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The basic thing that can hang up a thetan is a misconception of time, space, matter, energy, place, form, event or identity.

For example a cluster can be considered to held together by a misconception of identity; they consider that they are one, i.e., they all "think" that they are the same being.

This rundown handles misconceptions of time, place, form and event. It could also be called the "I am you," or the "All is one" rundown .

There is an implant on the track which says that all is one.

In the past it was known that a being could be revivified in a past incident or time, meaning that the being was so stuck in that past occurrence that for that being it IS present time. On AAV it was discovered that beings could also be revivified in a past location.

There is a possible explanation of ghosts on this level. BTs and clusters can copy the beingness of a person that the PreOT has known and can act like "a ghost" of this person. The remedy is to intend the BTs and clusters back to a point before they knew this person. Most of the "ghost" phenomenon blows on this alone. Any remaining BTs/clusters can then be handled with usual techniques.

BTs can have the misconception that they're being held in when they're not. They can have the misconception that they're pushing up against or fighting a ridge which is no longer there.

They can think that they're in a different location or time than they are. Any or all of the above misconceptions can be present.

There are several common misconceptions: thinking that an incident occurred either LATER or EARLIER than it did; confusing own identity with that of another and thinking that one is that other being; seeing another being's pictures of an incident and thinking that the incident happened to oneself when it didn't (this can happen with either overt or motivator incidents, resulting in one misowning another's overt or misowning another's motivator as one's own when it wasn't); misowning another's pictures of his lifetime and thinking that one lived that life when one didn't; misowning whole sections of another's time track giving one a false track. The above are just given as examples and the possible misconceptions are too numerous to state; a being could have a misconception about anything!

Untangling a being's misconceptions is very rewarding and is the basic principle of this rundown.

David Mayo
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