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AAV was developed to handle PreOTs who were audited on Dianetics after they had gone clear.

The end phenomena of AAV is cause over life.

This level deals with BTs and clusters who are below the level of being able to run incident II and I. These beings are dormant. They are dead, really dead, like pebbles on a beach. When you encounter a dormant BT you actually have to put some life into it to bring it alive.

The phenomena one encounters on this level may not be one's own but may be the difficulties of a BT or cluster.

The difficulties they have are in running their own life, or in trying to run yours. We ran into this in the 50's, running "not-there," "doesn't exist" type chains. It was a dormant something, a dormant channel that was better left alone at that time.

When a PreOT tries to run out a somatic using Dianetics, it is the somatic of a BT or cluster that he is trying to handle. For example, if a PreOT has a somatic in the forehead he may occasionally get a blow of the somatic by running it out on the forehead. But it may be a BT or cluster in another part of the body putting the somatic there on the forehead. There is another situation where the PreOT is mocking up the somatic, but that is something different.

Beings are handled on this level by telepathy, a mental transmission from the PreOT to the BT or cluster. The BT or cluster is impinging on the PreOT or the body and the PreOT can get impressions, communications and can blow BTs and clusters.

Another principle is what is called the "can of beans theory." BTs and clusters respond willy-nilly to a PreOT's intention. If the PreOT thinks "can of beans" into his body, BTs and clusters will mock up a can of beans. This can get quite confusing to a PreOT if he doesn't know about this mechanism.

The only situation where a PreOT is seemingly viewing pictures through his own viewpoint is where he's looking at the pictures of a shell BT. A shell BT is a BT which surrounds the PreOT's body. The PreOT misidentifies with the shell BT and thinks its thoughts are his own. Hence there can be confusion of viewpoint and an invalidation of the PreOT's clear state. This is possibly what mystics were referring to when they talked of an aura, a collection of BT's and clusters and their pictures and incidents surrounding the person's body.

A PreOT may think he was in the Spanish Inquisition and he will get a picture of it, only this won't be his own picture. It will be the picture of a BT or cluster. Now it may be true that he was in the Spanish Inquisition, but these aren't his pictures. This is a way a PreOT can invalidate himself after he goes clear. He goes clear and erases his pictures. Then he starts getting other pictures later on. He misowns these as his own and this invalidates his clear state. The difference is that the pictures he now gets are much smaller than his own were.

You are not likely to encounter beings like the ones you'll find on AAV in life, except for catatonics. They are not really dead, they only wish they were. They are in states of existence below death. The main point is that you are dealing with beings that hope and believe they are dead. They are revivified in a past time and place.

They try to be helpful by mocking up what the PreOT thinks. They are mostly benign. They can, though, create bad effects on a PreOT's body and can cause somatics which make it impossible for a PreOT to go fully upscale until they are handled.

A reach out by the PreOT or an attempt to become causative can cause BTs and clusters to react and to mock up virtually anything.

They can be handled on AAV.

David Mayo

Web auditing in any place on the planet http://webauditing.org/
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