Per Schiøttz: What happened to these eyes of mine!

Per Schiøttz: What happened to these eyes of mine!

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What happened to these eyes of mine!
This I wrote some years ago during a discussion about past lives, weather they are real or not:
I had some Dianetics auditing way back in 1965 where my eysight had gone worse which was very
annoying when I went skiing, playing ice hockey, speed scating and sailing and had to use glasses.
Therefore I got the idea that contact lenses would be a great help. I tried and I tried, but my eyes just
would not have those things and spat them out imideately.
So I ran a chain of this and got to a stuck point and could not get further without getting out of this
lifetime which I didn't agree with (past lives). Finally I gave in, and found an incident where I was a
young cadet with well to do parents, who had bought my position on the frigate "Jylland". This is back
in 1864 before the battle of Helgoland, which was the only battle won those years by Denmark against
My well to do parents had given me a pair of binoculars, the first to arrive in Copenhagen. Before that it
was only a long tube with one 'eye' and no prisms. I was standing on the decks of the ancored frigate
behind a deck house for shelter, looking towards the beach at Charlottenlund with these very fine
binoculars. (Even the capatin of this frigate didn't own such a pair). Was there a lot of envie? Ohhh yes.
You bet !!
Somebody arranged that two sailors with oars on their shoulders "accidentally" came around the
corner of the deck house and the oars smashed right into my fine binoculars, which went straight into
my eyes and brains, and that was it, being a seeing spoiled cadet on the kings frigate.
But - fantastic - when this engram had been run to full EP, I could have contact lenses and enjoyed a
lot of sports thereafter without not being able to see anything because of damp or frozen glasses and
constantly having to take breaks to polish glasses. Huge relief. I won many races and sport
competitions thereafter because of this.
30 years go by - and I visit a museum ship, the now longest wooden ship in the world, the frigate
"Jylland" in Ebeltoft, Denmark. All about the auditing forgotten long ago. I walk around onboard as any
other turist, but suddenly the whole ship comes alive. I see sailors, smell gunsmoke, feel the movement
of the ship, hear the sailors and the bosun shouting etc., etc... all very, very alive with lots of
perceptions and joy of the sailing and the weather, and I am totally sucked into this whilst I try to keep
my focus on the ship under my feet and the rigging above my head.
I suddenly realize that this is the ship which appeared in the incident with the binoculars.
MY GOSH !!! If this is true, then what I ran in the auditing regarding the eyes was NOT just a helpful
fantasy, which I thought it was, and past lives are real - here is my proof!!! . BUT - easy now, there is no
deck house on the upper decks where it all happened then. Later I asked my friend John Walsted, the
inspector of the museum, if there had ever been a deck house amidships on 'Jylland'?
He said: "Sure there is. But we have taken it down for repairs. You can see the bolt holes under the
tarpaulin on the upper deck and the deck house in the work shop". Do you think that I went to check
this? Ohhh yeas I did, and there in the decks, in exactly the right spot was the bolt holes in the deck
fitting the deck house in the work shop, and all of it fitting my recall of what had happened right there in
that spot more than 100 years ago...When I ran the incident in the auditing and became able to use contact lenses I didn't think much about
the significanse of me being able to use the lenses after THAT incident had been run out. I was too
entusiastic about the fact that I could use the lenses.
The following I write today January 14th, 2016: Years went by and I still use the lenses at ocasions. 2
days ago, whilst runing DEEP Body Clearing doing a body scan for things to Clear, I got attention on
my left eye which I felt had acted up recently. It was rather like the two eyes had lost their coordination
and were focusing differently making TV looking strange and out of full focus. So (in addition to other
things) we ran a dialog with the left eye, and it had a lot to say. The right eye likewise and the dialog
between the eyes was quite special. After the last step of putting some life energy into the eyes there
was a very good EP where I felt a change in the eyes and we ended the session.
In September 2015 I went for a routine check at the obticians. She had measured my eyes ability to see
being just above 50% which is the limit to get your driver's license renewed. Mine expires in September
2016, when I turn 77 and I would hate not to be able to drive my car, would be like losing both legs.
Today I went back to an already planned appointment with the obtician and had the eyes checked
again. She was surprized about the change in my eyes. It was the same obtician, same machinery and
the same method used to test the eyes. She said that my sight was 80 % !!!! YES !! And she said that
my driver's license is in no danger now.
This is a great relief to me as I could not really see how to manage without having the use of my car,
you know, for shopping, going to the summer house, visiting friends and family and clients etc., etc…
would be just really difficult without my car. Now that problem is solved due to a great session with
DEEP Body Clearing and my co-auditor Rolf . THANKS A MILLION!!!!
Gentofte, January 14th, 2016
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