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When handling BTs and clusters be careful to keep a narrow attention span and only handle one at a time. Otherwise, more than one BT/cluster can be restimulated at the same time. This can prevent any of these from being audited (as each of them is trying to answer) and this easily causes over-restimulation.

Stress can be a heavy button. The amount of reaction that PT stress can cause the PreOT is explained as follows: BTs do a lot of copying of stress, so it becomes a recent mutual incident - sometimes compounded by copies of the copies! This can cause a crush-in, pull-back phenomena. BTs crush in and then pull back during moments of stress.

Back on the track, some BTs were implanted to be various body parts, organs of the body, etc. (Although that is not the only reason why a BT can be being a body part. Implants are only one reason and more usually a BT goes into the valance of a body part from having gone the effect of that body part too much or too often.)

BTs are not in the time stream, meaning that they are usually stuck down the time track and didn't move forward in time and aren't aware of present time. You can contact these BTs by shifting your attention out of present time, down the time track to find them. They are literally in a past time and place.

Dormant BTs also can cause the phenomenon of dreams or visions. A BT can be parked in the past looking at a "future" that has already occurred at some point in the past although he THINKS he's looking at the future.

Most BTs and clusters you encounter will blow on inspection. They blow simply by looking at them. Some handle simply by acknowledgement. Others may require "Hellos and Okays" to wake them up. But most will be handled quite easily by means of the valence technique. The valence technique is the major process that you will use on AAV.

The first step is to locate a BT or cluster and identify it as being either a BT or cluster and establish its location, i.e., where the BT or cluster is in relationship to the body. Then have the PreOT ask it, "What are you?" BTs are stuck in a beingness or valence. They are being body parts, pieces of the environment, or even significance and cliches or anything at all. Asking the BT the "What?" question causes him to shift out of the valence that he's compulsively stuck in.

The second question that is asked of the BT is,"Who are you?" This will run out the identities he's had until he realizes, "I'm me" and blows. If there is no blow on the first "me" answer, acknowledge encouragingly and have the BT repeat the "me" answer.

If you get a repeating answer of a valence or identity (for example, the BT keeps answering "Pete"over and over), ask "What were you before you became that?" This will shift the BT earlier on the track.

You may encounter a situation where you are dealing with an energy mass that's being put there from somewhere else. Track back to the BT or cluster and blow the BT or cluster. You might also encounter a ridge. If so, look behind it to see who's mocking it up. Blow the BT or cluster and then handle anyone who is stuck in or on the ridge.

Criminal BTs are ones that will not answer the "What are you?" question: they say, "yeah, I'm your nemesis," or whatever. The solution is just to apply the valence technique as usual, with good ARC and repeating the question as needed until you get it answered.

Rarely a BT might flash pictures at a PreOT in an effort to misdirect. Get the PreOT to shift his attention from the picture or mass to the BT. This is quite easy for the PreOT to do. But this doesn't mean that every time that a BT shows a picture (the PreOT also sees the BT's picture) that it is an effort to misdirect. Usually such a picture is the incident the BT is stuck in and acknowledging that is often sufficient to move the BT out of that incident and get him running again.

David Mayo

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