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If a body thetan or cluster the PreOT is handling has out-int, it makes if very hard for the BT/Cluster to blow. This isn't a lack of intention on the part of the PreOT to blow the BT/Cluster, but an inability of the BT/Cluster to blow.

It is handled by finding the interiorization button that applies. BTs "go-in," this is a characteristic of body thetans. A shocking incident or whatever can cause BTs to "go-in." They also "go-on." "Went-on" is a button that can be checked. BTs can "go-on" a body, a wall, or whatever, and due to misconceptions can consider themselves stuck. "Stuck-on" can also be checked.

One can check "Went-in," "Went-on," "Stuck-in," "Stuck-on" for a read and run recall on the times he went in or went on, etc., depending on what read. You can also ask, "When did you go in?" or "When did you go on?"

"Can't get out" is another button that can be used. You ask the BT/Cluster, "What couldn't get out?" (as the BT may be stuck in a valance that couldn't get out), the BT answers, giving the valance, the PreOT acknowledges the answer and the BT moves out of that valance and is then able to leave or the PreOT then asks the BT, "Who are you?" The BT cognites "I'm me" and leaves.

You can also have the BT point to which way WAS in. This has very limited workability but can work on occasion. It is based on the idea that if the BT is asked which way was in, the BT will recall the moment or duplicate the moment when it went in and thus as-is it. (Note, it's not IS in, but WAS in.)

In extreme cases of out-int an Interiorization Rundown may be done - by assessing the full list of interiorization buttons and running the reading button by recall (not engram running). You locate the BT or cluster that has out-int, assess the buttons on that BT or cluster, take the best reading button, assess the four flows and then run recall on the best reading flow and so on until it blows. Then, if there is another BT/cluster with out-int, repeat these steps on it . Do this until all BTs/clusters with out-int are handled.

Warning: whenever you handle out-int, beware of over-doing this action as then you can get BTs/clusters copying or mocking up out-int when they didn't have any trouble with out-int. And, remember that many pcs have had overrun and unnecessary Interiorization Rundowns in their earlier auditing and the BPC may be restimulated or in restimulation whenever the subject of interiorization comes up.

Always check whether "out-int" is a wrong item or wrong indication for other BTs who didn't have any trouble with it. Often, this is so and it cleans up on recognition and indication.

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