Scott Gordon about Ken Ogger - "The Pilot"

Scott Gordon about Ken Ogger - "The Pilot"

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I just realized that ten years has recently passed after Ken Ogger's death (officially ruled a "suicide").
Ken Ogger posted on ARS and alt-technology forums as "The Pilot" and kept his identity secret until his wife outed him in 1999. He would have been high on the target list for OSA or any higher agency interested in preserving the $cientology monopoly, since this was a "do-it-yourself" bridge popular with many at the time (yet I was some years ago told by the former head of OSA that he'd never heard Ken's name).
I am not personally convinced his death was a suicide, since his computer hard-drive was found wiped of his latest work "Self-Clearing 2004" which was recovered at a computer shop. Even if Ken took his own life, it was after a very long struggle with colon damage and repair surgery (which tends to corroborate his assertion that he was homosexually raped after being dosed with rohypnol at a bar, and implanted with commands to take his own life).
This was a concern of mine years ago and Heidrun's site was about the best resource I found which best tells Ken's story.
Being myself "under the radar" I chose "Watchful Navigator" as my own Internet identity in his honor, and went looking for more information.
I soon posted about him on Marty's and a prominent Indy whom I will not mention, instantly gaslighted me about why would I be interested, telling me a lurid story about how his mom, the Qual Sec on the Apollo, had a treasure chest of LRH notes from the PDC in her possession, from which Ken drew his amazing insights.
I posted a couple years later at ESMB after getting my own SP declare. Several people - some calling themselves "friends" of Ken - gaslighted me for questioning the official cause of death. The thread was slimed and spammed and I was taken to task by private message for "misquoting" and "upsetting" Heidrun (which writing I had done from "memory" - but strangely enough, it was not at all inaccurate when I returned to compare, leaving me to wonder what the upset was all about). It was hammered in with force that Ken was a "loser" and "died of his own tech."
I have since seen more than one post made about how wrong it is to assume Ken's death was anything but a suicide and how bad this guy was to meet in person, etc. Pretty odd, considering he had friends who told me just the opposite, though most went right into grief and did not want to say more.
Now that I know what gaslighting is (it's run on me every other day now) and have seen all the fakery and acting surrounding how "upset" people are with the McClaughrys some 15 years after they shared results of "investigations" (so "upset" that they still spit bile on hearing their name, yet no lawsuits were ever filed and those websites were down within three years and have been gone for 12).
Now that I know how it works to be gaslighted and fairgamed, and I look back to those innocent queries and how I was "handled" - an eerie feeling crosses me whenever I reflect on how likely it is that a man completely recovered from his inflicted injuries and illness would have been to end his life and erase his life's work - a mere nine days after returning to the Internet with a full account of the rape incidents he endured that he had become able to recall.
Ken pointed to OSA in his last posts. After all, he had caught two agents working with him whom he outed and who never returned to work with him afterwards. I have a hard time understanding how OSA would have been able to pull that off with the "don't do anything illegal" standing order. It looks more like mafia or military black ops were called in. Ex-Guardian's Office? They did after all, follow a "suicide implant" script according to Ken, while he was raped.
Okay, so if you think I am crazy for taking Ken's accounts seriously, don't try to "handle" me. It only makes it worse...
Cry for me or cry with me...

Meeting Ken Ogger - The Story Of A Recovery
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