Tribute to Per Schiottz auditor class 9 from Copenhagen

Tribute to Per Schiottz auditor class 9 from Copenhagen

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Per Schiottz was born in Denmark in 1939, and became a Scientology Auditor in 1968, eventually qualifying as a Class 9 Auditor. During those years, Per calculated that he spent more than 40,000 Well Done Auditing Hours ‘in the chair’, firstly in the Sea Org until 1983, and then subsequently as an Independent Scientologist (was friend by captain Bill Robertson). I think it is unlikely that any other Scientologist in the world has ever audited to such an extraordinary extent. He was loved, admired and respected by every one of his clients, including myself, I am happy to say. Such an historic body of work in a lifetime represents a wonderful amount of good karma, in my opinion.

Sadly, Per suffered a fall in September of this year, which tragically resulted in some bleeding in the brain. This caused him to have a stroke in November. Although an operation to remedy this appeared to be successful, unfortunately there were complications which resulted in his death on December 12th. He was 79.

Yesterday December 29th 2018, his family and friends gathered for his funeral at the beautiful Skovshoved Church by the sea in Copenhagen, where Per had lived and worked for much of his life. For a dozen years he was the Harbourmaster here in this elegant suburb by the sea. The funeral was very well attended by around one hundred friends and family, with many beautiful flowers and some lovely music. After the church service, two dozen of Per’s Scientology friends gathered at the Sailing Club where Per had been a member since boyhood. Among them was Per's old friend Rolf Dane, a Class 8 Auditor, Ole Gerstrom, a former Danish MP, and Antony Phillips, 89, a veteran Scientologist since 1954. All of us agreed that Per was a unique and truly wonderful person; as my good friend Ken Urquhart, formerly LRH Pers Comm, wrote to me: “we have lost a giant”.

For me personally, Per Schiottz will always be that splendid strong Viking who came to rescue me from Copenhagen jail in March 1984. I like to think that yesterday he was welcomed into Valhalla to the sound of trumpets, as an immortal hero. God bless you, my friend – you were one of the very best, and we will miss your loving kindness. Until we meet again.

His naval cap was placed on his white coffin.

Written by Robin Scott

Per had study on NOTs with David Meyo near 1980, later worked with captain Bill Robertson upper Bridge in 1985. L Kin from Europe knows a lot about it. (Note from Maxim Lebedev)

Facebook page by Per Schiottz deleted.

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