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Interview with Ralph Hilton an Independent Scientology auditor. If you'd like to buy his e-meter or get some auditing from him below is a link to his website:

LRH spent many years in the 50s working on a technology for making OTs.

He found it difficult and observed that people might make brief surges into the OT band but collapsed later often into a heavier state than when they started.

So he went through undercut after undercut working to get people to the point where they could run what he had researched in the early 50s. One of the stable data of his early research was that the Upper Bridge consists of objective processes.

Almost the whole of Scientology as presented by the current CofS consists of subjective processes.

The Solo NOTs materials have been changed considerably from the 1983 Solo Nots course into a version that makes the individual more and more dependent upon the meter whereas I think that LRH intended the opposite direction.

It does appear to me that the current OT8 hangs the person up and that the various rumors that David Miscavage withheld the second part of OT8 in order to sell it as OT9 could well be true.

After the full OT8 including the omitted section the OT levels consist of ability levels. However, as a being increases in causativeness he also restimulates things which he was not able to even restimulate before.

Thus the Bridge above OT8 is an alternation between objective processing as an OT that increase ability and handling the negative charge that the being progresses up to the level of restimulating.

Clear is a First Dynamic state and the Pre-OT levels begin to address interactional bank. They handle that charge to the point where the Pre-OT has a fairly stable space extending around him to a varying distance.

The levels above OT8 were explored extensively by LRH in the early 50s but it now seems that a full exploration of those levels is only possible after OT8.

It does seem to me that many people need some of these OT drills prior to OT8 as extended running of negative gain processing can often cause a decline of cases as LRH pointed out in Scientology 8-8008.

LRH said back in 1950 that we should take responsibility for creating a better Bridge. He said later that there were some empty Boots in the Sky.

I cannot release any levels above OT8 as I do not have them and I do not believe that anyone else has them either. I think that the levels above OT8 involve having auditors and Pre-OTs who have studied Scientology extensively and that those levels are probably not the same from individual to individual.

The Bridge above OT8 is as yet uncharted and I believe that the way to progress on it is to audit the person in front of you. Find areas of charge that need to be addressed and handle them using Scientology and then find areas of improvement that the individual desires and audit toward them.

It will require confident auditors in good case shape themselves.
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