Complete Library by David Mayo scientology

Complete Library by David Mayo scientology

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Web auditing in any place on the planet


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Interviews with David Mayo

Interview in Palo Alto, Ca - 1986 (0) August 28, 1986

Karen de la Carriere, Class XII – David Mayo ~~ A Good and Honest Man
May 28th, 2012
Posted on February 5, 2011 by Karen de la Carriere

Karen de la Carriere – Class XII
He saw suffering and tried to handle it, he saw the madness and left.
Nothing infuriated me more than seeing the hate website put up by the Church on him. I saw the lies, I saw the propaganda, and this black propaganda website on Mayo helped me make my final decision to speak out against DM and the CULT ~~ now morphed into a criminal organization and hook up with M&M which led to my very public Exit.
How low can they go ?
The blackness and darkness of this CULT masquerading as a “Church” will knows no bounds.
This is what they did to 4 former Former Class XII CSes.
Only 7 people on planet earth ever got through to that level.
1 From David Mayo, Senior CS Apollo and Senior CS Flag Land Base, Senior CS INT who had saved LRH’s life when he was very very ill.
On August 4, 1994, Scientology(tm) utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominicana Nacional Control de Drogas) to try to enforce Scientology’s(tm) religious beliefs on me, to persecute me and to get me jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that I was “practicing Scientology(tm) without a license”; that I had “destroyed Scientology(tm) property”; that I was “representing” myself as a “Scientologist”. Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that I had damaged “millions of dollars of Scientology(tm) property
Click here to read more~~
2. Jeff Walker after he fled INT Base was held by New Zealand Customs and Immigration in Auckland for several hours, because OSA anonymous phone call had alertedANONYMOUSLY that he was a Terrorist.
3) Alain Kartunsuski the CS of Lisa Mcpherson, took the fall for DM’s outrageous CSing of Mcpherson, ordering her to be declared “CLEAR” ~~ Alain was busted off all tech lines, put on horrendous schedule of hard labor, developed cancer and died off in Clearwater, no memorial, no funeral ceremony was done on him after 25 years of SO service.
4) After I came out swinging against Miscavige crimes and insanities, an ANONYMOUSphone call was made to law enforcement that I smuggled underage children for sex to my Harvard Graduate CPA
This precipitated a visit from Law enforcement to my CPA but as soon as they heard my enemy was the CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY, interview over, case closed in 5 mins.
But calling in anonymous TIPS to Law Enforcement has been so repeatedly done, that Law Enforcement is now savvy to ~~~ the CULT Black Ops.
2) Robert Welkos and Joel Sappel did a series of articles on Scientology in the LA Times in 1990
A bogus assault complaint was filed with the Los Angeles Police Department against Sappell.
The Fair Game and Dirty Tricks was unleashed on this Los Angeles Time journalist.
Mortuary promotional materials were sent him regarding his forthcoming death. Drug dealer charges were trumped up against him.
3) They even called Scotland Yard, wasting Law Enforcement time to accuse author Russel Miller of being involved in an Axe Murder !
Russell Miller was the author of the book “Messiah or Madman?”
While the Church hypocritically have tried to distance themselves from Guardian’s Office Dirty tricks (Paulette Cooper Style) ~~~ their dirty tricks, their slime and malicious invented Black Propaganda knows no bounds.
The CULT lies lies lies ON THEIR HATE WEBSITES, ON THEIR SP DECLARES ~~ a tissue of lies and fabrications worthy of any sensational Tabloid.
This is a CHURCH ?
A 501C 3 CHURCH ??????????????????????????
I can name 20- 30 anonymous phone calls to “DESTROY HIM UTTERLY.” Perhaps I will post my compilations so the world can see what a tax free 501C3 does with the $$$$$ to pay Lawyers and PIs to act with such venom. They waste Law enforcement time pursuing bogus phone calls. They are TAX FREE and do not contribute to the city budgets from when comes the payroll of these Law enforcement officers.
This is a very dark side of the Church. It designed to manufacture CRIME, create black and false propaganda, even try to get someone committed to a mental Asylum like Stacey Young (Brooks) another veteran Sea Org Member.
Every now and again their Black Ops blow up right in their face. Prosecutor Casey Hill of Toronto, Canada showed what could happen when Church attack went wrong.
In March, 1983, three buses of cops raided the offices and, from the pile of documents, Scientology and 18 people were later charged with infiltrating two law firms, the College of Physicians, the OMA, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Metro Toronto Police,the Attorney General of Ontario and the RCMP.
After losing in court, Scientology then went after an Officer of the Court, Prosecutor Casey Hill. Scientology sued the Prosecutor, claiming he misled a judge and tampered with documents. The case was dismissed, and Hill sued for libel; “Scientology decided that Casey Hill was the enemy and it set out to destroy him,” the court ruled. “It levelled false charges against him. It persecuted him on these charges. In summary, the evidence suggests that Scientology set upon a persistent course of character assassination over a period of seven years with the intention of destroying Casey Hill.”
The jury award that was upheld in this appeal was the largest libel award in Canadian history. The Church of Scientology were found jointly liable for general damages of $300,000 Aggravated damages of $500,000 and punitive damages of $800,000 making Scientology’s total liability $1,600,000.
This was the RESULT of Result of jury award of general, aggravated and punitive damages. upheld by their Supreme Court.,
In 1991, Prosecutor Casey Hill won $2.1-million in damages, the largest libel award ever in Canadian History. He gave the “Church” a black eye for the 7 year campaign to “DESTROY HIM UTTERLY”.
David Mayo was ahead of his time. He said flat out that no one entity could use their POWER and FORCE and THREATS to bully someone into thinking their SPIRITUAL future was in this one “Church’s” hands.
David Mayo, after serving for decades became one the earliest targets of David Miscavige atrocities.
He was made to run around a pole 12 hours a day. He lost his teeth. His body leeched the calcium out of his teeth because running like this involves sweating and mineral loss.
He was spat on by Miscavige and made the target of unleashed wrath.
This was 1982 when Demonic Miscavige was BLACK PRing David Mayo for all he was worth.
As HH mentions “The darling of the psychs”.
Miscavige was giving indicators of how out of control he was. He punched, beat and spit on a harmless quiet English SO member called John Axcel. The staff around did nothing.
As he called the shots on Mayo ~~ the enforcing running around the pole torture ~~ INT base staff were in mutual ruds with DM and no one crossed him.
While I worked at OSA (5 years late 1982 to 1987) Warren McShane had me got through David Mayo’s folders.
I was stunned to read
IN LRH handwriting that LRH was Furious at Mayo being enforced to run around the pole over OUT RUDS.
He made a scathing comment about enforcing a pc OVER an ARC Break.
It was quite an eye opener. It revealed just how much Miscavige was doing unknown to Hubbard. He siphoned off the line so no one could relay anything to Hubbard except him and Pat Broeker.
Pat Broeker also became the target as being the enemy of all time by Miscavige.

To steal a quote from ~~Martin Niemoeller, Pastor, German:
“In the early 1980s, Demonic Miscavige and his henchmen came for the Mission Holders and I did not speak up, because I was not a Mission Holder.
Then they came for the early ST Hill Staff and old timers, and I did not speak up, because I was not an Old Timer.
Then they came for the Class XIIs and I did not speak up, because I was not a Class XII
Then they came for old Veteran Staff including GO, pretending GO were the “Criminals” while the new incarnation “OSA” does all the FAIR GAME and DIRTY TRICKS that the old GO ever did.
I did not speak up at the demolishing of the Guardian’s Office, because I was not GO.
Then they came after all Field Auditors, all those who practicised outside their $$$$$ vulture culture and SP declared and attempted to demolish the field. I did not speak up because I was not a field auditor.
Then they came for the CMO INT Execs, and I did not speak up, because I was not a CMO INT EXEC
Then they came for just about everybody at INT BASE to lock them down, barricade free flow in and out of the GATES and I did not speak up because I was not at INT Base.
Then they came for me… and by that time, there was no one to speak up for anyone.”

From Karen de la Carierre comments about David Mayo:

“David Mayo is a personal friend and one of my all time heros in Scientology. He worked 60-80 weeks on the Apollo year in and year out doing everything possible to CS the crew and the trickle of public coming for the Ls. He was an outstanding CS and there was no case that he got involved in that did not make vast improvement. He could duplicate LRH like no other.
There has never been anyone even close to David’s ability in subsequent years., Even though many kind things were said about Senior CS FSO Richard Reiss when he died (cancer). Richard was a DM enabler. Enforcing 3 swings of the needle. Enforcing every whim of David Miscavige “know best” on tech lines. Richard Reiss was not even comparable to the tech ability of David Mayo.
In David Mayo’s watch, almost no refunds occurred and certainly Ls pcs did not return for Ls repair and Ls review which is the norm in this day and age. In working closely with David year and year out I never EVER caught him in a LIE or an embellishment. NEVER. He just did not lie. He had it imbred within his DNA that the road to TRUTH is the way out.
Therefore if David Mayo states that he authored some of NOTS or contributed, I believe it. We can only react to data from our own frame of reference or paradigm. I probably know David as a person, as a character, as a CS, as a Tech Manager and Leader more than anyone on this board. David was as fabulous as David Miscavige is demonic. Angels and Demons.”

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Web auditing at any place of the planet
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