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This brief article tries to analyze and reconstruct what led Bill Robertson of Ron’s Org Fame and perhaps Filbert of Excalibur-Fame to assume there would be dynamics beyond the 8th dynamic of infinity.


Captain Bills Dynamics

Per the lecture of Captain Bill on the Dynamics of 23 June 1990 there are at least 12 dynamics. He calls administration, technology, ethics and aesthetics resp. the 12th,11th, 10th and 9th dynamics. Then redefines the 8th dynamic as the logic part of the player. And in another lecture Technical Briefing #2 he states:

“We can also take a look into the 8th dynamic and say, “What are the gods that these evil ones are saying are their gods?” A lot of them worship a thing called Lucifer, which is, we all know, the devil. “

Note he is talking about the seventh dynamic of spirits (angels, gods and devils) and calls it the eighth dynamic.

L.Ron Hubbard’s Dynamics Concept

In this comparative study let us examine some of the Hubbard Definitions of Dynamics, such as the following:

“The spheres of interest are the eight Dynamics. A series of concentric spheres each one larger than the last with the First Dynamic at center and the Eighth Dynamic at the extreme of any universe gives a spatial picture of interest.” Creation of Human Ability, pg 46

“THE EIGHTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as Infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being.”

“THE SEVENTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as or of spirits. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the Seventh Dynamic. This can be called the SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC.

Thus the seventh dynamic under the heading of ‘anything spiritual without identity’, includes aesthetics, ethics, principles, concepts, precepts etc.

In the Philadelphia Doctorate Course (PDC), Second Lecture, LRH makes a few comments and surmises and says:

“a person who can equally create and destroy anything finds himself associated with a group and has actually what could be considered to be the ninth dynamic which would be aesthetics, and the tenth dynamic which would probably be ethics, if you were going to go way on out beyond this universe, saying that the eight dynamics we have apply to this universe. This universe knows nothing about ethics.”

There was even a jocular reference to the ninth dynamic in 1952 LRH lecture where he referred to the ninth dynamic as money motivation or “the buck”.

The Scientology Tech Dictionary also may have contributed to the confusion providing these definitions:

NINTH DYNAMIC, 1. “the buck.” (5203CM05A) 2. aesthetics.

Note that in the context of the PDC#2 quote given above, ‘this universe’ is the physical universe and has its own eight dynamics. In that context and only in that context, would there be dynamics beyond the 8 dynamics of the physical universe. When LRH in this context is talking about dynamics beyond this universe, he is actually referring to what has been consistently described in Scientology as the seventh and eighth dynamics.

This will become clearer when one consults the following, extracted from the book ‘The Creation of Human Ability’.

“There are, then, four groups of eight dynamics each: the eight dynamics of one’s own universe, the eight dynamics of the physical universe, the eight dynamics of the other’s universe, as well as the eight dynamics of the triangle itself.

These dynamics could be sub-divided as follows: the first dynamic would be that one
most intimate to the universe which could be said to be the dynamic urging the survival of self. The second dynamic would be that one of the persistence of admiration in many forms in one’s own and the other’s universe. This admiration could take the form of sex, eating, or purely the sensation of creation such as sex and children. In the physical universe it would be that light emanation similar to sunlight. The third dynamic could be said to be that dynamic embracing persistence of groups of objects or entities. The fourth dynamic would concern itself with an entire species. The fifth dynamic would concern itself with other living species and would embrace all other living species. The sixth dynamic would embrace, in terms of survival, the space, energy, matter and forms of the universe as themselves. The seventh dynamic would be the urge to survive of the spirits or spiritual aspects of each universe. The eighth dynamic would be the overall creativeness or destructiveness as a continuing impulse.”

This is what he was talking about in 1952. The eight dynamics of the physical universe. Which would be the sixth dynamic in the usual interpretation of the dynamics. LRH never spoke of a nineth or tenth etc. dynamics outside of the above context.

Per the Technique 80 Lectures: Therapy Section of Techique 80 Part 1

“Aesthetics are mainly manifested on the seventh dynamic”

If the 8th Dynamic encompasses all of existence as infinity, there is no sense to talk of an area beyond the eighth as that would constitute a logical impossibility or contradictio in terminis.

The top of the tone scale and the position of games master would be exterior to games, the highest dynamic portrays an infinity of beingness. So the 8th dynamic would be senior to any game and be pan-determined about games. Pan-determinism being a notch higher than fighting.


Capt. Bill Robertson misunderstood (disregarding the specific context) LRH’s speculative comments in the second lecture of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and based his 12 and more dynamics and Games Models on that.

That is how it looks from here and now.

Caspar G. M. de Rijk,

Class IX

12 October 2011

PS: In 1972 I was the Wordclearer on the S/Y Athena, Captain Bill Robertson was in charge of the European Liasion Office and I was doing the Word clearing Method 4 checks on him on the new data series issued by LRH at the time. The above article is a continuation of that cycle, now something to consider for his followers.


Many years before CBR came to be known as a source of new technology a book was published titled: ‘Excalibur Revisited’ by Geoffrey Filbert. In this substantial work he outlined 16 dynamics, similarly to Captain Bill’s. All these can be simply reduced to the Hubbardian 8 dynamics.

Filbert’s Upper Dynamics were given as:

Theta that is not–being
Note that 9-11 as well as 13-14 may be assigned to the Hubbardian 7th dynamic, 12,15 and 16 are actually not dynamics at all but statics in Hubbard’s sense. So what did LRH say again about the degree of complexity vs degree of confront?

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