Going Clear’ Q&A: Mike Rinder and Sara Goldberg

Going Clear’ Q&A: Mike Rinder and Sara Goldberg

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Last night, Alex Gibney’s documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, began a theatrical run at the Muvico 10 in Palm Harbor, Florida, just a few miles from Scientology’s own “spiritual mecca” in Clearwater. And after the 7 pm showing, two of the people who appear in the film, former Scientologists Sara Goldberg and Mike Rinder, engaged in a Q & A that was moderated by WTSP Channel 10 television reporter Mike Deeson.

Filmmaker Mark Bunker attended the event, and afterwards called us to let us know that a couple of Scientologists — one of them Sara Goldberg’s former husband — had launched personal attacks on Sara and Rinder, leading to a chaotic shouting match.

Bunker captured it on video for us, and we’ll let you tell us who got the better of it. The excitement begins at about 18 minutes in.

10/2/2015 - Mike Rinder and Sara Goldberg answers questions after a screening of Going Clear near Clearwater. Two Scientologists attempt to derail the event. Sorry for the poor video quality:
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