Hank Levin - Clarity Meter, Innertrac™, Clearing Institute

Hank Levin - Clarity Meter, Innertrac™, Clearing Institute

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Hi! I’m Hank Levin, the developer of the Clarity Meter, the PC-based Virtual Clarity Meter, the InnerTrac™ Emotional Response Indicator, and the author of a number of books on Biofeedback-guided clearing, including Clearing: A Guide for Professionals.

I know, you haven’t heard from me for a while. That’s because we moved a few months ago from our location in SR, CA to our new home in Medford OR. Because of the travails of fixing up our new home, setting up our offices, and acclimating to our new beautiful and exciting location, we’ve had to suspend our promotional activities---until now. Nevertheless, there’s lots of news to share with you on the Clarity Meter, the Virtual Cl. M, and the new InnerTrac™ Emotional Response meter.

We love it up here in Medford, sitting in the Rogue Valley ringed by mountains, seeing snow capped peaks in the distance.
And speaking of snow, we actually had snow a few days ago, although not the fluffy kind with beautiful crystals, but the heavy, wet kind. And it’s cold! Our long-haired cat begs to go outside in her catio (her own enclosed cat patio) and then after we close the sliding glass door behind her, Norma and I start counting and before we get to 20, our kitty is begging to come back inside out of the cold! She rushes back in through the barely opened door, and races around the house, claws sliding noisily on the floor as she rounds the corner to the warm back bedrooms.
Norma’s still organizing her garden and getting ready for a flowery Spring. We still have boxes and boxes of books and workshop equipment. But we are now organized enough to say hello to our friends and customers and---offer them an amazing discount to celebrate the Holiday Season and the New Year!

Ok, now let me tell you about our sale!

Everything on the Clarity Meter website www.clearingtech.net and the InnerTrac™ site www.innertrac.com is going for 15% off, from right now until the end of New Years Day, January 1st, 2017. (Until now, we’ve kept the two sites separate, as they seem to appeal to different niches; but we’re thinking of combining them in the future.)

That includes all accessories and books. So this would be a great time to get a new meter, or extra sensors and wire leads---either for backup, or to leave the extra ones at the office.

You might want to pick up a copy of my “flagship” book, Clearing: A Guide for Professionals.

Many consider this to be the definitive book on biofeedback-guided Clearing! We have a new printing on the way, about to be delivered! By the way, don’t let that title intimidate you. Believe me, it’s not just for professionals. In fact, selected parts of it are required reading for all my Clearing clients!
The Virtual Clarity Meter is being used all over the world for delivering sessions to clients over the Internet. I’m about to assemble some videos on this revolutionary application of Clearing technology, and how you can use it to service clients without them needing to buy airfare and pay for expensive accommodations!
Let me tell you about the amazing InnerTrac™, in case it hasn’t already come to your attention. We call it “The GPS for the MindTM”.

While training practitioners, I noticed that many people just have trouble figuring out exactly what that voltmeter needle is doing, and interpreting its moves---even the “virtual” one on the computer screen. So much so that they actually back off from even using the meter! Well, the InnerTrac™ works with colored LEDs that light up in very simple easy-to-understand patterns. I’ve even placed it in people’s hands, who were able to use it intuitively without any training whatever! The advantage to me, as a trainer, was that my students could then put their attention fully on their “client” without breaking the session rapport by being distracted with operating the meter. How great is that? The InnerTrac™ even lets you know when the client has achieved a state of “release” from the issue you’ve been handling!

If you’ve had difficulty recognizing meter reads, and found the Clearing meter to be a distraction, maybe the InnerTrac™ is the answer!

During our 15%-off sale, you can get the InnerTrac™ with all its accessories (hard carrying case and the useful remote reset switch) for less than $465---an $81 savings. But only until midnight, January 1st!

Here’s how to get the discount:
I have used this process for years as an opening procedure with new clients. It also works as an initial approach in handling any new personal issue that comes up---at any time in any session! (It’s also invaluable for training new practitioners.)
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