game right. Okay. So what is the next thing here, see, you can take data from your experience end you can analyze that. And that might help you from bumping your head on the door. The game is much more complex than that. So there's another step that you need to handle whole masses of data. On certain dynamics or certain situations. Evaluation of data to find "why". This is again, I'm saying, it's all coming from LRH's Data Series, this is exactly how you do an evaluation, you gather the data, you analyze it, you then evaluate. To a certain area or situation. That could be a group, an organization, a person, a planet, a dynamic, okay? Now, what are we talking about here? The why is that happening in a broad sense, you see. Why is the education system only teaching that you are a body? I mean, you here in this room may disagree with it, but you'll never be able to handle it unless you know the why. now the why doesn't have to only be why is a bad situation happening or an interference situation happening, it can be why a good situation is happening. You see? I mean, it's ridiculous to hear after this team is winning all these games (football team), and they ask the captain or the coach and say, wow, how did you do that, you made the championship! And he says, "Well, we're just lucky." That's not true. That's not true. You see? That's not a why. now, he may be just saying that to cover up the real reason they did it, they don't want the other side to know. But if he really believes it, or if it's an Italian team and he says, it's because the pope prayed for us, well, I tell you, they have no chance of improving beyond that point. Because there is something that is causing that championship to happen. It could be as simple s they had the money to hire the best players. So the why would be "We got the best players, so continue to do that." Or they might have the best practice programme. Or they might have the best strategies. You see? There's something. There is a reason for that. They improved over all the other teams, there must be a reason. The same for a bad situation. Okay? A guy keeps losing money. A guy keeps investing in the wrong things. Every business he starts fails. But oh, he doesn't know why. "I'm just unlucky, I guess." You find out that he continually makes a certain mistake. It could be as simple, if he is a producer, that he never finds out if the product is needed and wanted by anyone. You see? This would be like producing suit of armours and selling them to car-drivers. Why does he need a suit of armour? It may, you know, he says, well, to protect you in an accident. no, well, that's crazy, nobody is going to buy it. But he might sell the same product if he did another public, ehich was people interested in medieval history. You have to evaluate this man's life to find out if he's actually making the right product for people to want it or he's actually maybe selling it to the wrong public! There's an example. If it's in investments he maybe never is checking the logic – the game-laying logic – of the people he's giving the money to to invest. You see? There are many like that, that are operating on different logic about what is happening in the game. Uh, they believe that you can plot a graph of the stock-market e.g., and by a lot of mathematical figuring and so on predict what's going to happen. But if he applied the analysis and evaluation to that theory, he'd find that there's a group of people behind the scenes in high financial positions, such as the BIZ and Robeco and all those guys, that actually cause the market to move in certain ways. For their own benefit. And he would be much smarter if he knew that was going to on to actually invest with these guys. And there are the kinds of things they call success or failure in certain parts of his life because he can't evaluate. now this can be a complicated thing, may require several steps or several more data to come in, it may cut across several dynamics, it may need several separate evaluations to understand the whole effect of what's happening, and that may be twenty years of that game here to make it that skilled, so, let's say here – one, two, three, four – what's next? Well, of course, once you know why things are happening, good or bad, now you can feel all you have to do is handle that or continue that, if it's a good action, and you get the improvement, the fun, the win, you get everything. Handling of why to improve or win. Okay? Ja. The guy then uses this last part here for the game – apart of the game, he can do this many times, and we get now one thing that must happen because when you put in a why, a real why, you start a change happening in the game. E.g., how many of you players in the game would be here in this room unless I was giving a lecture? You see? So my work on doing some part of the game handling has made a change in your schedule through the game. You see? So you must put another cycle in here, we just call "review". All right? Review etc. This means, take a review on this cycle though. You see? the cycle through. As new data appears. Because we create new data, when you do this you create new data. You see? Like you in this room know that what we're talking about here is a game- cycle through a game by a player with his logic. But the people out there don't know this. But you know it and you will go out there into the rest of the game and you'll make changes that create new data. All right? And more people doing this, and you will improve the whole level of the game. Okay now, this again is based on the Data Series. All right? And as I say, it's a cycle you can apply to every small part of the game or any dynamic or any large part or it etc. In actual fact, what you have in the red on white, the technology of LRH, and C/Sing technology, is a completely done, completely done series of evaluations and handlings and reviews based on certain data analysis, based on what the players experience in the game was. You might not grasp that right away, but the technology is already evaluated. All we have to do is find out, e.g., if a PC, take one example, a PC comes in, and we find out that his experience in the game was with drugs. We analyze how heavy that was, we evaluate that he – it's already evaluated – drug rundown, purif, objectives, drug rundown. See – LRH already evaluated it, he gave us the handling. Okay? And if we need to review it, we find that: Hey, he was also given medical drugs, he didn't put those on the list, so we have to go back and so another drug rundown on the medical drugs. Got more data. now, you see what technology really is, it's these things here and the auditor is working with the person to find out what his experience has been in the game. He analyzes this in another evaluation of relative importances and applies the handling and the review handlings in a programme to that person. All right? So that is what technology is. And that is why we now come to it, which is the eleventh dynamic. The technology of the game. How to end it, how to bring the game to a conclusion. And what the technology – the basics of the game – really are. So this really applies to any game. And that's on the twelfth dynamic. Admin. Administration or management. Game management by the player. Okay? Any questions about this 12th dynamic business? ("I don't have really a question, but could you enlarge point no. 3, like how you do the analysis of data?")Well, this is done by people with their mental abilities usually, as simple as I say, the guy bangs his head against the door, he stops a minute and analyzes: "Oh, the door opens the other way!" The analysis can be quick, but it has to – if he's having trouble, it has to include more data, or he finds a false datum. Or some datum is not there and he has to get a new datum about it. You know, how many people have seen, oh, wait a minute, they're doing something and it doesn't seem to work, and they just sit back and look at it for a while, ah, this goes here, see, that's analysis. It's a very simple thing. You see? If you scoop up some food from your plate – a combination of things on the plate – and you eat it, and something bad taste, you need more data. What was it? Was it the lettuce, the tomato, the onion, what was it? So you pick up each and smell it, and you say: Ah! The tomato was rotten, that's what it was. That's analysis. It's very simple. But some people never do this! You see? They never do this. And those are people who tend to be: Help me! You know, I can't handle that! Drug addiction is a case of – they may be analyzing their drug trips. A few people do that. They go: Wow, I saw a this and I saw a that and colors, but they just do that and they don't go to the next step. Why are they seeing that? If they came to Scientologists, they would tell them, You've seen dramatization of certain things around in the case or you're perhaps exteriorizing from their body and your vision is a bit weird, whatever, he can get a new reality on it if he finds more data about it. You see, analysis is very simple, I just want to point out that you're doing it all the time, just when you walk around or when you open the door, you see a door and you analyze it, you gonna have to push that open, before you walk through it, it's a use – it can be covered into everything, including ration time, orientation of the body, knowing that when you're in a car, you're going faster speed than walking, and so you need more time to stop, I mean, all these things are analysis, analysis, analysis, analysis. People are doing this all the time! The only problem is, when the interference comes in. A person is a bit tired, the body is tired, driving a car and all of a sudden an old bank or drug picture comes in, and I can say before I went on the bridge, it has actually happened to me. Driving down a highway, I was very tired, been driving time on a motor-cycle, believe me or not, I saw Indians on horses! Driving buffalo across the road. And I just put on the brakes. I didn't want to run into those buffalo or kill the horses of the Indians riding across the road. This was very late at night, you know, and I was very tired, and this is a – some of the case was coming in at that time – a long time ago. I was young. And when I stopped the car, it had given me such an adrenaline shock the body woke up a bit and there was no Indians! No buffalo. What I ha dapparently mocked up as Indians and buffalo was the shadows of trees coming across the road from the moon. Coming in and up behind the clouds, you see. And I had experienced and incorrectly analyzed that, because more data was coming in from the bank. You see? Okay. That's an example. All right? There's plenty of examples in case, in case folders and in peoples' cases, because we know all about where these things come from. Believe me, there's been so much interference in the game, it's amazing that on the autobahns of Europe most people do stay on the road, and on the right side of the road and do stop when they should stop. But you'll find in every day, if you look in the newspapers or whatever, there is a freak accident where a guy was asleep at the wheel or saw something and he wasn't there and whatever, he went off the road. Every day in every country there's a few. It's amazing that there is not more. All right? But if the society keeps going downhill with more and more poisons in the environment and so on like that, there will be more. Okay? So most people are trying to play the game correctly. And this analysis and data given to you by somebody else? – That's more difficult. ("You see, Imean, You yourself can analyze your data right away, but I was thinking mor in terms of somebody's telling you. ") There's a spanish expression that covers that. There is a spanish expression that covers the whole thing of how far the game went. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. now, that's admittedly very pessimistic. Analysis of the game or evaluation of data. But look, the beauty of it is, LRH takes all this into account. He uses things which are not believeable like false datum, omitted datum, contrary facts, all of these things in an evaluation to help you. He caolls them outpoints. All right ? And you can actually help your analysis by using those outpoints. You might say an optimist is one who accepts things as true until proven wrong and a pessimist is one who accepts things as wrong until proven true. Both are too extreme. There is a safe middle ground – or fairly safe – and that is a sort of an analysis by using your tone-scale and using your knowledge as a scientologist, on ARC and tone-levels, to find out whether the person you're getting the data from is giving you a bank experience or an emotionally charged experience or a true observation. You can usually tell by just the emotion they're using in it or the way they're presenting it. Most of you as scientologists realize that they 're good listeners. And you can sit down 5 minutes with someone who is not a scientologist and first they're talking about things in the environment and things you can both agree on and so, isn't this a nice restaurant, the coffee's good, yeah, I like it here, did you hear about the festival they had yesterday, and then, all of a sudden, they're telling you their case problems. You see ? You know, I remember the last time I was here with my husband, but he's gone -uh-huh-huh, and he always said that… But I never listened to him, because uh-huh-huh you know. You see ? They're having trouble doing this and doing this. And you can almost see in behiond that they've been taught… They told me at the hospital and bla, bla, bla but we didn't and then we thought, well, we got to do it becauseeverybody expects us to and we put him in there and he's dead now. OK ? More and more people today, however, are questioning some of these – quote – stable datums. Remember, as I made a point in another lecture, just because a datum is stable doesn't mean it's true. And don't mean it's not harmful. OK ? See, it's just like you need a stable datum to solve a confusion. You know, and you've seen many cases of this, when a fire happens in a building, you know, that people say: Get out of here, quick! The building's on fire and they all jump out of the window, but they're onm the thirtieth floor! And maybe all they would have needed to do was keep the doors closed, in some buildings, they're made with steel and the whole building is concrete and all laid by window, you know, with it open a little bit, and breathe fresh air until the firemen came! But no, some idiot went and opened the door so the fire, it comes rushing into the room, and evrybody – aah – out the windows. The stable datum for a moment to avoid being killed by the fire you should jump out the window! Oh, that sounds good, yeah, I like that! Well, that's true. They did avoid being killed by the fire. But they did get killed. S that's analysis, too. You see ? OK. Q: Didn't LRH also say that you have to be trained in evaluation because it's not ntural for a thetan to think in terms of outpoints ? He did say that, and the rewason he said that is because the thetans didn't expect inetrference into the game. People deliberately putting in outpoints. Let's face it, we've been in the game a long time, and by this time people should be very intelligent, very improved and they should be very aware of what's happening in the game and most of your conversations and communications and everything would be very up-tone. And there would be fast action in handling the problems with the environment and with food or with the weather or whatever. But this is not true. It's been going on for years and it's still doing, it's pollution continuing. They're talking about handling, OK. But you get the point here. The interference has caused a lot of trouble in the game. There wouldn't be so many outpoints or, shall we say, false,… And contrary data. If ther wasn't the interference. We'll get to that in a moment, you'll see some more on the seventh and eighth dynamic and fifth and so on. OK, so let's – twelfth dynamic –… Ok, we're coming down, we're gonna have a double…, that's tough, to look at it from the top down, the way you did that, it'll make all the rest of it much easier, and you'll find out some amazing things. Ok, we're gonna have a break for the buffet in the next room over here, and it's now 1.30 and we'll be back – say- a quarter to 3. An hour fifteen. Ok ? Thank you very much!
OK, did you like the lunch ? All right with the video ? All right with the tape ? Denis, is the tape on ? Good. OK, this is the second part of the lecture on the dynamics in the nineties and we got through the twlfth dynamic which I'm sure everybody was very interested in, because it hasn't been really carefully explained as a dynamic before. And from that viewpoint of logic we will now come down to the elevnth dynamic, but it is not really down. It's a different area. And it's -each of these dynamics includes or is inclusive of the ones below. Just as LRH said, and you can see the one we were just talking about, the logic of how to play a game, and how to make it more viable, can apply to any game. But now we come to the eleventh dynamic, which is the technical, and it's a technical dynamic of the game that you are playing. Some of the technology – well, there would be a technology for every game – but what we call the bridge is the bridge from inside the game to help the person with their logic discover all the things which they need to discover to pass to the outside of the game. Let's take a small example so you understand what I mean. Let's take a game of – again – chess. After the game is over, they take the little pieces off the board and put them in the little box, and they put the box away. now, that's fine for a game within a game. But realize, the box is still there, the board is still there, the pieces are still there. now suppose those pieces and that field and the board were the actual players and their creations. How would they ever go on to the next game ? They couldn't. They would be all in this box. You see ? So now we talk about the games that we all are playing, as thetans. And you notice that the first step that we had on our chart here, crations and/or agreements. now the bridge in a game that the thetans are playing, not just a game within a game, it must be ended so that all thetans are freed from that game, they don't have any attention keeping them fixed in their incomplete cycles and so on. And all the creations must be as-ised, brought back to their natural postulated state, returned to their moment of creation, as LRH said, "the state at the exact moment of creation". Exact time, place, form and event and ownership. And, what we have discovered, of course, the real why for them being there, from the evaluation, they have to have a reason for being there. nothing was created without a reason. So many creations persist just because the original reason they were put there was never discovered. So if we look at the cycle of creation, the thetan who is the player is going to create something, let's say he gives a reason for the – he wants it to be a game with green trees in it, or whatever the reason, he wants Natur, so he has a why… So it's a symbol for the creation, then we must look also at the point of whether he is getting agreement on this creation or whether he is going to co-create it with someone else, so we have ownership here, how many people involved in this creation, you see, there could be other beings that also want that kind of thing, and then we come to the actual alter-isness, why alter-isness ? Because nothing persists without alter-isness, you got to have a little bit of a change in it, in the direct creation of something, otherwise you look at it and it goes – poof! I call it a via. So you make a via, so you don't, when you look at it, it doesn't disappear. All right ? I mean, it's as simple as – you can mock up a gold coin and put it over here and somebody looks at it and it disappears. Cause you know that you made up this gold coin, you put it over there and as soon as you look at it it's gonna disappear because you're just looking at the gold coin you just made to put over there and you know that if you look at it exactly like the time you made it, it will disappear. But if you put the gold coin up there and then, while you look over here, you set it spinning, like, you spin a coin on a table, and then, at the same time, forget that you made it spin, pretend that somebody else did it. You look around there, it's still spinning. now, to get rid of the coin, you got to remember that you pretended that it wasn't you that started it spinning, and that you were looking this way when you decided that somebodyx else did it, and you have to get that and it stops spinning. And then, when it stops spinning, then you can look at it the way you did in the original making of it, and it will disappear. That's an example of using a via or an alter-is for the creation. So now we have a creatiohn of matter, energy, space and existing and agreed-upon time, by the way, because time in a creation is an agreement, see, you can measure time by the creations' persistence itself. So you can actually postulate the time into the creation. It doessn't exist outside of that. There is a cycle of the game which you could call time, too, but it's actually a game cycle which we talkked about in the administration of the game. OK, so mow we have this creation here, a simple game, one guy doing it, for example showed you that one guy would end his game, by realizing how he had – take the coin, the coin is spinning, he has it going through time spinning, and then he realizes he decided that it wasn't him that made it spin, and now he realizes that it was him that made it spin, so he takes the alter-is off, gets the ownership correct, then he realizes he made the coin because the lecturer asked him to do that and, oh yeah, it was my agreement, pop, it vanishes. Otherwise he'll have a sort of a space there that always has a coin in it, but it's not visible, because he didn't remember why he made it the first place, he didn't let go of it, he must have had a good reason, maybe I need it. So he made it because the lecturer asked him to do it. Oh yes, that's why it's important, I gotta remember that, I can do it any time I want. So now you have – you might say – an area there of space, and then you have an ownership of coin, he is making it there and now the coin is spinning, and then you have this coin and it's spinning around. And over here we just have the thetan who cvreated it. now, that's a very simple example. And that's only one player. With one tiny creation. Very light, hardly anybody else can see it. Yeah. OK. Must be using very good theta perceptives. If you audit a lot of people you can start seeing the things they have gathered in their universe or in their case there and so on. And when people are very emotional you cqan see red hazes of anger around them and things like that. now, let's see how the real game got complicated. Yeah, this one. OK, first of all you have more than one creator, you have all the way down here to 10 to 41. And of course many of the other things these guys created he just had to agree to. You can play with them.But it's not yours. So you don't have to as-is it. Their responsibility. The other thing is there can be combinations of agreeing and to create something jointly or co-create, that's a nice way to do alter-is and confuse the ownership as well. Like a pile of gold for these guys. OK, so these three guys, we found out that actually one… They'd all have to get in the session, to as-is whatever their creation is. now that isn't the only complication either. not only the agreements, not only the amount of creativity, not only the amount of creators, but during a game, when creations are experienced, and the technical bridge is not known, or the cycle of administration is not done yet, and they only did the experience part, they're quite likely to go up and forget the creation. And make something else. And either neglect it or throw it away or waste it. OK, now this many players are doing this throughout a long game, you leave quite a composit, complicated, complex mass of creations. In which all of the parts of creation and what they are and everything is all confused. All right now, are you getting a funny feeling that that's what you're looking at when you see this ? And we're not talking about trees, we're not talking about mountains, let's look down to the little sub-microscopic atomic level. Suppose that every discrete particle, every separate particle of the matter, energy and space, was a particle belonging to one of these players, but it may be mixed up with those from a lot of others. That's not the only problem. The other problem in making a bridge out of this mest is that you know how a creator has original ARC and affinity with his creation. And KRC. Knowledge, responsibility, control. LRH even says in one of the axioms total ARC would bring about total vanishing. So it was pretty near total when they created it. Right, so a creator has affinity, reality, communication with his creation, among the creation. What does he have with it when he throws it away ? ARC-breaks. Yeah. So let's suppose there's interference in the game. And the players forget how to go through the game and finish it. And then they get this feeling they're stuck in this thing, they don't know how to get out of it. And they have another ARC-break. But they don't know with who. It's really with the interference, but they think it's with the MEST creations that are hanging around, but won't go. You see, they have to handle the infiltration which gave them the false data. Free them and handle that. So they get the truth about the game, so that they can handle their own creations, separate it out from anyone else. So that's why LRH said there is no way to go out the bridge without handling implants and players and, in other words, interference. The no interference zone you handle all this stuff, really it means taking interference off the case. It means don't run him on anything else, get him out of that band of other-determinism, so he can get back to what he is doing in the game fully without any ARC-breaks, without any attention pulled over to these false datums and strange ideas. OK. now, of course that's a very simplified view, as I say, this thing gets dumped, these things get dumped. Then you have a big confusion over here. Then you have ARC-break lines here. Then we have another ARC-break because because these guys came down the track because they get another ARC-break. From the black statics. Implanters and so. T try to keep them knowing from this so we end up with a guy down here desperately looking for a way to finish the game. Unhandled ARC-breaks coming on the seventh dynamic. Unhandled ARC-breaks with life. And MEST. And everything made out of it. And that's not the only problem. Meanwhile we don't have this, and this and this so clearly and if you read in the dynamic axioms, lambda was also created by theta to help to help to bring order to MEST. The lambda life-forms is actually part of theta creators just like this stuff, but it's creators with intelligence limited on what job it should do. If it was created to run a beehive, it runs a beehive. And it has the ability to also sub-create smaller lambda particles or intelligences to run each bee. And even smaller, it can go down each cell so the thetan doesn't have to worry about that, he can just experience it. now, so we have later on to do more interference on this, so you see thetans like some of the life-forms they created so well to really get down there and experience the game well they create these ideal experiencing entities, called either bodies, doll bodies, robot bodies, whatever kind they like, and so they were using those and then these guyws came in and convinced them that they were those. So they're not only not aware of the ownership, they think they are the creation. Or the combination of creation, which means the lambda and the phi. By the way, this is called phi, LRH's term is phi, which is the greek letter for phi with the strike- well it's actually down through it like that. Phi, lambda, and theta. Alright ? Now we have lambda bringing order to already mixed up MEST.During this – by the way – during this the implanters or the interference, these guys, put another interesting action into the game. They made sure there were enough wars and explosions and things like that. And abortions and financial difficulties and starvation, disease, from genetic experiments and virus experiments to make sure that every thetan and, indeed, every lambda don't have enough – they don't have enough life-forms. You know ? You got the whole moon up there, there's nobody living there. Maybe a few space guys, that's all, not a big planet. You look at Mars, there are not many people there, either. They have a few bases for implanters, but not a big forest and trees and animals and all that. So there's far more players in the game than there are bodies. And far more lambda in the game that there is animate life-forms to run. So now you have a problem of how do you communicate with all this and how does it – what does it tend to do ? Well, it tends to mass up. Around the ares where the game is going on. So you find people on earth of all the planets in this system having many spiritual difficulties. And haunted houses and extra- you know, around hospitals, especially, and pregnant women, you find everybody lining up, you know, can I get that body ? I don't know, get out of my way. You're realizing, depending on your viewpoint, of course, the ones that are having to wait are probably less able. And they're still around, you know, if we have a body here and we have a lambda organisation running it throughn its sub-lambda particles, and that's pretty much organised, but we also have all this extra lambda around and extra theta around besides the guy, who is a little bigger, maybe, who is running the whole thing. And I'm just drawing a small scale here, it's actually much more massy than this. And this planet is one of the worst for, shall we say, scarcety. now, since all this interference is going on, most of the players that have any ability to get in the game at all, are trying to be the guy that's running one of these bodies. Ans they even run it until, you know, if it's starving and dying, there are people going and hoping that maybe they can get in the game a little bit. now we're getting to what we call the urge for survival. You see how it's come down from viability of games. You see why people only live 70 years. Well, you haven't seen it all, yet, but that's part of it. now, what the eleventh dynamic does to a game, remember, I showed you, a chess game, it's very simple, you set the moving pieces on a board, and the board in the box and put the box away, that was it. In this game, a game this complicated, you have to free or as-is, you have to as-is all the creations and free all the theta particles of thetans that are in the game. And to do that, you need a technology. You must handle all of the factors in here, including the interference, including the as-isness, including the creation and ownership of life-forms and the co-creations and all the postulates and lies and alter-isnesses that were put into it. now, that's why there's no one-shot OT. In this game. In another game there may have been. Like in the game with mocking up the gold coin. If that was all you were doing, no physical universe, no other people around, you just mock up a gold coin, you go phhh – finished! Back to OT. The thing is that this game was so messed up, that unless Ron had come along with the axioms and the technology in the fifties, we would still be wondering how the hell to get finished with this game. So the answer to this whole thing is, of course, the bridge. OK ? You all know about that, most of you are on it, don't be worried if it takes a little long, we are very lucky because of Ron's work that we can even do it in one life-time. And we have made it affordable to everyone in the Free Zone. It can't work any other way than a bridge that works with everyone and it has to be something that everyone can obtain, otherwise you can't get rid of this complexity. You can get out of it, you can go up the bridge, leave the game, and so could a few of your friends, and then you would be in a game, with, say, five thetans. Unfortunately you have already done all the combinations of games with five thetans, many, many, many, many games back. Way back. You'll become very fast bored and you'll say, wonder what they're doing in there, if they ever got out of there ? We need some more players. I mean, that's the one thing that Ron and all the OT project guys have been saying more and more through the years, they never said anything else, whatb is the most thing you need for your missions or for anything, they said, we need more players. They call them missionaires or OTs or whatever you wanna call them, more peolpe devoted to helping get the game finished properly and everybody winning! OK, so the bridge does handle this, it's very complicated, but it's done with a thing called a gradient scale. And the correct analysis and evaluation and exact process to do at each level, and also review sometimes because you can't ever tell how a guy went through this game and so it gets a bit complicated at times, but we basically have all the data we need to analyze anything that happens. I'll give you a brief over-view of most of it right there. And these guys also did a thing – another thing. It still makes it a little more complicated. A little more interference which LRH refers to in history of man and a few other books, he calls it implanting. That means grabbing thetans when they lose, you know, when they're outside of a body, and putting in a false track or false datums or false things to believe, so that they dramatize this when they're in a body and they trigger them off with some restimulatory material, so that other people who are playing the game properly will see these people and say: Is he crazy ? or is that something about getting out of the game I don't know ? And you read some of the stories of the prophets and Johnstown and these great religious leaders and all this stuff, and you find out a lot of people follow them, because they thought, hey this guy knows about the end of the game! Whether it's going to Buddhist heaven or the heaven's gonna come down to you in a golden city, or whether you have to die to live. You see, all of these are catchy things and if people don't have any answers they might say, ah, that's the way, jump out the window! That's the way! OK, now, some of these things were brought into the game by the implanters with an intention to destroy and to mess it up, but you rarely hear it directly from the implanters, rarely. It's a poor player, who got totally influenced by these guys, or was influenced by another guy who was influenced, and you hear it from him. And, you know, he's alright, he's a regular guy, you went to school with him, he's not a bad guy, well, maybe he's right, maybe we should get electric hock treatments. Maybe we should take drugs. You see what I mean ? Sounds – m,aybe there's something in it. OK, that's again goes back to the twelfth dynamic and the false bridges, I gave a lecture on false bridges, those are the kinds of things that are called false bridges. It's not just false data, it's false data that prevents you from seeing the way through to the end of the game. And analyzing. Then that is the tradition on which we are basing the whole Free Zone, is carrying on the tradition of LRH, which was to give people the data necessary to his…case, moving them on toward the end of the game, freeing and as-ising and finally, so that they can see the whole game as is. OK, so let it be said now, I will just tell you there are processes to handle all of this, and even more. Because there are also time confusions in the game, that's another one, one of the tricks of these interference people, to make sure you never as-is anything, is to shorten your time-sense. now, get science. They say the universe was created nine billion years ago. I mean, only fifty years ago they were saying it was only 2000 years ago. Well, they had to expand a little bit, because… But it's still extremely what they call a short timing here. Remember, you can never as-is anything, unless you get exact time, place, form and event. And if you think everything on this picture was only made nine billion years ago, you won't get anywhere. And if you don't read axiom one and hear LRH's lectures on the immortality of a thetan, you won't get any idea of how many games could have been played and how long each game could be. How many games does it take to fill up immortality ? It isn't even full yet. not even half. So there's plenty of more games that can be done, we gotta unstick this one, because here is a lot of the players who got stuck in this. There are a few other players around, I've found them, you can't find them inside the game at all. But they don't have any experience either. And they wouldn't even know what a good type of automobile was, you know. They wouldn't even know what Two-D was. Because they weren't even experienced in this game. So if you wanna carry forward some of the good things from one game to another and make it even better, improve it, from these guys you won't get any help, you'd have to teach them all the way from the gold coin, or even a point, you know. Make a point up there now. It's like playing the world cup with little babies.OK ? So don't think there's an advantage being stuck outside of the game all the time. It's not that much fun. I mean, of course, there's a feeling of freedom in it, you know,you're not stuck, and that's a sort of a constant, but there's not much fun. That one never wins because you're sitting in a win, and there's no game. You see ? And there is a point of understanding there, you must experience that to realize you are free. And we do have that on the upper bridge, you do experience what it's like to be outside of all games. And from that point all you want to do is apply what you know into the game. To have a better game. And the current objective, of course, is to end off this game properly, and bring everybody back to the correct balance they want, between exteriorization and havingness. Because, you see, the guys outside the game have no havingness. The guys totally stuck in the game have no exteriorization. And there is a balance there that evry thetan likes. And it varies as he does different things and does different dynamics, you see. You like to play the game out on the field, and later you like to re-see it on video. From outside. You see ? Interesting. Interesting stuff, intersting stuff, so, anyway, there is a bridge there and I recommend to you all to continue on it, because it is the way, and you'll get to a very friendly understanding of games and how they work. now, as I said, there is a bridge out of every game, and one reason it is necessary at this time to go further than just this game, which is OT 16, is because we've never had a game this violently interfered with. And a game this size, this big, in any place. And so it is time to recapitulate all the data and all the knowlegde about games and do that last cycle called review. Of all the postulates, all the creations and all the various considerations, agreements and so on ever made about games and outside of games. Because in the next game we don't want the same thing to happen. We want everyone totally aware, that when they analyze and evaluate, they will be able to spot any interference, so they don't get caught in it anymore. now, to end off this technical dynamic without going into the actual C/S ing and all, remember, C/Sing is the application of the twelfth dynamic, the analysis, evaluation etc, to the problems of getting a person off this. You see ? With the maximum result and, hopefully, in the minimal cost and time. OK ? Alright, so that's an application right there of the twlfth dynamic influencing the eleventh. And, as LRH once said, the auditor's the most valuable person in the universe, and at this end of the game he certainly is. And the most viable person would be a C/S who is trained to tell the auditors what to do. Because, look. If you have an auditor but no C/S, it can become unviable on your own pocket-book. Too much over-run, too much wrong processes on the wrong level, you see what I mean ? It gets unviable, you can't live. Or if you don't really have the tech, of course, you could always pretend you do, and had to charge very high prices for it, as some organisations do. OK, so this dynamic is the technical dynamic of the technical bridge from that game at the end of it to get to a starting point for a new game. And it consists of freeing and as-ising whatever has been created or whatever got stuck in the game. And in this one it includes the interference as well. OK ? Because the interference people who went to this side of the game of just interfering with it, did influence a lot of players.
Somebody asked me once, this was just a person, not even a scientologist, he said: Do you agree that there's evil in the universe ? I said, yes! But I think that all evil was basically once good. Ron said, all thetans are basically good. And he says, yes, but you admit there is evil. He says, how do you handle that ? And then he told me how he handled it, he said, you must stay away from it, you must – uh – hold it off, fight it. I said, no, we have a different way to do that. If you look at the time-track, you just take the person who is evil and you send him back the time-track to the point just before he was made evil and you run out the incident that made him evil. And all of a sudden he rehabilitates his original purpose and becomes good. And this guy thought about that a while and he said – but – but – how long is that ? You mean, maybe, since he was a baby ? Earth people. I said, now, we're talking about millions, billions, quadrillions even of years. I gave him a little gradient. The guy freaked out, you know. But he totally jumped up and laughed, when he said, well, maybe they're right, maybe God should handle all this! That was quite conversing with scenarios, he knew about scenarios on the planet, maybe God will handle it, cause it looked like a big job, you know. I said, have you ever considered that this hopefulness about, you know, God's not gonna come down and handle it, that whole thing about the prophecies and the whole scenarios about what's gonna happen and what should happen and all that and all these religious writings and evrything and the revelations, I said, suppose that that itself was just a scenario created by the evil ones, with enough goods in it, a little bit of truth, so that evrybody grabs on to it, as a stable datum, and he doesn't do anything about it himself. The guy had never considered that religion itself may be a scenario. And all of a sudden his whole case started acting up, you know, and his body started shaking, and he couldn't control it. And he just jumped up and ran out the room and said: I can't talk to you, I can't talk to you, I shouldn't… He was being pulled out of the room by his whole case. Get away from this guy, he's gonna find out the truth! Now who do you think this guy was ? He was a retired lawyer. Very wealthy, knew all about all the dirty deals on the planet, knew all about the political scenarios, knew all about the money scenarios, very well-educated, very outgoing and investigative, a very able guy. For an earth-man. And yet, just by considering that one point, he put himself in a state of insanity. Or at least, it keyed in on him. And he could not control it. And I could guess that the guy did not realize something very strange was happening to him, as his body couldn't stop shaking and he was being pulled out of the room, cause he was going backwards, you know, and he was in the grip of powerful forces, you might say. And I suppose that this we will get into later, but it is the neglect of some of this having to do with the seventh dynamic and spiritual creations and lambda and so on, that was being restimulated there, and some of this extra-implanted thetans were being restimulated around him. And they were more powerful than he was. He couln't sit there and say: Tell me more, you know, this is interesting! You see what I mean ? OK. now, yeah ? Q: I was very intersted in what you're saying, cause I haven't had an experience quite as dramatic as that, but it's a real problem for me, it's like – what do you tell people about the games, if you're trying to give them stable data, like, say, if you got someone and you're pretty sure they're a missionaire and they don't know it, aqnd you wanna hook them in, give them some stable data, how do you avoid that blow ? Cause I've had a lot of losses about that. Are we going to talk about that now or is this going to come later? – If you want to know the answer to this question, buy a copy of this video! That's the ad! Right into the cameras a little advertising, just to break the…
Now, we're gonna go down to the tenth dynamic, ok? Now we have ethics. now, it's not – now it's ethics of the game. So – you have to look at this – tech will not go in if ethics is out. So, what is the most out-ethics thing you could be doing in the game ? Helping the interference. You see ? If you are operating on the other vector of helping the interference, then you are preventing the game from ending, you are preventing the bridge from working. So – that's the most out-ethics thing – that's all you need to know really. In Ron's org we only define an out-ethics action as that action which would prevent someone from going up the bridge. That covers that – cause anybody preventing someone from going up the bridge is of course helping the interference. Whether they know it or not, or whether they just believe it from a story they read in the newspapers about cults or Scientology or auditing or E-meters, doesn't matter, it's eventually they're taking the datums that have been put into the game as truth and they're therefore helping the interference. There is an ethics – say, I'll take the word interference now – there's one other type of out-ethics, everybody's done a little bit of it, but you can also handle that part in auditing. Breaking the game agreements! That is where you get your localized out-ethics. Of course, this, this is breaking all agreements of the game! But a person can break a game agreement, like, one of the agreements in the game is, if you produce something that's needed and wanted, a person takes your product, you should get an exchange for it. And that other person should agree to the exchange beforehand, or it should be stated by the person giving the product. Or either afterwards, even if it's a "Thank you" only. Otherwise it's gonna stick your attention on that incomplete cycle. I used to be a life-guard when I was young, in Schwimmbad, and the only thing that used to stick in my mind – I must have saved the life of maybe fifty people during the years I was doing that, the only ones that stuck in my memory were the ones that never thanked me. I mean, I got paid for the job, I didn't need any money from them, but I saved their life and they'd just get up and walk away! Wow, you see. You know. What, they didn't even realize – I didn't know what it was, anyway, their awareness was probably so low that they didn't recognize they were drowning in the first place. And it wouldn't have made a difference to them at their low tone-level, whether they lost a body or not! Or even another case-problem – they couldn't accept help. And could not recognize it. Oh yes, one more datum I want to give you about this and the other two dynamics – admin, tech and ethics – we have a definition based on help, of what a viable game is, and that is a game, I mean, just on help, just on the help… One each player can, if needed, help self or another out. Out of the game. That's viable. See ? It can live, it can give better and better games, cause each person could help another one. Or he could help himself. And that's another objective of the training side of the bridge. You see it ? That means that this game, before 1950, was so unviable, that we were all destined to be stuck in it forever. If only one person, one player or one game's master can come along and help people out of the game, it's a very unviable game. What if the guy doesn't come along ? Wow, see what I mean ? No, the next games, we get everybody up the auditing side of the bridge, that's one thing, in this one, this transition game, you're also on your solo auditing and everything else, you ought to want to also be able to help others. On some level you will. Even if it's after unviable application of source training, as you go up the bridge you will help a lot of others out of the game, just by nature of handling your own case. And as you get to the top and over the top of the bridge you will find you're also learning to apply it to any other game or any other player. So, each player will get there, by coming out of this game. And through the various review of all games. Which are the Source Levels and – well – everything above OT 16. And then we can have viable games. There were viable games in the past, but none of them were 100 %. We know that because many people have explored a lot of past games earlier than this one, and there's always something or other not as-ised or not freed from that. Very little. Compared to the stuff in this one. Very little, very little. But it's there. So it's never 100 %. So we wanna get a viable one where every – each player – if needed, can… Free to help self or another out of the game. And that will handle any problem with interference. Oh, to finish that statement about the interference, when we were asked questions – I say, what do you do to handle these interference people ? They have influence over a lot of players, so the best thing to do is free them, get them back before that point where they became working for the interference, turn them around, then they can help free others on the same ability level! They'll be very effective. Once you rehablilitate them. So, everyone understands, this is the – what we're aiming for in ethics, a viable game, breaking the game agreements is of course an out-ethics thing, and each player could do, I mean, he could have done it one or two times, it's not… But it all can be handled in auditing. Yeah. And this can be handled in auditing, because it's sort of like, you know, you didn't pay the guy. For his product. You didn't take responsibility for knocking the fellow over or something. Or killing him in a war. All this can be handled on the bridge, all right ? But this is where you get your evil intention case. Here. They're totally on the wrong vector. I might as well say, by the way, everyone that does this, without exception, get betrayed. They have to be, don't you see. They have to be betrayed. Because they are part – originally they were part of the game that is being interfered with. And the funny thing is, when we audit those guys, we found out they were betrayed before anybody else was betrayed. And they probably joined the interference thinking that they would be the last to be betrayed. They were betrayed right at the beginning, joining the interference. You see ? So, let's look at an omission, an overt of omission on breaking the game agreements. not playing the game on all dynamics. A lot of people doing that. They have an overt of omission on one or more dynamics. That wasn't the agreement. The agreement was to play on all dynamics. You see ? I mean, we could carry this to an extreme and say that anybody that's not on the bridge at the present time is guilty of an overt of omission on the eleventh dynamic and the tenth. Q:… If he's doing this, he can't get on the eleventh even! Right! So that is one – another reason for a lecture like this, so that you can get started spreading the word here and get the people more involved in the game! OK, so there can be overts of omission there, eh ? Many people notice this, that… Find people: I never want to be part of a group! I'll never join anything! And everybody thinks, well, that's a bit weird, you know. Or they live – they totally – never want to have a second dynamic. Or they don't give a damn about the environment. Or they couldn't care less as to what's happening to all of mankind on the planet. They don't even keep up with the data on it, to analyze it. not even partly. You see, what we're looking on here is a lowering of responsibility and then an increasing of out-ethics. And who are the only people that makes happy ? That makes happy the interference guys. Wey! we got him under control, he forgot all about those dynamics! OK ? And there's another interesting area of this, which is also handled in auditing, and that is where a guy does an OT action we call Necessity Level, but he harms some dynamic while doing it. It's not perfect. You know, he did an OT operation and he moved his body faster than the speed of light, out of the way of the speeding bus. But somebody standing on the street saw the body moving that fast and died of a heart-attack. While the bus-driver got so amazed by that that he forgot to put on the brakes and crashed into a tree. In other words, it's an OT action that didn't go as planned. It was just to save that one body but in actual fact it hurt others, you see what I mean. nothing wrong with doing OT things, but a guy doesn't like to do them and then consider he committed an overt. See ? So those have to be run out, there's places on the bridge where those are handled. So it's like he's doing one thing good and then at the same time something happens bad on another dynamic, you see ? OK ? Some people did that. So then what does he do ? Of course he says, well, I'm not gonna do that again. And loses some ability. OK, well, those are self – you see, that proves the guy is basically good, because he withholds his ability where it's done harm. If people were basically bad they would think that's a win! OK ? So that's the ethics part, it's very simple, really, just watch out for anything that prevents people from going up the bridge. And that's where the out-ethics is. OK ? Well, now we get down to nine – dynamic nine, now, it's aesthetics. now these are usually things which people consider arts, music, sculpture, painting, writing, but it's not just that. It's anything a thetan cosiders aesthetic. Or interesting or very beautiful. In the game. It can be furniture, a garden, you know, a building, you know, a sanitary landfill, is that right ? Sanitary landfill. Well, if it's done well and it's not polluting, recycled, recycled landfill, recycled garbage, you know ? People consider that, Hey! that's great! They're recycling garbage, you know. OK ? Well, I've seen people make houses, in America they make houses out of empty whisky bottles! You see ? And they cement around them and put another one here and they have a whole house of bottles and when the wind blows, they're all – woo-woo -, so they make an aesthetic out of – and they collect them from the road – so it's making an aesthetic out of something that was just thrown away and it's terrible. So there's a gradient on that. The other reason it's nine – dynamic nine – LRH put it there – well, he told us about it – do you remember ? Do you remember it, because he says that artists lead the way in a game or in a civilisation. Can you see the reason why ? Because we're trying to get more viable games. More viable games would be more interesting. More intelligent. Alright ? More improvement. And therefore the artistic developments in every field, the aesthetics, if you will, would point that direction. So would help the game. now, you can bet and you can look around and find the aesthetics of the interference. They have an aesthetic, too. But it's at their tone-level and it leads people to be stuck in the game. You probably remember examples of modern art – I always give an example – I gave it in an earlier lecture – the Pompidou museum in Paris where they had old tennis-shoes and banana peels stuck on the canvas – displayed there – it smelled. And the only aesthetic expression you could get out of it was that the garbage invaded the art gallery. But the implanters who presented that exhibition probably were going – hahaha, everybody's gonna go down-tone on this one! Meanwhile you go out on the gares of – no, what they call it – the rues of Paris, the streets, you see some very good artists out there! Starving. Kein Geld. no money. Painting very nice pictures. You wonder why the government has never asked these guys to come and put their things in the gallery. And get their pictures in the newspapers. Art magazines. Maybe get a little grant from the government. They're all out there, starving! Hm, interesting civilization, uh ? The same with movies, with music, you know, we have examples of modern music, for instance, that I can dramatize for you, it's mostly like this:… Sounds… – that's modern music. What are you laughing at ? They play this on TV! They have it – it's taught in the universities in Holland, I've actually seen it! Video, oh great, new music! They got in the junkyards and they picked up… Bong, bong, bong, ah, that's a good one, we put it in the orchestra. Come on! This is your world! These are your dynamics! This is your game! It's getting messed up! Spot the interference! See ? Those guys, they're artists! Audit them. Bring them up-scale and they'll do better art. Right now they're being chosen because they're down-scale, and they're being given all the slots on TV magazines, money from the government, scholarships for the universities, come on, where is the game going ? OK. I play you a little aesthetic thing here about the search for truth. Just made a new arrangement, and it's called the Grale. And all these mysteries we've been talking about on these top four dynamics are totally unknown to the people out there. Totally unknown. They may have a little glimmer of a truth somewhere, but they don't know what it's all about. Basically they don't know its importance. OK ? And they've been miseducated, interfered with and confused by the whole thing. And throughout history, though, there have been stories and plays and movies about people searching for the truth and sort of the emotional feeling of looking for the truth. And this was represented in the story of the Grale. It's interesting that the stories of the Grale in the Arthurian legends, which some people date before 2000 years ago, have been translated recently as the search for God or for Jesus or for something else. And the same in Germany with the Nibelungenring. These stories are much older. And it's a search for truth. OK ? So that's what this song is portraying. OK ?…music…
OK, so there's a little New Civilization music. now, so you see, all the aesthetics doesn't have to be crazy. OK, so let's move down to the eighth dynamic, now you're coming down on the eighth dynamic, so it doesn't have to be a mystery. Yeah, LRH talked about it as being infinity, yeah, this symbol – Unendlichkeit, that's a good translation, because it means two things in terms of games and thetans. The continuation of immortality, which you can't measure with time. It is an existing condition. Probably the only one there is. And the other is the infinity of possibilities. Of games. See ? You can put as many games on an infinitely long line as you want! Now what part of the game has the ability to start, change and end the game, complete the cycle of action ? Well, as we saw in the dynamic eleven, and in the dynamic twelve cycle of play, each thetan that has agreed to play the game has a part of the responsibility for the creations he made in the game, and the agreements. So we have – let's call it in mathematical terms – n number of – n times a number of sources of creation in the game. Ten to the 41 players. now that is certainly not one's idea of a singletiety, but singletiety ideas haven't gotten us very far in ending the game. However, this does. LRH states in the level 7 tape that getting out of the game or going up the bridge is an individual proposition. Once you're out you may decide to come and help others when you're not playing the same game. You can enjoy a lot of the same things and people couldn't tell a difference, maybe, if they're still inside, but you're playing a different game. OK. So, on the eighth dynamic, let's look at the responsibility, the logic and the ability to use dynamics nine, ten, eleven and twelve by each player. Then we can actually say that the person is operating – with this in mind, to make more viable games. And we cam say that the eighth dynamic is the logic part of the player. not what he created, waht he experienced, not what he's doing in the game. Although maybe what he's doing is from his logic part, but the logic of the player is the only part that is able to go back through the game, recall it, analyze it, evaluate it, handle it and review it. He does that because he's kept the record of it. That's why he has the data. To analyze. So – all the data of everything you've done in the whole game is available. All you have to do is get rid of the interference and the extra stuff around and you can recall it. You don't have to go experience it all again, you've already done that. But you do have to find the important parts of it, which were never resolved, which had a mystery or which you could never analyze. That is where your attention sticks in the game. You see what I mean ? Where, of course, where you created something and never as-ised. OK ? Also where you broke the rules. But all these things are contained on the bridge. It's a total cop-out to say – inshallah, Allah did it or God did it. Irresponsible act. If that was true we'd only need one auditor and one PC. Somebody who was trained to do the bridge, and he would audit God. Then he would fix up everything. Cause obviously God, if it's true what all these guys are saying, he needs a lot of auditing. If he's responsible for all this, and he's had that many wars, so much killings, so little handling, so hardly any as-ising, so hardly ever freeing anyone, always promises, promises, promises, you see ? But to handle what's here, oh no, this is in charge of Satan. He goes to heaven, to get away from it all, come on, that's a… Mentality, a… Mentality. Avoid the responsibility, go somewhere else. Anyway, that's – they do some good things in religion, yes, they have to have a bit of truth in there, or they wouldn't even be popular. Yeah, they help people and they do this and that and they try to be peaceful. But basically all people that are using their technology are feeding the boys back to the implanters lifetime after lifetime. They give them all the symbols, all the images from the implants, they tell them they're gonna go there afterwards, so they got them all under control. Anyway, in an overall view of the game, if they just took the step out of the religion, they'd be wonderful charity and do good groups. There's a need for that kind of group. Alright ? So they do do some good things. But the basic logic behind it is not helping end off the game, because it's denying responsibility to the persons involved. OK. So, if we have an eighth dynamic here, on a low level lecture you could say you could do whatever you want there, you're just talking to the people out in the street – ah – they're – you don't know what religion they are, you can put whatever you want there, whatever appeals to them. But from a games viewpoint everybody must take responsibility for what he created in the game. And whatever he's done in the game that helped trap another or where he failed to help another. Whatever he did that made the game less viable. OK ? And so we can put on the eighth dynamic the player as the logical player. not aberrated, logical. He can do these cycles, he can help, he can take responsibility. In other words, the player as the source of his own track, his own creations, his own actions. And that would be a very logical position to take, if everyone took that, we could have a much better game. OK? That's the way the eighth dynamic looks when you come down from the twelfth. The interferers in the game, the implanters, have tried to put false ideas about this into the society. And some of them are quite laughable when you read about them, and we call them catcher groups, because some of them are even catching people that drop out of ordinary religions and they even say the top guys of those religions were all part of this other religion that's very secret and if you fell out of one of those you could join this one and find the real truth! And it's the same old stuff! Yeah ? It's the same old stuff. OK. now, believe me, there are enough people that have been influenced by this, you can actually find some of these things they're talking about, you know, higher spiritual masters, phenomena of the spheres, all kinds of higher beings, where do you find this ? There's enough players without bodies in this game, they can be dramatizing all kinds of things. You see ? So you will find some of this stuff. But it can be audited. And then you find underneath just another player who got stuck. And the thing he got stuck, he's just a hard off master who is supposed to listen to all these earthlings and say – ok, ok, just do this and it'll be alright.… And they even have the things about – you know, it's only nine billion years old and the whole reason we're in trouble is because… That blew up two million years ago, and, you know, some other planet blew up somewhere, everybody got hurt, anyway, we worked a lot of preclears, thousands, and if anybody was hung up on the explosion of the planet, it's supposed to be the… Lights that are floating around Mars, you see, and that's not an important event. It may have happened, we may find a few sometime, but it's only a part of a chain, you know, to me, to start the heavy stuff, you know. You see ? Somebody here in this lecture may say – Hey! You're stepping on a few toes there! But all I wanna say is, I'jm going to step on everybody's toes, but from the bottom of the shoe, and lift them up. And put their boots in the sky! As LRH said, everyone must take responsibility for what's happening. As we saw in dynamic twelve and eleven. And ten. OK. Alright. So there is dynamic eight, and now we'll look at seven. now, this one has been confused for so long, categorized, named, the spiritual, witchcraft, books about all of the things of the spirits and all their names and symbols and signs that go with them and everything, it's a – spiritual creations, now, just what I was saying before about most of it – it's simple. It's either thetans themselves who got dramatizing somthing. I mean, out of a body, you know, they don't have any game, they say, look, I'm gonna hang around and haunt this house! If I stay here long enough, maybe my family will come back to me, you know, and they'll bring some bodies with them. Maybe an auditor will come and run out this incident I got stuck in. And what they're doing is communicating, they don't really think that, what they just do is communicate the incident, the incident, the incident, hope somebody recognizes it as an incident. You see, the old – the traditional ghosts, who – you see, they appear mocked-up with blood coming out of their head or something. You know, or walking around and crying. All these things, the guy is saying: I'm in an incident, I'm in an incident, I'm in an incident. I'm dramatizing an incident, I'm dramatizing an incident. They need an auditor. OK ? Just because they're doing it without a body doesn't mean that people don't perceive it, some people perceive it very well. OK ? And then there's a lot of these guys extra – you know, they're still not very sane and not players – they sort of were players but they sort of got dramatizing incidents. now we got the lambda – which I told you before, players make this to sort of take away the job of running life-forms, so they make lambda. They're like an invisible computer. To run a certain thing, like you have a little computer, not to run an electric train or not to run your stove or to run your wash-machine, you see what I mean ? It's not a desk-top that you can do all sorts of library and work with, but it does run your washing-machine, it does run your clothes-dryer, it runs your stove, eh ? Yeah. So you do have this sub-order, but it's a created order of lambda with some intelligene to run life-form. And it can – it has the ability to create sub-lambda to run various parts of the life-forms. now, what we're talking about here – well, by the way, there is – anything that can be used by a thetan in a game, by a player in a game, besides the actual playing-field and the matter, enrgy and space itself. I mean, it can be done, there's no law against it. I'll give an example. When I first got into Scientology, there was a guy who had done the Philadelphia Doctorate Course, that was one of Ron's courses back in Philadelphia, an OT course. And he had – this was his house, see, this was the door to his house and this is the wall back it. And he had learned on the course how to create a remote viewpoint. Very similar to this. So he put a little piece of his theta here, which only had one little job. It was to say hello to whoever came in the door. It's a remote viewpoint. You can have these perception points or whatever you want, but it's a remote viewpoint. And the first time I went to his house and knocked and I heard him say: Come in! And I opened the door and the wall said hello to me. And I thought at first the guy was a ventriloquist! And I thought he would be sitting right around here and throwing his voice against the wall and… I had it all figured out, right ? Except that he wasn't in that room. He was in the kitchen washing dishes. With the water running. And if he was a ventriloquist, he was a damned good one. not only that, he was talking to the baby who was sitting right there on the couch. And when I – I had looked around in the room, I didn't see him, you know, throwing his voice, oh, there he is, in the kitchen, I went in there, I said, How did you do that ? He says – What ? I said: I distinctly heard you say hello when I walked in the door! Right on the wall! And he said – Haha!, he laughed. And he said, well, yeah, we learned to do that on the Phil Doctorate Course. It's a little OT trick, a remote viewpoint. He said, it always gets them, you know, people walk in the house, and… And I said – and I thought you're a ventriloquist! So it's obvious it can still be done by people. Alright, I mean, you also have like gremlins and elves and fairies in your woods in Germany, yeah, so this is all creations and life-forms and lambda and things that need to be handled to end the game properly, they need to be audited, returned back to their original owner and freed. OK. Q: Was it a while before you came into Scientology ? No, no, I was already in! I just got amazed by these guys who were doing… I was already in there. So we have all these things now. This area, since it is important to understand dynamic seven – spiritual creations – you can't see them, you see, it's even less than they say you can't see the wind, but you can feel it. But you can't even feel it, it's just a communication, affinity, reality, but something coming from somewhere, you see. If this was created here just to occupy that space and to deliver that communication, that's all you will get out of it. And you can't find it, I mean, there's no microphone there or anything. You see what I mean ? So, this is where science has not-ised all this, as I said, they say: Nothing, that doesn't happen! None of that happens. Because they can't measure that with any instrument. Well, you see ? Well, yeah, Dr. Prinz can. He knows it's there, so he can measure it. So, the other guys can't. So anyway, instead of this, a whole lot of confusion, this is just confusion. All these things mentioned before, this is people's idea, it's the seventh dynamic is totally non-confrontable. You know, it has spirits, ghosts, it has evil demons, it has djinn, as they say in India, djinn, and magic symbols, you know, to call them, and pentagrams, everything like that, you know, you have to call these guys and you can only get them to do things and maybe they're gonna get you, and all that. Pentagrams, that was the last thing, and a candle here, you know. They never audited these guys! I mean, not only the people doing this need auditing, but the spirits they call in need auditing, too. Cause they're not helping end the game, they're not bringing it to an improvement, the horrible part about this is – they help the interference. Because what they do is easily order the spirits, you see, one of these free ones comes in and he goes – woo, hey, look, somebody's looking for me, he's already in a lot of trouble, he's stuck in an incident,you know, where he thinks he's an assassin, you know, from the fifteenth century, with a big knife, so he has a big knife mocked up here and an evil grin, and so he comes in and the guy says, Haha, just the thing I need to scare my enemies! So he brings out a picture of his enemy and he says: Ah, magic djinn. Look at this guy here, and he lives over on Elm Street, and go over there and get him! And this guy here thinks – Oh, man, well, maybe I just do this one more time, and maybe then I get the auditing. So he goes over to Elm Street and he goes – aaaaaahhh!!! and the guy don't even notice him while he's working around the house, so he goes to bed, and he turns down the lights and relaxes and gets everything calm, and now he notices. And he sort of sees a glow up in the corner and it looks like the reflecting of the blade of a knife, you know, and he keeps getting this feeling he's getting a telepathic communication, it says, die, die, I'll kill you, kill you, kill you! You see ? And that's what they call haunting. And that's what the magicians and the witches and all these people, that's all they're doing. They're throwing these things back and forth to each other.… Good or bad, they're not auditing them. OK ? So they're not helping us in the game. But remember, these people are familiar with this dynamic, they are familiar with it, and they can be helpful, once trained. I mean, they have one bit of truth there, they have a reality on that dynamic! I mean, not helpful reality, but it is a reality and therefore they are in a better shape than a lot of people that don't have a reality on that. You see ? OK, this also goes for voodoo. Voodoo is just another version of this. Where they use a piece – a possession, a somebody's possession, or a piece of their hair, they make a little doll and then they stick a pin in. And it hurts the other guy. Why is that ? Very simple. You have to realize that the guy who's being voodooed must realize that something has been taken from him. And he has to care about it. So let's say they took a coin, no, let's say they took a handkerchief. now, here's the guy over here, a player, a body, now what's gonna happen ? We know that any mysterious incomplete cycle in a game fixes the player's attention. His logic can not analyze it. He don't know where his handkerchief is. So he has attention to that handkerchief, wherever it is. Because it's an incom0plete cycle, you know what I mean. He keeps worrying, what happened to it, where is it ? Now the witch doctor over here makes a little doll and he takes this handkerchief and he wraps it around the doll, now the guy's attention is over here without analysis. He just looks, where is my handkerchief, he's got his attention on it but he doesn't know where it is, you see. He doesn't have enough data. now the guy puts this in the fire. It burns the handkerchief, and this guy feels like he's burning. Because he's duplicating what happens at this end of his attention. What is lost is now getting burned. You see, you can handle voodoo simply by saying, he can have it. But they… Educated the people in those lands to believe that if the witch doctor ever gets a piece of your hair or your possession, you're under his control. So he's already got an education which tells him that if this line is connected up, between him and the medicine-man, now we have two lines that have been forcing this, he believes it will happen, he has his attention on this, he then experiences what happens here and he knows he's gonna die. So, to handle one of these guys, see, it would be easy for a scientologist if the medicie-men were coming to get him, and he stole something, just say, Ok, you can have that.You just let go there. While you don't have any attention on it, and you think, well, he got it, ok, let him have it. There's no line! It might even happen that when the guy burns the… He feels the heat! Cause it's his! He can have it. But you can't – we could do that, but these guys can't, cause they've been educated to believe this false datum here. You see ? So we do have to handle these datums, which we'll come to in the fourth dynamic, which are sitting in the fourth dynamic, making everybody believe things that prevent them from finding the bridge. So this is a very interesting dynamic, remember this, we're going to refer to it again on the fifth dynamic.… The seventh dynamic conspiracy, yes, it includes a lot of things.… It is. All of the things, what are we told in there, is,… Q: But there is more. – A little bit more, but that's for the guys to find out when they come. But it is a seventh dynamic conspiracy. It is to screw up the seventh dynamic. There's all the – he's talking about Excalibur, yeah, you'd better translate that. It's a seventh dynamic conspiracy. By the interference people in the game. To get many, many false datums and false ideas to the people. But on – through telepathic and intention lines, like we were showing, we were showing that, like the medicine-man does and so on. And the witches, but it's… There all the time. And it's great when you get finished with it. So there's a lot of things there which involve that, we will get more into how, there's some more of the seventh dynamic…OK, what time is it now ? Twenty past five, is it time for the coffeebreak yet ? Yes…

Okay, we're starting part three, on the 6th dynamic, I
think this is where we left off.
Okay, we have old friends here, matter, energy, space and
Thats a lot. Let's just start with some interesting data
about this dynamic. Hardly anybody ever acknowledges space.
But they're very fortunate it's there. Because if they didn't
have this there wouldn't be any place to be in. And all this
other matter and energy around might be in one lump. So that
would be kind of difficult. So always remember the space
particles. Okay? See here, you're looking through the air,
e.g., the air molecules. But all of the air molecules are in a
space as well. And all the matter is in a space. And all the
distance between planets and stars and all is space particles,
or space areas. And there must have been at least as many
space particles as there were matter and energy particles,
because remember, when you made that coin up there, well, if
you realized it or not, you put it in a space. So, every one
of these particles has or had a space to be in. And then, they
have some room to live in the games, more room to move around
in. I'm sure that the players created a lot more space in
between. So you have lots of space, and it hardly ever gets
acknowledge. People are always looking at what is at the other
end of the space, the pretty star there.
LRH defines it as the viewpoint of dimension. And I
struggled with that definition for actually about ten years in
Scientology. Just three words, man, and to get all the meaning
out of that is incredible! You see? Viewpoint of dimension. Is
it a viewpoint viewing a dimension? Or could it be a viewpoint
with a very large dimension? Or even something else? Anyway, I
struggled with that a long time. Finally I got the truth of it. Somewhere above OT 16. Both are true, it just depends on
where you are on the bridge and how you are in the game in
which way you see it. You see? You can see it as a dimension.
You take a viewpoint like being at one end of a line and
looking – a viewpoint of a dimension – between here and the
tree. Or you can take a much larger viewpoint and include the
tree in it, and take the viewpoint that it is a big viewpoint
and everything is inside of it. Well, That's the space of an
OT, a space of a guy who goes up the bridge and gets bigger
and bigger and bigger. At a certain point it ceases to become
space and it becomes awareness. He can have an awareness,
bigger than anything in the game, bigger than the game itself.
And that's where you can start finding out what's happening in
the game very easy. And instead of your telepathy going like
this from A to B, it's just… Oh, there is B…pop…you put
your awareness on B and you just give it to him right there.
You don't have to send it. Your awareness is bigger than both
A and B. That's when you are aware of self, aware of others,
aware of games, you know, all these…expansions. We're not
talking about that on the 6th dynamic, this is more like an
OT-ability, it comes as a normal part of going up the bridge
as a 8th dynamic source of the game. These space things are
actually a part of the creation of the playing field and the
game. So, for every little matter particle here you might have
a space around it. For every energy wave or series of
particles going along you might have a space around it. And
you might have extra ones in between to give some size to the
playing field. nevertheless the space is important, is hardly
ever acknowledged, with these people always looking across it
to the other end, and it therefore feels a bit neglected by
the players. So, interestingly enough, in auditing it does get
acknowledged. The first thing LRH instruct auditors to do is
to create the space of the session. So it's putting your own
space around the space of the session and thereby
acknowledging the space which is contained in it. He is saying
sort of "Be OT about the session" here, you know. "Own the
space." Even though it has all of these little space – created
parts of space that are in the game in it, you 're taking
responsibility for it. And therefore every little particle
feels acknowledged. And probably won't interfere with the
So space is very interesting, and that's why… Because of
this fact that the thetan can expand or contract his awareness
and because space itself is invisible, doesn't have mass or
energy by itself, that's why he's talking about in 8-8008 that
it's more equivalent to BE, it's like beingness. It's not the
same thing, but it's closely compared to a beingness, or an
awareness-of-awareness-unit. Because it has the same sort of
… not really matter or energy, it's invisible, it's there,
it holds the game in place and you can expand or contract it
and so on.
Now energy, of course, it's just postulated particles in
space, and this of course is a stuff that is always moving. So
it's moving around, like a light coming down and a motion of
the waves and all of these, it's energy in there. And that's
more associated with DO. With action. And energy particles are
themselves very interesting.They actually seem to travel
across space, seem to go across like that, very fast, and the
question can be: Do they carry their own space with them, or
do they go from one space to the next along like that? Well, I
don't know; it's maybe important at certain levels, when
you're auditing this stuff; it seems to be the same question
like: Does the ice-skater use skates? Apparently it does take
its own space particle with it. And skates across other space
particles to go somewhere. It's interesting under that
speculation that space itself may all be fixed in position
relative to itself, to other space. There was a planet and
when you're driving a car, you're travelling through space.
And the planet is moving through space. But if you put a red
mark on a piece of space somewhere (of this in-between-space),
it might just stay there and you go away from it. It doesn't
travel with you. There's a very interesting development of
this hypothesis in LRH's book "Battlefield Earth". And usually
his Fiction books are not so much fiction as they are track
recall. Where he's talking about teleportation, and how they
line up the coordinates of the two planets, and they teleport
something from this one to that one – bom! – just like that –
it has to do with the spacial coordinates. So if these were
the two planets and the space in between of these things may
be moving, but at some point according to the space itself
which may be looked at as a grid, they come to a certain point
where this and this would line up and they can do the
teleportation, because they have energy fields at both ends.
But if they are going like this, they have to wait until it
gets to a certain point to do it, because they have it all
planned out for this to that energy potential or something.
This people go up the bridge, I'm sure there will be many
scientists, they come out of the Free Zone and go on and
discover all of these magnificent things. But I tell you one
thing: Not more than 50 years ago, I think it was 45, 50 years
ago, they were putting guys in jail in America for saying that
there was space particles. There was… The science of the
day was saying: "Space is nothing". And I remember, there was
a famous guy in America that brought back the old ether
theory, that there is a permeating something out there which
we will call ether. They really meant "space", I'm sure. And
he decided that he could drain energy out of it. And the
federal government arrested him and put him in jail as a
quack. A very famous guy, I forgot his name now, probably
Dr.Prinz remembers it. ("Reich!") Yes, Wilhelm Reich,
basically he was saying that there is something to space and
that there is some connection with energy – of course, energy
is travelling across space all the time, so why can't you
drain it. ("He made a lot of experiments, over 1000s of square
miles." "He called it 'Orgon', didn't he?" "He fed this Orgon
with radioactive substances and he could prove it was
spreading over thousands of kilometers") Yes, there's a lot
yet to learn about this in science. ("By the way, he was
murdered in jail.") So. We're talking about things here which
the interference people don't want you to know about. You can
be very rich and powerful, making some of these kinds of
machines that operate on the basic theory of what was created
for the game.
Matter consists of grouped particles and solids. This is
from the Axioms. And this is…these were LRH's definitions.
I'm putting them here because you have to realize there is a
basicness to them what they are in the beginning. It says
they're in space, so they all have their own space, the
postulated particles. And then they can move. These can move,
too, but they're grouped, and they're solid, so they are more
slowly moving. You see these things around, they don't move so
fast. You can see them all pretty easily and they stay there
most of the time. Unless you put wheels on them. You have
these traffic flows out there. It's going like – Stau – and
then you can see them again and then – zoom! – they are gone.
Okay, so thetans like these, they like matter and energy
machines that move.
Now, all of this would be fine, a nice game, with many
beautiful things out of that. By the way, I should say the
time here; that's the agreement of the rate of change. It's
totally as he said, that's the arbitrary. It's the only
arbitrary in there. That is made up by the thetans themselves.
By agreement or by postulate. And as you go up the bridge,
you'll see what I mean, there are actually some implants that
make you believe there is a thing called time. But it's easier
to see it as postulated cycles of action. And that's the way
you actually view it, when you move up the bridge, you start
seeing time: Well, I make that by doing this and finishing it
there. You make your own time. And then you check with the
agreement of the rest of the people and you say "What time do
they have?" So, the time part is by cycles of action. now,
that can be aberrated because cycle of action is one of the
abilities of a thetan. And believe it or not, these
interference people, into the game, they put in some false
cycles of action as well. They 're trying to make you believe
it. So, you tend to believe that everything created must be
destroyed sooner or later. And that…"As you start to live,
you begin to die!" They are giving you these cycles of action,
they teach them in schools, learned men go around and say
them, so: Authority. And you realize what they're saying, they
are saying: "You can't finish the game!" Because all your
creations, remember those little things you created to put in
the game at the beginning, no matter how much you have thrown
away or neglected or anything, they cannot be as-ised, they
have to be destroyed – handled with force! So you have to
create more force to destroy those. And we are getting to this
in the next dynamic, but you get the idea that somebody is
improving by being born and living and growing up and
learning, that the same time he's starting to go down to
death, throws the whole idea of being in the game, ending and
improving and winning and everything totally out of the
window. As soon as somebody is born, he starts to die, so he
doesn't go, he goes blub-blub like that. So there's no
gradient where he goes up here, and he says: Okay, I don't
mind leaving that body and get another one here and I now I'm
bringing him on up to here – not even that! Or even the going
the showed in "Star Wars", you know, where the guy, Darth
Vader tries to hit him with the sword and the guy disappears –
fump! That's the way he ends it – he as-ised the body! You see
- he ended the game properly, boom, that was it, okay. Did
away his body, he as-ised his body, left his dirty old cloak
there on the floor. A real clean OT would have as-ised that,
too. You see, interesting, the way you can look at the film
again. ("It was a joke to leave the cloak there, he could have
taken the clothes with him!") Oh, yes, he can as-is that, too,
disappear that, too. If he was really up there, he didn't want
to leave any incomplete cycle. It was his cloak.
You see, to end a game, you have to end up all the old
cycles. Or he could have said: "Wait a minute! Don't strike
with the sword yet, wait!", take off the cloak and give it to
a little kid. "You take it now. – All right, swing the sword!
- Fiuu!" and disappear. You remember, ownership.
So they have all these false cycles of action in there.
And there are levels on the "Source leves", where you can
start changing cycles of action, you find all these agreements
you found and you made and you agreed to, and then you can
change them. Remember from what we'have said before, I think
on the 11th Dynamic, all these created particles after a long
game, they got mixed up and they got interchanged and mixed
up and thrown away and dumped and everything and recombined.
Remember that. So the only thing that they can group them by
now instead of ownership – this is what we have to do in
auditing, we have to get back to ownership, and that we handle
on OT 12 and 13 – but in the MEST universe they went into a
sort of categorizing the way the felt, the way they appeared.
So you have planets and moons and asteroid and you have
different kinds of trees and different kinds of flowers and so
on. So they have these vast categories of matter, energy,
space – well, also we got to get the next dynamic because of
living things, we have to have the Lambda factor in there,
too, that's what they miss. But the scientists don't see it
there really, they know it's living, but they don't know why,
they just think it has something to do with matter, energy,
space. But know, let's take a look at this in combination with
the 7th dynamic. Matter, energy, space and time in combination
with this lambda an theta. Because that is where we get start
to get very interesting. We get into life forms. You had to
have these higher dynamics to have this one. Because, if you
take a normal human being, it's a combination of theta, lambda
and phi. Plus case. But let's just take it simply now, we say,
the case gets audited off the guy, now, what do we get at the
end of that, we have a thetan running a body which is composed
of these two things. Let's see this guy, now, what you can see
is a body, and in actual fact, as they have done it in
science, you could break it down, and you get it equal to so
much matter plus energy plus space. It has a growing cycle and
an aging cycle, so it has some time in it. For many years that
was as far as they were able to see. And the way they
differentiate animate and inanimate or biology and geology,
you might say, you know, because in a volcano you have
movement, so why is it not life? Well, they can see, that's
the energy pushing up the heat, the energy heat, heat, heat,
and blows the rocks up. But these things, bodies and the
plants and all that, they go through this other cycle, they
grow, and they move, and they take in other matter, they use
it for nourishment. And now – they reproduce. now, they have
in biology the things that distinguish life from non-life, you
know, movement, eating, reproduction, knowledgeable movement
towards something, they have all this in the biology books.
So it can't be only this, or it's no more interesting than a
volcano. Or the wind, because the wind moves. And it goes in
certain directions, and you may say, it reproduces itself in
whirlwinds, but it's not the same. They can stretch that, this
has certain things, they miss somehting here. And, we find out
from the Dianetic Axioms, that when the thetans wanted to
handle this universe, realize, the same thetans who created
it, but somehow it got toward the end of the game, and they
want to handle it now, get all the creations handled. The idea
was to bring order to this. now, why did the MEST need
bringing order to? It was all jumped and thrown and not used
anymore, they didn't as-is it after they finished with it!
So it needs to be brought order to it again, made useful
in the game again, so it has some ARC. And the players needed
a way to have this happen, so that each particle of the MEST
universe could get back into the game. now, without a thetan,
sort of hanging there and auditing every little particle of
MEST, and there are millions and billions, did another thing,
make somehting else, another creation to do it for me. And
that was the lambda thetans. Or the lambda. I told you about
them before. They have a principal job of running the body by
making some particles of themselves with facilities that
operate like a computer. The minimum I have found is that for
every cell in the body there is a monitoring lambda particle
there. And that's the lowest level I found – the cell, the
cellular level.
Now, we're talking about – that's where it gets
interesting: They are just now starting to discover the
complexity of a body. Because this, what LRH wrote in the
Dianetiy Axioms, we can also go back to simple amoeba small
cells, plants, grass, but let's coming up to the body, which
everybody is interested in. There you find a little simpler
org board, not as many cells, not as much to do. We have here
a very large organization, which we used…we say it's a third
dynamic, a third dynamic covers groups and organizations. Here
we have, on the fifth dynamic, a very large organization.
I just want to give you an idea how large it is. These are
some pages out of this health book here with some data. The
intelligence inherent in our bodies (it's out of the "Fit to
live" book, I think Dr. Prinz recommends that for people) is
so vast, so large, it's positively staggering. The human heart
beats about 100,000 times every 24 hours. Consider the fact,
that the heart and its pumping system, the blood, has over
96,000 miles, that's about 150,000 kilometers, of blood
vessels. One day it's equivalent of 6,300 gallons, that's
24,000 litres per day. Just the blood, there is 24 litres made
up out of over 24 trillion cells. Every second there are 7
million new blood cells produced. It's got a pretty fantastic
health organization. Looking at it from the smallest lambda
level, which I defined as a cell monitor. And it also goes on,
all of this is going on, but the body maintains a normal
temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 37 Grad Celsius. The
skin is the biggest organ of the body, it has 4 million pores.
They're the cooling system. And then you have all the other
functions inside, of course, and so on. Just the brain, which
is the switching system for lambda to give the instructions
through to all of the stuff re coordination: 25 billion cells.
The smallest cell in your body is about one billion times the
size of its smallest component, like some of this little
orbiting things around an atom, in a molecule inside this –
one of these… Genetic fibres in the middle of the cell,
they have a little electron going around the atom in there,
and that's one billion times smaller than the cell itself. So
you have the cell, you have the nucleus and then in there you
have the RNA, DNA and these things, and in there you have
little atoms and molecules going around, and you know… These
are matter, energy, space and time; what they're saying is:
the matter, energy, space and time is much smaller than the
cell. Much smaller. There's a lot of little matter, energy,
space and time going around inside there that is being
monitored by this little lambda guy. And inside of each cell
is a nucleus that contains the chromosomes, that contain gens.
And that's the stuff they're messing around with right
Here's a good comparison, the guy makes an interesting
comparison, he says: Let's take a look at the size of this
numbers of organization we are talking about what's going on.
Considered there are about 4 billion inhabitants on the
planet. (It's a bit more now.) Think of how difficult it would
be to get all of these people doing one thing at one time. Or
working together. He says compared to the body organization
and how it's working there it would be the same as having
18,000 earths, each with this amount, all working together.
That's a good part of Sector 9 right there, you know? And
these guys would all be on the same purpose, the same idea,
improve the game, or whatever.
In the body, there are…we are talking about all the
little things, they go on, your digestion and different
processes, cleaning, exhaust…quadrillions of processes every
day. Quadrillions, of course, this was already "billions", you
just have to add more zeroes on there, another bunch. 15
Okay, now, I want to bring that to your attention, because
again it's just like the cars on the freeway, remember? It's
amazing, with all the interference in the game, that they work
at all. And now I will show you why medicine alone or on the
other hand spiritual therapy alone will not work alone. For
every cell with all its little things in it, a lot of MEST in
here, all right? At least we know for every cell there is a
parallel lambda guy that's telling the cell what to do in here
and how and when to do it and so on and so on. And that is
from the computer part here and there's larger lambda that
oversees it all, so you don't have to do it. And believe me,
you can find out all the things it's doing if you sit down and
do a long enough session, you find out everything that's going
on there. It is organized. Both with time and with functions
and different jobs and so on. now we come to the problem of
why one alone won't work. It has to do with this: First we
have here…this would be spiritual, would have to handle the
lambda part. Physical would have to handle the MEST part.
You've heard about that, that's medicine and knifes and all
that stuff. There are some good things. But it also includes
diet and food and drinking and all that, all right? Now, the
problem here is, what we're dealing with is – the quality! of
each of these. And this is why we have these 70-years-old
people on this planet. It's finished! Because we talked about
all the interference on the seventh dynamic, didn't we?
Remember that, seventh dynamic, interference. That influences
the lambda and makes its quality poor. now, with this large of
an organization, you only need a two percent, five percent
effect! And with this much going on, gradually it works
through the body and ages. Every false datum the thetan
believes and the body gets from the thetan to believe, the
thetan runs these whole things, don't know about this, like
somebody drives a car, don't know how the engine works, but he
knows, he pushes the pedal, it goes, anyway: Any false datum,
any aberration, any dramatizations affect the quality of
lambda. This is nothing new, LRH talks about it in "Dianetics"
in 1950. Before they were called "engrams", they were called
"comanomes". Comanomes were a temporary halting of the
awareness of the cell. He had all the way down to the cells in
the body. And a comanome was an incident that affected or
stopped, halted the awarenes of a part of the body, the cells
in there. And at that point, while it was stopped, the MEST
was going uncontrolled. And whatever information was coming
in, like talking to an unconscious person, would go right
through and mess up the working of the cell. now. We have
another problem. It's the quality of the physical. The only
way you can replace the matter, energy, space and time,
different elements, minerals, vitamines in the cell at this
time – people eat and they drink and they breathe. And as we
talked about, I think on the sixth dynamic, and even up above
on the idea of the technical handling of the planet and on the
game cycle, we talked about pollution. And as you keep
throwing away things, eventually it comes back and haunts you,
it comes back and poisons your water. So now the blood stream
comes along here with a replacement, but the quality of this
is not as good as the original. All of the originial got hit
by the comanome or by the engram or by the incident, so now we
have not only the quality of the cell, of the lambda going
down, but we have the quality of the MEST going down, too. And
again, since it's such a large organization, this happens over
a period of time. If quality goes down over a long period of
time, the viability goes down, too. So the body doesn't live
very long. now, you say, well; so any handling of this has to
take into account the quality of the physical, the ingredients
coming into the body, and the quality of the lambda, which is
monitoring all the cells. Okay? Then we can reverse the
vectors, improve the quality, improve the quality, improve the
Now, the next problem with that is the thetan. We call
him, on the bridge at OT 14, the C/O of the org, the
Commanding Officer. But below that he's not in command. not in
command of this org. He can move the body, but he can do very
little to influence which way it's going on the cellular
level. The first breakthroughs on this were in Dianetics and
doing the assist and things like that. So the normal person
out there, they hardly have any chance to improve this part of
it. It's true that positive thinking and all that kind of
thing helps, because what you're doing is that this guy, the
thetan, is thinking positive, so he's not putting as much
aberration onto the lambda. But the lambda has already got
aberration. – You have a question. ("What is about meditation
in this case?") It's not going to help very much, except it
just keeps the body quiet and allows you do something while
you are sitting there, maybe you can help repair. The body
does most of its reparation work and repair work while you are
supposed to be asleep. The body has too…what we know as a
maintenance, a repair; it's the way it's set up, and
operation. So it has two things to do basically: The thetan
wants to operate it, that's probably one; the whole idea was
created by thetans, they want to work with it. When a thetan
decides to lay it down and let it rest a while, then it goes
into maintenance and repair. And there's a whole level on the
bridge where we start handling what does the thetan do while
he's asleep, what does the body do while he's asleep and so on
like that, it's very interesting. And now I tell you something
now: The normal maintenance-repair cycle on a body is
somewhere between two and three hours each for one. That
means that it is usually only enough and not quite enough,
even just one is not quite enough, to actually handle the food
that the person eats, or the air they breathe in one day. So
it's barely maintenance, no repair. now we get two and three
cycles a day. Most people do sleep from six to nine hours,
somewhere in there. We probably get…in the second cycle
somewhere, they are about finished with all the junk that has
come in during the day, and the best they can do with this
stuff. In the third cycle they can maybe work on a repair. But
not any long term repairs. no, no, the person was so
aberrated, they bumped their head on the door, you remember?
Before he learnt to walk toward the way, so they had to go
spending this whole two to three hours here fixing up the lump
on the head. now, under these conditions the whole
organization is only handling what happens every day. So by
the build-up of aberration and the build-up of poor quality
food and pollution there is no chance to do a complete
overhaul on the body. now, what we're looking at in that –
shall we say – cycle of born and then body declines after a
certain period, and you have to look at this from the
viewpoint of a child growing up; remember a child, everybody
likes how innocent they are, they are unconcerned. Most. About
the dynamics and all that, they are not that working, they are
not saying: "What's going?", by football or save the amazonas
rain forrest, they're not saying that. Well, the child, the
body of the child is actually going through the creation of
this whole organization phase, you see, it's building it
newly. So it's naturally going to improve, and the child
himself is not operating on his dynamics very much. So he's
not hitting much interference. Unless his parents are beating
him or something like that, then they don't do so well. Okay,
now it keeps going, and as the kid grows up, goes to school
and so, he learns more false data. Starts taking drugs,
alcohol, gets all these suppressions and repressions and
inhibitions on the 2D, maybe a venereal disease, and then, as
he's growing up, he's getting more and more to business, and
having that money, and getting into the scenarios, and all
this is impressing on the thetan, for sure it's also
impressing on the lambda! So we look here, the curve is start
to level off. The body – and it maybe sleeps less, he's
nervous, got stress now, so the body reaches a point somewhere
in the lifetime where it can't improve anymore. Too much false
data around and too much other things to do, and too much bad
stuff coming into the body. So we get a levelling off of the
ability to improve the body condition. not meant growing. Just
the gradual build-up and improvement of the body, you know,
like athletes, they have a normal athlete span for the
olympics of, maybe they make two olympics and that's it, or
three, maybe. Twelve years. And they can't improve after that,
everyone else is faster or better. So somewhere around there,
we don't know where on each individual, they are all a bit
different cases. But you know, somewhere between 30 and, let's
say 40 something, or 25 and 38 or somewhere in there, it
levels. The amount of aberration and amount of influence ans
everything coming in on the body both physically and
spiritually. The organization is trying, trying, trying,
trying, can just keep level. Handle day to day. now, LRH talks
about in Policy, he says: "A level statistic never remains
level. It either will go down or it will go up." And that is
where you must find a Why. Why did the statistic go this way
and now it has a level graph? You'd better find out why before
it starts going down. Or if it's going down you'd better sure
find a why.
All right. It usually – because the body is now coping
with all this, it then starts to go down. Because this guy,
the guy who's running the thing, everybody's telling him he
can't run as fast and won't can do that, can't do that, he
believes it, it's transmitted to here, to the lambda org, the
lambda org starts saying: "Okay, guys, a bit slow down, we
can't do that, we can't do that, we can't do that…" He goes
to the doctor, the doctor says: "You're getting old, you're
getting old, you're going to die, but take it easy, you won't
live long…" So, in all areas he's getting agreement and
postulates from others that say: "This thing is not to work as
good anymore", and it'll keep going down. And at about this
point here, it's really going bad, then the guy starts getting
really desperate. And the quality of the lambda here is
probably very aberrated at this moment on the cellular level.
And at this point the guy realizes: "Ah, I've got to do
something! The game is almost over for me", he thinks, this
guy. And then he tries to go into an emergency crash program
of either medicine, diet, religion or whatever. And sometimes
it makes him feel better. And it actually levels off here and
goes some time like that. But there is a restimulative factor
which I haven't shown you in this; it's just like a sort of
one shock through the org. Which you have to realize is that
this thetan who's running this body did not create this lambda
organization. Reference to LRH's book on…"History of man"
again, about the genetic line and the theta line. This is the
genetic line. The lambda org is travelling usually on the
genetic line. It doesn't have to, but it usually does. now,
the interesting thing about it is, that it has a case! It is
an organization, has a case. It's been in a lot of bodies.
These things were apparently started to run any kind of body,
a doll body, a robot body, a meat body, about several
quadrillion years ago – they're very old. And they have a long
track of running bodies. So you do something in this life that
restimulates some of that what happened to them back there.
You get a chain of engrams, you might say, a chain on the
genetic side, on the body. But it's not the bodies you had,
that's on your own chains. You had a different body last life
and you didn't have this particular genetic structure, you had
a different one probably, unless you stayed along with it in
the same family. It's very rare that that happens to a thetan.
And even then there's millions of other lifetimes that could
have been different.
But that isn't the only problem, there's another problem.
This lambda organization that is running the life form has
worked under many, many different managers – game players. And
all of them had different aberrations. So it has, the body
organization may have some very weird policies it's operating
on. Have you ever heard somebody saying: "I don't know why
every time I pass a chocolate stand I have to buy the
chocolate and eat it. I know it's not good for me, I don't
want to be fatter, I don't like to do it, but I have to!" One
of the reasons could be that the last owner of this was a
chocolate-nut! Told the body "I like it, I like it" – "Yeah, I
like it, too." You see the problem.
Now, that is why I said in another lecture, truly enough
we can bring the thetan up the bridge faster than the body.
Because this is very complicated. And the thetan at a lower
level of the bridge has hardly any reality on how to handle
this and can't even really get in communication with it to
audit it. In some cases however the lambda org is stronger
than the thetan, and when you're auditing, you're auditing it!
And this is one reason for some confusion sometimes on
Dianetics with the guy, you know, "Is it my track or whose is
it…it's not mine…". Might be the body's! And I remember
Ron put a certain level just above Clear at one time, where
the guy would run back his last two thousand or three thousand
years of track. And he had to take it off really quickly,
because everybody couldn't do it. Why? Because a lot of people
were dating on the meter, they were dating the lambda org. And
some were dating their own. The guys who dated their own, they
did allright. The guys who dated the lambda org got very
confused, because they knew "that wasn't really what I did, it
was someone others, not mine…" Ownership, you know.
So, these organizations were basically to help handle,
bring order to MEST, and they are doing that, because they are
making MEST participate in the whole game! You see, they are
getting operated by the thetan, used and everything like that,
so it's all having fun taking part in the game. Although the
MEST down here may feel not acknowledged and nobody really
takes care of it and they are tearing up the rain forest and
everything, it's probably still not as sad as the MEST on the
moon! And what I mean is: Sad equals ARC break of long
duration. So at least it's somewhat in the game here and
people do look at it. And if you ever communicate with the
water mocos, they are kind of quite happy to come and flow
through the bodies and so on like that.
All right. This is the problem Dr.Prinz and I have been
working on, to try to get a complete approach to thetan…
theta-lambda-phi. ("You can prove it with the machines that
that happens.") Exactly right. He has now machines that bridge
between this and this. You can read both sides. This is a Free
Zone development by Dr.Prinz that will make an incredible
breakthrough in handling of body problems. And I've been
working down from the theta side through the lambda side to
the phi side. He's been working from this side up like that.
So he has a machine that will link these two. And I've been
working on processes that link these two. And also some others
that link on to this (to phi). And so far I cannot release it.
I have the whole rundown, and it's based on what I said in
Admin Briefing No.4., that the lambda is not having dynamics
like the thetan does. It's on a dynamic. Realize that the
thetan is playing on twelve dynamics. Well, how many he can
play on. But to say, he should be playing on twelve. Every
time the thetan takes the body and does something on a dynamic
and receives an incident or a loss or some non-logical result,
this results in the lambda encountering a dynamic and sharing
in a loss. So in actual fact you can bang your body against
several dynamics and aberrate the body. You've heard from
people who come back from the war and they have gun shy.
You've seen that. The guy can tell you, he does say: "I don't
know why, but everytime I here an exhaust from a car going
'Pow!' like that, the body dives into the bushes". Hey, the
thetan is out of control of that, he's still in Vietnam or
somewhere else. He doesn't say, hey, logically we're in
Dusseldorf and that's just the car going "Bang"! And the body
go Okay. no! It's still in Vietnam, it's been impinged into
that fourth or third dynamic war game, and it's got all this
reactivity into it from seeing people getting killed and so
on, and it's sitting there, going "Oouh!", jump out of the
way. That's only an example. It can happen in many, many ways.
E.g. There's the man mentioned in meditation. That's an
encounter, say, with…well…maybe a seventh or eighth dynamic
process. Or maybe even the guy is trying to figure out the
game with meditation, and he's looking at maybe something on
the twelfth or eleventh. So the body has a chance to sit
still, maybe. But it's not maybe asleep. So maybe it does
relax and says: "Okay, I try a maintenance cycle." The guy is
only doing one hour of meditation though. So to do this two to
three hours maintenance cycle, the body starts flushing the
poisons out of its system, that it had taken in the last day
from eating, drinking, air; and it's right in the middle after
one hour of meditation, in the middle of its cycle, one hour
later the guy gets up and starts driving his car back home or
something. Where is all the poison? It's in the blood stream
working toward the kidneys and the pancreas and all the
exhaust points of the body, waste points. What does the body
do with it? "Operation: Put all the garbage trucks on the
side!" And so it parks all the poison in different places in
the body. And waits until the next maintenance cycle, so it
just manages to get it half way, and then Puh! Now it's got
poisons in different places. And not in the places it had it.
All right?
So, unless you understand what these functions are and how
the body is operating, you can mess it up.

So, unless you understand what these functions are and how
the body is operating, you can mess it up, making there a
collision with the dynamics. Anyway, I've got processes to
handle all this, and boy, amazing data comes out of this!
Amazing stuff! I just tell you one of them, it will make you
laughing, I wouldn't tell this to new people. You know that
sometimes people get in the situation where the body is dying
and they can do nothing about it. It's just going away. Very
fast. Very fast. I had occasions of auditing a body on these
subjects and a couple of other PCs as well. And I found out that
one of the main reasons the body really on his own takes a
decision to die – are you ready? – they get rid of thetans they
don't like. In other words, this guy must have been mistreating
this body very badly. And the lambda org doesn't like it, "Don't
like to be run that way, don't like nothing about that…"
Because this exteriorizes also at body death and goes to another
body. It may go to a baby, or to somebody that needs one or
whatever. Or even may jump into a different area and go into a
robot or a doll body or a horse or whatever or just wait or it
may – pang! – into a body with another one, who knows. You do
find some…because you eat meat and you eat plants and you eat
things with other lambda in it, fish, you do get those lambda
that are still – if they're not left from the thing, you know,
the raw thing – you do get some of them sticking into the body
trying to play with this organization. You see? And you have to
get an understanding how to clean that stuff off, because it
doesn't otherwise know that. You just want to use the particles,
not necessarily the lambda from the plant or from the animal.
You know, you see people going around sometimes, they eat raw
meat all the time, they go "Rrr-Rrrr!" and they act like raw
meat. So keeping all this straight is quite a job, because you
have the track of the lambda org and the track of the thetan.
You have the quality of the spiritual experiences, collision
with dynamics here, collision with interference in the game
here, and pollution affecting the actual raw materials of
matter, energy, space and time. now do you understand why
doctors cannot promise to cure you. Do you understand why
spiritual healing is looked at as sort of…it doesn't work all
the time, sometimes the guy may miraculously recover, but it
doesn't work on everybody. You see? Because the whole picture is
a little more complicated than that, and they have not
confronted the entire time span of the aberrations. The MEST has
been in the game for a long time. It has its own case. The
lambda has been in – not quite as long maybe, but almost. And
the thetan of course was there at beginning of the game. Oh,
that's a lot of confront. And now I've a rundown that will start
working on this, and as you go through the level of…after the
"Games Basics", we find out that – and after OT 14 even – we can
find that this time of doing a complete cycle will get more
efficient and can shorten down to half of this figure – one and
a half hour. And one of the worst aberrative things that you may
have in your house, whether you know it or not, is an alarm
clock. For the body. Because, suppose you wake it up right in
the middle! You feel terrible all day, because the poisons are
still in the body, they didn't get quite finished. We gonna
operate, we can't get these poisons going through the system, we
got to park them here. So then the whole body will "uaah-uaah".
See, all this flowing is going on here, but they have to do a
lot to handle all these cells every day, clean them out,
function, get all these vessels, these many kilometres, this
much litres, all going through, you have a lot of work to do in
there. So you just – if you find the cycle of this maintenance
period and you program your sleep to be a multiple of that, just
by that you will feel better every day. Just by that simple
thing. In other words, if you have a cycle of this, say three
hours, it's better to only sleep three hours than four and a
half! But it's even better to sleep six. You see what I mean. A
multiple, so that the cycle is complete. Each person has their
own time. That's an average there. ("How do you know your
time?") Well, you have to find it. You have to find it. And that
is: Take a note of the time you went to sleep and the time you
wake up, and how you feel every morning. And finally you get a
point where you feel really good when you wake up. And then
divide it by two and three and see how many of these around that
average, it's somewhere in there; and then sometimes when you
have to go to bed late and you get up early, note that, what did
feel so good then, but "Wow! I only had two and a half hours of
sleep last night, I feel allright!" You ever feel like that? You
know, "I didn't have much sleep, but I feel good!" That was one
of the cycles who came right on the time. So it was only two and
a half, and you go: "Oh! It was two and a half. now we see
five… And seven and a half…Yeah! That's what it is to free
self." You can find it just by analyzing your sleep experience.
And – just cool it and use that, at least I can tell you, you
can just… If you throw away your alarm clock then and just
tell the body, Okay, I want to wake up after two cycles, then I
go on three, you do much better. Until you get up on OT 14, and
then you can start doing some maintenance and improvement cycles
on the body. Directly.
Okay. One more point: When you can get up to where you can
cut this down, you can get the same sleep time and do twice as
much work, or the body can do twice as much work. And then, then
you can get back into repair. Long-term repair. You see? And
that's why I'm talking about here, not just daily maintenance
and daily repair, but long-term repair, like an overhaul on your
engine, you know? Like putting it back on this side. You can put
it back on that side. And that's why I'm not going to say
anything or give any of this data out until I do that and I
maybe get a couple of other people that volunteer to do that
that are on those levels, because one thing that people is very
afraid of in this day and age is to have something not work
right or it didn't work or whatever like that. So I'm going to
make sure that that works, and that's a long cycle. Apparently,
according to the body org, the way to condition the body when
you're getting older – I'm over fifty years old – is about two
to two and a half years. Once you get this cut-down and you get
it on to this repair – complete repair. It's not very long
really when you consider it to fifty years to screw it up.
E.g. I found out that once the body started on that it worked
from the inside out. It starts with the bone structure, the
marrow in the bones and it works out. So you can feel the stuff
getting better, getting better, getting better rather than
getting worse. It comes over to this side. And the last thing it
does is the exterior. And believe me, if you have excess weight,
like I did, on the body, you find that most of the poisons that
they could never get rid of are in the skin, which is one of the
largest…it says here: One of the largest organs in the body.
Of course, because it's the outside. Lots of stuff in there that
shouldn't be there. And it's a very interesting process, because
in the last five months or six months the body has got cleaned
out and disposed of – and actually, when you looked at me, I
really ate – some 23, 24 pounds, about ten or eleven kilo of the
body's fat! In essence almost like self-cannibalism, isn't it?
You lose weight – some kind of it. You know, everybody on a diet
is a Solo-cannibal! I mean they don't cut the fat of and throw
it away, the body eats it! Very funny. So, there's other
considerations on it that people might have found that that's
why they stay fat. "I don't want to be solo-cannibal. The church
said it was bad." Okay, now, in doing that, however, most people
who lose weight under exercise and things and like this, it's
under an operation: The body goes at it and eats it, eats the
poison in it, too. So I wanted to experiment with that and I've
gotten about the poisons has to be done at the proper rate and
so on, and Dr.Prinz helped me analyze the poisons that were
coming out of there, and the body is using the lymph gland right
here for storing it. Can you believe, Uranium-235? Cadmium?
Natrium? And aluminium? Things like that. It must have been in
the food or the air or somewhere. That stuff is coming out. And
believe me, it's dicey for the body to get rid of that stuff.
You don't just throw it all into the kidneys at one time or
something. And I noticed that most of that occured when that was
first starting to start to clean out the skin area, I mean it's
about this thick all over, you know, the skin and sub-skin. It
was like somebody – when you were asleep, when you rested the
body, was like somebody hitting on your head with a club – boom!
You know, because you don't normally need to…you can get to
where you can relax the body into this phase and be aware of it,
you know, what it's doing. And it's just like wow! the thing is
really like it's under a…some kind of a hammer. What it was
doing was moving around all of these poisons who were getting
out of the skin, moving them around in the body. And the first
couple of weeks it was doing that felt like lead, while it was
in the sleep periods. Worked all right during the day, because
they knew they only had that time to do it. But later on I found
it got lighter and lighter, you know, just okay, okay. They are
getting more of it out it's getting handled. So it is still
probably a few more months and so I want to go with it, and get
the ideal scene, trying to get this curve toward back up. I
still don't know if it's going to work. So I can't say anything
and give any process to anybody. I'm trying to con one of the
other C/Ses to try it. Because you realize, it's not something
you audit every day, it's something the body has agreed to do
and you got a program to do and it does it! Entirely new
experience! All of the auditing has been done previously. All of
the collisions with dynamics and all the track of the lambda was
handled beforehand. Things are strange, I mean, it's a totally
new experience. But it's all logical. It looks okay so far. Who
Anyway, that's what happening on that, people asked me, you
know, "what's going on on the fifth dynamic" and so on, this
application can also go into the animal world, plant world,
everything like that, but you see, they don't have the same
problem. normally. Because they are knowingly on dynamics. Or
occasionally you have a thetan running a horse sometimes. Or a
dog, or a cat; you know, if they want to get into the game a
little bit. Thetan jumps in here and takes that, but most of
them are just this part. The lambda is running and being on a
dynamic. So it has about half the aberration possible. But they
can get pretty bad, if the thetan who's running the cows, e.g.
in England, is feeding the cows their own shit. Then they get
what they call "mad cow disease", which the French and the
Germans intelligently said, "We don't want none of that meat!"
That's what it was coming from. They were adding – you know, to
save money, and the Common Market and all of that, to save
money, they throw the offal of the cows into food. Everybody
knows that the things that come out of a body are the things the
body cannot use or has left, go out, because it was poisonous to
the system. And that announcement, I only saw it one time on
television, than they didn't say any more, but that was the real
reason for the "mad cow disease".
The same night, just to show you how crazy the scenarios are
here, on another channel they were showing, how – a true story!
- how a doctor murdered his wife by taking samples of
… From the hospital he worked at and putting them in her
chocolate pudding. It's almost impossible to trace. She died
within a week. They were saying this at the time that the
politicians in England were saying: "There's absolutely nothing
wrong with the meat of England, you know, the food of us is
great." Crazy world, heh? So, whenever you find these little
bits of truth lying in the news sometimes and they shut it down
and they don't tell you any more.
Okay, that's the fifth dynamic problems, we're working on
that, Dr.Prinz can help you with any of this connection, that
here, and soon, I hope, we will have a whole series of a program
that we can do, maybe even down the bridge do some of this work.
You see, when getting things shaped up in the body then you will
be interested in that and that's one of the things I asked
Walter to tell everybody. And for the first time we start to see
the whole picture here of all the things that are happening that
are causing this down curve. You see? All of the factors. Okay?
("I've got one more question about as-ising. You said about
this film, Star-Wars or something, where the guy left and he
left his cloak and as-ised the body. now, the body is not
created by the thetan, can he anyhow as-is that body?") That was
another game, apparently, where the guy used his own particles
to create the body, so he could as-is them, just like the coin.
He probably did, he probably went to some theta school and he
learnt how to create his own body. ("Okay.") Out of his own
particles, so he can just tell them to go in every moment. Yes,
there are stories that they did that in India a couple of
instances. You can read about them, where people could appear
and disappear and so on. ("…") No, not stolen. It's not
stolen. It's just part of the game to use the bodies. If you
mock up your own created particles, you can as-is them any time
you want. nobody can stop you. We're talking about handling the
game, existing game, as it is now. A thetan who is not playing
in a body or is remembered or retained some OT abilities to mock
up his own, then he can do that any time he wants. But I tell
you one thing. He can hardly help anybody else out of the game,
because that is not the same situation they're in. If I did it
right now, it would be useless data for you. And I'm not doing
that, I'm operating with a body that I stole in the game, and
I'm trying to see how to experiment with it to handle it
properly. Otherwise we don't help anybody else out of the game.
You see? Sure, when all of this is handled, then anybody can
mock up anything they want and so on, and then as-is it whenever
they want, but they at least know how complicated it can get if
you start throwing away the things without ending the cycle. And
so on like that.
Okay. now we had a trip through eight dynamics, coming down,
or we're closely in; good. – Now we come to four.
Now, remember, the fourth dynamic could be looked at as
players operating whatever their favourite type of body is. It's
normally looked at as mankind. All mankind, whereever it is in
the universe. But you remember that thetans can also run
electronic doll bodies or they can run robot bodies. Or they
could be even in between bodies or outside of bodies, can't get
one because they're scared. So from a game analysis and game
technical viewpoint it is wise to look at the fourth dynamic as
including all the players, no matter what body or lack of body
they have. And having some difficulty with their logic and
figuring out the game. Remember on the eighth dynamic we are the
player, but his logic part. now we have the combination of his
logic and his illogic. As I say, with all the missed data and
the false data and the education and all that stuff mixed in.
And believing he is a body rather than he operates bodies. And
it includes the guys we talked about in the last lecture, which
was the people from different planets and outer space have
different kinds of bodies. You remember the Andromedans and so
on. And so we're looking at a big…what are the players using
as the normal means of operation and communication in the game.
And this determines of course what kind of groups, civilizations
etc. Will come out of that, and second dynamics and first
dynamics. You see what I mean? You understand? To just think of
the fourth dynamic as limited to all the people on this planet,
or as they would in America, to think, that's all America, no
more…You know, it's a big third dynamic, but they think, they
are a fourth dynamic. Or, well, it's all the white people, and
not all the blacks and the greys and the middles. no, they are
all wrong, all these are players and they are trying to get
along in the game. now, so what's happening on that? Well, first
of all, I think as I mentioned in an earlier lecture, I think
Admin Briefing No.2, "False Bridges", the great part of
humanity, yes…of humanity and on other planets and so on, are
confusing this game with others that have been played. And
there's technical reasons for this, and so on like that, but
it's basically because they are still looking for the technology
of how to end the game. And as we said on the twelfth and
eleventh dynamic, this is basically because there has been
interference in this game. And as I mentioned in the UFOs event,
there was quite a concentration of implanter influence in the
Andromeda area. And they had all of these guys called "The
Greys", remember, coming down and getting in line with the
Americans to have these underground experiments and all that.
And I also mentioned that there was going to be a meeting with
the good greys, because not all of the guys in Andromeda were
working with the implanters, to sort out some kind of an
intergalactic decree, because all of the decrees on this sector
and this galaxy only apply to this galaxy. And therefore there
were loopholes in it. So if the Greys come from Andromeda,
another galaxy, and they come over here, they are not really
under the decrees of this galaxy. You see, it's just like if you
go to another country, you are not immediately required to pay
taxes there, you'd have to set up a residence and to get a job
and a business first. So you are not under the decrees of that
tax department in the other country. That's the idea, you have
Okay. ("Are these the Marcabians or the Implanters, the
Greys?") The Greys are Implanter guys. The Marcabians look a bit
grey, too, they used to work with them, and then they split up.
But they are basically Sector 9 people. Okay. Anyway, that
meeting did happen. And Elron Elray was there as one of the
group that was representing this galaxy, and they met with the
Central Council of Andromeda in between. They left quite a long
time ago, it was middle fall last year, to get this secret
meeting going. With fastest ships and so on like that. All set
up telepathically. So anyway, they got this decree worked out
after a few days – our time – and I received it on the 9th of
May, which is very interesting, that was the date of the
Dianetics book, actually 40 years after. And the way it
translates across is: "Intergalactic decree. Resolved and agreed
at a meeting of Council-authorized representatives of Galaxy 0
and Galaxy 1. Venue – that means location – at a point between
the two Galaxys concerned. Subject: Rights and Privileges, Rules
and restrictions of citizens travelling between, visiting or
taking up residence in Galaxy 0 or 1. Also exile, extradition
and citizenship regulations.
Number One. Right of travel, access and hospitality is
guaranteed by both Galaxys, 0 and 1, to their citizens and
strangers, provided that peaceful intent is shown.
Two. Exile and extradition are possible to be used in cases
of proven crimes against civilization or implanting of citizens
of either galaxy or strangers.
Three. Central, sector and local rules and regulations apply
to all visitors, travellers and resident seekers in Galaxy 0 and
Galaxy 1, whether from the other Galaxy or a stranger." So in
this case, you go to the other galaxy, you are under the rules
of that place. And of course you also have hospitality, travel
and access.
"Four. Strangers are defined as those individuals from an
area or space outside the control of Galaxy 0 or Galaxy 1
Central Councils." From an area or space that is outside
control. When they come into the area of Galaxy 0 or 1, they are
under the control of these.
"Five. Citizenship of Galaxy 0 or Galaxy 1 is defined as
residence therein without having notified the representatives of
the central governing council that their presence is diplomatic,
touristic or commercial nature only." So that's very clever.
That's one of those: "If you don't do anything, it applies to
you." You see? So the Greys can't sneak in anymore. And secretly
work their deals with the U.S.government. And fall through the
loophole of not being from Sector 9. "So it doesn't apply to
us", you see? So the Non-Interference doesn't apply to them,
see? Now, it says, residing therein without having notified –
they didn't notify the central governing council of their area,
or the GP or whoever is representing there, that they were only
diplomats, tourists or commercial. So therefore, they are
defined as residing there. And their presence discovered means
they are applicable immediately under all the rules and
regulations of Sector 9. You see what happened there? Prevents
covert entry, with the guys claiming, "Hey, you know, I'm a
stranger, I'm not from here, I don't know the rules here." When
they know exactly that these guys came in secretly and didn't
want to be discovered, you see? But know doing that means: "Oh,
you're taking up residence here. Because you didn't go up and
spread your credentials and say "I'm a tourist, I'm commercial,
I'm diplomatic, I'm not residing." Beautiful, beautiful. I love
these political ways they do these things.
"Six. Those individuals or groups with non-peaceful, anti-
civilization, terroristic or Implanter intent are liable for
revocation of citizenship, revocation of liberty and revocation
of protection under this decree." That's pretty clear. So the
non-peaceful, anti-civilization, terroristic or Implanters can
have their citizenship, liberty and protection revoked. You see
what happened here? Obviously there was quite a lot of
interchange of data about the bridge and the interference in the
game and where it was coming from. And the Andromedans, the good
Andromedans agreed, Hey, wait, now, Oh, I see! Okay
"Number Seven. Authorized ethical, technical and
administrative projects to improve the quality of life and
civilization in either galaxy or in the universe are protected
by this decree and by the Central Councils and representatives
of both Galaxy 0 and Galaxy 1." That's good. You see how
protected you feel?
Okay. "Eight". We also heard that the Church is now being
requested to give all their financial records to the government
and so on like that. Somebody got the message about this
from…another line – Boo! Anyway. "Eight. There shall be joint
cooperation between the Councils of Galaxy 0 and Galaxy 1 to
enforce this decree and its relevant points on citizens and
strangers alike, to which end an exchange of authorized
representatives has been made at this meeting." So there
somebody, probably some trained C/S or technical guy that was
trained by Elron Elray up at Central or something is been
exchanged over to Andromeda. And they now have one of their
guys, probably very smart in research in that area, over to
Central. Okay.
That's signed by Galaxy 0, Central Council Representatives
for all Members. Central Council, they call it, for all members
of Andromeda, M-31, that's what we call it. And by Galaxy 1,
Grand Council Representatives for all members. Sector 0,
Central. So that is what they did, that's great; they saw about
all the loopholes on two pages, I mean, could we use some
politicians and administrators like that on this planet?
(Applause) I've given a copy to Doro to translate, and she send
out copies to people. ("What's happening to those who are
already here?") Well, I suppose, something's already happening
with them, Hah-Hah! Yes, I can feel the changes over there
already. They are worried, man! Can't come out in the open yet.
Or if they do, when they come out at '96, they're going to have
to be…well, we're citizens over here, I mean, we live
here…("Such data, could that be published in a book for
everyone, like a science fiction?") You must be kidding! You
must be kidding, man! Look how long it's taken us to get those
whole things together. You've got the "Sector 9" book, you've
got the "Teegeeack" book, you have the UFOs thing, this is what
was predicted in there that it will happen soon! Just think of
your gradients! Of course, you got to get people the whole story
and then they know what's happening in this galaxy! It takes a
"Sector 9" book, the "Teegeeack" book, the UFOs video which is
eight hours or something, ("Five!"), five, and then this. Then
they understand. Use a gradient. ("Okay.") Come on, don't
just…you know. noone will understand it at all. Anyway, the
guys that need to know will get it. Or they got it. There was
already a whole shift in the Implanter strategy when they got
that cycle. They had it. They got it telepathically, too, from
their spies and so on like that. ("Send it to Bush!") He
probably knows it already. Probably soon. Anyway, that was
what's really happening on the fourth dynamic. And that will
affect the happenings on planet Earth, the game between the
American side, the Implanters, and the European Marcabians and
all that stuff. And all of that will be… To a better
conclusion, let's say it that way. There is still quite a bit of
uncontrolled dramatization on the planet, of old incomplete
games. Especially in the Middle East. And that is being kept
alive by the leaders that are also dramatizing the incomplete
games. And that and the terrorism business will go on probably
for another…about another year and a half, and that's about
it. Because there's a natural ceasing of the dramatization.
After the time for its happening goes out of the guy's memory.
You know, it's like while you are in the area of a house where
the dog bit you, you feel nervous. This game that they are
dramatizing happens to be keyed-in on Christian time. And it
will cease in around 1991 or 1992. And then get ready for – as I
said before – they still will probably do the Landing Scenarios
in 1996. After there's a big plead to put the whole world
together and get everybody working together. Would be in 93 or
94. They are really hinting at this. Did you hear the proposal –
but it's in a slightly different way – the proposal from Russia,
it was Gorbachev actually, that said, "Hey, why don't we join up
all the East and West defense forces and have a sort of a big
protection all around the whole northern hemisphere." Well, I
knew that it was going to be announced about two days before it
was. That is an attempt to really ease the threat of war,
because probably the most possible warlike countries around are
the Middle East, America and some of these Far East plays like
China and Pacistan, India…which are all still a bit stuck in
this old game. I expect, however, that it's not going to get
much agreement. Even the news media are getting a bit…tired,
you might say, or on the other side of it, "Hey, why we keep
killing so many people, come on and set peace", you know. It's
not even a good story anymore. But it's getting a bit sick, you
know, terrorist bombings and more people killed doing this and
more people killed doing that. The news casters used to announce
it with thirsty, sort of horror movie enjoyment, but now it
doesn't sell very well. You know, people get really tired of
that stuff. But see, they're shifting into view another enemy.
And that is a more real enemy, actually; and that is of course
the damage to the environment and the threat to the planet. But
remember, that was predicted already with Alternative One, Two
and Three, in the last lecture, some twenty years ago. But now
they are bringing that more and more into the forefront; it'll
be another reason for everybody to get together and work
together. And another reason to justify we need extraterrestrial
help. The funny thing is gonna be the different landings that
take place, it's going to be probably one from these Andromedan
guys with the new angle from the Implanters, a new aspect, a
more covert control. And another one from the Marcabians,
probably somewhere here in Europe, and maybe and even one from
the GP, who knows. So, anyway, it's going to be very interesting
decade. And a lot of more data about that is covered in the last
UFOs lecture, if you don't have that, you should get the tapes
and look at it. So, basically, there's a chance for the fourth
dynamic to survive. Because most of the scenarios have been
split up and now they have alternatives, pretty visible. One of
them is what we are talking about here. Understanding the whole
game in all of its dynamic context. And you are some of the very
few people on the planet who do understand that. So let it be
known. On whatever gradient you need. We're not just
Scientologists, we're citizens, of this universe, and the
galaxy, and the sector, and the planet. So: We must take a
responsibiliy for them. And I've told you what you're up
against. Lot of interference and science and education, medicine
and everything. But the good thing is: A lot of people are
seeing that now, and they don't trust it so much. not all is
bad, they shouldn't throw it all out, but they should get the
whole picture. And it needs coordinating between the spiritual
and the physical progress.
We will now go on on the third dynamic. Let's look at what is
third dynamic with this fourth dynamic? So we can say that this
is a grouping, a smaller grouping of players, as LRH defines in
a Policy: Organization is a group with a common purpose.
Therefore I give you the secret of analyzing whether an
organization is good or bad or harmful or not: Find out what its
purpose is and see if it fits in what we were talking about. Are
they trying to improve the quality and viability? Of whatever
area they're promoting to, and with whatever product and service
they're giving? Or are they trying to interfere with people's
freedoms and with people's rights and to put the quality down
and the viability down? You see? You can tell right away. And
that gives a tool of analysis and evaluation on groups. Just ask
the member of the group, "What is the purpose of all this?"
Repetitive process until you get an F/Ning answer. And even,
"Hey, I really don't now!" "Oh, what are doing in there?" Or, is
that what they say, is that really what they do? Remember, they
can have a false purpose they give to people in the group and
then they do something else. But you got to start out with
getting some data. Then you can compare that to what they
actually do. And what their actual products are. And right away
you know if this group is okay or not. I don't think many
governments would pass that test. I mean they are very competent
in doing nothing. Except to keep enforcing the tay laws. Anyway,
some are better than others, I understand. Or shall we say worse
in enforcing those laws and others. Because remember, if you pay
100 percent taxes, you are a slave. So just figure out how much
of a percent of a slave you are by figuring out how much taxes
you pay. And you have to add the hidden taxes, the gasoline
taxes and the income tax. And the gift tax and inheritance tax,
dog tax… There is a simple analysis, coming down it makes it
very esay to analyse a group. Looking at them with this
viewpoint from the games and the analysis of play, and the
technical, how do finish off the game. You see? Makes it very
easy. That's why I want to come down with this group, because
you already have the background and you have the basic data, and
most of you are on the bridge, and you understand that we're
playing a very big game, and a very important. So I want to give
you a viewpoint with which you can operate, which gives you more
data in your hand than any other person on the planet including
politicians, Implanters, anybody. Could you remember, we're the
ones working on the experiment to improve the quality and the
viability throughout the whole game. So we naturally will have
to have a very broad viewpoint.

Now let me give you some interesting data on the second
dynamic. That's what you all have been waiting for. You're never
to old to try! Okay, now, this is interesting, because somebody
wrote to me recently (I won't say who), and he wanted to know
about your second dynamic and the problems that we're having
with another guy was on the bridge, and with the second dynamic,
bla-bla; in fact both parties wrote to me, the guy and the girl.
I mean, almost the same letter. And at least they both
understood I wasn't going to give them any case data. So I just
gave them general statements about second dynamics, from LRH and
from what we discovered through analyzing fifth dynamics. And
basically ended up saying, "Well, don't do anything drastic
until you get up the bridge somewhere." I'll basically give you
what I gave them in this, it's very interesting. One. LRH gave
several stable datums on the second dynamic when I was in the
Sea Org. One he said, "Where governments, churches and
organizations start to fail is where they start to try to
regulate the second dynamic." He analysed that through his study
of history and organizations and so on, churches. Take a look.
The catholic church. They have been trying to regulate the 2D
for a long time. And they have to have a Division 6-pope, going
around the world and kissing the ground and everything, to get
their numbers back! Look at the governments of America and
England and most of the western countries. They've never been so
embroiled with controversy and all when they started to try to
regulate abortion. And look at the world health people, world
health organizations, they heve never been so, I suppose,
ignored and sort of people don't give them any money anymore,
when they started to try to regulate birth control in all the
third world countries. I mean, they lost their image there. I
know from personal stories from people working there they
stopped trying to save peoples lives by hygiene and medicine.
They put most of their money and everything into birth control
plans. And tied it in with the loans that they would give.
Anyway, they are having problems. They haven't any more power or
status, I mean less than they had ten or fiveteen years ago. It
was a scenario, part of the scenario for the depopulation of the
planet. Instead of feeding the people they just say, "We don't
have enough food, we can't make any more"; well, they could make
more food, but they say, "No, we'll just kill more of the
people." They changed trying to do that. Look at China. It's one
of last of the big communist powers and everybody is looking,
"when the hell is it going to fall apart again?" They have a
heavy birth control program. On all the Chinese. They only may
have so many kids. And if it's a girl, they just let it die. Or
if they have…they actually had a report on that, that the
doctors are sort of…you know, they are getting a little bit
feeling like overts, you know, they thought of – well, the girl,
if we don't feed her a lot or ignore her a bit and she dies, you
know, that's it. And if the Chinese family doesn't have a male
in the first two tries, they are only allowed two children, then
they betray their forefathers, because they have noone to carry
on their names! They are very sad and everything like that, and
there's a lot of resentment about this over there.
So there's many examples of this, that they're digging from
the third dynamic, trying to regulate the second dynamic. That's
regulation by law I'm talking about, not education, not a
gradient of understanding or anything like that, but regulation.
What are the most emotional court cases, and the most hated
court cases in America? The divorce cases! They always favour
one side or the other. In some states the man is favoured, in
some states the woman is favoured, you know, who gets the money,
who gets the house and all that. You see, all this is regulated
without consent. And it's not left…there's no independent sort
of counsellors, or anything like that, that can take care of
that, there used to be priests and there used to be doctors to
do this in the old days. And they used to have great old common
law rules an so on. I remember living in Colorado. And one of
the rules, one of the laws there, it's sort of like this one the
galactic guys just pulled down: If a man and a woman were snowed
in over the winter in a cabin and they came down in the spring
they were considered by law to be married. And that way they
avoided any bastard in the whole state. You see? You need laws
where you don't have to be there to have it enforced. So the
child had a father, had a mother, everything was legal, and
then, if they wanted to get seperated, they could. But at least
everything was legal. That's called the "Common Law Marriage",
that means staying together with somebody under a circumstance
where they live together for a while and so therefore they are
considered married by law – without any ceremonies, nothing. no
papers, nothing. And it was basically, everybody understood it
as a protection of the children. So that they wouldn't be called
bastards or illegitimate or anything. And it was taken very
easily, you know, it was not a regulation of the 2D, you see. In
such. It was a regulation, a law, which helped the children grow
up normally. nobody resented that one. But nowadays, they are
saying in England, you know, well, you can abort somebody, if
it's twenty-one weeks or…you can't if it's twenty-one, but you
can, if it's eightteen, I mean, they are going into this detail
and all kinds of controversy about it.
Now, why shouldn't it be a private matter? Why shouldn't it
be private council? With one's own physician, or one's own
family? I mean, where did all that go? Why don't keep this on
the second dynamic? With the family and friends? Why has it to
be regulated by the entire nation, congress, capitol, parliament
laws? You see what happens? There's so much conflict, that if
the government passes for this side, they lose all the vote from
that side. That's one of the datums he once gave us. Okay?
He also recommended that one 2D at a time. And the main
interest here was case problems, no jealousy things and all
that. That's the way they regulated it there, so there wouldn't
be case problems. Had to be agreement declared before Ethics
that they were going to have a 2D, and if they wanted to end the
2D they both had to come there and declare they want to end it.
And you notice that that is not regulated by the Org. It's
regulated by the agreement of the two people having a 2D. All
they had to do was declare it, the start and the end of it, the
beginning and the end of the cycle, so that other people in the
third dynamic would know of the existence or non-existence of
that 2D, so they could then either not interfere or…(Laughter)
There had to be agreement of the 2D, because both had to be
there. Flag. Sea-Org.
Number Three. Don't make any decision to end a viable 2D,
that means one long-lasting, or they have children or whatever,
until after the Non-Interference Zone of the bridge, for both
parties. He recommended that. And you can see why, when I told
you about the interference and all that, and the seventh dynamic
interference and so on, they don't know who's saying what until
they finished that.
And now we talk about…when I wrote this letter back, I told
them it was like…we now consider that to extend to after
Excalibur. The other-determinism. Let's take all of that out of
there and see if the 2D will work afterwards. You remember, you
uncover the case up to this area, and then it's very heavy until
you get through it. You're actually, at a lower level on the
bridge, you're insulated by just sheer case from some of the
upper level stuff. Yes, it's insulated from some of the
telepathic instructions and some of the intentions coming. This
can't get through with all the other noise around.
Okay, that's what LRH worked on as basic, you might say,
policies that he put in on the ship. Very simple, he? But based
on this – don't try to regulate. And this was only to make the
third dynamic run smoother, all this, and to make sure that
everything was self-determined. now, why? It could even go
further on the bridge, because let's take a look at the real
complexity of the second dynamic. We're talking about here,
thetans, who want to live more closely together more of the time
than they do any of the other dynamic…oh, they also play on the
other dynamics, but most of the time they want to be together.
Then we have, say, two bodies. Let's take the very simple case
with just two people on the second dynamic – there are other
combinations, I'm sure – and let's find out why all of these
problems occur. First we have four different time tracks. We
have the time track one of this thetan, time track two of this
thetan, time track three and four of the two lambda body orgs we
talked about on Five. On this time track there's also incidents
with thetans and 2Ds of those thetans, and same with this one.
We're talking about thousands, and here I've just drawn a few.
Now, you also got, on the thetans' tracks, experiences with
their other 2Ds, other. And their other body. All different.
Could be male, female, or big, small, black, white – woh! So you
have a direct possibility of problems just from the four basic
time tracks. And you have other complications arising from what
is on those time tracks from other policies and 2D-arrangements
made by the thetans which run the lambda track, combined with
their intermixing and intermeeting with other thetans in other
bodies from their time track, plus the time track of the thetan
himself and the other thetan they were involved with plus the
body they were involved with. now, this is definitely a
situation where you can't make all the people happy all the
time. You see what I mean. We arise…this is just two, but
suppose we put in some more complications, like suppose a lot of
these tracks went through the middle east, and they had harems!
Or they went through the Amazone jungle, where the women were
running everything, the Amazones, and they kept men as servants,
service people. I knew you could laugh out of this. But that's
not all. Remember, on these tracks and on the lambda tracks,
there are probably instances where the thetan or the thetan
running the body there decided: "To hell with all", and took up
a position as a priest, nun, prophetess, seer, somebody who is
ascetic and abstained from the 2D during the whole lifetime. So
you also have the zeroes on there, where there was no 2D.
With all of that going, I mean it's like the problem they say
of… Two porcupines. not only that, this is just the basic
way it would be in the game – we haven't even taken into account
the interference yet! Remember, all the implants and things, and
the restimulation of the implants, so you have all these weird,
aberrated 2D-pictures from the implanters, from the interference
guys, that have been pushed into tracks all along. And you have
the real incidents on the track of course, where there were wars
and bombings, and wiping out of whole – you know, shooting the
babies and the children and women and these things, these ARC
breaks never cease, if you go to greece, they're still mad at
the turks, where a big war they had where they shot the babies.
And it's worth a greek woman's life to marry a Turk. She will
have at least to be banished from by her whole family. Probably
killed by one of the brothers. You understand? Very serious
aberration on that stuff. I mean, I know, I used to be married
to a Greek person and they have all this stuff sitting right
there in the family all along at the Turks – grrr! So you have
in addition to the implants – well, on the earth scale, and you
also have the church interferences, and the government
interferences, we have a social interference, trying to regulate
and so on like that, and you also have, apparently, they also
have it in the work and they also have it in the military,
militarian interference with this stuff now, and you have all of
these factors operating – now. We shall say that a 2D can be
very confusing. In all aspects. I mean, I have audited a lot of
people to these problems in sessions, and I've seen a lot of
folders, and I've audited a lot of people on the track, you
know, back here, on this stuff on the track on 2Ds. And you see,
this thetan will sense that there are some areas with this
thetan he don't talk about. Because of these areas back here.
And this thetan will sense the same here. You see what I mean.
They'll feel that – Oh-Oh, don't talk about that, we're talking
about just private. It's already starting withholds. Missed
withholds. now, the other thing is the suppression of urges
coming from the body. The lambda org. Which are based on its
track of, "hey, we are like to do it", and this is coming in and
trying to influence the thetan here and trying to influence the
other body, and there's a double influence line here from the
lambda track back to the thetan and the lambda track to the
thetan, and this is the flow, or broken flow, that can occur
there. And because of all this stuff here, there can be
uncontrolled, believe me, uncontrolled flows from this body to
other bodies in the environment, because they are similar or
remind of these bodies that were on this track or the thetans
running those bodies that were on this lambda track. The same
can occur here because of the reminding of the lambda track
here, and then this thetan can misinterpret this flow for: "You
don't love me anymore", or kind of it, or this thetan interprets
it over here, "You don't love me", they see this, they see that,
you know, "You don't love me anymore", and there's the big
As I said before, it's amazing, how many people are still
trying to play the game. But LRH talks about it on an early
tape, he says: "The 2D is very well promoted on this planet, but
it's very scarce, a good one is very scarce." So, one thing that
you can do is, as he said here, try to go up the bridge and get
some of this stuff off or at least known about. And certainly
get away all of the interference with. You can certainly get
away the incidents that…the inhibitions, the bad stuff on the
tracks. You can get rid of some of the null areas, some of the
areas where "you can't do that, because that would be against
the church or against the calling of the high priests" or
whatever. And they can actually get into communication about the
rest of it and find out if all four really want to be together.
But I will tell you, I mean, it may look a lot complicated and a
lot confusing, but these are the things that you find in session
that have gone on with why 2Ds didn't make it. But basically the
whole decision lies with these two thetans, the players. Because
they are more important and more powerful than the rest of the
stuff. Basically. And they had somehow their own attraction
there, right, and if they can handle all the rest with auditing
or with communication or whatever, then that basic attraction
can be restored. Well, I tell you, it could just as well end in
a "Hey!", I mean, they go up the bridge a little bit and they
learn some more things and say "Hey! We agree – not to be
together.", because it's set. Beginning and end. I mean, the
purpose of auditing is not to try to keep 2Ds together. It's
just trying to get off enough of the aberration so they can make
their own decision. Without "have to"s and "must do"s and "you
can't"s and bla-bla. I mean one of my common law marriages when
I even had a child was succesfully ended by agreement when I
decided to join the Sea Org and my wife decided to take child
and go back and become an FSM in America. I decided to go to the
Sea Org – I couldn't take the child. With total agreement. We
had both achieved the purpose we had got together for, which was
to come to Saint Hill. You know, to get trained and audited and
so on – we both did that. And we ended the agreement, and there
was a new agreement to be made – very simple. no misemotion or
anything like that. But that was – we were both very much into
Scientology. I don't know if she still is.
So, anyway, I wanted to show you this, because I thought it
was…it would be very amusing and very interesting to you. And
it's not just a question – oh, there is one other factor I
forgot to add to this which is – family influence, of course!
The rest of the family. And that's very heavy in some areas.
Very heavy. They don't want, these people, but they must stay
together, it looks bad for business or something like that for
the rest of the family, or it would be horrible. So it shows,
this picture, what has to be handled there, and if you're having
a good one, very good, it's very well done, and if you want to
improve it, well, get some auditing, and it will improve.
("…") Sure, that's part of a family, some people stay together
because of the children. They don't even want to be together,
but they stay together until the children are eightteen ore
something. That's what I said, I forgot that; that includes not
only relatives, but also the children – part of the family.
Okay, that's also why you don't audit a pregnant woman,
because when they have a little baby in here, they also have
another thetan hanging around, and then it has it's own old time
track of incidents, so you don't audit this situation, because
you have two cases now. Good. Yes, children; very important.
Anyway. That is some of the complexities there. I want to
point these out, because we're trying to cover all areas here,
and most people have not considered all these areas. You
understand? They have'nt considered all these areas are
influencing that, and so they can't quite ever solve the
problem. So therefore the problem never gets solved. Many times,
if you have ever audited people with 2D problems, you find, it's
been going on for years and years. That's terrible. It's been
going on for years. never solved.
Okay. Wow, we're almost there! Now, the first dynamic is
supposed to be you and your symbiots. What the hell is a
symbiot? It's what you consider yours, your own havingness, and
it helps you in some way to survive to have that. now, your
symbiots, the things that you own for helping you survive can be
also on other dynamics. See, you own a cat. Or a dog. On another
dynamic. Or plants in your house. All yours, but they are also
on another dynamic. now, this is where the confusion originally
came re Clear; LRH was talking about Clear on the first dynamic,
remember. And we had people – I remember it was in Austria – who
had this confusion, that they thought that the first dynamic
Clear meant that all his symbiots were Clear, too. So they also
considered that the body was Clear. And not just the thetan, not
just the being running the body, but they thought the body was
Clear. They thought that all of his plants would grow enormous
tomatoes. That he would never had any viruses or skin rashes
again. no bad animals would ever live on him. Even if he didn't
take a bath. They had all these wild ideas about it. About what
was a first dynamic Clear. Because remember, the thetan can be a
first dynamic without owning anything. Also he's not taking part
in the second dynamic, third, fourth, fifth and nothing of that,
he's just observing the game. Or maybe experience it. He hasn't
made a second dynamic, nothing on the third, nothing on the
fourth, no pets, no animals. He may just be a little tiny
experiencing the game. Or maybe not even that, just observing
the game. now that is about as far, I suppose now, on the
dynamic as you can apparently get to, because there is a thetan,
maybe even he's in a body. Maybe, maybe not, but he's just
observing. He's not playing. Just observing. now, he's not
operating on any other dynamic. not bothering anyone either. You
sometimes find these when you're auditing, and they are usually
very gentle, very weak and very easy to handle. And they are
very thankful for every auditing they get and so on like that.
But they are not really in the game. now, so they're not very
dangerous or anything. not very aberrative. But if you have that
type of thetan owning a body, and you have it being directed
other-determinedly, like by a total dictatorship, and you have a
few millions of those, you can have a very formidable looking –
it looks like it's very formidable – army or military might or
giant nation. But in actual fact it's very weak. Because it only
operates – everyone in it is a first dynamic, is only operating
by other-determinism. They don't really believe in the purpose,
what the leader is saying, just – it's best described by LRH in
a tape where he said: "I was looking at some animals in the zoo
the other day, at a cage." And he said he got in Comm with one
of the animals. Think it was a bear. And he asked the bear:
"Hey, how come you stay in the cage? You're very strong, you
could break the door and go away." And the bear's answer was –
other-determined –: "If I'm not in the cage at 4.30, I won't
get fed." So you see, apparently that bear had one of these type
of, sort of first dynamic thetans in there which is sitting
there being a bear. And he got fed every day at 4.30, so… A
lot of people can get into this state by harsh dictatorship
method etc. And I'm afraid that e.g. China is such a place. I
know it for sure, that the Russians wouldn't have given away
e.g…they broke down the wall and given away…let all those
countries go free, unless they realized they can never get all
those buggers to amount to any kind of attack, or defense even,
hardly. Well, they could get a defense going. But not an attack
against the West. Most of them would run across the border and
just lay down the guns and say "Okay, I surrender. I want a
Mercedes." I mean, look at it, look at the defeat the communist
party has had in almost all countries except Bulgaria. They
weren't doing a good job. They were trying to make everybody
into these little thetans who were just other-determined. no
improvement and ability to play the game. not dangerous. Only
dangerous in that they could be put guns in their hands and told
to shoot. That's all. And I think the next weak country to go
down the tubes like that it's going to be China. It just a
little thing to overbalance. Because there are some players in
China, I mean, there's a lot of students and few of the
military, it's probably a whole group, they are going "mmmmm…"
And they know the peasants, they don't say nothing, they knock
of all the leaders and put up a new leadership. They are coming
with their cap in their hand and say, "Can we have three
children now?"
Okay. So the first dynamic includes the things of ownership
that the person needs to play the game. What he considers. So it
can be anything from nothing all the way up to fifteen houses
and twenty-five cars and boats… But LRH also talked about
this, and he said: "Watch out for something that is no use to
you. Because if you can't use it, then get rid of it somehow,
give it to somebody or sell it or whatever." Because he's
talking about, what you do is, if you get more and more matter,
energy, space and time, possession on the first dynamic, it will
take more and more time to be responsible for. And you can
totally eliminate your playing on all the other dynamics! And
he's always talked about, if you want to speed up the game,
reduce the mass. Or if you want to speed up a comm line, take
the mass off. You see? You speed up by taking the mass out,
because the responsibilty then goes so that the guy can do more
and do more in other areas. And there is the idea of usefulness
in here, too; remember some of it can be useful as aesthetic,
aesthetic usefulness, you know, nice statues and nice bathes,
there's all manner of things and as I say, it's up to everyone
to decide what level of havingness they want on them. You see,
it's very useful to have a key to open the door in your house.
And it may be very useful to you to have a nice Michelangelo
painting inside. But another person might want a Ming dynasty
vase from China. You see what I mean? So this is a purely
individual taste. And what is it based on? Again, you look back,
back up there on the twelfth dynamic, and we see that the guy,
remember, experience the effect. How long has the guy been
playing games and how many games has he been in? He's built up a
whole idea of what he likes and what he doesn't like. And he
usually tries to recreate or bring together these succesful
things again. Okay?
Now, to end off, I want to give you one other datum, which is
very, very important. And that is this: That since the thetan
has been playing all these games, and since the thetan is in the
game for fun, for wins and for acceptances by others, that is
also the buttons, and the interest, intelligence and improvement
buttons, on which he will go out of the game. You understand, if
he gets to many losses, not enough fun, no acceptance, no
interest, no intelligence, no improvement anymore, can't
improve, he can voluntarily or by decision leave that game. now,
we know that he doesn't do it right by the rights of a thetan.
He doesn't leave the game, in other words, exteriorize from it.
Because of two things: One, he hasn't finished his inclompete
cycles in that game. And second, the interference into the game
has made everyone forget their own freedom to exteriorize from
the game.Because they've taken away their sanity to some degree
and therefore they've taken away their right to leave the game.
So what does the guy do? He is a thetan and he can decide to
leave the game, but he can't physically or spiritually leave it!
Very important, because sometimes you will find people that are
not even on the dynamics at all. This is an interesting case
phenomena. What they will do is take an old earlier game that
they did have fun and wins and some acceptance and bring it and
place it in present time. Surround themselves with the things of
that game, and they go through the rest of their life trying to
find the other people who were with them in that game. In other
words, they are trying to recreate an old game which they did
have wins and fun and acceptance on top of this game. This will
stop a person from going up the bridge. Why? Because this is not
the bridge for his game. It's the bridge for this dynamic game.
With the interference. We got the bridge for that. And then we
find this guy doesn't respond to anything. He's not suppressive.
He can get case gain. He liked to talk to you about what he'd
like to do, it's only to try to get you interested in some game
he was playing with you just auditing him, so he got sort of
quiet – needle stuck. Well, the person can take on…we were
talking about a lot of games these people have played, right?
All the way back to where there was only one or two people in it
or five thetans or five million or what ever, and they go back
and they try to pull that game back to put it in place of this
one, because they are losing at this and they put this from here
and then they go and try to recreate. now it doesn't have to
appear at the beginning of the case, anywhere along the bridge
we can find this happening. Especially when we start trying to
handle dynamics. You see? Because some people will go up the
bridge, just because you are taking off the charge of this game,
so they can play the other game better. But you will notice, if
you are a good observer of auditing, that they don't get VGIs
when they get the charge off, they only get GIs. Because,
remember, they are just happy that charge is out of the way, now
they can play the other game better, the other half of the GI is
going to come when they can get the other game going. Because a
person that's in the dynamic game, when he gets the EP of a
process he gets VGIs because he now knows he can go up and play
that game better. It's right here; he doesn't have to recreate
it. I mean, I'm just telling you this, don't try to C/S this,
there's a lot of other things that can be in a C/S that don't
cause VGIs; this is one of the things you can find about games.
Okay? And these can be interesting; we have a handling for that,
we have a whole "Personal Private Game and Earlier Game
Handling". We have the handling for it, it's very simple. But
you have to know it's there. And we found some uppermost
interesting things that were going on in different times.
Nothing to do with this. But you see there are many games inside
of this game. You know, like the chess game and so on, but they
all have something to do with one or more of the dynamics here
and the people are playing them sort of in PT. In fact, it's a
bit of a key-out for them to play a game that has a beginnin and
an end and everything is fine. It's a non-aberrative practise.
Because the cycle of action went trough and it finished,
everything was fine. no interference, nothing. Okay, that
doesn't need to be handled in auditing. Unless the guy is
bringing in an earlier, already played game and trying to
recreate it there, that will stop his progress or slow it down.
Now, I'm only telling you this for one reason. Because I'm not
addressing you as a C/S here. I'm only addressing you as people
who will be talking to other people in the game and
disseminating. And you may run into this strange non-interest. I
mean, you are telling them these vital truths about the game,
and they just "Mmmh…" You understand, they are not druggies,
and they are not in a PTP so they can't gain. no matter what
dynamic you talk about, they are not interested. You go "Why?
What's this?" So don't think "Oh well, that's all wrong what
Captain Bill says, it's not really those dynamics, this guy
don't even have any". Just realize the guy has gone out of the
dynamic game and he's put another game there. And you are not
talking about the same game he's in. If you want to get
interest, improvement, intelligence up in this guy, or ARC, then
explain to him what a game is and ask him, "What kind of game
are you interested in?" You may be amazed. Okay. So you give it
that test. And if it isn't that, it's probably one of the seven
resistive cases, problems, drugs, body problems…it can be
those. But don't think it's because this guy isn't in, or hasn't
been in this game. Oh yes, they all were, but some of them had
bad losses and they got out. now we have what is a little
private C/Sed bridge for that game, to come through that. And
then get back into this one, and handle what they need to handle
Okay? So do you feel well briefed on the dynamics now?
("Yes!") Okay. Do you think you can handle anything there when
you go out in the Nineties? Remember, watch all these things.
Okay. Then you are the guys that know more about this game than
anyone else on the planet. So use the information well and apply
it well. And as I said before, let's make the game more viable.
And let us all thank LRH for coming along and making it so we
can have a viable game. Because otherwise we wouldn't be in this
room and we would be out there going "What the hell is happening
here? Maybe I leave the game, but I don't know how…" Okay? So
let's give him a hand. (Applause)
Thank you very much.
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