Scott Gordon - about Russian Scientologists

Scott Gordon - about Russian Scientologists

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I want to express how much I love Russian Scientologists and their European friends who have worked so hard to build up delivery and FreeZone information sites.
Maxim Lebedev, Mikhail Fedorov, Tatiana Baklanova, Max Hauri and so, so many others who saw the suppression before we did, got down to the business of auditing and training, and put up the materials of Scientology and FreeZone Scientology and thereby made available Clearing and its study into the reach of anyone, anywhere.
They were the first to make full use of the Internet as a communication device and thereby provide a means of auditing people who otherwise would not have been able to do it.
They are the pioneers and the heroes that have consistently outnumbered the American movement by who knows how many times.
They have been a gnarly thorn in the side of Miscavige and his missionaires, and they quickly came to even outnumber his church operations there, as well.
They ignored and shredded the memos that have paralyzed portions of the independent field suppressively ("Skype auditing isn't standard" - "you have to have formal training to audit" - "you have to have a mission or a team to clear people" - "David Mayo and Captain Bill are squirrels" - "you can't use copyrighted materials") and a host of other useless excuses to stop auditing as has been done against certain USA attempts to train and audit people without imposing arbitraries.
Thank you for putting correct orders of importance into a confusing scene. You have solved problems that many of us could not.
We have not given up. We are the proverbial "last ones standing" amongst a scattered and defeated field which as Tony Ortega rightly points out (sadly, it is true), went before the Reza Aslan broadcast, to an "all-time low."
That is already changing. And it will continue going up from here because we have the support and example of our Russian and European friends who BROKE THE MONOPOLY when few others would or could.
(Please share this, and/or your own personal appreciation, with our Russian and European friends.)
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