Update on Remote Healing Sessions

Update on Remote Healing Sessions

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Update on Remote Healing Sessions
We have been doing remote healing for some time, but my schedule has been so overloaded that I have not been able to provide you with updated information until now.
We have done enough of these remote healing sessions to be able to outline the usual process and the essential factors for success.
Essential factors:
1 For a healing session to be successful somebody has to be closely connected to the Target person. The target person can be on the other side of the world but either the counselor or the client needs to have some sort of bond with the person being healed.
This is not to say that requests where everybody prays for somebody who is undergoing an operation will be ineffective, but it does mean that efficacy will be much lower then situations where there is a an emotional connection to the person who you're trying to heal.
2. The person being healed does not have to know about spiritual rescue technology but it certainly seems to help. Certainly everybody else involved in the healing process needs to fully understand SRT.
3. If more people participate in the healing activity, the speed of the healing process increases dramatically.
4. A remote healing can be done over the telephone but it appears that a video connection increases the affinity between the people involved especially if the patient is part of the video communication. We have noticed that when communication is uncertain or the internet connection is bad that shifting from a video connection to a telephone connection once the session has begun, does not hinder the healing process.
A Typical Healing Process
There are many ways to run a remote healing session, but the easiest way to start is by getting the person to tell you where the problem is and then getting him to describe what he sees when he looks in that part of his body. Get him to describe the shape or the volume of the affected area and what color it is. Then it is important to have him keep his attention on that area as you continue the healing activity.
Rather than asking the person for entities or clusters or anything else, get him to keep his attention on the area and describe the emotions that are coming from that area. As he does this you will notice that the volume and possibly the color of the area will change. Ask the person being healed if he perceives any changes in the area or in the tone level.
Keep the person looking at the affected area and commenting about it until you perceive some entity activity . Up to now you have had the person just treating the area as a mass with no particular spiritual identity.
What you perceive some sort of spiritual activity ask a person how many beings are involved and get the name of the spokesperson if possible. At this point the counselor begins addressing the beings and locates the incident that caused the beings to be in the present condition.
This is not a cut-and-dried proposition in a healing situation. The person may be in pain or may be under medication that renders it difficult to communicate with the beings involved. The counselor needs to take great pains to stay in close communication with the person being healed and with the entities involved . This means that caring communication is absolutely vital. The counselor and everybody involved in the healing process needs to exhibit a great deal of patience because the person being healed may lapse into unconsciousness or just go out of communication for minutes at a time because of the drugs or whatever they are on.
They will often be more than one cluster involved in this situation and it may be a mix of beings and clusters that are involved in creating the situation that you were trying to solve. Make sure that you work on one cluster or one set of beings at a time and if you have to switch from one being to another make sure that you come to a flat spot first and get the agreement of the being to go on and handle some other beings.
For example, you may be handling a being who is dramatizing some painful or fatal experience and this dramatization is making the person you are trying to heal making him quite ill. Then you discover that there is a cluster that has been causing this being to dramatize in this particular way and you have to handle this cluster before going on. Sometimes, you will find that in the midst of all of this activity the person you're trying to heal gets a communication from some entity that relates to his illness in a very basic way. It can even mean that this communication or this entity is the key to why this whole situation started.
As a counselor you sometimes have to make a judgement call and put the beings that you have been working with carefully aside while you handle this Vital Information and the being that is carrying it. Usually this information is so important that it affects all of the other beings that you've been working on and the whole problem starts to fall apart into easily handled pieces once you get the fundamental reason why everything began.
Once you have handled this last being you then start back up the line handling the cluster and then handling the original being until you end with everybody handled and safely off creating new lives.
Not all healing processes will be this involved but we have recently uncovered one that was exactly as described here. Hopefully you will encounter situations in the beginning where the entities and clusters are easily identified and are happy to be helped to start new lives.
If you keep your eyes open as you do this healing process is you are going to learn more about cellular activity and the inside story on cancer and other mysterious conditions than you could imagine. If you are really using caring communication as you handle these entities and the cells that they are controlling you may find that cells like cancer and tumor are merely trying to survive after having been started by some triggering event that they did not cause.
There's a lot more to be learned here and I believe that as you continue to do healing either remote or local using SRT principles you were going to find things that may change the future of spiritual healing. This is why it is important to share with the rest of the group any discoveries you make that have not already been documented.
Remember spiritual rescue technology has been built and extended by the efforts of everybody involved. it is a continuing learning process for all of us.
David St Lawrence 5-4-16

Warren Hudson Fascinating article David, thanks, I got a lot out of that.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence When you encounter a person who is in a near-terminal situation, you should understand that this situation did not come about because of a few decisions or curses. There will be entire collections of interlocking intentions, counter intentions, failed ...Еще
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Last of all, you should not take a loss if your person fails to recover even after many hours of healing activity. All that it means is that there were counter intentions that you failed to spot and handle and these may have been held in place by the p...Еще
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence When you attempt to help a person with a long term illness, you are facing a puzzle that baffles medical science and the situation is the result of an ungodly number of decisions and counter intentions, failed purposes and efforts to make amends or punish oneself for past deeds. These decisions. etc. are not only made by the person needing healing, they are the result of the experiences his entities have experienced.
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Re: Update on Remote Healing Sessions

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The invisible barrier to progress in spiritual rescue technology
I'm calling this an invisible barrier because almost all of you have experienced it either as a client or as a counselor and you did not know where it was coming from. Sometimes this does not appear until the person has really gotten to know you and has had some major wins from your counseling.
This barrier consist of serious doubts about the reality of what you are doing in SRT.
Here are a couple of examples:
1. After a particularly fine session, the client looks at you and says, "You know, I don't know how to say this but I still keep feeling SRT is a con of some sort. It just feels like it isn't real." He finally feels he can trust you enough to tell you of his doubts.
2. You give a person an excellent SRT session and handle some cluster that has been ruining his life. The client seems very happy and you ask how he is doing. He says it has been an interesting session and you never hear from him again.
3. A prospect calls and has all sorts of questions for you about SRT and how it was developed and how it is done etcetera. You spend an hour on the phone answering his questions and when he is done he says, "You know, I still have more questions. Can I call you again? David St Lawrence, Class 5 Graduate.
There is only one way I have found to address what is happening and that is to realize that the person has entities who have had a terrible experience with some spiritual scam and will do everything possible to prevent him from getting involved in what you are doing. If the person is determined to do SRT, he will get sessions and can have wins but he will continue to have doubts about the subject.
What you have to do is to address these doubts directly with a head-on approach using SRT.
Let the person voice those reservations, worries, etc. and make sure that he has said all that he wants to say. You need to be very interested in what he is saying and make sure that you get his exact wording.
Be sure to stay pleasant and interested in what he's saying even if he gets off on a bit of a rant. You do not want to put a stop to what he is saying in any way.In fact, it is better if he gets a little worked up about it because this will help you accomplish the next step.
When he has finished saying what he wants to say, you look him in the eye and ask him where is that thought located?
He may look surprised and may even balk a bit but you need to persist until he locates the being that has been putting those those thoughts.
Usually at this point he will realize these attitudes have been coming from a being or a cluster.
Occasionally he may start talking about an experience that he has had with some sort of religious or spiritual scam. In this case you should let him describe the incident until he finally realizes that that incident and you are not the same thing.
Either way you should locate and handle any and all entities who feel that SRT is a rip-off or a scam.
Once you have handled the entities who have confused SRT with some earlier practice, you will find that your client settles down and learns and uses SRT without any further problems.
The bottom line here is that if someone shows any sign of doubt or expresses doubt about the validity of SRT you need to address it directly, knowing that an entity is creating the problem.
All you do is ask, "Where is that thought coming from?"
DO NOT get into a discussion about SRT and how it relates to other practices until AFTER you have handled all entities with counter intention to learning and using SRT.
Almost ALL negative attitudes about anything come from entities who are being restimulated by what you are doing or proposing. People can disagree with you about things but their disagreement will be rational unless entities are involved.
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