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One of the interesting things about Europe is that it eventually worked out to where the heads of all the orgs were – not Executive Directors – but Commanding Officers. They were all eventually Sea Org Members. Those who came to the top of the various organiza-tions were those who had the Sea Org spirit. These were people who were dedicated to the truth and the concepts of Scientology and who understood that the Sea Org was the answer. Some of these COs were sent out from the FOLO on garrison mission orders. One of the most successful was Lt. Jens Bogvad, who went to Munich. When he arrived, the place had about thirteen staff and was located out in a residential neighborhood and making something less than a thousand dollars a week. He brought this to an org which was in a downtown three story building, with about 130 staff, making about $20,000 a week and delivering more auditing and training than almost any other org in the world! Of course, we ran into problems – but they never seemed to faze us. Orgs today sometimes complain about rising postage costs for instance. We ran up against that problem in Gothenburg. They raised the postage to something like fifty cents per mail item —
the city! We handled that by just having the staff deliver the promo and mail on bicycles! We had to bypass the entire Swedish government! It did take staff off post a little bit, but we found it was faster and more positive – the people did respond. And it cost us next to nothing. In the beginning, we didn't have translated materials. And sometimes we had to sit people down and actually get them trained to speak English. We didn't have time to send them to Berlitz or any nonsense like that, so we got them through the courses using word clearing tech. They would learn a new language at the same time they learned the tech! You can imagine, if someone sat you down and gave you a pack in Swahili or Japanese or Serbo-Croatian and said "This is the tech – you must learn it." What would you do? You might cry, you might say "I can't do it!" Well, we ran into all of that, handled it, and just started off clearing the first word in a language dictionary. Soon their speed would accelerate, and the next thing you know, they would be finishing the course not much slower than a person studying in English! And they had a terrific duplication of the materials – because they knew that they didn't know. When they left, they were speaking English, and they also knew the tech. This handled the problem temporarily, then Pubs got going on translating materials, and the orgs themselves had trained people translating materials, and so it started taking off. We got the key LRH programs translated and gotten in and word cleared on all of the staff. We made sure they were
understood by the staff, and then we pushed these key programs. We kept all of the extra traffic off of their lines so that they could just apply LRH's data, LRH's tech. Any debugs I did were always to get in whatever policy letter applied to the situation. So the orgs ended up operating on the LRH Executive Directives and on policy. As we went along, we did find areas of out-ethics, and we handled these, and wherever we handled an out-ethics area, we also turned it into a city office or an org so that there would be something positive there in place of what was at one time negative.

At the end of the two years that I was there, we had built up a network of orgs, including Munich Org, Vienna in Austria, Belgium, Amsterdam, which were all built up by various FOLO missions and the actions of Sea Org members. At the time that I left Europe, there were about twice the number of orgs, the orgs had expanded, the Gross Income level of the orgs was about twenty times what it had been when I had started. We had grown from eighty or ninety staff to hundreds of staff – and about half of those were Sea Org Members. So Europe from the start was Sea Org oriented, and oriented towards LRH tech – FEBC tech, policy and mission tech. And these things were all very successful. It got to be quite a booming thing. Pretty soon the lines were connecting up between the orgs and their field and missions, and the orgs in various countries were all connecting up with each other. They started having a spirit of
being Europe –
as one large community of Scientology. Whatever the differences in language, in customs, the Scientologists all had ARC and all spoke the same language – the technical terms of Scientology. And they all had a terrific duplication of LRH's materials. And those are the strong points that actually made Europe successful. And Europe is successful. They have gone from affluence to affluence since 1972. They have had many capable Sea Org executives both at the FOLO and in command of orgs who have carried on the spirit and drive of Europe and have reached new heights. Commanding Officer Guillaume Lesevre deserves special validation. Since taking over the continent in 1977, he has skyrocketed Europe's stats and has expanded Scientology activity in Europe like never before. Today, Europe is 100 times bigger than it was in the beginning, and is the top continent in the world, in terms of Scientology activity. New orgs are opening up all over Europe – Berlin, Angers, Novara, Padua, Brescia, Rome, Brussels, Basel, Geneva, Pordenone… And many other new orgs on the way. LRH's original intention for Europe – to have it able to support the entire Sea Org and Scientology network in case the US economy went down the drain – has been accomplished, using his technology. Europe is right now achieving its purpose very splendidly, and I know that Ron is very proud of Europe. We are all proud of Europe. Of course it took a lot of hard work to get Europe to where it is today, and it took a lot of people's dedication, but basically it took doing what Ron says and applying Ron's tech in a very dedicated Sea Org manner. At the end of any muster, or event, or meeting in Europe, they would always make sure that it was understood – by the public as well – that behind all of the gains of Europe and all of their wins and cognitions, was the work, the brilliance and the genius of one man – L. Ron Hubbard. The people out in society have no technology. They're sunk into false data and beset by suppression, and they don't have anything to handle it. Now, the tide is turning, and people are turning to Scientology where they know there is a new civilization in the making. It is up to orgs and Scientologists all around the planet to take up the call to arms, expand and totally control their own areas, and realize that a new civilization is in the making. It starts here, with the Sea Org using LRH's technology. We will handle this planet. We are handling this planet. And all I ask of you is to use LRH's technology, and bring his postulate of a new civilization to a reality in your area of the world.
Capt. W.B. Robertson
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