Interview with David Thomas (Class 6, OTVIII) by Max Lebedev

Interview with David Thomas (Class 6, OTVIII) by Max Lebedev

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Talk about Sea org ship "Excalibur" and Captain Bill Robertson


I know from you the information about Excalibur ship yes tell me what the mission of this ship was.
Okay, it had two purposes the first was to train what was called the deck project force and that was for the people to learn how to handle messed and how to take care of things on a ship and to do the basic heading to get into the sea org I was there like to do their basic training like in and then irregular or do you have the staff statuses like staff status 0 staff status one staff status to and then your permanent staff member in the CRM product zero was the first step then product one you would learn how to actually navigate the ship and run everything on the ship.
Okay tell me when it started what the date.
OK and 1970 we first saw the sea org coming to the missions and they had like kind of a basic uniform like a a blue jacket with some fur on their collar and maybe a hat it wasn't as sophisticated as it was later and they came into the Port of San Diego and they had like an open house and it was a very narrow ship but long and it was what it was called a submarine chaser because in the end of World War II it used to chase after submarines it was like narrow butt fast and that was a basic training ship that Boulevard but it didn't hold very many people about how many alone meters is 10 feet long that would be what 35 me bigger training because there was more serious and they needed to train them on the product 0 and product one so they could go back and do missions and go to the different organs and around the country so they bought the Excalibur and the Excalibur was quite a bigger ship was about I would say about five times as big as the boulevard I'm at that time to pull up bar wasn't running and so it was it was Doc next to the Excalibur and every time we had to go out to sea we had to pull the Boulevard by hand onto the pier and then tie it up 1969 no 1970 to 1970.
Actually the Excalibur got decommissioned or out of service and 1975 and no longer they sold it as junk it mean about 5 years
Sprite and then so they all the people transferred from the ship to land and then they instead of doing products which was the deck project Force they that they did the estate's ppf which is Estates project Forest Estates are like the grounds of the building the building itself like painting gardening working in a mess work put on the ship you actually worked on the ship you actually took the rest of the ship painted the ship with the with the with the heavy paints and and you did mess trolls on the ship okay how many years will you will sing no no I wasn't years I was a very short time but it showed yeah because back then you had 10 days The Finisher products Arrow and if not you're out like that very intensively yet and so in the one week I was there I had 19 and a half hours of auditing and I finished for courses but that wasn't fast enough very first that wasn't fast enough for the Sewer back then they had very high standards.
Back then and then later on when when the became tool and people are on the product 045 months and they didn't get rid of them yet tell me who was the captain of Excalibur Alan long and what happened with him he actually later started auditing outside of the church for money and he was like an entrepreneur or like the Freezone he left the church and he started auditing people outside of the org yeah okay and you are studying at the sheep and a later what you do later yes but let me just tell you about the ship when I was on the ship they were that little ship the Excalibur was producing from 600 to 700 hours of auditing every week that's how big their HTC was their Guidance Center where they bought it the new sea org members how many Auditors there was there was only about 8 auditors and so it was a very high production so I had my full Integrity processing or do they now call him confessionals I had the confessionals on the eight Dynamics in 19 and a half hours and then so so I got all my overtime with old cleaned up and I was shiny and and I wasn't with hole anymore.
I was ready to reach an L Rachel says on the welcome to the dark tapes he says when you have staff members with over there like little islands and they individually and they're afraid to knock on the door and they're afraid to speak up to their executive and when you get off all your overtime with holes now you're you can start reaching and pinching so when I went back to the org month-and-a-half later I did from graves grave 02 grade 4 because my reach was really big in Scientology then and then a month later I did power processing and look at what can you say about achievements on this levels on grades and nearly as well first of all when you get cleaned up like a like on the Excalibur that you really yours like clean as a whistle you're ready to fly and then you know that power went right I went right to attack the case and I did the great 0 to 4 in one month and that was a lot of Team 7 days a week and I was caught eating and on staff at the same time so it was a lot of randomity so then then I was like a shiny product on the grades and then I went up and I did my power and power + auditing at the American Saint Hill organization and that was really good the power and how old were you when I was 18 at the time
and then by the time I got on 83 I was 19 so I was on staff this whole time while going through the grades and Dianetics and everything and into OT3 all in of 3 years from 16 to 19 Jenna and after this study and auditing on grades of what next I was a staff member for 9 years I worked on orange staff for first of all was mission staff and then are my mission turned into an org which is the Sea-Doo this was San Diego California good and tell me you mean San Diego Soul the captain Bill (Robertson) right yes okay there was a mission it was two two two missions one was for the CF project of the Central files of the org and two was there was this event that they wanted to get new people into the org so captain Bill came down with a number of sea org members with him Arthur Hubbard Suzette Hubbard
some other missionaries I don't remember their name and then captain Bill he had like a what we call a crew cut it was like a flat flat hair cup cut on the top big guy he was like maybe 6 inch taller than me very heavy guy and he had a deep voice and my brother and I hung out with him and ask him questions and about the sea organ stuff and he was he was very personable and tell me he was in short form acute or he came down here leather a leather dye leather jacket and it'll boots and I've simple and you know he had his bars captain bars motorcycle both of them that's what uniform or what would it look like
and and that the yellow broke down his and he looked really sharp and she looks like what you say it looks like I thought he was going to be very hard to approach and very you know snobbish you know because he was so high up but when he says let me talk to you and yours how you doing you know what he shook her hand and we we had a good time so I can with him I'm so my brother and I were very happy talking to him everything she was one on the motorcycle come to
and so we talked to him several times but not not as close friends or anything but just says as curious staff members he's captain Bill you know there's only
two captains in the sea or Marry Phil Robertson and tell me that was one time 1973 or bat was 19 that was later in 1973 that was almost 70 for when he came down us one time or later no I'm that's the one and only time I saw him only in San Diego no no and I used to read policies by his wife bulletins and policies that she wrote in the 60s by Lieutenant Commander John Robertson and then I realize that he was married to Joan Robertson and and then he was now Captain bill you noni rose up the ranks
so great yeah right now and will you tell me until which date you was in charge of Scientology and what the reason for a token this is very important so I got in and October 1970 I was 16 and so from 1970 to 1995 I was studying or auditing everyday
for all that time 25 years yes I did the briefing course and I was on staff for a number of years and
but then everything started changing in 1995 there was no auditing happening at the I was at the American Saint Hill organization and I want to go back just a little bit in in 1975 and 1976 the American Saint Hill organization had 2400 students it was a very powerful or by 1995 there was nobody on the briefing course not one person I was the last student auditing I was the only student not a team in the entire world during what the time of the statistics slow down it started slowing down in the 80s in that late late 70s 80s and then we had a really powerful supervisor come back to the airshow and she got from these horrible statistic she got up to 400 students on the briefing course and then she got the clarinet
I wish the date of this that was like 1980 six or seven okay this was attempt to improve the DX and improved technology but they suppress it cost to ride out of existence because she was too powerful it didn't like her and every all the students SP I must be a worse SP because she is so good and and they all they all knew basically deep in their heart that she wasn't an SP and it was like a wrong indication to the whole group
when she got declared okay and to left of the charge and 1995 and 19th and what happened in later
oh after we got out yeah you left and you'll leave has a okay so we left but then we weren't declared the suppressive and so we still at Scientology friends and and actually the org even sent us PCS to handle an Ethics from a show the American saying hello or they would send us sometimes people to audit
because I still trusted us and then it was just some somehow over the years they they they just sent a plane letter one day you're my wife you're declared suppressive persons it took like 10 years for them to actually send it
and tell later you come to freeze on right or anything happening and was very difficult people would get attacked very hard by the church and sued and the people are scared to do anything and when you first time she wrote about free zone
it was about 9 years after I got out I heard that said that was Auditors on drainage for 2010 for 2004 until 2004 I didn't get any auditing I finished 88 and 1992 and then so finally in 2004 I heard about this auditor and I got L11 and then in the freezer on and a mother to want to feel when you
yes I was going to get to that and so on and then another thing at the same time I get out at 11 then I got training on the OT 8 in the freezer on which was much more powerful than the okay I did on the ship you me and this is original new OTA by lrh or Excalibur now this is this is okay I did the OT 8 in the in the church on the on the freeway and Ship by Columbia in 70s 1990 to 1992 SRT8 then in the freeze own in 2004 I did another version of o t a i don't know who is version lrhs version or you know where exactly maybe this was a regional or T8 it could very well maybe the original o t is out
just so yeah but it wasn't anything like they okay that I did on the ship is completely different it's like the difference between Russia and United States they're different
totally different processes and tell me about achievements this is very different yes so in 1992 I got very good wins and I had a very good understanding of myself as a being satillo T8 I did in 2004 I had a win when I spotted something that my body cried for about 2 hours just tears going down and down the TA just went around the dial I was so stunned and the universe shifted so big around me
I couldn't even talk so I had a very very big win on the OT I did in 2004 it's very powerful technology right and who gives you this level okay at that time it was Pierre at the air from Canada vs 12 yes yeah and I don't know where he got the materials from or how he obtained them but he had his ways yeah she had to I think very good source she was holding our class 12 right and he was at the Flag Land base for many years and he audited a lot of the oth
reviews and things like that great okay and after this date after 2010 for of what happening what
you start to do something you and ain't life or what would happen if yeah well for a number of years after that I would we had my my wife was always out of town and then I took on PCs for about 2 to 3 years five nights a week I was auditing to PCS at a time and
yep but yeah that and then it was a number years after that when the first time I had like a little dip in my case
and then I had a friend that was that I knew from San Diego in 1970 he was a Knotts auditor on the freeway ends
and he's out of the sea org now and then he took care of me and did a review on me which was very good
okay and June last 10 years did you provided some auditing some training to people what what to do and we've always worked I've always worked with my wife in the field practice do the exams the ethics of the Fall state is stripping and then I had two pieces of my own and then sometimes I like my last PC was a guy that was a student with me on the 87 course and he now has Parkinson's disease and I did a full assist run down on him
that was my last thought of him that I did that was about a year ago okay and to help feed who this is it's a very very severe disease and but you know any any little win or big win when you are in a condition like that you you feel relief as a being because the body is degraded but the being was still still there looking at me you know and I could see him it wasn't you know we weren't dealing with his body we're dealing with him it's very important that you used technology and not forget not drop this and give new generation your experience absolutely okay and very nice to see you here in Moscow and thank you interview and I thank you for the opportunity information about Excalibur ship account about captain Bill Robertson.
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