Pierre Ethier Class XII about captain Bill Robertson

Pierre Ethier Class XII about captain Bill Robertson

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I first met Bill Robertson in 1977 at Flag. At the
time I was waiting on Executives and Officers in their
private Dining room.

A lot can be learned about character by waiting on
people. The lower tone (and more insane) individuals
would always be the ones giving most trouble in spite
of all efforts to please. Virtually all Senior execs
were easy to please. (I will go into the details in
another post or an article).

Bill was one of the easy people to deal with. He would
never complain and always grant me beingness in my

Plenty of junior officers were far more difficult to
please. Ironically, the most obnoxious characters I
met in the dining room back then are now the most
rabid and disrespectful people on
"ALT.RELIGION.SCIENTOLOGY" screaming that they were
abused by Scientology (and of course attacking both
the Church and the Free Zone and calling both the very
same thing). Back then, these people had no problem
abusing me! In fact their very demeanor and admissions
today are that they made "no case gain"...

While Bill was a very decent individual, his wife Joan
was quite another story and she would frequently

Bill in spite of his Class VIII training from many
years earlier was one of the few Tech trained people
at Flag who was never put onto part time auditing in
1979-1980. At the time Flag was overhwelmed with such
an influx of public that LRH ordered "WITHOUT
EXCEPTION" per the issue that came out that every
single auditor at Flag, no matter where posted be made
to audit two hours a day (or two public people). The
only partial exception were people who did not feel up
to auditing public for technical reasons and they were
to be put on 2 1/2 hrs of retreads per day until they
could. This was the case for Bill.

Even the Commanding Officer of the Flag Bureau (Kerry
Gleeson) and the Commanding Officer of the FSO (Greg
Wilhere) both Class VIIIs were made to audit public.
These were among the most demanding and stressful
posts on the planet.

During that time I was put on a retread of my Academy
Levls at Flag, Bill and I were temporarily assigned as
twins in the staff course room. He was on a tech
retread of his Academy Levels himself.

He checked me out on a number of technical issues,
including the HCOB Styles of Auditing and the Laws of

It became evident that he knew study tech down cold,
but he was definitely on the rusty side as far as tech
goes. He had to first reread some of the bulletins he
checked me out on, because of that. This includes the
two bulletins I just mentioned.

During his spare time he was reading the R&D Volumes
and kept smiling and nodding (and apparently
cogniting) as he read them.

When in 1981 the new management took over, there was a
concerted effort by everyone of the old guard to
prevent it. Most high ranking auditors and Executives
were behind it and they saw Bill Robertson as someone
that would support them, due to his unquestionable
allegiance to LRH.

After his departure from Flag and subsequent declare,
his pc folders were culled for embarassing evidence
which could be used against him.

The FSO staff was subsequently "briefed" on these
specifics, and a "limited distribution" ethics order
was issued seeking to expose them with the greatest
amount of ridicule possible.

Who can honestly boast to never have done anything
embarassing or engaged in aberrant behaviour at one
point in their life, especially pre-Scientology?.
So I have always, and now more than ever found such a
practice to be entirely amoral.

I think it would serve no purpose in revealing the
details at this point, especially that these may very
have been completed handled through his auditing even
at the time the cull was made.

I have seen far worse things in many cases I have
studied, which include some of the current leading
personalities and executives of the church.

I was even told by people who actually read or culled
the folders about the details.

Needless to say, people of such low integrity as to
use the tech harmfully, by culling pc folders to give
ammunition to the Scientology War machine, have long
since abandoned auditing or C/Sing.

What they did is the exact equivalent of the Violation
of the Hippocratic Oath, by seeking to use the tech
harmfully against another.

Except for details coming from that "cull", in the 10
years, I worked at Flag after Bill was declared
suppressive by the Church, I have never heard anything
derogatory ever told agaisnt him by anyone, which is
not the case for a lot of other people who left around
the same time.

On the contrary, I have heard dozens of anecdotes of
people who worked directly with Bill or under him.
Each one of them can be summarized in that he was he
was doing his job as captain of the Flag Ship Org,
competently and effectively.

Pierre Ethier
Professional auditing in any place on the planet http://webauditing.org http://0-48.ru http://galac-patra.org Auditor class X, skype: timecops
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